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  1. Pretty shure I'm lesbian but I have a boyfriend
  2. Trying to get a friend
  3. Ticklish problem
  4. Is an age gap unrealistic?
  5. Loneliness
  6. I've been out for a year... I've had a whirwind of relationships
  7. Depressed about Dating
  8. Going insane over this one guy, but don't know what to do...
  9. Younger Brother Just Beat Me Up ...
  10. Drunk texting
  11. Date trap - how would you handle this?
  12. I Need Some Fresh Eyes on the Situation
  13. Relationship vs. Family
  14. Do I email a pastor about his opinion?
  15. tense mode
  16. girls
  17. Girlfriend Ex's
  18. A guy
  19. my biological dad
  20. My short-term optimism is gone.
  21. Donīt fully understand this guy...
  22. How to break news to boyfriend of over 2 years?
  23. She's someone to talk to, but I don't like her
  24. How likely is he to get offended?
  25. Am I over thinking this ?
  26. homophobic 'friends'
  27. Thanksgiving family dilemma
  28. So there's this guy.....
  29. Confused about feelings for friend
  30. I really, really need a boyfriend. I'm feeling very lonely.
  31. I have fallen for one of my best friends... hard.
  32. Huh? Did she just come out?
  33. hi
  34. Breaking up...
  35. Losing a friend.
  36. What just happened...
  37. a happy thread
  38. I need a little help...
  39. i believe everyone should watch this
  40. Distance between us
  41. How to Approach Dating
  42. Haven't spoken since we got together??
  43. First trip home since coming out
  44. About interacting with others in general - two questions
  45. What should I do?
  46. I kissed a girl and she liked it
  47. Trouble fitting in at college
  48. One Night Stand
  49. Ditching my old friends
  50. Thinking of asking a straight guy for date
  51. Homophobic friend asked me if I want to go on a date with a guy she knows...shit!
  52. Dating Advice: How to Play it?
  53. Friend complains over everything~
  54. In a tricky situation, straight best friend
  55. Hugging is my nature
  56. Not coming out to Family
  57. Me and him?
  58. Why won't he message me?
  59. Probably looking too far into this......
  60. My girlfriend is straight and I need some help.
  61. How to deal with rejection?
  62. What did she mean?
  63. Do people really have "gaydars?"
  64. gay out there
  65. Gay Friend Help
  66. He [17/m] overheard me [17/f] talking about him.
  67. Is it wrong to compare with other siblings?
  68. Lonely
  69. Well...This is Complicated
  70. Guys
  71. When will I have my first kiss?
  72. In love with my mom's half sister
  73. I always find something wrong with a guy...
  74. Gone from crush on everyone to no-one, why??
  75. Should I break up or keep trying?
  76. She doesn't believe me...?
  77. First date ever
  78. I am so lost in this situation... HELP?!
  79. Not your typical "questioning a friend" story...
  80. Rant: Paranoid about... everything
  81. Possible horrible idea
  82. Friends with benefits?
  83. How to force yourself to have a hard conversation
  84. Confused about where relationship stands
  85. Feeling... stung?
  86. I am in love with my straight best friend
  87. Feeling so guilty about lying to my parents about my sexuality
  88. Relationship Confusion
  89. Having a crush on my best friend...
  90. Does she like me back?
  91. Confusing relationship
  92. How to ask best friend?
  93. The online, long distance crush.
  94. Ugh
  95. I know I should stop texting her . . .
  96. I want to be more patient.
  97. Is my brother's behavior normal?
  98. should I give him I chance
  99. Questioning My Gayish Ex-wanna get back together bf
  100. Help??
  101. so my parents want to send me to a therapist...
  102. Can I Repair This Relationship?
  103. I messed up...
  104. I'm in love with my brother.
  105. Loved ones can't accept me being trans. Help?
  106. Does she like me?
  107. Have you ever been in so love with a straight person?
  108. Found someone!!!
  109. Getting over a straight crush?
  110. Arguing...again
  111. Help! Stuck in love with a lesbian who is shy
  112. Feeling resentful at my father
  113. found someone
  114. In love with a confused straight woman-Help
  115. Can "Is he gay/straight?" be answered this simply? (best friend dilemma)
  116. Partners behaviour confusing
  117. Can Gays/Closet Cases Sense Each Other?
  118. Where are good places in Philadelphia to meet other lesbians?
  119. She makes me out to be terrible to her friends
  120. Another Is he gay? sequence
  121. I have "possible" HFA autism/AS
  122. Still angry about ex
  123. Straight Crush
  124. The old best mate issue with a twist
  125. Is there anything wrong with wanting just to NSA for a while?
  126. How to feel sexy and flirty?
  127. not sure what to think
  128. Proud of my pansexual boyfriend
  129. I might still be in love with a straight guy
  130. Kinda happy yet kinda ashamed of myself?
  131. What to do with an ex's gifts?
  132. Just want to talk about girls with another lesbian
  133. flirting
  134. mom being a jerk
  135. Thinking of dumping my boyfriend, am I being selfish ?
  136. Are you gay and so is your sibling?
  137. Is this a fact?Girls?
  138. Another Captivating Conundrum
  139. College Relationship Advice: Help me make a good choice
  140. Are you willing to settle down with a trans?
  141. Hm... I'm not really sure how I feel about this...
  142. When is it appropriate to ask a woman on a date?
  143. i want a friend that is a boy...
