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  1. that girl
  2. Conflicted between a friend and a relationship
  3. Is my husband gay or bi
  4. Is he gay😕
  5. My bf is moving i need to give him a suprise he'll never forget
  6. My first same-gender relationship - advice??
  7. Fear of straight guys
  8. my mother is a bigot
  9. Homophobic teachers - how to defend ourselves?
  10. Boyfriend's religious family...
  11. Why do people move so quickly in a relationship?????
  12. When to Leave a Relationship
  13. Help with friend
  14. Need Help Talking To My Aunt
  15. Relationships and... sex
  16. My annoying life as a bisexual
  17. Anxiety toward an unwanted crush. (long post warning...)
  18. Am I Over reacting ?
  19. Hateful parents
  20. My first 'date' with a man
  21. @@@@I need help with my friend@@@@
  22. I have a massive crush my best friend. Please send help.
  23. I Hate Bottoming
  24. I fell into my own trap
  25. Heartbroken, devastated, anxious.
  26. I was sad today instead of celebrating my boyfriend's birthday does that make me bad?
  27. Is it a good idea to add her on Facebook?
  28. Still in denial because I'm no perfect son.
  29. Came out to him... now what?
  30. How do I bring up my sexuality to my brother once again?
  31. Interesting Comment From My Father
  32. Is he gay or just very friendly?
  33. Relationship Drama- Advice, Opinions?
  34. Hope after rejection?
  35. Guy acts different when drunk/high... Does he harbor secret feelings about me?
  36. Doesn't want to talk to me???
  37. My friends all think I'm bi
  38. came out to my religious mom
  39. Why would he text me?
  40. Sick of my mom harassing me because of my sexuality.
  41. Should I tell my brother?
  42. How to move forward after 4 years together...
  43. My friend loves me
  44. Sexual Issue
  45. Best girl-friend likes me ...but I'm gay
  46. I'm nervous about the family gathering tomorrow.....
  47. I'm having a really bad girl-crush DILEMMA
  48. Is my friend gay? Please help, I feel depressed!!
  49. Not supported at home anymore. Where to turn?
  50. Dilemma of a High School Student
  51. Almost Came Out...
  52. Fun Things to do at Friend's Place?
  53. This kind of took me by surprise. Am I thinking too hard?
  54. A friend who is OVERLY protective of his "turf"
  55. Help with a hook up
  56. My sister has some weird issues with gender expression (small rant)
  57. How can I tell if she's straight?
  58. I Don't Know What To Do :(
  59. How to move forward
  60. How can I date a girl?
  61. How to approach his flirting?
  62. the asnwer is simple?
  63. Stress+Cold+Loneliness=:(
  64. Meeting guys?
  65. Falling hard for minor friend and I think it is mutual. What do I do!?
  66. How do you meet people?
  67. Am I not ready for a relationship?
  68. My sister dreamt of me marrying a girl
  69. Does my friend think of me as more than a friend?
  70. 25 year old lesbian and 45 year old lesbian
  71. Getting over gay crush?
  72. Advice about my friendship/romance
  73. What Mistakes do People Make in New Relationships?
  74. Forgiving a friend who bailed on you when you needed them most
  75. Does it sound like we're dating to YOU?
  76. Does she like me?
  77. Boyfriend Obnoxiously Persistant
  78. I don't know what to do.
  79. I need to stop getting into long distance relationships... help me please
  80. I don't understand my family
  81. The ultimate of my topics
  82. Meeting Someone on Craigslist
  83. Meeting up with an older guy next month.
  84. Need advice!
  85. Can my manager be my friend?
  86. Advice Needed
  87. relationship (with a question mark)
  88. another letter to no one
  89. Looking for a (long-distance) relationship
  90. A letter to no-one
  91. How do I find out if he's gay or curious
  92. i really like him
  93. Advice on Conservative Parents?
  94. I like a friend of a friend
  95. i falled into his trap the stright guy trap :dry:
  96. Anything But Lovely
  97. I'm starting to feel trapped and confused...
  98. Knowing how they feel....
  99. Never done this before...
  100. I like my straight friend
  101. Should I tell her or Just try to move on?
  102. I love you, but i'm not in love with you.
  103. Confused
  104. Strained sibling ties: how can I fix them?
  105. How do I find girls to date?
  106. Lesbian dating advice
  107. Question for Gay men into transgender mtf
  108. Does she like me back??
  109. Does he have a crush on me
  110. Help - invasion of privacy and snooping by family member
  111. Ranting and rambling
  112. Struggling with someone I got recently close with
  113. what do you think of my roomate?
