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  1. Why am I getting old feelings for an ex?
  2. Breaking Up & Getting Back Together
  3. Confused bout guy friend
  4. Friends who are closeted
  5. Letting go of someone 14 years after they left?
  6. Getting signals from friend...
  7. I'm starting to hate myself again, and its because of her....
  8. Older guys
  9. Are we compatible?
  10. Having a Homophobic friend
  11. Anyone want to talk
  12. That Man Confuses Me
  13. My brother is horrified with me...
  14. Going on my first date on Wednesday! Any advice?
  15. Long and confusing story - need advice concerning my ex-girlfriend
  16. 'Owned' by my mother, but living on my own.
  17. Homophobic friends
  18. boyfriend stuff
  19. Are my expectations too high?
  20. My crush has a partner, but I'm sure she's in to me... what should I do?
  21. Christian Family
  22. Friend$ with benefit$?
  23. Relationship advice - first timer
  24. Being nice or flirting?
  25. I'm so ashamed...
  26. Feeling better
  27. Crushing on My Straight Best Friend
  28. bisexuality
  29. Crushing :S
  30. Grandma Passed Away
  31. complimenting guys
  32. Don't even want to deal with family
  33. Cheated on and dumped
  34. Crushing on a friend- need help!
  35. Family ignores identity
  36. Straight crush curious?
  37. my mom and me
  38. Mom using celebs who have come out...against me
  39. He's a stranger
  40. Do Long Distance Relationships work?
  41. Could it lead onto something...?
  42. Please Help Me
  43. Sex advice would be appreciated
  44. Scared as hell!!!
  45. People are trying to turn my girlfriend gay...
  46. How do I tell my curious friend I'd be willing to help him?
  47. Is my bf hanging out too much with his friend?
  48. I need help with my ex
  49. Nosy Mother
  50. Having some issues with boyfriend
  51. Want to try and be with a guy. Don't know how!
  52. So, other family members don't know...
  53. Is my mother really important?
  54. I don't know what to do!!
  55. I dreamt my friend killed himself..
  56. Should I still ask her out?
  57. Taking a chance AKA 'are they checking me out or not"
  58. I don't like her but I love her?
  59. What is happening to me?
  60. Help with boyfriends family
  61. Starting to hate my parents
  62. So, my mom finally knows, now she's worrying WAY too much
  63. 8yr old brother asks if im a lesbian!
  64. Third Date & Making Out
  65. How do I go about this?
  66. How should I approach this situation?
  67. Feeling bad about guy at work
  68. Enough is enough, with friends
  69. Confusing Friends
  70. A friendship exploded
  71. I hate crushing on people.
  72. Thinking of being abstaining from sex for a while
  73. Intimidated By My Crush
  74. She's married with children?
  75. A homophobic pal I'd like to keep. A bit of a rant.
  76. What is right?
  77. Justifying My Sinful Actions
  78. Parents that say: "You have to be ..." or "You must be ..."
  79. how to start a conversation with somebody?
  80. I can't tell if she likes me back...
  81. bf problem
  82. Inexperienced: How can I build confidence
  83. Teenage Bisexual girl wants to be normal but really likes girls/her bestfriend - Help
  84. Time to think?
  85. Awkward Situations! :D
  86. Falling for straight best friend
  87. Dating Question
  88. Tips on how to stay in the closet
  89. I don't know how to deal with these feelinga about Family..
  90. Feeling Isolated
  91. Really need advice. Am I doing the right thing for me?
  92. The Language of Love
  93. Locked in Loneliness
  94. My parents don't understand my ocd
  95. Homophobic Friend
  96. The Confession Thread
  97. Did everyone hint at you being gay before you realized it?
  98. Opinions on LDR's
  99. Putting down a dog
  100. I Need To Tell Him.
  101. Weird Turn On...
  102. A very close friend of mine recently came out as a male transgender...
  103. Worried about my relationship with family
  104. I Had A Dream, Now I'm Really Confused... HELP!
  105. The Exclusivity Talk, Part I
  106. Anyone want a Relationship?
  107. Help you guys it hurts so much.How do I move on and find someone else
  108. My Mom and sister hate me... (Long Post)
  109. Should I tell my mom I'm dating someone?
  110. Feeling like I am slowly dyng because I am alone
  111. Did I just ruin my chances?
  112. Emotionally Hypersensitive
  113. Mum has just told me that she doesn't want to "live the gay life"
  114. How should I handle my best friend situation?
  115. How to deal with this one guy who I think is obsessed with me?
  116. Making Friends
  117. I want to leave my boyfriend of 8 years
  118. Crushing on my Bestfriend
  119. Lesbian but you have a child?
  120. Sorta confused, is it just hormones?
  121. religious argument.
