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  1. He's so confusing! please help?
  2. I'm terrible at relationships and need advice
  3. She's amazing
  4. I am lost !!! please give me some advice
  5. My love life is terrible
  6. Messaging on Dating websites
  7. How do you guys cope with homophobic parents?
  8. Depression and everything that comes with it
  9. Religious Self-Righteous Homophobic Mother
  10. this cute guy I like...
  11. I'm not sure what to do..
  12. What should I do about my friend's possibly bi boyfriend's antics ?
  13. Maybe not straight maybe into me
  14. How to explain...
  15. Broke-up with BF
  16. I asked my friend to set me up on a date, now I'm really nervous
  17. I don't even try
  18. Does this "straight" guy like me?
  19. The more I get to know myself...
  20. I don't like my friend; she adores me
  21. My family keeps asking for money
  22. Terrified of Closeness
  23. I think she's in denial
  24. So that went about how I thought it would
  25. Why can people not comprehend that I don't have a crush?
  26. Complicated situation involving three guys
  27. Dealing With Religious Family
  28. Gaydar/figuring out someone's sexuality
  29. I hesitate too much.
  30. 2 hours...Too long?
  31. Should I leave this relationship?
  32. A rant about crushes (Sort of) - The Tornado Rant.
  33. Am I too persistent or is he not interested?
  34. Thank GOD + How do I get over embarrassment in sex?
  35. Pursuing a teammate?
  36. would you be open?
  37. Feeling confused about a possible interest
  38. Never had to do this before
  39. This helped me feel ready to come out to my parents
  40. Have any of you gotten out of the friendzone or regretted friendzoning some one?
  41. Three years later, still not over her
  42. I don't think I can be friends with her anymore
  43. How do I talk to him..?
  44. No one seems to believe me
  45. Does she like me?
  46. I think I am a horrible person.
  47. When your friends and/or family "figure it out" before you do
  48. can't seem to make up my mind...
  49. My friend feels like a fifth wheel.
  50. Rough Kissing not feeling safe
  51. Will and Grace, help!
  52. Can you ever just be friends with a crush?
  53. My dad making fun of me
  54. I just want a girlfriend
  55. How do I start talking with him?
  56. Kissing someone with no real purpose?
  57. Why Does He Keep Pushing?
  58. FtM adivise
  59. I'm so happy and proud of my roommate right now
  60. Need some advice from people who've gone through similar crushes on best friends
  61. Extrovert trying to date an introvert, advice??
  62. scared of my sexuality
  63. What do I say to Him?
  64. A prolonged Crush
  65. How to get someone to come to YOU...?
  66. hit on OR hold on?
