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  1. Can't wear rainbow at home
  2. I just want someone to talk to...
  3. My friend "wants" to be a lesbian...?
  4. In love for the first time and don't know what to do?
  5. learning to accept myself
  6. Really need help
  7. Is he into me?
  8. my daughters folliwings on twitter
  9. Friend's insult
  10. Is this a date? Is he even gay?
  11. Advice?
  12. Age gaps
  13. Two 13 year old boys
  14. I need some advice, does she like me back?
  15. psychich nightmares about my ex?
  16. Hung Up on Somebody That I Used to Know
  17. Girlfriend not following through with promises
  18. How to meet someone
  19. Sexuality not accepted at home How?
  20. I love my friend .... Confused !!
  21. Do guys usually ask other guys if they have girlfriends?
  22. Another story about loving the best friend
  23. Is it ok for 15 yo to teach 13 yo?
  24. What does he want??
  25. i think my gf is asexual but theres a problem
  26. Break up killing me :'(
  27. Frequently Sad
  28. I did ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. My good friend said he really likes me but..?
  30. my only gay friend hates me, now im starting to hate myself... help?
  31. Is he sending me mixed signals?
  32. Rejected, but Still Optimistic
  33. Getting over a straight crush
  34. What would you make of this?
  35. In love with straight girl
  36. High School Relationships Are Overrated
  37. How to proceed with this guy
  38. does anyone feel the same ?
  39. Help with my younger crush!
  40. meeting guys
  41. need more lesbian friends
  42. Advice please !!!
  43. i need some lesbian friends...
  44. She is making it.....
  45. Sooooo Awkward.
  46. Recent break-up. Need advice.
  47. Help! I'm in love with my straight friend.
  48. She's so confusing
  49. Best friends mom probs..
  50. Meeting People
  51. Long distance relationship
  52. my heart is breaking/how do I move on?
  53. Cutting and Crushing on the gay guy?
  54. Outcome from mixed messages
  55. Jealousy issues on both halves...
  56. Gender fluid with a well-meaning but bumbling parter
  57. Childish sister.
  58. Im 23 Ive never been in a relationship but I have these 7 problems
  59. More Motherly Immaturity...
  60. What can i do?
  61. I don't know what to do.
  62. Friend makes self harm/gay joke
  63. Ow, hate is a b**ch
  64. Major Crush.
  65. WOMEN- would you ever date someone in recovery?
  66. Not sure what to do??? Lost.
  67. When should I sign up for a dating site?
  68. How to get this Started
  69. In Dire Need of Advice - Sleepover
  70. Handling things by letters - opinions?
  71. Sleepover Ideas?
  72. Mixed Signals
  73. Love depresses me
  74. I am in-love with my best friend :/
  75. Anyone here doesn't fit in with his/her family?
  76. Old home, old friend
  77. Sisters as Leverage
  78. venting about why I push people away.
  79. He used to be a trumpet player.
  80. Straight sex in a gay relationship
  81. I don't know if he's gay, what to do?
  82. Day to day relationship has recently changed long distance and I can't adjust.
  83. When someone says they crave intimacy?
  84. Normal Parent/Child Relationship
  85. I fancy my best friend
  86. How long is good?
  87. I Screwed Up...
  88. My Sister's Party...
  89. feel like choking
  90. i am having a huge crush on my straight best friend forever
  91. A small vent over something I know to be inconsequential
  92. He told his mom that we are just friends even though she knows he is gay...
  93. I'm a girl and he's gay. Crap.
  94. There's this guy...
  95. My Classes
  96. How can I apologise to my Dad about misjudging his reaction to my sexuality?
  97. Is it the right way to do it?
  98. Cupid has me in a chokehold
  99. My crush problem
  100. Do i forgive him?
  101. Trouble with my ex-boyfriend :(
  102. So confused right now
  103. will I be happy more with males or females?
  104. ...not ready for marriage...
