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  1. I have a boyfriend but I am gay.
  2. Straight? He continues throwing me off...
  3. My Boyfriend has become stoner... Wtf should I do?
  4. I have no idea what to do
  5. Tempted to just stay single forever
  6. Is my Bf really gay?
  7. Lost...
  8. I'm trying to forgive my family , but i can't
  9. Now I know I lost it. Who knew rly
  10. Infatuation is Blind
  11. In love with straight best friend
  12. typical straight friend crush// torn on what to do
  13. Advice with a guy I've been messaging?
  14. Do ANY of you have this problem too?! I need someone to relate to
  15. Too soon? Advice please
  16. I'm in love and need advice
  17. people who over analyze
  18. In love with my straight best friend
  19. lesbian that fell in love with a man
  20. lesbian that fell in love with a guy
  21. Parents can't Accept I'm Gay, Among Other Issues
  22. It feels like she's ignoring me.
  23. What should I do?
  24. Here's my story
  25. Relationship Distance
  26. How awful is this idea? I'm not thinking rationally... someone help
  27. I just don't understand my friend at all...
  28. Supposedly straight friend sending mixed signs
  29. Friend who is confused about his sexuality
  30. Need some advice on what to do
  31. Coming out
  32. I'm New, I'm Hurt and need advice.
  33. The "gay" friend
  34. This cute guy
  35. Likes me, or doesnt like me?
  36. So my mom and I had a talk
  37. He has a girlfriend...
  38. had a terrible first date
  39. Lonely...
  40. How do I get over this?
  41. My Best Friend Struggling
  42. How do I do this? Please help
  43. Unsure what to do about this :S
  44. Big crush on straight friend.
  45. 1st Gay/Lesbian Relationship??
  46. Is it a Crush? And all things crush related.
  47. Should've known this would happen...
  48. This might sound pathetic
  49. totally flipped out
  50. Help - advice needed
  51. Online dating! (question)
  52. Help :/
  53. My boyfriends still in the closet and it sort of frustrates me because of the secrets
  54. Uh, I need some relationship help.
  55. Underage friend raped me?
  56. I don't think my friends are okay with me being gay
  57. Conflicted
  58. Help-feelings are such a mess sometimes
  59. crushing on a straight friend.... ugh
  60. Awkward Skyping with my ex
  61. Step mom
  62. Am I ready for a relationship? Is online dating a good starting point?
  63. crying in front of very new boyfriend?
  64. How do I tell him?
  65. She reciprocated but there’s uncertainty.
  66. I need some help about trusting
  67. Boy Meets Boy: A Love Story (And Advice?)
  68. Rationalization
  69. Crushes and confused
  70. Friend might be gay?
  71. How to find ouf if he is gay or bi
  72. Brother
  73. Worried about being outed to my dad
  74. left boyfriend to become lesbian
  75. Finding Healthy Relationships
  76. Touchy friend confuses me
  77. Jelous for no reason?
  78. Can't sleep.. Thinking...
  79. Kind of a weird problem with a friend.
  80. A-bit-too-open affection?
  81. Should I tell him?
  82. My friend has a creepy stepfather...
  83. Curious friend? Or just wishful thinking?
  84. Whenver my parents talk about me being gay I get uncomfortable because of their views
  85. is this something deeper? a bit graphic.
  86. Date Ideas??
  87. Confused. To break up or not?
  88. Is my straight bestfriend obssessed with me?
  89. need advice and need to vent
  90. Led on but still want to be friends...
  91. Hey, so what now?
  92. Am I Being Fooled by Myself?
  93. My boyfriend refuses to add me as a Facebook friend and it rather bothers me
  94. Just need to talk
  95. Has coming out open doors for you????
  96. do i take him back?
  97. Can't stop crying, thinking about all this...
  98. Is it normal for a hetero male friend to tell another friend he loves him (platonic)?
  99. Pursuit of emotional happiness...
  100. Shall I dig in?
  101. Is he flirting?
  102. From love to dislike
  103. Advice? Anyone? Painful
  104. Relationship with friend?
  105. Meeting People...Help?
  106. is this a good guy for me?
  107. I Want More... Does He?
  108. What's going on here?
  109. Hate
  110. Advice for dealing with a male friend
  111. I want her to want me
  112. I possibly screwed up big time... What can I do??
  113. Love at first sight?
  114. Hooked Up with my friend
  115. I'm not sure if she likes me...help?
  116. Very uncomfortable around friend when I return....
  117. Help with a friend
  118. Problems at home
  119. Should I risk it ?
  120. Uneasy around male friends, plus social anxiety
  121. Growing Physical with Genderqueer Feyfriend
  122. Gay, in love with best friend?
  123. The Way He Looks At Me..
  124. Straight Crush?
  125. Parents being perverts?
  126. Breaking my friends Heart
  127. LDR Anniversary help
  128. Going to see him again...
  129. Social Anxiety
  130. Can't Stop Thinking About Him!!!!
  131. what now?
