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  1. I don't get it :/
  2. not good...... understatement !!
  3. How do I make a move ...
  4. How do you date while still in the closet?
  5. Need your guys opinion on this real fast!
  6. Been kind of growling in my head all day
  7. What's the definition of a gay relationship?
  8. so today my parents...
  9. I Fell Out Of The Wardrobe
  10. This is crazy to me. First time attracted to a man
  11. I've fallen for him, Should I go for it?
  12. Do ur friends tell u theyre busy? nd what does that tell you ?
  13. Guy in my class
  14. Really disapointed
  15. So he´s not interested in me...
  16. Both are in the closet - how to move forward?
  17. ex keeps pestering
  18. How to make long distance relationships work?
  19. I think I was just rejected
  20. i think my dad knows
  21. Crush on a friend, maybe?
  22. It's amazing what people say when they think you can't hear them
  23. Funny things people say about you being gay/trans/bisexual/whatever you are
  24. Asking a "straight" girl to prom... HELP
  25. Coming Out to my Best Friend
  26. Missing Him
  27. I think my boyfriend has depression. What can I do?
  28. My family has started a war over my double major
  29. Apparently, my friend has fallen out with me because I told him I was gay last?!?
  30. let it go man and move on
  31. Do I tell her how I feel?
  32. Lesbian girl falling for a "straight" girl?
  33. Need some advice - Yes it's a case of is or isn't he but I could do with some help :)
  34. Mother.. again :x
  35. Okay, I just need to vent...
  36. 3 problems from 1 person. Help?
  37. "Straight Guy" flirting with me
  38. Family Problems
  39. Any former/current Baptists?
  40. Can you fall out of love?
  41. Can you fall out of love?
  42. I feel intimidated by my crushes friends?
  43. Am I being Selfish?
  44. Staying with a cheater?
  45. Trouble connecting with people
  46. Straight best friend and secret crush engaged
  47. How can I learn to accept my boyfriend's PSA's?
  48. Don't think this is that big of a problem but......
  49. Hi everyone, should I be concerned?
  50. My Parents Think It's Just a Fas
  51. some sad news
  52. My boyfriend's brother is making a 360 degree change
  53. Really disappointed in my boyfriend
  54. The guy I was dating suddenly did a 180 overnight
  55. Closeted bf left me as no longer loves me
  56. I miss him so much!! Do i tell him?
  57. No, Mom, it's not just a phase.
  58. Would u sleep away ur problems?
  59. How can you tell?
  60. I think I've screwed up!
  61. I'm a Crazy Cat Lady (well, gay guy, but you get the point)
  62. Cage
  63. what to do?
  64. Long distance relationship
  65. How should I feel about my gf's new job?
  66. Relationship Dilemma
  67. not sure what happened
  68. I've liked this guy for 6 months...
  69. So confused...
  70. So there's girl...
  71. My Heart Well,that's gone now.
  72. Im too scared to find out he doesn´t care
  73. Feel so alone :(
  74. The Usual 'Could My Friend Like Me' Thread
  75. Severely Conservative Parents
  76. Uncomfortable Girlfriend
  77. Meeting my BF for the first time
  78. Help please
  79. Am I following him?
  80. Sister
  81. Getting someone to understand...
  82. Should I feel ashamed?
  83. Sibling problems
  84. Leaving my genderqueer partner for a woman?
  85. Falling for a straight girl
  86. Difficulty socialising with boys as a gay person
  87. Does he think I'm stalking him or does he like me?
  88. potential date?
  89. Does he think I stalk him or does he actually like me?
  90. I don't know how to get over her
  91. College stresses are becoming real...help
  92. Religious Friction
  93. Becoming more withdrawn from normal. I have reached my limit with people
  94. How do people manage to be happy with their sexuality ?
  95. In love with a stranger
  96. Complications
  97. It's All About Me/It's Not About Me
  98. My family hates me...
  99. The Mess I Created
  100. First Date and I'm Falling
  101. Best Friend No Longer Talking to Me.
  102. Out as trans, now I have to be kept a secret
  103. How to approach a guy you like and talk to him?
  104. Resources for parents??
  105. coming out- 6 months later
  106. What should I make of this breakup?
  107. I'm ridden with guilt.
  108. My life sucks right now, and I don't know what to do about it.
  109. I don't know if my best friends roommate likes me
  110. I have SERIOUS issues
  111. Roommate hitting on me...
  112. I Shouldn't Have Come Out To Someone Yet
  113. How to handle this crush?
  114. Gay guys, would you be creeped out by this?
  115. Having crazy thoughts
  116. I'm freaking out a bit.
  117. I am Gay and My BF is Bisexual and is having a GF
  118. Should I tell him?
  119. I miss him and hate him...
  120. Conservative Parents
  121. Where is he?
  122. Crush, Obsession, Infatuation! DX HELP
  123. Need some advice...
  124. Got stabbed in the back
  125. Dating someone with anxiety connected to sexuality
  126. Dating: How Does One Date?
  127. Online Dating
  128. Sister in law in abusive relationship
  129. Friend Never Wants to Date Ever Again
  130. Long distance relationships working? Need examples ASAP!
  131. In love with an old friend
  132. Some advice needed: Update
  133. How do you make friends?
  134. I don't feel anything in relationships anymore
  135. How to talk to a guy you have a crush on?
  136. friend "touches" me.
