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  1. Is this person worth continuing to see?
  2. Does being single bother you?
  3. I think my cis boyfriend sees me as a girl,,
  4. I Just Need Someone To Listen
  5. Spending life in denial
  6. I was a douche
  7. Kinda just venting :/
  8. Input on my confusing friendship and what to do?
  9. My dad is homophobic. Advice needed.
  10. The guy with inflection in his voice
  11. I'm confused.What should I do?
  12. Told my trans friend I liked him
  13. Reaching out to her?
  14. I'm crushing on my friend
  15. I feel like I lost my worth
  16. Mom may be stealing from me and invading privacy...?
  17. What is wrong with me?
  18. Does he like me?
  19. Hey - Well, this happened and I am unsure what to do.
  20. how to move on?
  21. Falling for a Friend Who's "Straight"
  22. Jealousy and other things, I guess
  23. Gay Man's Depressive Complex
  24. Scared of rejection
  25. Sorority and College Struggles
  26. Moving On
  27. Help with moving on
  28. Confused feelings about potential first gay relationship
  29. Dating a lesbian as a man?
  30. Should I end it with her?
  31. Came out to lesbian couples
  32. Gay Crush on my teacher
  33. Um, Hi
  34. fears in planning for my future
  35. Love addiction what's in for the other person
  36. why is it so hard for me?=(
  37. My parents bought "conversion" garbage.
  38. My friend says he wishes he was gay...
  39. Dating my friends ex?
  40. Paid for foot massage?
  41. Hormones in a lesbian relationship
  42. My crush is a bitch but I still like her.
  43. How to get his number?
  44. So my crush might be related to me
  45. No chance with anyone...
  46. what is a polyamorous relationship like?
  47. Living with slightly homophobic parents or new lesbian friends?
  48. I don't know what to do
  49. Not ''gay'' enough?
  50. Over-protective friend
  51. Relationship issues!
  52. I don't feel good enough for my boyfriend.
  53. So there's this girl..
  54. Should we break up?
  55. I feel so guilty doing this to my friend!
  56. How do you develop crushes
  57. How do I Tell Him?
  58. Boyfriend isn't sexually active but watches a lot of porn?
  59. Thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend, but...
  60. Frustrated with room mate
  61. My ex's new boyfriend is sort of bullying me, Please help-_-
  62. Feeling ashamed of being nonbinary with straight boyfriend?
  63. Relationship Problems
  64. Mixed signals from best friend?
  65. Dating someone who loves you more
  66. Threesomes and open relationships
  67. She is not into me and I'm so broken
  68. The hand we are dealt (being gay)
  69. Why am I having bad luck?
  70. Problems with my mom (HELP!)
  71. Scared
  72. when you thought your family was cool with it
  73. I like this girl, but...
  74. Ruining Friendships
  75. Why does my straight best friend confuse me so much
  76. i dont know what i did wrong.
  77. I love my best friend, but what am I to him?
  78. Did I do the right thing?
  79. Experimented with my Bestfriend both Male
  80. Today was interesting...
  81. I got in contact with my gay uncle!
  82. are we moving too fast?
  83. Bad Weekend
  84. How do I help my trans (FtM) friend?
  85. In love with my best friend(yeah i know what you're thinking:not this cliché again)
  86. I am scared to tell how crazy I am on her because she's my friend.
  87. Is this normal?
  88. Marriage and death.
  89. Flirting?
  90. Weak and Confused
  91. When and how to ask if he's ready
  92. Genuine feelings?
  93. I think my friend fancies me and i dont want to hurt him
  94. My friend has a crush on me (or at least I think so)
  95. First boyfriend, how do I initiate sex?
  96. Giving money to your lesbian partner?
  97. Breakup did not go well!
  98. Long distance
  99. How to safely end a relationship?
  100. Guilt over planning to leave my gf
  101. my dad wants me to be straight, should i try to stop liking girls?
  102. i hate this situation!!
  103. Problems with my straight friend
  104. wasting my first kiss???
  105. A quick update
  106. Close-minded Mom?
  107. Who should I choose?
  108. Anxious About Dating
  109. I'm a closet married bisexual - should I come out?
  110. Am i falling in too deep again?
  111. Dealing with relationship anxiety?
  112. She seems like the one but we aren't compatible sexually
  113. I'm falling deeply in love
  114. I Think My Best Friend Is Secretly In Love With ME.
  115. confusion: to the max
  116. Can't stop thinking about having sex with someone else than my boyfriend PLEASE HELP
  117. Newly joined
  118. Oh my God, I'm so in love!
  119. Am I Right To Feel The Way I Do About This??
  120. Am I being played
  121. Speculations Towards my Sexuality...
  122. Protip to anyone dealing with a non-out friend
  123. Unsure Future
  124. HELP.... I need advise and feeback
  125. Crush is straight and comes from a conservative family...
  126. Overworrying about Date
  127. I'm getting back together with my ex?
  128. I want to have an affair......
  129. should i give up at supposed unrequited liking?