  105. Talking to my mum about things
  106. want to have kids
  107. Is the idea of "stop actively searching for a relationship" really the only choice
  108. Fetish Concerns
  109. Are my friend trying to tell me something?
  110. How to act
  111. First date ever tomorrow
  112. New... family acceptance issues
  113. I cant express myself to them- Bilingual-Communication Problems
  114. Why no cuddling?
  115. I love my bisexual best friend!
  116. Reconnecting with an old friend?
  117. Mommy Issues
  118. In-Law Issues
  119. A private person question?????????????????
  120. Is It Fair?
  121. Straight Friend Hook up
  122. Doing My Best to Muddle Through
  123. Rant (sorry)
  124. Discrimination from Boss?
  125. I have a boyfriend but I am gay.
  126. Straight? He continues throwing me off...
  127. My Boyfriend has become stoner... Wtf should I do?
  128. I have no idea what to do
  129. Tempted to just stay single forever
  130. Is my Bf really gay?
  131. Lost...
  132. I'm trying to forgive my family , but i can't
  133. Now I know I lost it. Who knew rly
  134. Infatuation is Blind
  135. In love with straight best friend
  136. typical straight friend crush// torn on what to do
  137. Advice with a guy I've been messaging?
  138. Do ANY of you have this problem too?! I need someone to relate to
  139. Too soon? Advice please
  140. I'm in love and need advice
  141. people who over analyze
  142. In love with my straight best friend
  143. lesbian that fell in love with a man
  144. lesbian that fell in love with a guy
  145. Parents can't Accept I'm Gay, Among Other Issues
  146. It feels like she's ignoring me.
  147. What should I do?
  148. Here's my story
  149. Relationship Distance
  150. How awful is this idea? I'm not thinking rationally... someone help
  151. I just don't understand my friend at all...
  152. Supposedly straight friend sending mixed signs
  153. Friend who is confused about his sexuality
  154. Need some advice on what to do
  155. Coming out
  156. I'm New, I'm Hurt and need advice.
  157. The "gay" friend
  158. This cute guy
  159. Likes me, or doesnt like me?
  160. So my mom and I had a talk
  161. He has a girlfriend...
  162. had a terrible first date
  163. Lonely...
  164. How do I get over this?
  165. My Best Friend Struggling
  166. How do I do this? Please help
  167. Unsure what to do about this :S
  168. Big crush on straight friend.
  169. 1st Gay/Lesbian Relationship??
  170. Is it a Crush? And all things crush related.
  171. Should've known this would happen...
  172. This might sound pathetic
  173. totally flipped out
  174. Help - advice needed
  175. Online dating! (question)
  176. Help :/
  177. My boyfriends still in the closet and it sort of frustrates me because of the secrets
  178. Uh, I need some relationship help.
  179. Underage friend raped me?
  180. I don't think my friends are okay with me being gay
  181. Conflicted
  182. Help-feelings are such a mess sometimes
  183. crushing on a straight friend.... ugh
  184. Awkward Skyping with my ex
  185. Step mom
  186. Am I ready for a relationship? Is online dating a good starting point?
  187. crying in front of very new boyfriend?
  188. How do I tell him?
  189. She reciprocated but there’s uncertainty.
  190. I need some help about trusting
  191. Boy Meets Boy: A Love Story (And Advice?)
  192. Rationalization
  193. Crushes and confused
  194. Friend might be gay?
  195. How to find ouf if he is gay or bi
  196. Brother
  197. Worried about being outed to my dad
  198. left boyfriend to become lesbian
  199. Finding Healthy Relationships
  200. Touchy friend confuses me
  201. Jelous for no reason?
  202. Can't sleep.. Thinking...
  203. Kind of a weird problem with a friend.
  204. A-bit-too-open affection?
  205. Should I tell him?
  206. My friend has a creepy stepfather...
  207. Curious friend? Or just wishful thinking?
  208. Whenver my parents talk about me being gay I get uncomfortable because of their views
  209. is this something deeper? a bit graphic.
  210. Date Ideas??
  211. Confused. To break up or not?
  212. Is my straight bestfriend obssessed with me?
  213. need advice and need to vent
  214. Led on but still want to be friends...
  215. Hey, so what now?
  216. Am I Being Fooled by Myself?
  217. My boyfriend refuses to add me as a Facebook friend and it rather bothers me
  218. Just need to talk
  219. Has coming out open doors for you????
  220. do i take him back?
  221. Can't stop crying, thinking about all this...
  222. Is it normal for a hetero male friend to tell another friend he loves him (platonic)?
  223. Pursuit of emotional happiness...
  224. Shall I dig in?
  225. Is he flirting?
  226. From love to dislike
  227. Advice? Anyone? Painful
  228. Relationship with friend?
  229. Meeting People...Help?
  230. is this a good guy for me?
  231. I Want More... Does He?
  232. What's going on here?
  233. Hate
  234. Advice for dealing with a male friend
  235. I want her to want me
  236. I possibly screwed up big time... What can I do??
  237. Love at first sight?
  238. Hooked Up with my friend
  239. I'm not sure if she likes me...help?
  240. Very uncomfortable around friend when I return....
  241. Help with a friend
  242. Problems at home
  243. Should I risk it ?
  244. Uneasy around male friends, plus social anxiety
  245. Growing Physical with Genderqueer Feyfriend
  246. Gay, in love with best friend?
  247. The Way He Looks At Me..
  248. Straight Crush?
  249. Parents being perverts?
  250. Breaking my friends Heart