  144. Not sure what to make of constant eye contact
  145. Utterly sad............
  146. honest or insensitive?
  147. Should I trust him again?
  148. I may need a new roommate
  149. Advice...?
  150. Help me understand straight guy colloquialisms
  151. Don't Waste your Time
  152. Should I Tell My Best Friends That I'm Gay?
  153. Putting thoughts in my head
  154. I still haven't told my mum dad and two brothers that I'm gay
  155. My problems with my dad
  156. How do I ask my friend to go to silver bells with me without it sounding like a date
  157. TL;DR - I love my best friend.
  158. This guy is driving me crazy.
  159. An interesting marriage - what do you think of this?
  160. An older guy??
  161. Just Need Some Advice
  162. So Difficult
  163. Help!
  164. Why am i even living? :/
  165. How to find out if friends will be accepting?
  166. Denial.............
  167. "Because obviously if you're a lesbian you hate men"
  168. Approach in public??
  169. Mom what a pain :/
  170. straight friends and sleepovers? Best friend not "allowed" over alone?
  171. Lost my friends [Gay guy w/ Asperger's]
  172. Is this wrong?
  173. Advice for getting over someone
  174. Some comforting words?
  175. Worried in a Relationship
  176. Am I going too fast?
  177. How to deal with my ex-boyfriend
  178. Am I being used?
  179. How do I ask a guy out?
  180. Is my new friend gay?
  181. Could I be pregnant?
  182. Family member is anti-gay
  183. Great. My family thinks that being LGBT is a choice/phase AND by birth
  184. Am I the dick?
  185. Ex Boyfriend
  186. wishy washy parents are hurting me me
  187. I think I might have ruined things forever...my life is such a mess
  188. Help! Im in love with my best friend! What do i do?! Does he love me back?! Arggh!!
  189. My mom doesn't believe me and doesn't want to talk about it
  190. Wife is straight I'm bisexual
  191. Which One?
  192. best friends
  193. Don't know what to do (depressed)
  194. that one guy that takes my breath away
  195. i like him, she likes me(best friend ever), he likes ???
  196. My girlfriend won't give affection
  197. Handling feelings for friends (who may be straight)
  198. Are some things better left unsaid?
  199. I like him and he likes me (but there is someone else)
  200. Is this weird?
  201. Might be caught torn between 2 guys
  202. A relationship between a 16 years old and a 19 years old, wrong?
  203. How do I uncrush on a friend?
  204. Mixed EMOTIONS : Badly Needed HELP
  205. I Want A BF
  206. if you got this poem what would you think?
  207. counselling?
  208. An autistic seeking advice
  209. My dad surprised me.
  210. How do guys act when they're not interested?
  211. Do I tell her?
  212. Married but,Am I BI or am I really GAY?
  213. Straight Girls Falling Hard for Gay Guy, annoying AF
  214. Married and bisexual
  215. Soooo Confused
  216. The Non-Existent Love Triangle
  217. should i change who i am?
  218. I'm getting angry at her for no reason
  219. thanks, world, for making me unsure again
  220. Parents found out we had sex and is forcing us to break up
  221. intense confusion and slight frustration
  222. My Sister Came Out To Me
  223. Is this guy hitting on me?
  224. My friend is not really supportive of me
  225. Advice needed on getting back together with Boyfriend
  226. He's Crazy About Me
  227. What can I do from 2,000 miles away?
  228. Can't get over him
  229. Not So Very Happy Thanksgiving
  230. Is she scared? really need advice..
  231. straight friendships and fooling around
  232. Does she like me?
  233. New start
  234. Am I just being paranoid?
  235. kids?
  236. If someone finds me "attractive" does that mean they like me?
  237. In love with my (confused) best friend
  238. How Old?
  239. Clingy
  240. Broken
  241. Dating Advice PLEASE!
  242. Is it smart to ask someone....
  243. Crush on a straight(?) guy, being bullied about it.
  244. Issue with my friends-if I can call them that
  245. This is so annoying
  246. Biphobic mother
  247. this cute guy I like...
  248. His Halloween Costume
  249. Ideas for fun things to do with somebody?
  250. How does a lesbian couple explain their relationship to their child?