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  1. Rejected some one because you were too afraid to be gay
  2. Letting everyone down.
  3. Im i love with one of my close friends
  4. So, how do you actually be gay?
  5. an update about my straight best friend + just a question about my new bf...
  6. Dating
  7. Surgical changes
  8. Nasty Parents :'(
  9. Mom makes fun of homosexual people
  10. I need some advice,please.
  11. How to deal with 'It's just a fad'?
  12. Jealousy
  13. In love but with the wrong gender
  14. Dating
  15. Please help me help my closeted friend?
  16. she's back?
  17. Who wants to jump in a tangled mess of high school drama?
  18. I think he hates himself and I don't know how to help !!
  19. Chinese Culture?
  20. Secret relationship
  21. Boyfriend is stressed and can't have sex.
  22. Another str8 (or bi) housemate dilemma... help!!
  23. Should I message him?
  24. Did I do something stupid?
  25. Crush on Straight Best Friend
  26. Dating Website Fears
  27. Oh my God... so embarrassing
  28. Help me
  29. Advice?
  30. My mom is not homophobic but thinks homosexuality is not normal.
  31. Any Advice For A First Relationship?
  32. What should I do?!
  33. ...My Mind Won't Take a Break
  34. My "friend" is acting clingy and kinda creepy
  35. Uhh... Another facet to my dubious orientation?
  36. Another str8 up dillema
  37. my mom and sister.
  38. I was just dumped and need help sorting through my feelings
  39. My Mum thinks everyone is Pan
  40. I was going to come out tonight...
  41. Confused about boyfriend
  42. Help! We can't be together because he's afraid.
  43. how can i help her come out?
  44. Help with a friend
  45. How do I tell my parents I don't want to be Confirmed
  46. Advice!
  47. Boyfriend keeps calling me "man"
  48. My best friend died. Help me grieve?
  49. When did you guys come out and how?
  50. Need some advice!.. Please?
  51. Need suggestions for getting over your crush
  52. I've Denied it Before
  53. Should I talk to my gay uncle?
  54. Advice needed on how to handle this best!
  55. how do i find a partner?
  56. Tired but scared
  57. Should I ask if she is gay?
  58. I don't want to be a douche
  59. how to come out again to my girlfriend
  60. Family Questions My Bisexuality
  61. Family not thinking I'm weird
  62. Meeting People in High School
  63. Boyfriend Conflicts...
  64. I don't know who I am anymore...
  65. What would you do?
  66. Why is it so strange that I have a trans* roommate?
  67. Feeling stupid
  68. I'm so angry at myself
  69. How do I gain confidence when talking to girls?
  70. Is this homophobia or just a friend crossing the line ?
  71. First relationship
  72. How to become a friend w/out losing your personality?
  73. New friend coming on strong
  74. A 3rd Chance?
  75. Closeted relationship in front of family
  76. Closeted relationship at home
  77. Broke Up
  78. Parent Refuses to Accept
  79. heavy crushing and overly-attached to best friend.. help!
  80. Could you be best friends with someone who says they're repulsed by two guys kissing?
  81. My mother
  82. Boyfriend and his short temper
  83. Guy I know (from school) just came out at my university?
  84. I have a crush on a friend but want to stay friends...
  85. How do I move things forward?
  86. I don't know what to do...
  87. Cheating okay in today's society?
  88. not sure if right forum?
  89. Unrequited Love and how to Move on
  90. Am I being unreasonable?
  91. please post-does she love me?
  92. How to talk to girls?
  93. Mixed signals from my mom.
  94. Everybody hates me
  95. Those impersonal holiday/Christmas cards
  96. Christmas disaster
  97. Is it possible to find friendship in a transphobic society?
  98. Do you really need a boy/girlfriend to be happy?
  99. Can closeted (bi/gay) guys be as touchy feely as straight guys?
  100. In love with my ex. Help!
  101. Same girl, different story
  102. BF left me for another long distance relationship
  103. Long distance relationship
  104. How to be better at dating? (New to this, and I do a lot of things wrong)
  105. GF is friends with her ex
  106. Romantic Relationship with Genderqueer Friend -- advice?
  107. Family drenched in stereotypical worldviews
  108. Ex living with my best friend
  109. Ignored for four days over break.
  110. How to feel better about my family?
  111. Abusive Ex still chummy with my friends???
  112. Was this a good way to start a friendship with another guy?
  113. A Christmas Miracle
  114. Gaydar and closeted people
  115. a girl loves me
  116. Forced into a friendship
  117. Confused. Alone. In love with my friend. And suicide looks like an option.
  118. My friend doesn't understand depression at all
  119. when will she accept me?
  120. How to let someone know you like them without letting them know
  121. Does she like me or is she just playing with me
  122. Argg i hate people.
  123. Is there any hope?
  124. After my crushing rejection (see other thread) I'm looking to talk to people :(
  125. Is he just REALLY nice or is it a little more?
  126. Depression help
  127. Healing Wounds and Cautious Glances...
  128. Should I just move on?
  129. Crush on my supervisor!
  130. how to get a girlfriend???
