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  1. Do I just move on?
  2. Should I be worried?
  3. out with cute guy in a few hours
  4. platonic love or friendship?
  5. Is my mum homophobic?
  6. Love sickness
  7. Why am I in this situation?!
  8. What do you think?
  9. I have a crush and its quite a strong feeling..
  10. My best friend loves me
  11. New school
  12. Being Forever Alone
  13. Just need someone to listen
  14. I have friend problems
  15. My gay boyfriend was straight
  16. How do I tell him?
  17. Making a BIG decision
  18. What should I think about my bestfriend?
  19. I'm attracted to a guy 6 years younger than me. Should I pursue anything?
  20. My brother is staying in my room for a week...
  21. Do you think marriage is unhealthy?
  22. how do I get my ex boyfriend back?
  23. the usual i like a straight girl...
  24. I keep on misjudging my incredibly kind and loving parents
  25. Is my friend sexting me?
  26. (Cliche) In love with friend
  27. Did anyone's anti gay parents stop hating gays after you came out?
  28. My brother had a psychotic breakdown
  29. Drunken Bad Judgement call? Need Advice
  30. Friendship Grieving
  31. My Straight Bf ask permission to have GF now..
  32. Falling in love with friend, coming out and more
  33. General Advice
  34. Meet the Crush, but what should I do?
  35. How to feel more comfortable with PDA?
  36. Need your advice :/
  37. Monogamy as a Norm
  38. Suppressing Distracting Thoughts About Crush
  39. "Distant" aunt relationship - Possible life future
  40. I have a lot of questions
  41. Is this a bromance?
  42. Sports coach might out me
  43. It's pretty complicated
  44. Just ended a friendship
  45. am I losing my friend?
  46. My Parents and Brother
  47. does she like me, should i tell her about my feelings?
  48. life with a messy significant other
  49. Am I over analyzing this?
  50. How to find out masculine guys?
  51. Help In A Relationship
  52. Making friends with attractive people
  53. Do you try and block your feelings for a friend????
  54. My mind is scaring me
  55. where are all the people?!
  56. He is beating her.
  57. Just told my bf it's over but...
  58. My friend outed me... What should I do?
  59. Dunno how to make things work with my boyfriend
  60. I have a stalker
  61. Early stages if first lesbian relationship, my gf is older and not out.
  62. That old cliche about U-Hauls
  63. I, Knight
  64. How to Change from Best Friends to a Couple?
  65. Worth being close to my extended family if they're going to shun me when I come out?
  66. Feel bad when people around me enter a relationship
  67. Crying again because of my parents
  68. Stuck... and worry about friend.
  69. How to increase a woman's confidence in a relationship
  70. advice about an old friend
  71. I desperately need help
  72. Friend's BF is a jerk
  73. Love triangle of sorts.
  74. My Wife left me...
  75. How do you get over someone who you can't have?
  76. Part of me doesn't exist? Brother problems.
  77. How do you strike up a conversation with people you don't know?
  78. How to tell if a girl is in the closet?
  79. My partner doesn't believe I'm gay
  80. The adventure of coming out and the dullness of relationships
  81. Insecure boyfriend
  82. Well...It's Over.
  83. Is he a friend? Can i trust him?
  84. I Can't Tell What She Wants...
  85. Atheists Dealing With Loss?
  86. Friend has jealousy issues
  87. Advice on knowing who is gay and who is not
  88. Old feelings coming back with a vengeance, advice?
  89. Need advice please!!!!!
  90. Women are SCARY!!
  91. Sick of my Friends
  92. Friend Being Sent to Gay Therapy!
  93. A 13 year old has fallen in love with me.
  94. Jealousy
  95. Don't know how to talk to guys
  96. Am I Just Jealous?
  97. Is it intuition, fear or just overthinking things?
  98. A breakup
  99. Should I start a relationship with this girl?
  100. Am I more gay?
  101. In love with a straight girl.. HELP!
  102. How do get over a straight girl
  103. Another breakup story
  104. I miss him!
  105. my decaying family
  106. A crush on a guy i think is gay
  107. Family worries
  108. Passive-agressive bull$%*#
  109. Need advice on how to proceed.
  110. barely hanging on post break up
  111. my not so straight pal...
  112. Help - My Dad Might Have Found Out About Me Liking Girls...
  113. How do you feel about straight crushes?
  114. Emotionally secure, lack of physical
  115. Sort of searching for a father figure, feel like I'm ignoring my own beliefs
  116. codependency in lesbian relationships
  117. Family is not understanding,what a surprise (not)
  118. [Insert sad sigh here]
