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  1. Jealousy
  2. Don't know how to talk to guys
  3. Am I Just Jealous?
  4. Is it intuition, fear or just overthinking things?
  5. A breakup
  6. Should I start a relationship with this girl?
  7. Am I more gay?
  8. In love with a straight girl.. HELP!
  9. How do get over a straight girl
  10. Another breakup story
  11. I miss him!
  12. my decaying family
  13. A crush on a guy i think is gay
  14. Family worries
  15. Passive-agressive bull$%*#
  16. Need advice on how to proceed.
  17. barely hanging on post break up
  18. my not so straight pal...
  19. Help - My Dad Might Have Found Out About Me Liking Girls...
  20. How do you feel about straight crushes?
  21. Emotionally secure, lack of physical
  22. Sort of searching for a father figure, feel like I'm ignoring my own beliefs
  23. codependency in lesbian relationships
  24. Family is not understanding,what a surprise (not)
  25. [Insert sad sigh here]
  26. The first time you brought someone over
  27. Insecure towards my boyfriend
  28. Family and friends believe gay stereotypes and talks about them to me a lot...
  29. I need to say something but I can't
  30. Can't move on...
  31. Does he want a relationship or am I blind?
  32. How do I meet guys that are my type ?
  33. Kind of jealous of my gay friends...
  34. Male coworker is making me uncomfortable at work .
  35. lesbian and in a miserable heterosexual relationship, please help
  36. Am I blinded by love or jealousy?
  37. Boyfriend won't bottom for me again.
  38. Don't know what to do
  39. What to do?
  40. My dad makes a lot of homophobic comments and it's irritating me
  41. I have a crush on my (male) best friend.
  42. Inappropriate relationship with BFF almost destroyed my marriage
  43. Homophobic parents?
  44. How can I meet other people?
  45. Help on my relationship.
  46. I fight with my brother almost every day?
  47. Don't Understand Anything
  48. Meeting other gay girls for friendship
  49. I'm afraid my dad found out i'm bi and i don't know what to do
  50. Is my Brother homophobic?
  51. Dealing with Bisexual Feelings in a Straight Relationship
  52. How to talk to people that you want to get to know better?
  53. My parents said I found a condition on their love
  54. Privacy violation
  55. Boyfriend No Longer Wants to Bottom... :/
  56. Feelings for a possible lesbian
  57. Open relationships?
  58. how do I flirt with girls?
  59. Lonlieness
  60. help, i am emotionally confused
  61. The guys I like are either straight or severe closet cases? Help I'm feeling alone an
  62. He wants to break up but get back together in 2 years...
  63. I want to go out with one friend but not the other
  64. Is my friend into guys? (Need help ASAP)
  65. Signs of Denial
  66. I don't know if she likes me?
  67. How to help an asexual married lesbian?!
  68. New relationship and insecurity
  69. My boyfriend prefers masterbation over sex? Advice?
  70. My mom lost her job and we might end up losing our house .
  71. Am I being unfair to the woman I love?
  72. I just feel like
  73. I'm confused of why this guy is treating me like this.
  74. I love my boyfriend, but recently discovered I'm a lesbian.
  75. got into something and I'm going to break his heart
  76. Confused
  77. He just disappeared, and I'm having a hard time getting my feelings out
  78. old flame rekindled...?
  79. Crush on one of my best friends...
  80. Are guys into people like me?
  81. I'm going crazy
  82. Is it possible that he has feelings for me?
  83. Best Man/Best Friend Dilema
  84. WHAT is She Doing??
  85. Please Help..
  86. moving out of house Tomorrow
  87. No gays?!
  88. would you send messages to people from another country in dating websites?
  89. People always seem to choose their ex's over me
  90. gay friend
  91. Long Distance relationship venting
  92. To tell or not to tell?
  93. Campus LGBT anxiety
  94. Really like my friend, need some help.
  95. Is it wrong to lead girls on?
  96. A guy I really like, but will it work?
  97. First relationship only a month old and in trouble already
  98. Online Relationship Help!
  99. Anti-Gay Parents
  100. Why does my friend keep saying things like this? Is he trying to be hurtful?
  101. How did you make LGBT friends?
  102. Crush likes someone else and I feel devestated :(
  103. Long Distance Relationships
  104. Does He Like Me...? And Do I Come Out? Help!
  105. How am I supposed to go on a date when the guy can't even hold a conversation?
  106. Teaching our Parents
  107. I just feel like this makes me a failure ;-;
  108. I have no close gay friends.
  109. Just need some comforting
  110. Scared and confused
  111. Heartbroken
  112. How to get over an ex?
  113. I Think I Love Him
  114. I'll Never Find a Guy
  115. Confused after breakup
  116. Would you rather get rejected or keep the feelings to yourself?
  117. Friend Problem
  118. Deeply in love with my best friend: I need help.
  119. i cant stand my dad anymore i just cant
  120. Finding people like me.
  121. Where Do I Go From Here?
  122. How the eff... I miss the Left coast. (people issues)
  123. help with my little sister
  124. is my best friend gay, bi, curious.. or...