  131. Crush on close friend
  132. I'm So Screwed Up
  133. Name Your Crush's Nickname? <3
  134. Gaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
  135. My crush doesn't know I'm not straight? :/
  136. I think I'm in love with my straight best friend
  137. What was the beginning of your LTR like?
  138. Is it bad to feel that I want to get far away from my dad?
  139. Crush on bi best friend?
  140. My best friend (whom I like) just came out to me: What do I do?
  141. Developing feelings for her
  142. In love with best friend. How to tell him?
  143. Dating someone in the closet : Your opinion
  144. Need help,how to know she is into you or not..or just being friendly? Confuse
  145. This is what I signed up for.
  146. Am i mean?? it's annoying thoughh
  147. Is this the wrong thing to do?
  148. Granddad PROBLEMS :(
  149. Crushing on my roommate...
  150. Indian/Desi gay men non-committal?
  151. Gay Cliques and Biases
  152. I'm in love with my straight best friend
  153. Incestuous University Gay Scene
  154. Crushing on bi friend?
  155. How do I tell my parents I don't want to go to Christmas with the family
  156. Should I talk to my mom's friends?
  157. If this is misplaced I apologize :p
  158. Two guys hanging out
  159. I am terrified of what I will do when my parents aren't around anymore
  160. New year's resolution: Finally leaving my ex
  161. my ant start being anoying!
  162. I thought I've moved on?
  163. Feeling alone
  164. Religious parents
  165. I'm in love with my straight best friend
  166. Will my dad ever be happy for me?
  167. How to survive family
  168. Difficulty meeting other GLBT people
  169. i am scared
  170. Straight Crush Problems
  171. Homophobic Classmates Rant
  172. Family not speaking to me
  173. Worried I'm making a huge mistake
  174. So my mom is now pissed at me
  175. Crushing crush
  176. First meet up 2 year long distant lovers PLEASE HELP!
  177. advice no how to ask someone if they like me?
  178. obsession over friend during ANY break!!!
  179. How to respond to someone staring at you?
  180. Should I talk to the guy I like over break?
  181. LESBIAN/RELIGIOUS: leaving an emit. abusive relationship
  182. Why does he always pick at my flaws?
  183. Rapidly growing needs
  184. First meet up looming and still confused
  185. I told my friend that I'm gay..
  186. I'm attracted to guys who don't make good LTR partners
  187. I want to transition, how can i tell my gf?
  188. My gf is about to get married :(
  189. No Courage
  190. I like my bi friend
  191. No gay people in my area - come out?
  192. How do I help my mom understand?
  193. How to deal with people who think they are being supportive, but actually offensive?
  194. Just had an extremely weird moment with a friend... Not sure what to make of it...
  195. [Terrified, yet excited...]
  196. I resent my mother
  197. How do you do this in the South?
  198. Giving up on pursuing gay friends?
  199. Looks like I've met someone :D
  200. Long distance relationship
  201. My mum keeps saying your wedding
  202. Best friend gay for me?
  203. My friend makes fun of me cause I don't have a boyfriend!
  204. No confidence-Just need something to consider
  205. Feeling relieved yet disappointed.
  206. Why dad won't stop calling lesbians dykes !
  207. Christmas gift ideas for potential boyfriend?
  208. what shold i dooooooo!!!!
  209. Dad says he's not homophobic but.....
  210. Should I go back and well just ask?
  211. Am I too close to my student? (lesbian)
  212. Unsure of New Relationship
  213. lesbians that fall for the first lesbian they meet
  214. Is this cheating?
  215. Physical contact
  216. ever with you had gone for it?
  217. haircut
  218. cousin
  219. Any Advice?
  220. I think I like my best friend.... A lot.
  221. I want to tell him
  222. That one aunt
  223. Guy likes me and I don't like him back
  224. Parent don't approve of homosexuality
  225. Problem with my brother
  226. Advice - need sincere help please.
  227. Feeling like a pest
  228. Being there for a crush
  229. I'm stuck...
  230. Friend came out to me
  231. First time seeing family in a year...
  232. Turing someone down, politely
  233. Finally out... Just a little
  234. Bi sexual best friend has crush on me
  235. What should I do ?
  236. Does he like me? or...?
  237. I can't forget about this guy
  238. Closeted partner suddenly ended relationship
  239. Homophobic best friend?
  240. is it bad?
  241. Deep dark hole
  242. Frustrated with crush who became my bestfriend
  243. So, I just got asked out on my first date with a guy...
  244. Feeling thankful.
  245. 3rd wheel
  246. boy friend acting suicidal
  247. My sister's ashamed of me
  248. My best friend who has been soooo supportive
  249. Inexperienced coward that I am!
  250. Help!! Do I give up trying??