  119. The first time you brought someone over
  120. Insecure towards my boyfriend
  121. Family and friends believe gay stereotypes and talks about them to me a lot...
  122. I need to say something but I can't
  123. Can't move on...
  124. Does he want a relationship or am I blind?
  125. How do I meet guys that are my type ?
  126. Kind of jealous of my gay friends...
  127. Male coworker is making me uncomfortable at work .
  128. lesbian and in a miserable heterosexual relationship, please help
  129. Am I blinded by love or jealousy?
  130. Boyfriend won't bottom for me again.
  131. Don't know what to do
  132. What to do?
  133. My dad makes a lot of homophobic comments and it's irritating me
  134. I have a crush on my (male) best friend.
  135. Inappropriate relationship with BFF almost destroyed my marriage
  136. Homophobic parents?
  137. How can I meet other people?
  138. Help on my relationship.
  139. I fight with my brother almost every day?
  140. Don't Understand Anything
  141. Meeting other gay girls for friendship
  142. I'm afraid my dad found out i'm bi and i don't know what to do
  143. Is my Brother homophobic?
  144. Dealing with Bisexual Feelings in a Straight Relationship
  145. How to talk to people that you want to get to know better?
  146. My parents said I found a condition on their love
  147. Privacy violation
  148. Boyfriend No Longer Wants to Bottom... :/
  149. Feelings for a possible lesbian
  150. Open relationships?
  151. how do I flirt with girls?
  152. Lonlieness
  153. help, i am emotionally confused
  154. The guys I like are either straight or severe closet cases? Help I'm feeling alone an
  155. He wants to break up but get back together in 2 years...
  156. I want to go out with one friend but not the other
  157. Is my friend into guys? (Need help ASAP)
  158. Signs of Denial
  159. I don't know if she likes me?
  160. How to help an asexual married lesbian?!
  161. New relationship and insecurity
  162. My boyfriend prefers masterbation over sex? Advice?
  163. My mom lost her job and we might end up losing our house .
  164. Am I being unfair to the woman I love?
  165. I just feel like
  166. I'm confused of why this guy is treating me like this.
  167. I love my boyfriend, but recently discovered I'm a lesbian.
  168. got into something and I'm going to break his heart
  169. Confused
  170. He just disappeared, and I'm having a hard time getting my feelings out
  171. old flame rekindled...?
  172. Crush on one of my best friends...
  173. Are guys into people like me?
  174. I'm going crazy
  175. Is it possible that he has feelings for me?
  176. Best Man/Best Friend Dilema
  177. WHAT is She Doing??
  178. Please Help..
  179. moving out of house Tomorrow
  180. No gays?!
  181. would you send messages to people from another country in dating websites?
  182. People always seem to choose their ex's over me
  183. gay friend
  184. Long Distance relationship venting
  185. To tell or not to tell?
  186. Campus LGBT anxiety
  187. Really like my friend, need some help.
  188. Is it wrong to lead girls on?
  189. A guy I really like, but will it work?
  190. First relationship only a month old and in trouble already
  191. Online Relationship Help!
  192. Anti-Gay Parents
  193. Why does my friend keep saying things like this? Is he trying to be hurtful?
  194. How did you make LGBT friends?
  195. Crush likes someone else and I feel devestated :(
  196. Long Distance Relationships
  197. Does He Like Me...? And Do I Come Out? Help!
  198. How am I supposed to go on a date when the guy can't even hold a conversation?
  199. Teaching our Parents
  200. I just feel like this makes me a failure ;-;
  201. I have no close gay friends.
  202. Just need some comforting
  203. Scared and confused
  204. Heartbroken
  205. How to get over an ex?
  206. I Think I Love Him
  207. I'll Never Find a Guy
  208. Confused after breakup
  209. Would you rather get rejected or keep the feelings to yourself?
  210. Friend Problem
  211. Deeply in love with my best friend: I need help.
  212. i cant stand my dad anymore i just cant
  213. Finding people like me.
  214. Where Do I Go From Here?
  215. How the eff... I miss the Left coast. (people issues)
  216. help with my little sister
  217. is my best friend gay, bi, curious.. or...
  218. Very Scared Of Coming Out... and Relationship Help?!
  219. Difficult situation: Parent with mental illness/addiction
  220. Scared of an old crush
  221. First date..
  222. Does She Really Support Me?
  223. How often do you say 'I love you'?
  224. New Guy
  225. My crush on a straight guy
  226. Being treated as a backup wheel
  227. help me Im in love with my best friend and I need help.
  228. Guilt for Major Mistake
  229. She still doesn't believe I'm a lesbian
  230. Girlfriend insecurity issue
  231. I think i like my best friend and i don't know what to do
  232. Need to vent, I feel so alone
  233. What should I do?
  234. How do I deal with my boyfriend?
  235. Am i in the wrong? - Relationship Advice!
  236. Major Crush
  237. Girlfriend pierced her septum and I hate it. Help?
  238. My Mother Relapsed
  239. Said I love you too soon. Did I blow it?
  240. my friend kills me
  241. Sexual orientation and friends
  242. dating an ex-heroin addict
  243. what is up with my friend and I?
  244. Have a boyfriend, but also attracted to someone else?
  245. My amazing best friend
  246. Isolation and Awkwardness
  247. showing my sister a ''gay book''
  248. First gay crush - do I tell him?
  249. Just told my girlfriend I did gay porn
  250. Told my best friend everything.