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  1. How would you interpret this?
  2. Scared shitless!! Recently came out - Dating a guy for first time
  3. Schizophrenic Autistic younger brother
  4. My family is finally understanding my beliefs!
  5. How to find other gay/bi guys
  6. Double standards on "traditionalism"
  7. Underage relationship
  8. Please Give Me Advice, Im So confused
  9. Confused
  10. Friend Help!
  11. "Friends"
  12. Should I ask him?
  13. I like her, she can't like me
  14. His mom wants to meet me - advice?
  15. I don't like her drinking
  16. Would it be creepy or weird to approach her?
  17. Depressed Hetero Male Seeking Advice on Lesbian ex Best Friend.
  18. What would you think if you got this message?
  19. How can I help my friend come to terms with her sexuality?
  20. meant to be
  21. Jehovah Witnesses
  22. Stereotyping
  23. Crushing and its dilemmas
  24. Cold, I Just Feel Numb....
  25. I thought this only happens in movies this way....
  26. Crush on a mate :/
  27. Being Non-Binary Makes Me Feel Kinda Isolated...?
  28. Advice on Sex and other things
  29. i feel left out
  30. Heartbreak </3
  31. How can I tell my crush that I like him?
  32. Difficult relationship situation
  33. How to come out at a lesbian
  34. What should I do? Advice?
  35. Why didn't I correct them?
  36. Family Troubles...
  37. I Wanna Date Him, But.....
  38. Break?
  39. Crush at school. I need advice.
  40. Sweet
  41. In love with a best friend, how to cope?
  42. Boyfriend moving in (LDR)
  43. In need of some help here
  44. I don't show my teeth in my pictures is that a bad thing ?
  45. Distance or what?
  46. Curious exchange student
  47. I've fallen for one of my friends... Help please.
  48. I'm so freaking lonely.
  49. Taking a break from my boyfriend
  50. Dating anxiety
  51. Help with my girlfriend .... Intimacy issues....
  52. Totaly confused!
  53. Prom
  54. Confused by flirting?
  55. having a hard time finding love...
  56. I feel like my girlfriend is shaming me
  57. What is the deal with this person?
  58. Meeting gay guys
  59. Am I making a mistake?
  60. I need to approach her.
  61. What to do? I like him, but I don't want do go too far...
  62. Not sure if my mom understands...
  63. are these signs that she could be interested? advice and opinion needed, please?
  64. I have no gaydar
  65. I'm going crazy?
  66. Feeling inhibited approaching women
  67. Is it a progress or an end?
  68. I told my NEW best friend that I love him. Romantic story
  69. I push people away
  70. Huge crush on best friend's brother?
  71. I behave masculine but look feminine, and I feel misunderstood by lesbians
  72. Finding Friends
  73. Best new friend
  74. How to ask or initiate fun with him during a sleepover?
  75. disrespectful little brother.
  76. Shattering hope?
  77. Is this good or bad?
  78. Any advice would help
  79. very complicated relationship.
  80. lol.
  81. Straight girl dating a lesbian
  82. Desperation vs Idealism
  83. Crush on Straight Coworker
  84. Straight girl crush
  85. How do lesbians feel about bi girls?
  86. Bi and have a hard time keeping friends.
  87. Had a dream about my best friend last night
  88. Is it wrong to ask some help?
  89. So is this guy gay/ interested? (Sorry this is practically a novel!)
  90. I can't let go
  91. I want to be with my long distance boyfriend.
  92. Annoying high school boy
  93. What should I do?
  94. Should I tell her?
  95. Touchy situation with a friend
  96. Issues with talking to people of the same sex
  97. Is it possible?
  98. Can't I have gay friends that won't try to sleep with me?
  99. My brother...
  100. Should I give up our friendship?
  101. Lovesick for another woman
  102. So I'm sure you've heard this before
  103. Please, find the massive wrong in this.
  104. I just hate them.
  105. should i tell her
  106. Difficult Parents
  107. socially confused or blinded by love??
  108. To move on or not to move on?
  109. Dating a well-experienced guy
  110. Bonnie Kaye, Gay Husbands Say the Darndest Things
  111. I need help!! (about a friend)
  112. Mother not fully accepting..."choosing"
  113. Crush on someone online
  114. Anyone felt like this before?
  115. Age difference
  116. Mysterious Friend
  117. would you consider this FLIRTING???
  118. I've finally snapped and lost it !
  119. Another best friend crush situation
  120. Should I hang out with him
  121. Is he flirting with me? (all comments are welcomed and appreciated)
  122. My friends
  123. Relationship not progressing
  124. My crush may have overheard...
  125. Caught in a love square...
  126. Pushed Into A Corner
  127. HELP!!! I am madly inlove with my bestfriend!
  128. the story is old but it goes on...i fell in love with my best friend.