  125. Very Scared Of Coming Out... and Relationship Help?!
  126. Difficult situation: Parent with mental illness/addiction
  127. Scared of an old crush
  128. First date..
  129. Does She Really Support Me?
  130. How often do you say 'I love you'?
  131. New Guy
  132. My crush on a straight guy
  133. Being treated as a backup wheel
  134. help me Im in love with my best friend and I need help.
  135. Guilt for Major Mistake
  136. She still doesn't believe I'm a lesbian
  137. Girlfriend insecurity issue
  138. I think i like my best friend and i don't know what to do
  139. Need to vent, I feel so alone
  140. What should I do?
  141. How do I deal with my boyfriend?
  142. Am i in the wrong? - Relationship Advice!
  143. Major Crush
  144. Girlfriend pierced her septum and I hate it. Help?
  145. My Mother Relapsed
  146. Said I love you too soon. Did I blow it?
  147. my friend kills me
  148. Sexual orientation and friends
  149. dating an ex-heroin addict
  150. what is up with my friend and I?
  151. Have a boyfriend, but also attracted to someone else?
  152. My amazing best friend
  153. Isolation and Awkwardness
  154. showing my sister a ''gay book''
  155. First gay crush - do I tell him?
  156. Just told my girlfriend I did gay porn
  157. Told my best friend everything.
  158. How do u support someone who Is trans & who has been thru a traumatic event ?
  159. Dad finding out I'm gay on world pride day because of my mom?
  160. The steps in accepting....
  161. I hate my sister .-.
  162. Why Does She Do This?
  163. Can you ask someone if they're interested?
  164. friend and I gave each other a bj
  165. Found Out HS Friend Is Out and Partnered
  166. Worst Coming Out Ever
  167. Infatuation vs love...
  168. my divorce and current issues
  169. How to deal with homophobic friends
  170. My husband just told he wants to be a woman
  171. First hookup
  172. Lesbian Advice
  173. straight guy confusing friendship
  174. I have a boyfriend....but I want a girlfriend.
  175. Are they in denial or what?
  176. I can't tell..
  177. Unusual Situation... Maybe?
  178. Update
  179. Why am I still so bitter towards my mom?
  180. Am I kidding myself???
  181. dating
  182. How to make friends...?
  183. wtf... i think my nephew my be gay
  184. my life is over like omg
  185. What the heck is going on with me
  186. Closeted ex work colleague (bit different)
  187. Inappropriate Workmate
  188. Afraid to hang out with conservative family friends...
  189. Quick advice... Help?!
  190. Help
  191. How do I break up?
  192. Crushing on a friend, but he doesn't feel the same way, I'm already seeing someone
  193. My mom isn't open minded to interracial relationships and it's making me angry
  194. In Love With My Best Friend But We're Both In Relationships
  195. Is It Alright To Have Anger Towards My Mother For Not Being Able To Come Out To Her?
  196. Is he interested at all?
  197. Where to find a boyfriend?
  198. 28 and married straight- but im gay..
  199. Depressed and Emotional Break Down Imminent
  200. I'm only hurting myself, I think?
  201. Bi Girlfriend
  202. Found out my gf cheated on me at start of relationship...
  203. Serious Issues With My Father
  204. Christianity has denied me love twice, I cant believe in it anymore
  205. 11 years and 3 kids later, my husband is a woman
  206. relationship with someone older.
  207. I'm not close with anyone...
  208. Why a sudden change in attitude?
  209. Lesbian Relationship: what does it feel like?
  210. Is my best friend bisexual
  211. Cut off..?
  212. How To Make Friends With Guys?
  213. Should I meet my father?
  214. My friend touched me in a really weird way...
  215. I don't know what to say to my friend!
  216. Need advice please.
  217. What should I do?
  218. Religion and School
  219. Friends who accidentally, unknowingly insult you....
  220. Is it best to completely cut-off my relationship with my ex-boyfriend?
  221. My cousin
  222. Feeling isolated
  223. Relationship advice (Please)
  224. Confusing hookup with "straight" best friend
  225. The friendship test: Fight or Flight?
  226. Is he a good friend, or am I trying to make him something more?
  227. My little brother...
  228. I really, really need some help. Literally, I'm begging you to help me understand.
  229. I have lost my faith
  230. Ways to improve gaydar?
  231. threatened to get kicked out
  232. I like my friend! Is he gay?
  233. How annoying do you find it when your friend don't reply?
  234. "Straight" Crush Sign Reading- The Cathartic Master List
  235. Not LGBT related but still need advice
  236. the same question... but i'm going crazy. does he like me?
  237. Is she homophobic?
  238. Met someone cool! Now what?
  239. All alone
  240. Best Female Friend Loves Me
  241. Waiting to Come Out
  242. Go to a hate full church or risk getting kicked out for refusing to go
  243. Blast from the past
  244. What's Going On?
  245. Mom still not totally accepting after 6 years
  246. I'm good enough to be her friend when she thought I was straight but not as a lesbian
  247. I have an issue
  248. Being gay and really picky?
  249. As a parent
  250. Dating advice