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  1. Am I just selfish?
  2. Confused and need advice :(
  3. Confused and not knowing what to think
  4. I've been single for my entire life.
  5. I'm soo lonely :(
  6. Confused on how to act towards a girl
  7. Someone for everyone?
  8. Long Distance Breakup Advice?
  9. Is he gay/confused/bisexual, or am I just crazy?
  10. Told my friend I like her...
  11. What's Going On? (Edited)
  12. My mum hates me :(
  13. Confused and not sure what to do...
  14. I came out to my Aunt today!
  15. came out to people who were also....
  16. I Don't Know What To Do
  17. Is it really worth it?
  18. Jealousy In Friends With Benefits
  19. Completely Lost..
  20. Is Not Having Kids "Selfish"?
  21. I walk a lonely road...
  22. my mom locked me in her car against my will
  23. Do you find untrusting usually means untrustworthy?
  24. Dilemma with being gay, black, and anti-gay family...
  25. Insecurities, sex problems, imbalanced relationship?
  26. I really don't know what to do or what to make of all that has happened...
  27. A person I knew is... gone
  28. How to find gay/bi guys?
  29. One of my male friends hates me now for not spending enough time with him
  30. Infidelity?
  31. honestly, what do I do?
  32. Friends not replying back
  33. I don't want this to be the end
  34. Internet friend hits on me.
  35. First lesbian relationship issues- are we doomed?
  36. Narcissist? Closure? How to move on?
  37. Online Crush
  38. Am i paranoid?
  39. When are you going to get a girlfriend?
  40. Abuse
  41. How do I find someone to be with?
  42. Favoring friends over cuteness
  43. Well I guess my dad is a homophobic asshole
  44. Goodbye :(
  45. Goodbye :(
  46. Did I blow my chance?
  47. How to get over a hopeless crush?
  48. My Online BF is HIV +
  49. Bad Idea?
  50. Is It Fair to the Straight Friend
  51. my crush is now my girlfriend
  52. Having a BF...Online?
  53. Have I totally messed this up or is there still hope?
  54. so much for father's day huh:\
  55. Nervous to tell my parents about my relationship
  56. I am so confused.
  57. What to do so HER words don't affect me too much
  58. Losing friends in a break up
  59. I don't know what to do here...please help!!
  60. Breaking up with my boyfriend.
  61. Possibility
  62. Making new friends
  63. Will I have a better chance of finding someone in UNI?
  64. The barrier
  65. I don't return his feelings
  66. Struggling today. I can't forgive my mom
  67. Does misjudging my parents make me a bad kid ?
  68. Is my boyfriend asexual?
  69. Inevitable
  70. How does an 18 year old gay male find a partner
  71. Does this girl like me?
  72. What should I do? I feel really bad...
  73. I think my boyfriend is bi or gay so any advice is helpful
  74. Where to go from here w/crush
  75. "Supportive" Father?
  76. How would you ask your best friend out?
  77. He broke the code
  78. Parents finally know, but i still feel alone.
  79. Not really sure how I should feel...
  80. Terrified of Losing My Best Friend (not b/c I'm in love with her though lol)
  81. Friends telling others
  82. Cheated On Potentially
  83. I need help :(
  84. Relationship between a bisexual male and his brother
  85. Should I tell family about what happened?
  86. my little sister and her period
  87. Im so confused
  88. Gay Man With No Gay Friends
  89. She kind of likes me...should we talk it out?
  90. Scared about stupid bully. I want to come out of closet and meet people online.
  91. What to do?
  92. Yet another reason to hate my dad...
  93. Needing a father figure
  94. Relationship with my brother
  95. Checking up on ex?
  96. Telling him?
  97. OOF I suck
  98. One-Sided Feelings, What To Do?
  99. Navigating Same-Sex Friendly Intimacy
  100. Why do I continue to let toxic people back into my life?
  101. Do you ever feel awkward changing with straight people of the preferred sex?
  102. Fear of coming out causing relationship stress
  103. So sick of online dating...
  104. LGBT Issues and Young Nephews/Nieces
  105. Frustrated with my mom..
  106. Boyfriend's friend
  107. Relate with me
  108. How do I talk to my boyfriend?
  109. could my friend be a closet bi-curious?
  110. Am I ready for a relationship?
  111. How to find others?
  112. Is she doing this to piss me off?
  113. Should I just forget about her?
  114. Help me figure him out?
  115. Suggestions on messaging him for the first time
  116. She asked me why I wasn't giving her "attention"?
  117. creative ways to come out to family?
  118. why the hell does he think he has a right to tell me how to wear my hair ?