  129. the story is old but it goes on...i fell in love with my best friend.
  130. Overcoming fear of physical intimacy with love
  131. Coming out gay with kids
  132. Using a relationship as a crutch to coming out
  133. How can I calm down?
  134. Drama-Rama
  135. Fallen in love with a friend...
  136. Crush is homophobe
  137. How do i come out to my parents?
  138. I like this guy but I only know him from online
  139. My Friend's Being Kinda Bitchy.
  140. Anyone who has lived in the UK please
  141. My experience with the church.
  142. Is this a normal friendship?
  143. Repairing Ties...
  144. Transitioning and my mom
  145. No one to love me?
  146. Confused...or Bigots?
  147. hello every one! i am deply madly inlove with my bestfriend!!!
  148. ''BESTFRIENDS'' the gray zone...
  149. Somewhat long & trans. My GF is my BF.
  150. Help!!!
  151. I think I've outgrown my friends
  152. please help me!
  153. ''Bestfriend'' PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  154. Hele me please???
  155. can long distance relationships work?
  156. My boyfriend is abusive/jealous?
  157. Gray area...
  158. My boyfriend told me he is gay
  159. So confused atm.
  160. Telling my girlfriend about my eating disorder?
  161. Confused, Got to know a guy.. where now..
  162. Turning Down Someone
  163. Do you think hes still interested?
  164. Jealousy Advice?
  165. Facebook Pt. II
  166. One step backwards...
  167. My school is against homosexuality?!
  168. Should I tell her I like her?
  169. Just a bit of fun
  170. How to stop overthinking new boyfriend?
  171. He doesn't respond to my email anymore..
  172. Religions Are our own decision
  173. Did I just do something really antisocial?
  174. Best friend?
  175. I hate being innocent
  176. Stressing out...I have no one...
  177. Friend Doesn't Want Me to Come Out (sort of)
  178. Guy friend won't move on.
  179. I hear my mom and her boyfriend having sex every time he comes over
  180. How to rebuild a relationship with my mom
  181. So this girl....
  182. I think no one will ever accept me if I ever do come out
  183. Mom.. Idk what to do... Suicide?
  184. Gay FTM Relationship Woes
  185. My heart is an idiot and my brain is getting sucked into it.
  186. How to deal with a mom that is....
  187. Giving up on looking for love... permanently?
  188. I want to meet him.
  189. should i do anything?
  190. My mom cried because I'm gay..
  191. How to get over a spouses "affair"
  192. Can't get over him
  193. Annoyed with my mum
  194. Homophobic Relationships.
  195. Lesbian Dating Straight younger girl
  196. What should I do?!
  197. Guy Advice: Why the frick is he so confusing?
  198. Best friend has anorexia
  199. problems with friends who are exes
  200. I don't think I love her.
  201. how do I get her to understand
  202. Quick Question
  203. Rocky Parental Relationship
  204. The Problem With my Boyfriend
  205. Parents and their disregard with words...
  206. major crush on best friend (quite long)
  207. My parents are splitting up...
  208. Feeling lonely in my relationship
  209. Help me! I told my other best guy friend that I was bisexual and he betrayed me!
  210. how to stop crushing
  211. Lonely
  212. Putting a relationahip on the back burner...
  213. I'm 27, 5 year realationship... I'm worried I might have to end it...
  214. So lonely...:(
  215. My Mum says 'That's so gay,'
  216. Should I tell my coworker?
  217. When is the right time to look for a relationship?
  218. Open relationships
  219. Seriously crushing
  220. Could anyone give me any advice? I'm not sure what to do
  221. Not sure if I am gay
  222. Should I tell my friend?
  223. Big crush on a girl
  224. Planning on asking out another girl and totally nervous.
  225. Dont understand my situation
  226. Does your parents ask you about dating?
  227. how to react with unresponsive partner
  228. Meeting my Partner's Family
  229. Father to Son: Family
  230. Is he a friend or Down Low?
  231. I gave my straight best friend a blowjob. (Slightly erotic text). Advice?
  232. I just came out to my Mum
  233. Happily Never After Maybe
  234. Another "crush on a friend". What should I do ?
  235. Is there anything wrong with no celebrating my birthday
  236. Letter To My Ex - need advice!?!?!?
  237. So I'm new to the whole being in a relationship thing...
  238. Does he like mee???? <3
  239. Needing some support
  240. Gay Witchhunt? (poll included)
  241. Advice about possibly lgbt little boy?
  242. I'm so upset
  243. Shunned
  244. Got Drunk And Told My Best Friend How I Feel
  245. How to find out if he likes guys?
  246. done
  247. I need a little help...
  248. Girls
  249. How old is too old?
  250. Recent Family Death