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  1. Why am I an idiot?
  2. Am I living a useless life as a homosexual?
  3. Crush..
  4. 21-year-old Lesbian Dating 16-year-old Lesbian
  5. How to deal with my friends overuse of words like faggot and home when he knows I am
  6. Her Parent are against out marriage: What to do?
  7. Birthday present for my ex?
  8. Okay finally introduced myself to the cute guy.. now what?
  9. I have a crush on my straight friend
  10. How do I tell her that we will never work?
  11. Does anyone know why girls can be manly but men can't be girly?It seems very unfair!
  12. Is this Love
  13. I totally like her
  14. Coming out to a former straight crush?
  15. I honestly dint know what to do.. :,(
  16. a quick comment survey (some what a mini rant as well)
  17. I know I'm new here but I really want to ask.
  18. Boyfriend gave me an ultimatum
  19. Sad and single
  20. How can I tell if he is gay?
  21. She thinks I hate her D:
  22. I love you... Strong words
  23. The Approach
  24. how am i suppose to have kids?
  25. I think my crush has a girlfriend...
  26. Mourning lost years...
  27. My best friend confuses me
  28. The cute guy in class, dare I befriend?
  29. FTM - Dating help
  30. How soon is too soon?
  31. Online friend help, or if I'm being catfished
  32. So...this is awkward.
  33. Throwing a bottle of emotions in the ocean, hoping they'll be lost forever
  34. Signs a girl likes you?
  35. Devastating realization after 10 years
  36. The first relationship
  37. Yesterday ... what a day!
  38. Does she suspect me of being a lesbian?
  39. How to avoid a date (strange question, I guess)
  40. My best friend & I
  41. How to deal with a confused person
  42. I am missing my ex
  43. Crying myself to sleep everyday
  44. Meeting the Family...
  45. He's such a good friend...just...
  46. EC Jocks i need your help with this crush!
  47. I'm super shy... how to make friends?
  48. input highly appreciated
  49. Dating Poll
  50. Happy f*cking birthday to me!
  51. Relationship doomed because of their family?
  52. Type of Guy
  53. It's kinda funny
  54. Oh god I like him so! But does he like me?
  55. Now I feel guilty
  56. What is it with my best friend??
  57. Mistaken for straight and not fixing it--bad?
  58. "Platonic" girl crush - does it exist?
  59. Can't approach new people?!
  60. Loneliness, grudge, hypocrisy
  61. I have feelings for my best friend, does he like me too?
  62. shy guy
  63. Awkwardness with my mom.
  64. Recurring crush
  65. In love with best friend... afraid of losing him: please help
  66. The Million-Dollar Question
  67. Jealousy!
  68. Broken up with my boyfriend
  69. Show him my love
  70. Boyfriend Cheating
  71. Long distance relationship?
  72. Told Boyfriend about my mental Health Issues
  73. Sex Advice?
  74. Love triangle that's stabbing my heart
  75. Flirting with Girls
  76. My duty is to my own heart...
  77. My mom keeps asking questions
  78. Should I confront my ex?
  79. Im in love with an ex-gay...help?
  80. Weird Little Love Triangle
  81. Considering trying the other side of the fence
  82. Bi the way...I need some help
  83. advice
  84. I don't want to overwhelm my friends, but...
  85. What is my mom's problem
  86. Bi/Queer Son... Closeted Father?
  87. Feeling really bad
  88. help please..
  89. I don't know who I love...my best friend or my girlfriend. (LONG READ ALERT)
  90. When Blood is Thick as Water
  91. Help?
  92. Is my college roommate bisexual maybe?
  93. Disgust
  94. looking for help again!
  95. Live-in boyfriend relationship going stale
  96. I told him I like him. Now what?
  97. Sister's Boyfriend
  98. Help, please read help
  99. Crush on this bi guy on my floor
  100. First Coming out Anniversery, Still don't know how to deal with parents
  101. My sister??
  102. Straight best friend plan..
  103. What does it mean if a girl has a rainbow ribbon pinned to her bag?
  104. I have it bad for my boss...
  105. The "Straight" Dilemma
  106. Is it okay to choose ignorance?
  107. Where should i turn to?
  108. How to get rid of a crush on a straight friend before I get hurt?
  109. Cupid leave me alone.
  110. Not sure how to handle this situation
  111. I want to push them all away
  112. Some Chick I Don't Know...
  113. girlfriends birthday
  114. i have jealousy issues
  115. I feel like I'm not going to find a girl.
  116. To slumber party, or to not slumber party? With (attractive) straight bff...
  117. Friends Ignore the Gay-Me
  118. Feel like an outcast...
  119. Conservative Parents?
  120. Bisexual fluctuations
  121. Advice Needed
  122. Does he like me?
  123. I don't even know...
  124. Meeting People
  125. internet crush
  126. Explaining pansexuality
  127. boys are confusing
  128. i cant forget her, but i think i need to...