  122. Would you fancy/date someone with acne?
  123. dealing with GF who cant stand up for herself or me
  124. problemsssss
  125. How to tell someone that you like them
  126. How did you meet your Significant Others?
  127. Paranoia about love interest?
  128. Looking for friends? :)
  129. Being sensitive and what that really means
  130. i think a guy is into me and "threw me a softball" and i didnt take it
  131. Falling for best friends?
  132. Dating Advice
  133. In my first relationship with a girl
  134. falling for my "straight" guy friend.
  135. Losing my boyfriend
  136. An angry rant
  137. Im Lost At A CrossRoad Dx
  138. What should I do?
  139. Let it go
  140. My friend with a little benefit I fell in love with.
  141. Need Advice Please....Will she leave him?
  142. Confronted friend on mixed signals after coming out
  143. The boyfriend's problem
  144. someone to talk to :)
  145. One step closer
  146. Should I or shouldn't I wait around?
  147. Overcoming self-pity
  148. Am I being led on?
  149. Do you think my friend could be gay/bi/curious?
  150. Issues with mother
  151. Does this make sense?
  152. Dilemma after first date ever
  153. Why do people think you can't truly be bisexual?
  154. My husband hates that I'm bi-sexual!
  155. Emotional Pain from Physical Separation
  156. drunk texting problem.
  157. This is bad. This is really bad. But also beautiful?
  158. I think my partner is straight! Advice please!
  159. Was this a Good or Wrong thing to do?
  160. I'm gay, but I think she likes me and I might like her back! Help?
  161. Content with forever alone?
  162. I have overprotective, conservative Asian parents
  163. help i keep geting in truble for no reson
  164. I came out to my old crush and friend!!!
  165. Boyfriend thinks i'm straight and i'm scared he'll cheat on me with his work friend
  166. My Parents: A Tale of Frustration
  167. I think I have depression... Trying to figure out how to tell my parents...
  168. What's it like to really love?
  169. I did it im out to the parents :)
  170. Those who refuse to call me by my preferred name
  171. He's ok with the idea but am I????
  172. My family frustrate me so much!
  173. i told him "I love you" on the second date
  174. I feel lonely.
  175. Is my boyfriend of 5 years gay?
  176. Two Weeks to make it Count...
  177. The dreaded ambiguous crush
  178. I know she knows that I know
  179. How can I ask her if she supports gay rights without giving it away?
  180. stepparents are crazy
  181. When can I call him my boyfriend?
  182. Pride & Prejudice; Sexuality & Shame...Family to Blame...
  183. I need some adwice
  184. Misinterpretation?
  185. Cheating on his Girlfriend or Bromance?
  186. Family ignoring my relationship, need help.
  187. Are Relationships Really Like This?
  188. It it unreasonable?
  189. Smothered
  190. am i holding a grudge?
  191. Could use some advice :/
  192. Semi-long distance online dating?
  193. I did it, but he doesn't understand.
  194. How to get better friends?
  195. Need closure / An answer from a friend.
  196. Moving on as best friends after dating
  197. Why does Everyone think this?
  198. I need Advice on my gay life.
  199. Too messed up
  200. Does she still love me?
  201. closeted and looking
  202. My story (or my saga) and how to help another person in the closet
  203. Disappointment
  204. Moving in with partner?
  205. I worry way too much.
  206. Need Advice please!!
  207. please help
  208. I think i outed my self >.<
  209. Dealing with an awkward friend
  210. My mother is driving me nuts (ranting)
  211. My dad has convinced me that I am messed up for being gay...
  212. Falling for one of my best friends
  213. lesbian not feeling connected to my baby
  214. Came out to straight crush and still don't feel any closure?
  215. how to break up w\ gf and not ruin our friendship?
  216. Seeking Advice- HELP!
  217. Advice needed. Friend/Roommate. Confused.
  218. Advice needed. Friend/Roommate
  219. Major crush on straight best friend
  220. When You Told Your Friends, Were They Nervous?
  221. Confused about this guy
  222. Delaying Intimacy
  223. how to meet other lesbians?
  224. Is there anything wrong with wondering what it would be like if I am not around ?
  225. Feel guilty after sex?
  226. Ripped out of the closet
  227. Homophobic and racist grandma - help
  228. One of my not single friends kissed me. Is this my information to share?
  229. Should I trust him?
  230. Is it rude to ask someone if they're gay?
  231. I seem to have a crush on everyone!
  232. The "Straight" Guy Shuffle
  233. Conversation Starters/How to Approach Him?
  234. I think I like my friend
  235. Homophobic Alter Ego
  236. confused and could do with some help
  237. I keep sabotaging my relationships on purpose :/
  238. other teens calling me names?
  239. Knowing I'm gay, still denying Gayness?!
  240. HELP. So Confused :(
  241. Family
  242. Does he hide it or something?
  243. Coming out to them was great, but now i wish I hadn't
  244. In an anti-homosexual church and struggling with how to stand up for gay people...
  245. Gay friend?
  246. Well that was embarrassing...
  247. She's gay too! :)
  248. Why do we want to come out?
  249. Do I have a chance?
  250. info on trying to find a boyfrend that i can relate to