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  1. I just don't understand
  2. Help please! Transitioning from military life
  3. Married to a man, I might be lesbian?
  4. How do you approach someone who makes you so nervous?!
  5. Why do straight women make out w each other when drunk or drinking?! Can't stand it!
  6. Her eyes dilated when she was talking to me..?
  7. Straight friend or not...?!
  8. new school year
  9. Falling in love with a straight friend..
  10. How do I react?
  11. Let Me Tell You About My Day
  12. I need opinions!! :)
  13. Ugh. I'm in a state of denial I think
  14. So there's this guy...
  15. my family is against gays and gay marriage
  16. Straight or Bi?
  17. Is my boyfriend gay?
  18. I cant stop thinking about him
  19. Getting Someone Interested in Me
  20. fear coming out
  21. how to approach someone you like.
  22. Think I'm in love with my best friend.
  23. should i talk to him (not a crush/is he gay thread)
  24. When is the right time to ask someone out?
  25. Co-Worker Relationship
  26. I need help tell if a guy likes me or not.
  27. Red Flags
  28. My past/School life
  29. My dads reaction
  30. Finding a boyfriend...
  31. how should i feel and how would you feel
  32. Wait is it a date?!
  33. How to get a boyfriend?
  34. He called me buddy...
  35. Don't know what more I can do
  36. Talking to this guy?
  37. Such a complicated situation involving the guy I like and my friend
  38. Help plz
  39. HELP! A girl really wants to date me and we are close but I'm gay and in the closet
  40. Inched further out of the closet!
  41. Sexting Addiction?
  42. Disapproving/sneaky mum trouble
  43. The Supreme Mess
  44. First guy crush?
  45. My Mom and My Sexual Orientation (help)
  46. In love with my best friend
  47. Finally a potential relationship with a cute nice guy... but...
  48. How to handle this situation? (gay best friend's brother, in the closet)
  49. Oh no...
  50. Really need some advice!
  51. Do you think she will miss me
  52. Time Capsule
  53. Worried about my brother, I think he is gay
  54. Help I am married but desire to be with a woman
  55. Increasingly religious family amping up homophobia
  56. Coming Out was useless.
  57. Relationship hel
  58. Awkward around men, can't talk to anyone!
  59. How to stop being so concerned about my parents expectations?
  60. Bottled Up
  61. Maybe I need to move outside my comfort zone?
  62. Advice about friend
  63. It's a Darren issue...
  64. Ugh...annoyed at friend's biphobia
  65. Confused Ex's Party?
  66. Getting over someone...
  67. My friend cut herself.
  68. Do Mexican guys fall for black guys?
  69. Spouse Trouble
  70. Need help
  71. Homosexuality is the only thing religious interpret literally!
  72. How to promote you're ready for a relationship?
  73. I Want To Kill My Mother's Husband
  74. Inadvertently brought up a painful event in my bf's past... feel awful.
  75. Relationship help
  76. What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard from a homphobe?
  77. Please help?Asian Parents found out about me + girlfriend?
  78. She's dying
  79. Do you believe in god, even after what religion says about us?
  80. My cousin's boyfriend :\
  81. How Can I Get A Guy/Girl To Like Me If I Don't Even Like Myself?
  82. Are You Malnourished For Love?
  83. how to meet gay guys my age in my area?
  84. I'll never find a boyfriend ;-;
  85. Would you date an 100% virgin person?
  86. I love my GF, but she's close-minded
  87. Why would someone that's supposed to be a friend..
  88. My sister
  89. Why do I suck at dating?
  90. what should I do?
  91. To those that were in straight marriages
  92. So there's this guy...
  93. Feeling annoyed that this guy thinks he can make me his gf!
  94. Boyfriend jealous of people I've had sex with
  95. In love with my "straight" friend - really confused
  96. is my sister lesbian or bisexual?
  97. Where can I meet gay teens?
  98. Do you think coming out is necessary?
  99. My Dad Keeps on asking me to hide things from my Mom!
  100. Why people think we chose it?
  101. Dealing with abuse when the abuser is a cop.
  102. The Professor, The Marine, and the Fair Skinned, Freckled Upperclassma
  103. Do I have a chance with fully straight girls
  104. How to make new friends
  105. Came out to college roommate
  106. My mom caught me on gay porn. She came with all those religious stuff! Help me!
  107. Kids Friends Parents
  108. 3 some
  109. meeting people
  110. My Mom thinks I'm not well! Should I tell her?
  111. In over my head and drowning
  112. family smh?