  67. Gay... But closed...and should i go?
  68. Faking it
  69. How I Feel? Just want to cry
  70. Dating a younger women
  71. My Best Lesbro who was in love with me
  72. Say you have/had a really good friend...
  73. Choosing where the date/meeting will be?
  74. So there's this guy...
  75. She left her boyfriend because of me
  76. Another best friend problem
  77. I have a crush on a bisexual friend and don't know what to do
  78. Why I won't just 'come out'
  79. Paying for dating websites?
  80. I'm in a relationship, but I like someone else???
  81. Flirting with 2 guys, can't decide what to do next...
  82. Oh My Poor Clueless Friend
  83. Huge crush on a classmate
  84. The guy I like is questioning his sexuality...
  85. The implications of what she said are killing me
  86. co worker at work said that he thinks lesbians are the worst people on earth
  87. Opinions needed
  88. What do you think of dating websites?
  89. I'm afraid I scared my with my anxiety
  90. Feeling guilty about relationship with parents
  91. Parent's Being Homophobic
  92. Just feeling really shitty right now!
  93. How to build his strength and resilience
  94. Sweet Sixteen
  95. I may be misleading a girl
  96. My Cousin Came out to me :)
  97. Confused about a friend's reaction
  98. Putting parents through too much
  99. Friend expectations, disappointment
  100. My Girlfriend or My Family?!?
  101. Crush Dilema
  102. Feeling really depressed and don't know what to do, please help!
  103. Openly Gay and Dating a Girl?!
  104. I don't know how to ever tell if a girl is gay, or where to find one.
  105. Marriage
  106. How do you remain patient with someone who hates you because they actually love you?
  107. Am I too gay?
  108. Am I in love with my best friend?
  109. How can I make him really see his self worth??
  110. uncle and gay cousin
  111. Letting go of old problems.
  112. Family still in denial?
  113. I'm not defective! Promise!
  114. In love with my best friend
  115. My brother thinks I'm being overdramatic
  116. How to explain.
  117. Inter-Class Love
  118. Progress With Crush!
  119. Would I fit into an LGBT+ Youth Group?
  120. Crush but he's taken
  121. I can't seem to meet anyone
  122. Am I wrong?
  123. Came Out to Straight Friend
  124. Is this going anywhere?
  125. Relationship Advice?
  126. I'm not sure if he is playing games or is just hurt by me.
  127. Why there is hope for all of you...
  128. Why did this happen??
  129. Is he bi or just pretending and running away
  130. Confusing and Complicated Crush
  131. I have a gay crush and I REALLY need help!! :(
  132. Crush on straight friend: Is she just teasing me?
  133. Mom in denial?
  134. Silly paranoia
  135. 7 Years
  136. Girl crushing, and advice ?
  137. Is 3 weeks of texting excessive?
  138. She doesn't want me close :(
  139. New to relationships and not interested in this guy
  140. Flirting vs. Cruising
  141. Hall (Dormitory) Crush Uncertainty
  142. When to ask someone out?
  143. Falling Down
  144. This isn't actually emotional abuse...is it?
  145. My Friend "Hides" Me
  146. my mom is trying to emotionally abuse me !
  147. Do you think your family/friends suspects you're gay?
  148. My Dad's Acceptance
  149. Mixed Signals + Self Esteem
  150. Is my friend gay?
  151. Gaydar?
  152. Help coming out to parents for 3rd time?
  153. Help me please, I am socially inept..
  154. A bullet to my heart
  155. Mom airing her opinions on my sexuality
  156. Meeting my long distance girlfriend
  157. Your opinion?
  158. Forget about being gay?
  159. getting engaged
  160. Why do I like bad girls?
  161. What is dangerous about being in a relationship with an older man?
  162. Why do I feel like he doesn't love me even though I know he does? ?
  163. Relationship Anxiety
  164. Angry after confession
  165. I'm in love with my probably straight, maybe gay friend. Help.
  166. Should I?
  167. Self Disclosure about Mental Illness
  168. getting over an absolute heartbreak.
  169. My friend is homophobic
  170. How to find a boyfriend.
  171. Throw In The Towel?
  172. Another "straight" friend crush, yes really
  173. Finding Mr. Right
  174. I Don't Want to Break His Heart, But I Might Not Have Much Choice...
  175. Major Screwup...
  176. Birthday Party Help
  177. How do I get close to a guy I like?
  178. Study date?
  179. my straight friend is now refusing
  180. Relationship advice
  181. Silly teenager issues
  182. Like Straight...Gay..IDK Guy?
  183. Could this be the right Approach?
  184. Cross-continental long distance relationships
  185. Do you think this guy is interested in me?
  186. I Need Advice
  187. Why can't I form close relationships?
  188. Just came out to they guy i like
  189. My Queer Son #2
  190. Relationships
  191. Ex-Boyfriend Problems
  192. An Update
  193. Idea for crush
  194. Uh oh...Stereotypes used in the family
  195. Friends in love.
  196. yay he knows my name!
  197. confusing mixed signals
  198. Clinginess
  199. Caught up on a Friend
  200. Realizing I'm Hating Being Gay...
  201. A little game of homophobia
  202. My friend might be gay, feeling might be mutual
  203. First Sight!
  204. LDR's
  205. Lesbians with Straight Cis-Male Best Friends
  206. Experimenting with heterosexuality
  207. If u knew
  208. Help! Straight crush
  209. Letter to my mom, to be sent later.
  210. How to go about this
  211. How do I join a new social group?
  212. Annoyed about straight crushes?
  213. First Date, Take 2
  214. Scared about being the last one of my family
  215. Bro!
  216. Going on my first date
  217. Overwhelmed, depression...
  218. On a 'Break'
  219. Jealousy
  220. I feel really weird about dating
  221. Lessons from my father
  222. how to support best friend(future boyfriend?) who wont accept himself
  223. My fiancee's birthday: No celebration?
  224. Do you worry about leaving you parents alone?
  225. Help?
  226. GF left me again..for the 2nd time!
  227. GF breaking up with me bc of identity
  228. Is there ever a good time to confront your friend on their sexuality?
  229. Not getting the support I need from my (theoretically supportive) parents
  230. Friend taking me for granted or am I overreacting?
  231. Back and need some lady advice please
  232. "May I ask you a Question"
  233. Question
  234. worst crush ever!! help please
  235. When does it get better?
  236. Got my crushes number!!!
  237. Help for my dilema!
  238. Making the first move?
  239. She's assuming i'm in love with her just because i'm bisexual?!
  240. What does this mean?
  241. Is he gay? Mixed signal and all
  242. Getting to know people
  243. how to explain that this didn't dictate my sexuality
  244. Jealousy
  245. Desperation and Perception of Beauty
  246. At a complete low point (just broke up)
  247. My sister (Long)
  248. I desperately need someone to talk to!
  249. Mixed signals...
  250. "Coming Out" to a boyfriend