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  1. Why do we want to come out?
  2. Do I have a chance?
  3. info on trying to find a boyfrend that i can relate to
  4. Thoughts on dating websites and speed dating
  5. 13 y/o brother asked if I'm gay...
  6. How do you get over someone you never had?
  7. So we had the talk...
  8. Does she like me or am I misreading signals?
  9. How to find gay partners for marriage/LTR?
  10. Dealing with her homophobic mother?
  11. in love with old frend who is straght
  12. Don't know what to do about my family...
  13. In a bad place
  14. Help me!
  15. Gay Crush Problems
  16. Social media question
  17. Help with Rebuilding Friendship
  18. Want to be more than friends..
  19. confused about my straight friend...
  20. Suits, as a type
  21. Getting over your first same sex love?
  22. Old Friend
  23. First time having sex... with a guy, WHAT DO I DO?!
  24. Was I overreacting?
  25. We've come this far, but now what? Please help!
  26. Troubles
  27. Why do I only Like Younger Boys?
  28. Getting brother to use correct pronouns when it comes to trans people
  29. Another Weird Dream...
  30. 2,015.3 miles
  31. I'm in love with somene who may never want me.
  32. Wut.
  33. Straightly in love
  34. I'm Scared He Won't See Me as Male
  35. So Much Has Happened
  36. Mention of sex scared me...
  37. I don't want to ruin my friendship, but I need to tell him I like him.
  38. My girlfriend is always upset with me.
  39. I feel utterly and completely trapped in my relationship...
  40. He wants to break up after 4 years
  41. Mum's Wedding
  42. It's about my dad...
  43. Mother refuses to discuss my sexuality
  44. Scorpio's
  45. So I Like This Guy...
  46. Is Mom in Denial?
  47. What to do about a semi bigoted convo in fb? quick
  48. Found out crush is bisexual
  49. Distance relationships in general
  50. I have a boyfriend, but I'm lesbian
  51. Feeling rather naive
  52. Love or obsession?
  53. long distance relationship - i am confused
  54. Ahh! Confused about friend!
  55. Flirting Signals
  56. Still can't accept it.
  57. Why is this bothering me so much?
  58. My Brother's Friend and I
  59. All kinds of problems i dont know if i should quit
  60. Me, my friend and the one I can't forget
  61. To Lift the Weight or to Forget it After a Year...
  62. "Straight [Former] Best Friend" Scenario Alert
  63. Difficult Mothers
  64. Teachers...
  65. This is kinda awkward... Relationships/first date advice?
  66. I want to know if he is interested
  67. In love with my straight best friend.. but i think he likes me back?
  68. Should I Ask Her Out?
  69. How am I supposed to feel?
  70. Am I hurting myself?
  71. Am I in love with my best friend?
  72. Mom may tell dad im gay behind my back
  73. The ole straight/best friend/crush dilemma
  74. i am afraid to tell my best friend i am gay.
  75. Give up on this? Friend related issue.
  76. How can I learn to be more open?
  77. Is my co-worker gay and does he want me?
  78. Question for those in a relationship with a closeted person
  79. Parental Paradox
  80. Atracted to male friend?
  81. Transgender Cousin
  82. Sometimes I Wish The Whole World Were Gay
  83. Do They Know?
  84. if only wishes were horses...
  85. I keep screwing things up!
  86. Very confused of what do to or think..
  87. How do you know when you like someone?
  88. Opinion on a situation - about this living arrangement
  89. How to get my mom to stop asking if I'm sure of my choice?
  90. How to make my mother more accepting of 'the gay life style'?
  91. How can I make her think that being LGBT is birth not choice??
  92. I hate living with my parents
  93. Back again EC, having some issues.
  94. She took me off Facebook!! WTF?!?!
  95. "Oh please, you haven't had crushes on girls!"
  96. Ideas to Get My Parents Out
  97. Help Pleace -.- (Native)
  98. Weird way to be brushed off..
  99. Friend situation
  100. parents -.-
  101. how long did it take....
  102. Turning your feelings "off"?
  103. How to meet other gays?
  104. Telling potential gay friends and dates you're newly out
  105. I Think I Lost A Friend....
  106. Third Date Suggestions
  107. My Totally Awesome Second Gay Date
  108. Is the lack of a mother figure in my life the reason I like men?
  109. How to flirt?
  110. lonely and depressed
  111. Sick and tired...(slight rant)
  112. talking to parents without coming out
  113. being bi
  114. Advice
  115. I feel like they're ignoring it and/or don't believe it
  116. How to get over someone?
  117. Just learned I have no real friends…
  118. I've told my friend I love him, what now?
  119. Gay Marriage
  120. phase... you dont look like a lesbian... advice please
  121. What do I do now?
  122. Should I text this girl back and invite her to coffee?
  123. Crush on co-worker
  124. Just when I was thinking I might be able to trust her again, boom...
  125. Another gay guy needing relationship advice
  126. Once I get over it, she isn't anymore. Poof. Magic.
  127. age diffrences in lesbian relationships.