  114. Showing affection
  115. I keep ignoring my crush, don't know how to make it better. My routine life is ruined
  116. My girlfriend is very close to her ex.
  117. Is this normal in relationships?
  118. Am I thinking too much into this... No, THESE??
  119. How did you fall in love?
  120. How can I tell her I like her?! HELP!
  121. Is he into me? What's happening?
  122. Boyfriend dumped me for somoene else and got engaged after just 1 week need advice
  123. Crazy Big Bro!
  124. Unhappy
  125. Stuck in a moment
  126. Unbearable desire
  127. Does my dad hate homosexuality or the 'gay lifestyle'?
  128. An absolute dealbreaker?
  129. Guy being very "full on"?
  130. One more thing I need to fix
  131. I'm stupid.
  132. Does anyone else know this feeling?
  133. What should i do
  134. I REALLY need advice :/
  135. What do I do now?
  136. Advice please !!!!! (Again) :p
  137. Why are girls so into me?
  138. ;-; please help me here
  139. The Girl of my Dreams
  140. Does he like me back?
  141. finding love
  142. One day left to tell her..
  143. problems with feelings about my best friend
  144. bff more like wtf
  145. We have hooked up before, but how to make a move?
  146. Input from the Outside Required
  147. What do I do now
  148. I feel so alone.
  149. Is him saying "Buddy" good?
  150. Promising first date--Really nervous...
  151. My Dearest Friend,
  152. End of school t_t
  153. Grandma may have an idea....
  154. I think my mom just caused a fight between me and uncle >.<
  155. What should I do?????
  156. Is he hitting on me? Am I stupid >.<
  157. Emotionally Devastated
  158. I had a dream that my dad caught me watching porn
  159. At the end of my rope
  160. What should I make out of this???
  161. Another is he interested story
  162. How to educate a grandparent?
  163. I don't have any rl gay guy friends!
  164. My crush is questioning and idk how to navigate the situation
  165. Family is causing STRESS
  166. Gay, Best Friend and Love
  167. Height difference?
  168. Help!
  169. Spark in her eyes
  170. Where my high school 'friendships' healthy?
  171. Sooo in love.....but I need to let go?
  172. I feel I have one more year with my parents
  173. "If you had a penis, I'd sleep with you."
  174. In Trouble Again
  175. Am I being selfish?
  176. Feelings I shouldn't have
  177. helping a religious Parent
  178. I think my gf is straight and im bi
  179. told the fiance that i believe im gay
  180. Should I still be his 'best man'?
  181. Is it bad to be jealous?
  182. Supporting my bi best friend
  183. is my Best friend .. curious!?
  184. Does she like me???
  185. Asking someone out
  186. Puzzling
  187. My dad's homophobia and my 13-year-old brother
  188. I need to get rid of my friends :(
  189. Am I in love or just love?
  190. Coming clean or not?
  191. Freshmen and Seniors dating?
  192. How to find a girl you like.
  193. A Deal with my Mother
  194. Proposal Advice?
  195. Can parents change?
  196. A journey of saving the one you love
  197. How to approach a guy on twitter?
  198. My best friend is sending mixed signals?
  199. How far does friendship intimacy go before it's romance?
  200. Things I just can't change
  201. Should I feel bad for leaving him?
  202. Coming Out Scare
  203. making friends and closeted....
  204. I'm getting scared- help.
  205. I shall offer him a rose!
  206. My best (girl) friend
  207. Going out while closeted
  208. Asking my friend out
  209. He broke up with me..for now, how can I fix this?
  210. Issues with a "friend"
  211. need advise
  212. could you ever fall in love/crush with somebody by just looking at their pictures
  213. I like a friend.
  214. Self-image/Eating disorder etc support (friend)?
  215. Gay men and lesbians "accidentally" finding each other to date?
  216. Soooo Gone
  217. My first relationship?
  218. Meeting girls
  219. Sexual tension when relating to other gay people
  220. I'm gynophilic but am a little hurt that my ex-bf (possibly) has a new gf
  221. help me stop lying....
  222. bad mood. carnival? Oh and did I not tell you I'm gay?
  223. Looking for friends online
  224. Third time's a charm????
  225. Is this thing working
  226. Really confused about my bf!
  227. Should I tell my friend about my boyfriend?
  228. Questions on boyfriend / dating
  229. A really frustrating situation with Parents
  230. Queer friendship vs romantic feelings
  231. First Time Anal HELP!!!!
  232. General frustration/ advice wanted
  233. A gentleman and his mom talking about his gender.
  234. Creating an abundance mentality
  235. need some advice
  236. Shamed by my family
  237. 19 and 29
  238. I'm confused about this girl...
  239. Not sure why I acted this way?????
  240. Unlucky at dating
  241. Dating advice?
  242. Go Back In The Closet
  243. I'm 17 and in a relationship with a guy who is 24, almost 25, what do you think?
  244. What to do about my family..?
  245. Worried about disappointing my family
  246. My ex girlfriend "isn't that way anymore"
  247. My boy friend makes me melt
  248. I hate my friend
  249. The Roommate
  250. no one knows about me being curious about guys