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  1. Found Out HS Friend Is Out and Partnered
  2. Worst Coming Out Ever
  3. Infatuation vs love...
  4. my divorce and current issues
  5. How to deal with homophobic friends
  6. My husband just told he wants to be a woman
  7. First hookup
  8. Lesbian Advice
  9. straight guy confusing friendship
  10. I have a boyfriend....but I want a girlfriend.
  11. Are they in denial or what?
  12. I can't tell..
  13. Unusual Situation... Maybe?
  14. Update
  15. Why am I still so bitter towards my mom?
  16. Am I kidding myself???
  17. dating
  18. How to make friends...?
  19. wtf... i think my nephew my be gay
  20. my life is over like omg
  21. What the heck is going on with me
  22. Closeted ex work colleague (bit different)
  23. Inappropriate Workmate
  24. Afraid to hang out with conservative family friends...
  25. Quick advice... Help?!
  26. Help
  27. How do I break up?
  28. Crushing on a friend, but he doesn't feel the same way, I'm already seeing someone
  29. My mom isn't open minded to interracial relationships and it's making me angry
  30. In Love With My Best Friend But We're Both In Relationships
  31. Is It Alright To Have Anger Towards My Mother For Not Being Able To Come Out To Her?
  32. Is he interested at all?
  33. Where to find a boyfriend?
  34. 28 and married straight- but im gay..
  35. Depressed and Emotional Break Down Imminent
  36. I'm only hurting myself, I think?
  37. Bi Girlfriend
  38. Found out my gf cheated on me at start of relationship...
  39. Serious Issues With My Father
  40. Christianity has denied me love twice, I cant believe in it anymore
  41. 11 years and 3 kids later, my husband is a woman
  42. relationship with someone older.
  43. I'm not close with anyone...
  44. Why a sudden change in attitude?
  45. Lesbian Relationship: what does it feel like?
  46. Is my best friend bisexual
  47. Cut off..?
  48. How To Make Friends With Guys?
  49. Should I meet my father?
  50. My friend touched me in a really weird way...
  51. I don't know what to say to my friend!
  52. Need advice please.
  53. What should I do?
  54. Religion and School
  55. Friends who accidentally, unknowingly insult you....
  56. Is it best to completely cut-off my relationship with my ex-boyfriend?
  57. My cousin
  58. Feeling isolated
  59. Relationship advice (Please)
  60. Confusing hookup with "straight" best friend
  61. The friendship test: Fight or Flight?
  62. Is he a good friend, or am I trying to make him something more?
  63. My little brother...
  64. I really, really need some help. Literally, I'm begging you to help me understand.
  65. I have lost my faith
  66. Ways to improve gaydar?
  67. threatened to get kicked out
  68. I like my friend! Is he gay?
  69. How annoying do you find it when your friend don't reply?
  70. "Straight" Crush Sign Reading- The Cathartic Master List
  71. Not LGBT related but still need advice
  72. the same question... but i'm going crazy. does he like me?
  73. Is she homophobic?
  74. Met someone cool! Now what?
  75. All alone
  76. Best Female Friend Loves Me
  77. Waiting to Come Out
  78. Go to a hate full church or risk getting kicked out for refusing to go
  79. Blast from the past
  80. What's Going On?
  81. Mom still not totally accepting after 6 years
  82. I'm good enough to be her friend when she thought I was straight but not as a lesbian
  83. I have an issue
  84. Being gay and really picky?
  85. As a parent
  86. Dating advice
  87. How do I fix myself??
  88. Lesbians: Would you date a bi who only likes two-way with guys?
  89. Is it possible to be the "only gay in the family"?
  90. finding someone who isn't looking to hook up
  91. Am I just selfish?
  92. Confused and need advice :(
  93. Confused and not knowing what to think
  94. I've been single for my entire life.
  95. I'm soo lonely :(
  96. Confused on how to act towards a girl
  97. Someone for everyone?
  98. Long Distance Breakup Advice?
  99. Is he gay/confused/bisexual, or am I just crazy?
  100. Told my friend I like her...
  101. What's Going On? (Edited)
  102. My mum hates me :(
  103. Confused and not sure what to do...
  104. I came out to my Aunt today!
  105. came out to people who were also....
  106. I Don't Know What To Do
  107. Is it really worth it?
  108. Jealousy In Friends With Benefits
  109. Completely Lost..
  110. Is Not Having Kids "Selfish"?
  111. I walk a lonely road...
  112. my mom locked me in her car against my will
  113. Do you find untrusting usually means untrustworthy?
  114. Dilemma with being gay, black, and anti-gay family...
  115. Insecurities, sex problems, imbalanced relationship?
  116. I really don't know what to do or what to make of all that has happened...
  117. A person I knew is... gone
  118. How to find gay/bi guys?
  119. One of my male friends hates me now for not spending enough time with him
  120. Infidelity?
  121. honestly, what do I do?