  129. I'm very bad at dating, could you please give me exhaustive advice?
  130. should I have said or done something?
  131. Girl confessed she likes me, but...
  132. I had an encounter with my straight friend
  133. "So, like, bro, does that mean you want to have sex with me?"
  134. What should I do?
  135. So what to do now..
  136. Dormitory things..
  137. he wants me to quit my job
  138. He Still Doesn't Know...
  139. I can't shake him off...?
  140. How can I confess to him?
  141. I have a few queations, help me please
  142. Work crush
  143. boyfriend going to leave once I transition
  144. My First Post (I won't blabber on)
  145. I don't know what she wants from me?
  146. He Nextdoor
  147. I really like my Straight friend
  148. how do i tell my mom that my boyfriend has HIV?
  149. It's been two years since I fell for her
  150. Family Pressure (they knooooowww!)
  151. She kissed my cheek a few times... What does it mean?
  152. Relationship with a deadline? Is it worth it?
  153. I have a boyfriend, still not comfortable with my orientation
  154. I'm in love with my best friend.
  155. Settling down...
  156. Relationship with father...
  157. Homecoming
  158. Being Bullied Because of your Sexuality
  159. Flirting and things
  160. Cute guy absolutely won't leave me alone?!
  161. I just don't understand
  162. Help please! Transitioning from military life
  163. Married to a man, I might be lesbian?
  164. How do you approach someone who makes you so nervous?!
  165. Why do straight women make out w each other when drunk or drinking?! Can't stand it!
  166. Her eyes dilated when she was talking to me..?
  167. Straight friend or not...?!
  168. new school year
  169. Falling in love with a straight friend..
  170. How do I react?
  171. Let Me Tell You About My Day
  172. I need opinions!! :)
  173. Ugh. I'm in a state of denial I think
  174. So there's this guy...
  175. my family is against gays and gay marriage
  176. Straight or Bi?
  177. Is my boyfriend gay?
  178. I cant stop thinking about him
  179. Getting Someone Interested in Me
  180. fear coming out
  181. how to approach someone you like.
  182. Think I'm in love with my best friend.
  183. should i talk to him (not a crush/is he gay thread)
  184. When is the right time to ask someone out?
  185. Co-Worker Relationship
  186. I need help tell if a guy likes me or not.
  187. Red Flags
  188. My past/School life
  189. My dads reaction
  190. Finding a boyfriend...
  191. how should i feel and how would you feel
  192. Wait is it a date?!
  193. How to get a boyfriend?
  194. He called me buddy...
  195. Don't know what more I can do
  196. Talking to this guy?
  197. Such a complicated situation involving the guy I like and my friend
  198. Help plz
  199. HELP! A girl really wants to date me and we are close but I'm gay and in the closet
  200. Inched further out of the closet!
  201. Sexting Addiction?
  202. Disapproving/sneaky mum trouble
  203. The Supreme Mess
  204. First guy crush?
  205. My Mom and My Sexual Orientation (help)
  206. In love with my best friend
  207. Finally a potential relationship with a cute nice guy... but...
  208. How to handle this situation? (gay best friend's brother, in the closet)
  209. Oh no...
  210. Really need some advice!
  211. Do you think she will miss me
  212. Time Capsule
  213. Worried about my brother, I think he is gay
  214. Help I am married but desire to be with a woman
  215. Increasingly religious family amping up homophobia
  216. Coming Out was useless.
  217. Relationship hel
  218. Awkward around men, can't talk to anyone!
  219. How to stop being so concerned about my parents expectations?
  220. Bottled Up
  221. Maybe I need to move outside my comfort zone?
  222. Advice about friend
  223. It's a Darren issue...
  224. Ugh...annoyed at friend's biphobia
  225. Confused Ex's Party?
  226. Getting over someone...
  227. My friend cut herself.
  228. Do Mexican guys fall for black guys?
  229. Spouse Trouble
  230. Need help
  231. Homosexuality is the only thing religious interpret literally!
  232. How to promote you're ready for a relationship?
  233. I Want To Kill My Mother's Husband
  234. Inadvertently brought up a painful event in my bf's past... feel awful.
  235. Relationship help
  236. What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard from a homphobe?
  237. Please help?Asian Parents found out about me + girlfriend?
  238. She's dying
  239. Do you believe in god, even after what religion says about us?
  240. My cousin's boyfriend :\
  241. How Can I Get A Guy/Girl To Like Me If I Don't Even Like Myself?
  242. Are You Malnourished For Love?
  243. how to meet gay guys my age in my area?
  244. I'll never find a boyfriend ;-;
  245. Would you date an 100% virgin person?
  246. I love my GF, but she's close-minded
  247. Why would someone that's supposed to be a friend..
  248. My sister
  249. Why do I suck at dating?
  250. what should I do?