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  1. Pride necklace as conversation starter
  2. B-but...he's a freshman
  3. Mother acting strange?
  4. Romantically starved and lonely
  5. Is the fact that I'm a 'Baby Dyke' off-putting to Lesbians when dating?
  6. Peeking our heads around the closet door...
  7. Talking to women
  8. LGBT parents & transracial adoption
  9. Saying "I Love You" (and meaning it)
  10. Simpsons clip- trapped in a closet!
  11. Should i ask my friend if hes gay?
  12. Should I tell him I like him?
  13. Please Don't Kill Me
  14. Does he like me?
  15. I feel like I'm dying
  16. I hate my family
  17. Need some advice on straight friend..
  18. How do I talk to another Bisexual I guy like?
  19. My sister just doesn't understand
  20. Meeting my Long-Distance Boyfriend
  21. How do I tell my parents to back off?
  22. Should I tell my ex-bf why I broke up w him?
  23. i dont know what to do...--HELP PLEASE
  24. He's straight :(
  25. How to Get my Mom Off my Back?
  26. Step-Brother
  27. MILESTONE!!!!!!! (Big Thanks to EC)
  28. Disliking everyone.
  29. Is my best friend not straight?
  30. I am attracted to my moms boyfriend!
  31. Having some troubles
  32. So I met this guy online...
  33. Strange Relationships With Older Men
  34. First time nervousness - any tips?
  35. I'm a straight guy dating a lesbian, I really need some advice
  36. I think I lost a Good Friend
  37. Snooping Parents
  38. How to tell your parents something embarrassing? Please help!
  39. Smothered in gayness?
  40. Feeling so alone
  41. Finding a middle ground
  42. Straight Friend Keeps Flirting
  43. My Gay friend
  44. Leading me on
  45. How to help someone come out, because he's ruining his life and others ignoring it.
  46. Boyfriend doesn't know I'm asexual :S
  47. Girl confusion... Help
  48. Found out my very recent ex may be bi
  49. Afraid no one will take me seriously...
  50. How do i find a guy my age?
  51. Please help me, I don't know what to do.
  52. Why does by boyfriend seem so distant and cool
  53. It just saddens me sometimes..
  54. Are My Views of Love Selfish?
  55. Does she like me back?
  56. I feel alone, and don't know what to do....
  57. bisexual relationships
  58. Drugs, lies, and the past
  59. Is it possible to be friends with your crush?
  60. Manners
  61. I'm not gay but I fancy a girl
  62. how should i approach this guy?
  63. Afraid to be gay?
  64. Fallen in love with a girl who lives on another continent
  65. Afraid of my family
  66. My friends are protecting me from the truth. And now I know everything
  67. Straight boyfriend
  68. In love with best friend. He's moving in.
  69. Do you think he likes me back? (Sorry, it
  70. Homophobic cousin! Putting doubt in my head
  71. My Ex is Engaged... Moral Dilemma
  72. Ex and Good Friend seems distant
  73. Crush at work
  74. Confused situation
  75. Idiot brother help
  76. My insecurities are eating me up... how do I curb them?
  77. Help please!! I'm into a guy, and I feel he's into me too, but he avoids me!
  78. Advice for a first-timer?
  79. Dad problems
  80. Straight Girls Emotional Plaything
  81. Homophobia
  82. Making friends
  83. Dealing with Girls
  84. ugh...dont know what to do
  85. peoples preferences
  86. We're too nervous...
  87. Being Trans and Pronouns
  88. Confusing friend
  89. Does he like me?
  90. Best friend is in big trouble. Please help!
  91. im so unsure
  92. Steparents who overstep
  93. Meet people whilst closeted
  94. She told me she tried sex with a man. Thoughts?
  95. Coming out and religion
  96. How long did it take your parents to come round...?
  97. Loner - I need some advice.
  98. How do I deal with my mother?
  99. What do I do? :(
  100. coming out mision:failed
  101. Oh, gods. I am never going to see her again.
  102. Gay, Bi, In Denial or Straight?
  103. Pursued by female (male)
  104. There's this guy........
  105. Hypocritical Gays
  106. My best friend is in love with me and idk what to do?
  107. Want a boyfriend
  108. letting go
  109. Parents splitting up (and more)
  110. Any tips for a lesbian?
  111. (First Post) Complications
  112. Having a boyfriend
  113. Another Tale of Falling for a Close Friend
  114. Uh oh
  115. "Straight" best friend issues
  116. Straight girl problem help!
  117. is she bi-curious or just being friendly?