  132. Sleepovers
  133. what should I do?
  134. Am i being cheated?
  135. Not again!
  136. Feel like people treat me......
  137. Please help me. Urgent.
  138. i need advice...
  139. I think I lost her...
  140. Dating again?
  141. I need some serious help for my idiotic problems...
  142. Same sex relationships!!
  143. parties with straight friends (how to react to their desperate need to hook up)
  144. Married, Single, Monogamy, No Experiment?
  145. Grandpa
  146. Tips for long holidays with partners
  147. So, is this the right way of dealing with such a situation???
  148. How can I get over this crush?
  149. Off to LA to see my father
  150. Sometimes my friend asks funny around me
  151. She looks at me funny sometimes
  152. First phone call appropriate topics?
  153. I need to make a friend to get professional help
  154. Fight or Flight
  155. is this wrong of me to do?????
  156. Do you think actions speak louder than words?
  157. I am so tired -.-'
  158. an old memory
  159. do you think he likes/d me??
  160. Gay, Best Friend, and Love
  161. I'm a mess and I don't know what to do
  162. Weird thing happened...
  163. Weight problems?
  164. Was it only friendship?
  165. How to help my parents understand
  166. I'm afraid I'll ruin everything
  167. getting over a crush
  168. Forgetting about a crush
  169. Wow! Things have changed...ALOT
  170. As if the entire year hasn't been a total cluster fuck already...
  171. Ever had a partner who...
  172. Came out to my crush...really wish I hadn't
  173. Does Coming Out Get Easier?
  174. how to tell absolute if shes into me?
  175. Is he into me, too?
  176. Help with homophobic friend
  177. Age gap relationship - is it possible?
  178. Exiting LTR - Wanting to Date
  179. Dating someone who is in the closet.
  180. My dad's next email
  181. Could my husband be gay or bisexual? Had an Arranged Marriage
  182. Is he gay, straight, asexual, or doesn't know
  183. Homophobic Parents. Possible Girlfriend.
  184. I'm really lonely...
  185. Just friends?
  186. Split, bit I know he loves me!
  187. Gay Relationship Advice - Love or Leave? Help!
  188. Relationship advice?
  189. I think i am in love with my best friend
  190. Being only child, same sex attraction, and wanting kids
  191. Exploring my sexuality...
  192. I need help please
  193. What would you do if...
  194. my parents are homophobes
  195. "Beards"
  196. My dad reacted the way I thought he would
  197. Crazy Friends who are homophobes
  198. Long-distance and jealousy
  199. Forming relationships.
  200. Can't get her out of my head! Help?
  201. Dreams??????
  202. Random People Mad At Me
  203. So,I came out to my crush!
  204. It took me a while... but I figured it out.
  205. Been out for seven years parents still being ridiculous.
  206. Madly in love with male 'best' friend; not sure if he is gay or not.
  207. Massive Crush - but idea what to do?!
  208. Kind of had it out...
  209. My boyfriend is suicidal and refuses to get help no matter what I do
  210. Please help me with this??
  211. Not A Family Person
  212. Problems with a friend who has disabilities...
  213. Could she like me?
  214. Cut off my brother.
  215. Confused By His Behavior
  216. Falling for Her
  217. My Dad doesn't support gay marriage
  218. finding relationships?
  219. My straight best friend ever crisis!
  220. Damsel in Distress
  221. I'm in love with my straight best friend, and I really need him
  222. I'm not sure if he's gay...
  223. Is this cute or creepy?
  224. Crazy in love with my male best friend.
  225. One Big Advantage In Being A Gay Boy
  226. Feel like I deny myself more than others.
  227. Unexpected Obstacle :(
  228. "Everyone finds someone to love them"
  229. I sent the letter
  230. Hes gone and i feel relief?
  231. Really hurt by/pissed at my boyfriend
  232. How to deal with a religious father
  233. Asking out crush/friendship-relationship boundary for gay people
  234. Told my best friend..
  235. gaydar
  236. Budding Relationship? Advice needed
  237. Just Friends
  238. Communicating with ex
  239. Just so lost
  240. Shy About Trying on Dresses with Brother's Fiance
  241. Creative ways to ask a girl out
  242. Attracted to Best Gal Pal
  243. i'm not sure what to put here.
  244. Confused...
  245. coming out advice
  246. Married/relationship LGBT question
  247. Feeling bad for thinking gay
  248. What Should I Do?
  249. Difficult to associate with my family since I came out.
  250. My boyfriend comes from a very rich family and I come from a very poor family