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  1. done
  2. I need a little help...
  3. Girls
  4. How old is too old?
  5. Recent Family Death
  6. Should I date her?
  7. The difference between hard to get and it really interested..?
  8. Toxic Friendship
  9. Best friend is in love with me and I'm not making things easier
  10. What to do with impending college and being gay?
  11. do you thinks hes gay or straight?
  12. Unbelievable
  13. Parents are a let-down
  14. rejected
  15. Depressed friend acts bubbly and happy
  16. Worried about friends! (One of which I want to come out to)
  17. Why can't I be happy?
  18. my boyfriend
  19. Dated, Broke Up, Still In Love
  20. How do u make ur sibling respect you?
  21. I need help with my parents
  22. Falling out of love
  23. Im scared
  24. Friends being inconsiderate about my feelings..
  25. Girlfriend /fiance for 4 years recently admitting she is a lesbian
  26. i support my stepbrother
  27. My Crazy Ex Gf
  28. In love with friend
  29. How To Tell Him Without Telling Him?
  30. i think a straight boy has a crush on me i need advice plese
  31. Convincing (EX) best friend that being gay is a choice?
  32. Fallen for my best friend
  33. Kind of in a mess (again, in the right forum)
  34. Three years in and and things got physical
  35. Will this work?
  36. Straight Crush BS
  37. Sleepovers
  38. Gay Bar question
  39. First Guy
  40. Stepdad Looked Through my History :(
  41. Help with making friends? Please?
  42. Good Date
  43. I'm confused about my family and faith
  44. How do I say to a guy I like him?
  45. Question for teens or middle/high schoolers
  46. Help!!!
  47. Do I have to lose a friend?
  48. Relationship stuff
  49. Should I cut ties with my homophobic mom?
  50. First type posting after lengthy lurking, if you can't help, just listen to my story
  51. What's Your Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage
  52. She took my virginity
  53. Have you gotten out of the friend zone?
  54. Rooming with anti-gay person?
  55. Friend Zoned
  56. I don't want to be gay anymore...among other things.
  57. "I swear I'm not homophobic" parents
  58. I Don't Want this to Be a Problem
  59. Is my gay friend interested in Me?
  60. The man I am talking to is a raging alcoholic.
  61. closet gay problem
  62. Have you ever..
  63. So, I've got this friend...
  64. Engaged!
  65. Casual first date ideas
  66. When to ask him to be my boyfriend and how exactly?
  67. Was it a date?
  68. Am I being abusive to my mom?
  69. Is he gay? Does he like me?
  70. What's going on?
  71. Continuing from my other thread...
  72. Is this a crazy/stupid plan?
  73. Can't get her off my mind
  74. Feeling weird about my best friend's romantic relationship
  75. How do you tell someone you used to be/are suicidal?
  76. I'm so confused
  77. Could my friend feel the same way?
  78. Not sure what to do about my crush on another guy...
  79. Personal problems..
  80. Friend Possibly Suicidal
  81. Monogamy
  82. I am just so confused
  83. Will we ever get another chance?
  84. My girlfriend.
  85. I should have rather lied
  86. Jealous of my sister...not sure why
  87. Dating someone with body image issues. What do I say?
  88. I've got a crush
  89. Jealousy turning into loneliness...
  90. Same Guy
  91. Year of long distance
  92. Video chatting help.
  93. Guy I've been talking to for over a year suddenly "not interested anymore" :(
  94. was my decision dumb?
  95. Guy I've been talking to for over a year suddenly "not interested anymore" :(
  96. I am heartbroken.. He claims to not like me back? What now?
  97. Gay folks hate me?
  98. LTR Advice
  99. my best friend is a homophobe
  100. Little age limit problem.. Need info?
  101. Lonely
  102. Personality Problems
  103. Just a ridiculous question a/b kissing
  104. Help Me Help My Friend (Please)!
  105. When to tell partner I am bisexual?
  106. heterosexual world!
  107. Dating someone with your same name
  108. mixed orientation marriage
  109. Confused, abrupt and out of character
  110. Girlfriend Issues Help!
  111. Dating and bisexuality
  112. First time meeting a guy I'm interested in tomorrow... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  113. I need some advice someone plz help me
  114. In a horrible situation! Sick of crying!
  115. False attraction
  116. What does that mean?
  117. Getting to know my crush
  118. I really really need advice, im new here
  119. Never had a boyfriend like ever
  120. I'm easily attached
  121. I need advice !!! Help
  122. Dating tips for attracting butch?
  123. Brother keeps asking questions ....
  124. hey everyone, need advice: lesbian gf having girl friends
  125. i wanted to tell my mom bout my bf should i have? nd mf bf wanted to get high :/
  126. A question of marriage?
  127. Is my best friend gay?
  128. my mother supports me BUT..........