  118. Am I reading the situation completely wrong with this woman?
  119. Complicated relationship with boyfriend
  120. Love at first sight?
  121. Is Dating Older Guys REALLY That Bad?
  122. Straight Best Friend - I'm In Love
  123. Being Selfish?
  124. Surrogacy.
  125. I'm getting pissed
  126. I hate my best friends boyfriend
  127. freaking myself out.
  128. Should I ? Advice
  129. I'm scared
  130. My mom's opinion
  131. Confused - friends? More?
  132. Finally coming for advice.
  133. Okay, let's get serious
  134. Dating someone from a different Socio-Economic background
  135. Breaking up with boyfriend?
  136. Is my best mate gay? Erection whilst spooning.
  137. Am coming out to my whole family during this summer
  138. So confused by my bisexuality
  139. Transgender question
  140. Lost and numb
  141. No one could ever love me.
  142. Being friendly vs being interested
  143. Is it too soon?
  144. Talked to guy friend
  145. gay relationships???
  146. "Straight but flexible"?
  147. Does she know?
  148. Advice?
  149. Want to propose but she's not out
  150. I'm so lonely:/
  151. Being seen as "The Gay One"
  152. How do I get through to him?
  153. Going insane!!!!
  154. Why am I getting old feelings for an ex?
  155. Breaking Up & Getting Back Together
  156. Confused bout guy friend
  157. Friends who are closeted
  158. Letting go of someone 14 years after they left?
  159. Getting signals from friend...
  160. I'm starting to hate myself again, and its because of her....
  161. Older guys
  162. Are we compatible?
  163. Having a Homophobic friend
  164. Anyone want to talk
  165. That Man Confuses Me
  166. My brother is horrified with me...
  167. Going on my first date on Wednesday! Any advice?
  168. Long and confusing story - need advice concerning my ex-girlfriend
  169. 'Owned' by my mother, but living on my own.
  170. Homophobic friends
  171. boyfriend stuff
  172. Are my expectations too high?
  173. My crush has a partner, but I'm sure she's in to me... what should I do?
  174. Christian Family
  175. Friend$ with benefit$?
  176. Relationship advice - first timer
  177. Being nice or flirting?
  178. I'm so ashamed...
  179. Feeling better
  180. Crushing on My Straight Best Friend
  181. bisexuality
  182. Crushing :S
  183. Grandma Passed Away
  184. complimenting guys
  185. Don't even want to deal with family
  186. Cheated on and dumped
  187. Crushing on a friend- need help!
  188. Family ignores identity
  189. Straight crush curious?
  190. my mom and me
  191. Mom using celebs who have come out...against me
  192. He's a stranger
  193. Do Long Distance Relationships work?
  194. Could it lead onto something...?
  195. Please Help Me
  196. Sex advice would be appreciated
  197. Scared as hell!!!
  198. People are trying to turn my girlfriend gay...
  199. How do I tell my curious friend I'd be willing to help him?
  200. Is my bf hanging out too much with his friend?
  201. I need help with my ex
  202. Nosy Mother
  203. Having some issues with boyfriend
  204. Want to try and be with a guy. Don't know how!
  205. So, other family members don't know...
  206. Is my mother really important?
  207. I don't know what to do!!
  208. I dreamt my friend killed himself..
  209. Should I still ask her out?
  210. Taking a chance AKA 'are they checking me out or not"
  211. I don't like her but I love her?
  212. What is happening to me?
  213. Help with boyfriends family
  214. Starting to hate my parents
  215. So, my mom finally knows, now she's worrying WAY too much
  216. 8yr old brother asks if im a lesbian!
  217. Third Date & Making Out
  218. How do I go about this?
  219. How should I approach this situation?
  220. Feeling bad about guy at work
  221. Enough is enough, with friends
  222. Confusing Friends
  223. A friendship exploded
  224. I hate crushing on people.
  225. Thinking of being abstaining from sex for a while
  226. Intimidated By My Crush
  227. She's married with children?
  228. A homophobic pal I'd like to keep. A bit of a rant.
  229. What is right?
  230. Justifying My Sinful Actions
  231. Parents that say: "You have to be ..." or "You must be ..."
  232. how to start a conversation with somebody?
  233. I can't tell if she likes me back...
  234. bf problem
  235. Inexperienced: How can I build confidence
  236. Teenage Bisexual girl wants to be normal but really likes girls/her bestfriend - Help
  237. Time to think?
  238. Awkward Situations! :D
  239. Falling for straight best friend
  240. Dating Question
  241. Tips on how to stay in the closet
  242. I don't know how to deal with these feelinga about Family..
  243. Feeling Isolated
  244. Really need advice. Am I doing the right thing for me?
  245. The Language of Love
  246. Locked in Loneliness
  247. My parents don't understand my ocd
  248. Homophobic Friend
  249. The Confession Thread
  250. Did everyone hint at you being gay before you realized it?