  119. mini break up rant
  120. URGENT: Broke up, now who gets the apartment?
  121. I hate being outed.
  122. ADHD induced?
  123. Persistant Religious family
  124. Afraid to lose afraid because I like her.
  125. Long rebound relationship?
  126. To the gay males- straight guy best friends?
  127. Parents: "It's just a phase" Me: "No, guys, seriously..."
  128. Internet worry / Grooming?
  129. In love w/ my best guy friend always been(I'm submissive for him) NEED ADVICE
  130. Update and Further Questions - Crush with Boyfriend
  131. confused relationship
  132. URGENT I am telling my folks tonight about my girlfriend
  133. When someone asks questions??????
  134. Don't know if he's gay or straight help I'm really struggling with this!
  135. Advice needed !!! Please
  136. I just made my break form my hetero relationship
  137. Feeling immature and stupid
  138. Advice needed!
  139. First Relationship Help?
  140. I don't really love my dad.
  141. Are the signs right or is my mind playing tricks?
  142. I guess I am just a waste of space
  143. I think I'm into someone but I'm not out to my family.
  144. Dad....
  145. Need help to know if he is gay or just really friendly
  146. Lesbian Friend I Have a Crush on. Advice?
  147. Fear of meeting new cute guys-gay and straight
  148. girlfriend, but scared to tell family
  149. How am I to just be his friend...
  150. Considering deleting dating apps
  151. Need help with this guy I Like?
  152. How do you know if someone is the one?
  153. Confusion in my First Relationship
  154. that girl
  155. Conflicted between a friend and a relationship
  156. Is my husband gay or bi
  157. Is he gay😕
  158. My bf is moving i need to give him a suprise he'll never forget
  159. My first same-gender relationship - advice??
  160. Fear of straight guys
  161. my mother is a bigot
  162. Homophobic teachers - how to defend ourselves?
  163. Boyfriend's religious family...
  164. Why do people move so quickly in a relationship?????
  165. When to Leave a Relationship
  166. Help with friend
  167. Need Help Talking To My Aunt
  168. Relationships and... sex
  169. My annoying life as a bisexual
  170. Anxiety toward an unwanted crush. (long post warning...)
  171. Am I Over reacting ?
  172. Hateful parents
  173. My first 'date' with a man
  174. @@@@I need help with my friend@@@@
  175. I have a massive crush my best friend. Please send help.
  176. I Hate Bottoming
  177. I fell into my own trap
  178. Heartbroken, devastated, anxious.
  179. I was sad today instead of celebrating my boyfriend's birthday does that make me bad?
  180. Is it a good idea to add her on Facebook?
  181. Still in denial because I'm no perfect son.
  182. Came out to him... now what?
  183. How do I bring up my sexuality to my brother once again?
  184. Interesting Comment From My Father
  185. Is he gay or just very friendly?
  186. Relationship Drama- Advice, Opinions?
  187. Hope after rejection?
  188. Guy acts different when drunk/high... Does he harbor secret feelings about me?
  189. Doesn't want to talk to me???
  190. My friends all think I'm bi
  191. came out to my religious mom
  192. Why would he text me?
  193. Sick of my mom harassing me because of my sexuality.
  194. Should I tell my brother?
  195. How to move forward after 4 years together...
  196. My friend loves me
  197. Sexual Issue
  198. Best girl-friend likes me ...but I'm gay
  199. I'm nervous about the family gathering tomorrow.....
  200. I'm having a really bad girl-crush DILEMMA
  201. Is my friend gay? Please help, I feel depressed!!
  202. Not supported at home anymore. Where to turn?
  203. Dilemma of a High School Student
  204. Almost Came Out...
  205. Fun Things to do at Friend's Place?
  206. This kind of took me by surprise. Am I thinking too hard?
  207. A friend who is OVERLY protective of his "turf"
  208. Help with a hook up
  209. My sister has some weird issues with gender expression (small rant)
  210. How can I tell if she's straight?
  211. I Don't Know What To Do :(
  212. How to move forward
  213. How can I date a girl?
  214. How to approach his flirting?
  215. the asnwer is simple?
  216. Stress+Cold+Loneliness=:(
  217. Meeting guys?
  218. Falling hard for minor friend and I think it is mutual. What do I do!?
  219. How do you meet people?
  220. Am I not ready for a relationship?
  221. My sister dreamt of me marrying a girl
  222. Does my friend think of me as more than a friend?
  223. 25 year old lesbian and 45 year old lesbian
  224. Getting over gay crush?
  225. Advice about my friendship/romance
  226. What Mistakes do People Make in New Relationships?
  227. Forgiving a friend who bailed on you when you needed them most
  228. Does it sound like we're dating to YOU?
  229. Does she like me?
  230. Boyfriend Obnoxiously Persistant
  231. I don't know what to do.
  232. I need to stop getting into long distance relationships... help me please
  233. I don't understand my family
  234. The ultimate of my topics
  235. Meeting Someone on Craigslist
  236. Meeting up with an older guy next month.
  237. Need advice!
  238. Can my manager be my friend?
  239. Advice Needed
  240. relationship (with a question mark)
  241. another letter to no one
  242. Looking for a (long-distance) relationship
  243. A letter to no-one
  244. How do I find out if he's gay or curious
  245. i really like him
  246. Advice on Conservative Parents?
  247. I like a friend of a friend
  248. i falled into his trap the stright guy trap :dry:
  249. Anything But Lovely
  250. I'm starting to feel trapped and confused...