  122. Friends not replying back
  123. I don't want this to be the end
  124. Internet friend hits on me.
  125. First lesbian relationship issues- are we doomed?
  126. Narcissist? Closure? How to move on?
  127. Online Crush
  128. Am i paranoid?
  129. When are you going to get a girlfriend?
  130. Abuse
  131. How do I find someone to be with?
  132. Favoring friends over cuteness
  133. Well I guess my dad is a homophobic asshole
  134. Goodbye :(
  135. Goodbye :(
  136. Did I blow my chance?
  137. How to get over a hopeless crush?
  138. My Online BF is HIV +
  139. Bad Idea?
  140. Is It Fair to the Straight Friend
  141. my crush is now my girlfriend
  142. Having a BF...Online?
  143. Have I totally messed this up or is there still hope?
  144. so much for father's day huh:\
  145. Nervous to tell my parents about my relationship
  146. I am so confused.
  147. What to do so HER words don't affect me too much
  148. Losing friends in a break up
  149. I don't know what to do here...please help!!
  150. Breaking up with my boyfriend.
  151. Possibility
  152. Making new friends
  153. Will I have a better chance of finding someone in UNI?
  154. The barrier
  155. I don't return his feelings
  156. Struggling today. I can't forgive my mom
  157. Does misjudging my parents make me a bad kid ?
  158. Is my boyfriend asexual?
  159. Inevitable
  160. How does an 18 year old gay male find a partner
  161. Does this girl like me?
  162. What should I do? I feel really bad...
  163. I think my boyfriend is bi or gay so any advice is helpful
  164. Where to go from here w/crush
  165. "Supportive" Father?
  166. How would you ask your best friend out?
  167. He broke the code
  168. Parents finally know, but i still feel alone.
  169. Not really sure how I should feel...
  170. Terrified of Losing My Best Friend (not b/c I'm in love with her though lol)
  171. Friends telling others
  172. Cheated On Potentially
  173. I need help :(
  174. Relationship between a bisexual male and his brother
  175. Should I tell family about what happened?
  176. my little sister and her period
  177. Im so confused
  178. Gay Man With No Gay Friends
  179. She kind of likes me...should we talk it out?
  180. Scared about stupid bully. I want to come out of closet and meet people online.
  181. What to do?
  182. Yet another reason to hate my dad...
  183. Needing a father figure
  184. Relationship with my brother
  185. Checking up on ex?
  186. Telling him?
  187. OOF I suck
  188. One-Sided Feelings, What To Do?
  189. Navigating Same-Sex Friendly Intimacy
  190. Why do I continue to let toxic people back into my life?
  191. Do you ever feel awkward changing with straight people of the preferred sex?
  192. Fear of coming out causing relationship stress
  193. So sick of online dating...
  194. LGBT Issues and Young Nephews/Nieces
  195. Frustrated with my mom..
  196. Boyfriend's friend
  197. Relate with me
  198. How do I talk to my boyfriend?
  199. could my friend be a closet bi-curious?
  200. Am I ready for a relationship?
  201. How to find others?
  202. Is she doing this to piss me off?
  203. Should I just forget about her?
  204. Help me figure him out?
  205. Suggestions on messaging him for the first time
  206. She asked me why I wasn't giving her "attention"?
  207. creative ways to come out to family?
  208. why the hell does he think he has a right to tell me how to wear my hair ?
  209. mini break up rant
  210. URGENT: Broke up, now who gets the apartment?
  211. I hate being outed.
  212. ADHD induced?
  213. Persistant Religious family
  214. Afraid to lose afraid because I like her.
  215. Long rebound relationship?
  216. To the gay males- straight guy best friends?
  217. Parents: "It's just a phase" Me: "No, guys, seriously..."
  218. Internet worry / Grooming?
  219. In love w/ my best guy friend always been(I'm submissive for him) NEED ADVICE
  220. Update and Further Questions - Crush with Boyfriend
  221. confused relationship
  222. URGENT I am telling my folks tonight about my girlfriend
  223. When someone asks questions??????
  224. Don't know if he's gay or straight help I'm really struggling with this!
  225. Advice needed !!! Please
  226. I just made my break form my hetero relationship
  227. Feeling immature and stupid
  228. Advice needed!
  229. First Relationship Help?
  230. I don't really love my dad.
  231. Are the signs right or is my mind playing tricks?
  232. I guess I am just a waste of space
  233. I think I'm into someone but I'm not out to my family.
  234. Dad....
  235. Need help to know if he is gay or just really friendly
  236. Lesbian Friend I Have a Crush on. Advice?
  237. Fear of meeting new cute guys-gay and straight
  238. girlfriend, but scared to tell family
  239. How am I to just be his friend...
  240. Considering deleting dating apps
  241. Need help with this guy I Like?
  242. How do you know if someone is the one?
  243. Confusion in my First Relationship
  244. that girl
  245. Conflicted between a friend and a relationship
  246. Is my husband gay or bi
  247. Is he gay😕
  248. My bf is moving i need to give him a suprise he'll never forget
  249. My first same-gender relationship - advice??
  250. Fear of straight guys