  128. Second date tomorrow... wish me luck!
  129. Living a lie
  130. Does he need Time? Or is it Something else?
  131. girl trying to hook up with my boyfriend
  132. New People!!
  133. He turned me into homo forever? Confused...
  134. Would a straight guy need "space"
  135. Where do I go from here?
  136. Are some people just meant to be alone?
  137. How to show to the girl in the shop that i'm interested in her?
  138. Sister is extremely bigoted, stupid, and uneducated.
  139. Is my friend gay
  140. Not sure if he likes me or even if he's gay
  141. 'Best Friend'
  142. The 'older' guy..
  143. My fiancè's parents won't accept us having a baby...(im in a lesbian relationship)
  144. My Story
  145. Crushing on religious catholic person?
  146. Trying to move on...
  147. Impossible love
  148. Why does he treat me like this?
  149. She broke my heart.....
  150. GLBT phobic people who are fairly transparent themselves
  151. How to tell if someone is gay and likes you. Help!
  152. My First Lesbian Relationship and She Broke My Heart
  153. Your Creativity?
  154. Why is shame keeping me from relationships?
  155. Love?
  156. Unsupportive "supportive" mother
  157. I Want Out
  158. Gay boy love his best friend
  159. Bad Romance
  160. I like an MTF…
  161. Should I cancel my date?
  162. Just some quick questions
  163. Brother Moving Back In?
  164. woman troubles
  165. Ugh Father's Day
  166. I'm freaking out...help...
  167. I want to invite my crush over to hang out, Please help!
  168. Friendship groups and other related queries
  169. Can a straight man love a gay man?
  170. I'm lonely but afraid to date
  171. Help!!! He is confusing me!!!!!!
  172. "The worst thing"... Please read, Help.
  173. Straight Friend/Crush is Moving...
  174. She might be a little too proud
  175. Telling the straight crush I love them?
  176. I Like an 11Year old; I'm 13?
  177. Ugh i am lost
  178. Im really scared
  179. Getting worried!
  180. closeted dating
  181. Help me!
  182. How does one know when one is ready for a relationship?
  183. I don't understand the whole "love" concept
  184. Knowing if a guy like you and making the first move
  185. Time for a new start?
  186. uh-oh?
  187. How shall I handle this girls' trip?
  188. My lesbian ex is rebounding with her rebounding ex
  189. I want to ask her out
  190. Too many gay people in the family?
  191. First dates in the closet
  192. Third Date Rule
  193. I'm not sure what to do.
  194. Not really sure what to do..
  195. feels like I will never find love...
  196. What are your thoughts about three way relationships?
  197. So annoyed with my dad and my sister
  198. Why does everyone think I'm so ugly/unappealing?
  199. Are u confused about ur feelings ?
  200. Just found out my crush is straight
  201. will my mum listen to friends bad views on gays
  202. How do I act around my friend I have a crush on?
  203. Crying as I type this thread
  204. Advice Needed on Relationship
  205. Gay Straight Alliance
  206. I'm going to Europe with two of my teachers (as friends) and they don't know I'm gay!
  207. I have a crush on a friend
  208. He wants me to visit him in America
  209. Crush on friend...and its growing
  210. I dont think i'm ready.
  211. Issues with the guys I like
  212. Advice to further the relationship with friend/is he closeted?
  213. how soon is too soon?
  214. I need help getting over a straight friend of mine
  215. Cheating..
  216. I can't figure what's really going on between me and my best straight friend?
  217. I don't want to lose her to someone else...
  218. Second Date Ideas?
  219. Help Me Because Like Idek Anymore
  220. What do you guys think?
  221. Could my friend be gay/bi?
  222. i think a girl has a crush on me HELP
  223. This is stupid but....
  224. Help! The love of my life is straight! What should I do?
  225. My Apologies Everyone...
  226. Just so frustrated
  227. How do relationships last????
  228. PLEASE HELP! Unrequited love scenarios
  229. I'm in love with my straight best friend. I really need help :(
  230. At a loss as to what i should do...
  231. I Think My Boyfriend Could Be Gay
  232. How to Communicate Relationship Worries
  233. Boy Scout experiences?
  234. How can I help my parents get over their guilt?
  235. In love with my straight best friend
  236. So I had this debate with my girlfriend...
  237. In love with a "maybe" closeted guy, please help?
  238. Could she be gay? Bi?
  239. Straight friend is always flirting with me?
  240. She did her best to make sure I wouldn't be gay
  241. complicated
  242. Do you have a parent that you've never thought to come out to?
  243. Accepted and Not by the Same Person- Mom
  244. distress call
  245. My mother suprised me
  246. Not Meant To Be In Love...?
  247. Now or never type thing... lets finish with this once and for all
  248. Need help with moving on...
  249. Who else has an ignorant Dad?
  250. Should I put my foot down with my homophobic/racist stepfather?