  129. Getting my crushes interested again? Gay or straight?
  130. I want to move on...
  131. Is my boyfriend, father of my children bisexual?
  132. Best friend for 8 years but I just need to know
  133. In the closet while parents are spliting up
  134. I think this is a vent more than anything
  135. What to do ):
  136. catching feeling for my best friend. I know...the usual...
  137. Out gay guy 4 closeted bi guy... ouch
  138. I don't know what I'm feeling for this guy
  139. Strange attraction
  140. lol, so confused atm halp!
  141. In a great place but worried
  142. Girls and boys
  143. My dad is so confusing!
  144. Online dating? Yay or nay?
  145. No Reason to Complain
  146. I'm bi and have fallen for my straight best friend
  147. how do you get more friends if you annoy most people ?
  148. Shit Happened....
  149. (Relationships/Love) In need of opinions.
  150. Has anyone ever had those feelings?
  151. Parents suffocating me!
  152. A Bit Annoyed With My Mom
  153. Straight woman falls in love with a lesbian and needs advice
  154. Out but it doesn't feel like it
  155. I think I might've fallen for a friend. some insight would be helpful
  156. HELP lesbian falling for girl with a boyfriend!!
  157. I am having a one on one with my brother
  158. Im soo fucked HELP!
  159. Will this freak them out?
  160. Family ashamed of me and wanting me to hide it
  161. My Straight? Crush... This crap has been going on too long...
  162. Actual flirting or just being hopeful??
  163. Relationship help
  164. I had a huge fight with my mom today
  165. Trusting family with information
  166. I'm 16, he is 23! Advice needed
  167. At Least Valentines Day was uplifting....
  168. how do I get a boyfriend in high school?
  169. Idk what to do
  170. Genderfluid Dating Advice?
  171. Not-so-well planned, but still valid work
  172. What if Daddy finds out??
  173. Not sure if I should tell my friend I like her?
  174. flirting
  175. Dating advice?
  176. I'm in love with my best guy friend. How do I tell him i'm bi? PLEASE HELP
  177. When will my time come?
  178. Boyfriend's Secret Blog
  179. Talking to a guy, need advice..
  180. drunk sex with friend
  181. Kinda worried
  182. Sick And Tired Of Parents
  183. relationship advice
  184. My life story ( warning it's long...so long )
  185. Bad news
  186. Completely Brokenhearted...
  187. Boy Problems...
  188. Straight up, im lonely!
  189. Met an amazing guy! deeply closeted help!
  190. crush help
  191. What do I DO?!?!
  192. Met an amazing guy online
  193. Does he like me?
  194. My friends prefer my frenemy rather then me?! :(
  195. Friends can't look at me the same and are confused about my gender
  196. Panic! My life
  197. I met this guy on ******
  198. Sort Of Confusing?
  199. My parents know... what now?
  200. Everyone finally knows. I should be happy, right?
  201. Why are people in my family assholes?
  202. Definition of anticlimactic
  203. My mom is losing it and spazing it's driving me nuts !!
  204. Masculine Gay Men
  205. Angry with Mum
  206. Getting Divorced
  207. HELP, in love with best friend!
  208. How to spark a conversation?
  209. Being too defensive?
  210. In love, depressed, lost. Need advice!
  211. weee <3 YAY! ^^
  212. we're no longer dating, but still want to try him
  213. What do I do, I think I love my boyfriend but I don't want to be in love?
  214. I need some advice about my parents
  215. I still miss him!
  216. Dad is fading and fading and fading and fa...
  217. Guilt for the Past
  218. Changed my younger brother's views on homosexuality!
  219. Straight best friend ended our friendship because of my feelings for her
  220. In love with friend
  221. Friends Turning Against You
  222. My partner likes to show off. Need advice
  223. I don't know how to explain it....
  224. Opinions/advice Needed
  225. Advice About My Muim Outing Me To My Dad
  226. Girl told me she likes me, but I'm gay...
  227. So angry and frustrated...
  228. How can I fall out of love with my best friend?
  229. lonely... wishing I wasn't gay...
  230. Abusive Aunt Keeping Me From Sister?
  231. How to say HELLO
  232. Do you struggle with bitterness and loving your friends and family?
  233. My sister
  234. My brother vs my boyfriend
  235. My best friend thinks gays are the product of a traumatic childhood?
  236. How do I overcome being an introvert?
  237. PLEASE help for a friend
  238. Naive, Bad a reading people or just plain Stupid?
  239. Should I move on?
  240. I'm found but I'm lost.
  241. Making a friend
  242. How is your relationship with your parents?
  243. Algebra Girl
  244. I think my brother is slightly homophobic.
  245. The meaning of intimate friendship
  246. Best friend and her new boyfriend.
  247. is love possible here? *LONG STORY*
  248. Weight and Orientation
  249. Fun in Friend-crush land
  250. My bf doesn't want to come out!!