  130. Best Friend Leaves Me?
  131. Parent problems.
  132. Is my Crush Ignoring Me?
  133. Don't know how to help my best friend
  134. Love triangle, what do I do?!?!
  135. gay male couple etiquette?
  136. "You are an extension of whom I am"
  137. Dating advice for my little bro?
  138. Mormon best friend- am I being oversensitive?
  139. Do I have to give up on my best friend😢
  140. How to introduce my boyfriend to my family?
  141. Does she date girls?
  142. secret spots to kiss someone? kissing advice? help i'm so nervous about it
  143. Boyfriend Came out to me
  144. Am i overly sensitive or is this reason to be upset?
  145. Awkward and Bitter around friend?
  146. Is she gay??? I don't to screw this up because im too afraid??
  147. My friend still likes me eventhough she knows I'm gay
  148. The cute new girl?
  149. my best friend has a secret account
  150. Advice on dating a little older?
  151. Being lead on?
  152. I am contemplating ending the friendship
  153. A second chance has come, please give advice after reading :)
  154. I fell in love with my best friend and we no longer speak
  155. Homecoming dance advice?
  156. I like a guy who has the same name as my step brother:/
  157. I Am In So Much Pain. Please Reply, I Might Not Make It Tonight
  158. I feel like I'm a bad boyfriend....
  159. Getting over our relationship
  160. Close Friend/Crush Confusion Woes-please help!
  161. What do you do when you live with transphobic and homophobia people?
  162. Ruined everything with my best friend
  163. Ex Bully Is Now The Only Straight Guy I Trust? Thoughts? Please Reply I Need Advice
  164. How to deal with long distance relationship?
  165. I Never Have Crushes
  166. How to make friends when your in the closet to them?
  167. My Marriage is Suffering
  168. Crush on "straight" guy
  169. Weird things with a friend Happening
  170. I am very odd in love, and in life
  171. The end
  172. I regret trusting my mother
  173. Thank You
  174. Standing up for my friends
  175. she said she has a crush on me...
  176. Do all relationships have to suck?
  177. Engaged; feeling guilt and confusion.
  178. How to give a friend advice?
  179. How to talk to this guy
  180. Don't know how to tell my boyfriend...
  181. Rejection, Crushes, Feelings, Frustration. *Venting*
  182. My Nerves Is Going Overdrive..
  183. Advice needed
  184. Share Your Long Distance Success Stories!
  185. Help
  186. Feeling so lost and scared.
  187. Am I doing this because of him?
  188. Crushing on my English Teacher.. Help?
  189. Getting over a breakup
  190. Felling weighted down
  191. What was the moment for you in a relationship where you realised it probably wouldn't
  192. Why would a woman who casually flirt with you talk with ur female friend??
  193. Will Someone Love Me? Please read and reply, I need help
  194. Hurt and confuse by "straight" best friend
  195. How to live this life?
  196. Finally broke up with boyfriend because I'm gay. I'm hurting!
  197. Do you think I have a chance with him?
  198. Coming out to a (potential) partner?
  199. Venting everything going on in my life right now
  200. Meeting other gay guys in Toronto?
  201. Help with complicated circumstances
  202. My boyfriend doesn't do anything with me.
  203. This Feeling's Too Strong
  204. Why do dating apps suck?
  205. So confused...
  206. I don't know what to do
  207. Tutoring a girl i like
  208. What's her problem?
  209. Friend Mad Because I won't have sex with him
  210. Was flirted with for the first time, now what? Help
  211. Lesbians and Bi/Pans! Teach Me How to Find a Girlfriend!
  212. How should I approach her
  213. School Dance Advice?
  214. How to deal with a messy and egoistic roommate
  215. Crushing and confused
  216. I hate feeling like a villian
  217. A Closet Case in A Steady Relationship
  218. We're not friends because he's on hormones and I'm not...
  219. Liking a guy who has a girlfriend
  220. Getting over Him (a long story)
  221. Will lesbians or bisexuals reject me if I look underage?
  222. Hot and Cold
  223. I dunno man, I can't let it go
  224. Falling for a guy but unsure of their sexuality- Advice
  225. Need help to tell if someone is dropping hints (long story)
  226. I'm scared for my friend
  227. The Children of Their Guardian's Bickering
  228. Should I come out to my family?
  229. Is it wrong?
  230. Am I Being Too Sensitive?
  231. My ex!
  232. Let down again by a guy
  233. My brother belongs in 1957 america
  234. I'm gay, and think a closeted friend has tried to come out to me. Any way I can help?
  235. Came out the wrong way?
  236. What's he up to?
  237. I'm Being the Annoying Type. I Hate It.
  238. Do you guys think a lot of very closeted bi/gay men are sociopathic?
  239. I just still miss him...
  240. Whats up woth my friend and how can I help?
  241. flirting is hard
  242. I was a bully. How do I apologize?
  243. Update on 'This boy'
  244. First Date Problems.....
  245. Long-time crush just came out to me!
  246. I need advice about my relationship with my girlfriend...
  247. I'm probably worrying over nothing
  248. Crush wants to see me again- But I'm scared and disappointed
  249. Can't get over a could've-been relationship
  250. Forcing Family