  137. Flatmate Problems
  138. Boyfriend Problems
  139. Married; Never Forfill My Longings
  140. Help!
  141. Stress/anxiety is affecting our relationship...
  142. Starting off a relationship... long-distance
  143. First date tonight!
  144. I'm in a sticky situation
  145. I have no friends, but my 'friends' don't know.
  146. I Hate "Friends" Like This
  147. Tiny Town Problems
  148. friends with benefits?
  149. Can straight people ever understand?
  150. I'm just stuck.
  151. Some advice needed
  152. My mom thinks my dad and I are having sex ?
  153. Friend with depression
  154. hating your own parent
  155. Just come out to crush...eek
  156. Shes on my mind
  157. The whole age gap thing
  158. So Awkward moment
  159. Update on this whole 'crush' thing
  160. Can't Accept Her Feelings, But I Want to Support Her!!
  161. I'm in a bit of a dilemna and now I think people found out im gay
  162. Can I convince a straight person to become gay?
  163. How to handle this situation--Guy I like wants to pretend nothing happened
  164. gfs dissaproving parents
  165. I don't know what to do
  166. Question!
  167. Help.
  168. I feel helpless.
  169. Bit of a problem
  170. me and my supervisor
  171. I like a straight girl....
  172. woah...AWKWARD!
  173. Just someone to listen
  174. Friend Advice
  175. Serious(ly Complicated) Dating Problems?
  176. How to proceed?
  177. My gay friend and I are having trouble Help
  178. Best friend turned out to have a crush on me... and I think I destroyed it.
  179. How to talk to parents about dating?
  180. I'm In love with Brian
  181. Made out with friend, but don't know if she likes me. Help!
  182. Won't be on as frequently, big fight.
  183. I somewhat hate my friends. Please HELP. :(
  184. Should I just go for it?
  185. Emotional abuse?
  186. Dealing with my sister's relationship
  187. Should I just ask?
  188. All the Ones I know
  189. Just a Few Things...
  190. The guy I like told me he is bi.
  191. How to break up with someone
  192. Facebook - message feature
  193. She hates me.
  194. My crazy aunt
  195. How to try and start something?
  196. Why won't she just shut the f*uck up!?
  197. Person from My Past Wants to Have Dinner?
  198. Have a crush on someone in the closet, hate it
  199. Should I be offended or mad? Maybe I'm just confused..
  200. Mom making me feel worthless
  201. Miss her a lot :(
  202. should i tell him?
  203. How do most openly gay guys feel about dating someone in the colset?
  204. Have you ever made a life changing decision?
  205. Contemplating a Break-up
  206. Third Date Advice
  207. Am I being played?
  208. Hard to be friends with such a caustic person...
  209. Does he like me?
  210. Would testosterone help?
  211. I really like her but is she interested too?
  212. Girl Help
  213. Together 6.5 months, still haven't said "I love you"??
  214. What's the deal with eye contact??
  215. he doesn't feel anything when we kiss
  216. Threatening Roommates..advice needed
  217. I Wanna Go For It!!
  218. My best friend is depressed and won't talk to me.
  219. In so much pain...
  220. School and mom
  221. Going Camping with College Friends
  222. I went out with a Jerk.
  223. question
  224. in love with my straight best friend... call me a cliche lol
  225. Heartbroken
  226. Friend came out to me... and onto me?
  227. I'm 100% gay... but there's this girl I like?
  228. Bf Suddenly Acting Strange
  229. Ridiculous gender roles and dating straight people.
  230. Does kissing get better?
  231. Am i in love with my best friend?
  232. Mt straight crush found out that I like her
  233. Moving in with crush advice?
  234. Freaking out help
  235. Mom won't acknowledge I have a boyfriend
  236. Stay married or not?
  237. So heres the thing.....
  238. A little bit of a pickle
  239. How to flirt
  240. Could my friend be gay?
  241. In Love With A Friend Who Might Be Gay
  242. Please help
  243. Dating and love
  244. Told my mum I'm gay just now well sort of
  245. Straight friend likes me?
  246. Should I buy a birthday gift or not?
  247. 19th Birthday Gift Ideas?
  248. Problems With Ex
  249. Emotions of my BF
  250. Breaking down someone's emotional walls