  113. My mother is embarrassed of me-need advice
  114. Advice on how to deal with my mum
  115. Finding love at work/school, Yea or nay??
  116. My Mother.
  117. My son
  118. Weird Reaction
  119. Adam or tech problem
  120. what do i do to make everyone happy+
  121. Kinda depressed and desperate...
  122. I need help?
  123. How to act around new roommate
  124. Tired
  125. A guy I "met" online
  126. Thoughts on being a gay Christian...
  127. I can't get over him (long post)
  128. Sharing Food on the First Date
  129. New York, New steel door for my closet
  130. Lesbian Mum homophobic?
  131. Feeling a bit trivialized by my boyfriend
  132. Confusing flirting
  133. To anyone...
  134. friend problems
  135. breaking up with boyfriend
  136. Relationship issues and two friends tearing each other apart
  137. How should I act???!!!!
  138. Gay Hat
  139. Is she for real? ...and what the hell is going on?
  140. Falling apart
  141. My Family (mostly my Mom) hate me for being a brony
  142. Awkward friend situation
  143. Relationship with ex
  144. How can I connect with other gays ?! (Newbie)
  145. I think this is the end...
  146. Can we be more than friends?
  147. Messed up...dunno what to do
  148. How do I interpret my boyfriend's behavior? Did I ruin our "first time"?
  149. I like my best friend?
  150. my parents wont let me transition?
  151. I really like this guy but im not sure if he likes mee!! (bi)
  152. So apparently my dad doesn't care anymore
  153. What's wrong with me
  154. How do I help him out?
  155. Looking for advice for fiance
  156. Butterflies? Are you there? It's me, Confused.
  157. Another best friend situation (you tired of these yet?)
  158. How to deal with my brother's worstening homophobia?
  159. We hooked up and I find out he has a boyfriend?
  160. "Friend" talking behind back
  161. should be happy but i'm not
  162. Sorry dad..
  163. Hate it when my dad does this.
  164. So how do I begin healing/forgiving?
  165. Weird friend thing D:
  166. I like an older girl
  167. Having a higher sex drive than my boyfriend
  168. Afraid of losing connection with my mother
  169. Friends getting drunk with my ex?
  170. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  171. Today was a flop.... but maybe not
  172. Lost one of my closest friends today
  173. Really at a loss
  174. Feelings, troubles, stuff
  175. Whats your impression of this girl?
  176. Bromance or Romance??? HELP!!!!
  177. Convincing Him to Commit
  178. What would you do if you couldn't make your partner happy?
  179. Brother and His GF having relationship problems
  180. How do I get over him?
  181. How to go about a relationship with a really shy boy?
  182. How to handle stress?
  183. Is he really gay?
  184. It's sad when friends...
  185. How to find a BF
  186. Discovered my first crush online
  187. Realizations
  188. Hearing Range
  189. I'm conflicted
  190. Something I always wondered
  191. My twin sister refuses to acknowlege that I'm gay
  192. is it wrong?
  193. Passwords
  194. I feel like crying.
  195. I need advise on deterring obsessed Bi wanting our straight son!
  196. A personal message from me
  197. keep falling for straight older women...
  198. Addressing an Issue with Bisexuality
  199. School over relationships?
  200. No longer have respect for her
  201. I need someone to talk to
  202. This is going to be the longest week of my life
  203. Bad News
  204. what does she mean by that
  205. A Guy Loves Me!?
  206. I'm confused- please help me!
  207. Signs of Cheating
  208. I wish I was in love with her...
  209. So this is what happened today.
  210. Just kissing or?
  211. Coming out to grandparents?
  212. Possibly going to ruin a good relationship with my friend?
  213. Dating while in the closet?
  214. Letter to my mom
  215. Seeking advice on lesbian relationship timeline
  216. Need Urgent Advice Urgently
  217. A guy I met online
  218. Is it really worth it?
  219. The Love of My Life
  220. In love with my straight friend.
  221. How does a polyamorous relationship between four people work?
  222. how do I ask the sam sex out? [im new at this]
  223. Don't want to embarrass myself...
  224. Why is my life like a bad comedy?
  225. Please read: very confused about what happened
  226. Is it normal I want to stop having friends?
  227. Dating/flirting advice for a lesbian freshman...?
  228. My past is hurting my relationship..
  229. My Father Doesn't Approve
  230. How do i know if this guy likes me?
  231. in love with my best freind
  232. Need advice or something like that!
  233. Think my friend is gay, but in denial. What should I do?
  234. A Lost Puppy
  235. Public Display of affection
  236. Really Confused... Help?
  237. Friendship...changing?
  238. Making new friends
  239. Mad at Parents
  240. How to move on
  241. Am I making too much out of this?
  242. My sexual inexperience vs boyfriends is torturing me!!
  243. I'm losing my best friend... PLEASE HELP ME
  244. not a usual "crush on a straight guy" thread
  245. The pain never seems to go away.
  246. can ANYONE help me?!
  247. A Letter to Your Parents
  248. I came out and I regret it
  249. Want to break friendship...friend doesn't get hints!!!
  250. Insecure friend