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  1. Is my friend trying to tell me something?
  2. My friends confusing behavior
  3. Straight girl crush is getting married..
  4. dating age range
  5. My mums homophobia confuses the hell out of me!
  6. Relationship issues? We have 'em
  7. Please explain to me
  8. What to do?
  9. What does she not understand?
  10. So my ex wants me to be his gf again (advice plz ! Much needed advice to a newbie !!
  11. feeling horrible
  12. Would this be Awkward?
  13. coping with a break up and being friends
  14. How Long Should I Wait?
  15. School frustration
  16. Why can't I let it go?
  17. Asking someone on a date?
  18. Love problem
  19. Closet gay male in need of help from you guys.
  20. Jealous of my boyfriends past?
  21. Complicated crush situation
  22. She's threatening to break up with me. WTF!
  23. My mom is werid
  24. My mom suspects me / I need a friend
  25. I've changed: for the better or the worst?
  26. Lmao, my friend wishes he was gay.
  27. Confused married gay guy
  28. Panicking about First Date
  29. How does society react to same-sex couples in public?
  30. Transphobic Parents
  31. dating
  32. Will he commit suicide if I tell him im a lesbian ?!
  33. School ends and Work begins...
  34. forever alone?
  35. Falling in love with my best friend?
  36. Family depression
  37. Is there a Possibility?
  38. How to deal with this situation...
  39. How do you ask someone's number?
  40. Behaviour
  41. I feel alone..in my own house?
  42. What should my boyfriend call me?
  43. can he be my bf?
  44. Is it normal to not care about or want sex?
  45. A Kiss, and then Awkwardness
  46. would you date a bisexual guy
  47. Unsure about a date tomorrow...
  48. Should I Tell My Mom?
  49. becoming friends with the guy i like
  50. Gay, Bi-sexual, or straight?
  51. Oh no! I Love my Friend!
  52. Being Gay in Ireland
  53. Am i a massive douche?
  54. Faith in Society Somewhat Restored!
  55. Share Bullying Stories Growing Up
  56. Need help finding a boyfriend
  57. A thanks to this board
  58. Pissed Parade/Pride Parade/Relate To Me
  59. What do I do?
  60. I don't want to go see my dying grandfather
  61. Do you like to Touch your Friends?
  62. So I've got this friend...
  63. Parents Ughhh
  64. How can I help my sister???
  65. Choosing to go back to church camp...
  66. I need someone to talk to... :(
  67. Why won't they let me out?
  68. How to handle this highly complex relationship?
  69. Should I tell my best friend about my feelings for him?
  70. I'm in love with the straight friend! Fun!
  71. I really need some advice.
  72. Who would You Tell?
  73. Came out to my parents, I feel out to the world now!
  74. It's complicated
  75. I have only just came out
  76. Can't talk around my former crush?
  77. Thoughts on Coworkers Homophobia
  78. Advice on how I should approach situation
  79. hateful sister
  80. Gay guys too... intense?
  81. I'm becoming a pro at friend-zoning myself on first dates (BAD THING!)
  82. Medium Talk
  83. How to help her...
  84. How to deal with not being out to parents?
  85. (Help bad needed re tell my friend I love him )
  86. Adam and Dusty problems
  87. i dont have any friends, sometimes i'm so lonely
  88. I was thinking about telling my parents, not anymore
  89. Coming out to family- should it be private?
  90. Cancer...
  91. How exactly am I supposed to find other women?
  92. Too many attractive guys to want a relationship in your 20s?
  93. When I look Around...
  94. Is she flirting with me??
  95. Woooooow... I am already with a guy
  96. Should I "breakup" with my friend?
  97. More Masculine than Feminine Gays??
  98. Should I just back off??? Help... :'(
  99. I really regret hiding my sexuality from my parents for so long
  100. boyfriend problems? please help.
  101. How do gay men act when they are in a relationship with a straight woman?
  102. Mutual Love for a best friend
  103. Great Date... but...
  104. Crush thinks I'm gay
  105. Could Demisexual /str8 girls have crushes ?
  106. Had to remind my crush I like him
  107. Is he even interested in me?
  108. I cried for someone I hate..
  109. In love with my friend
  110. How to break up with my boyfriend.
  111. What to do about my homophobic friends?
  112. Need help understanding!
  113. Failing to "Deal with it"
  114. I'm not even gay...
  115. Figuring out if this guy is even into other guys.
  116. We Stared...
  117. compatability I think I'd be a catch?
  118. If a friend came out to you
  119. I Like Him???
  120. How to handle a crush?
  121. Next step: How to get to know other people?
  122. Another Bad Day... Is it really Worth it?
  123. Urgent Advice Needed: Graduating tonight and what to say to this person?
  124. My Mother is My Main Obstacle
  125. some advice please...(long)
  126. Am i falling for my best friend !?
  127. Need advice on situation.
  128. How to get past that ur ex is gonna be with someone else?
  129. He broke up with me
  130. Complications in a Friendship
  131. How to be a better kisser...
  132. Plagued by Relationship Insecurities
  133. I'm straight and my fiancÚ is bi
  134. Need Advice from Gay Men
  135. Friends V Love? Final Copy
  136. Friends V Love?
  137. "Gay" husband still wants sex with me...
  138. Long distance?
  139. Hard time making friends..
  140. Friend who I am in love with has breast cancer
  141. My friend feels abandoned - help?
  142. What should I do Now?
  143. OMG READ THIS :o
  144. Does this mean Anything?
  145. Unrequited love
  146. HELP me please, anyone?...
  147. Should I do it?
  148. What do I do from here? idk what I am
  149. My ex possibly slept with his female friend
  150. Ahh, Friendly Concern...
  151. What do I doooooo???
  152. Told my boyfriend we need to talk
  153. I'm always angry and jealous.
  154. my friends thinks...
  155. Am I crazy ?
  156. Decisions
  157. Friends Disapprove?
  158. My "Straight" Best Friend.
  159. Tension with Girlfriend's Family
  160. Why does it always happen like this?
  161. Experimenting gone wrong?
  162. Want to go to a lgbt social meet
  163. Introducing my rebel, carefree boyfriend to my smart, driven, 'good-children' friends
  164. Why the hell am I falling for my mate?
  165. Does he Like me?
  166. In love with a bisexual girl that has a fiance and baby... Oh my god what do I do?!?!
  167. Lost in a dream...plz help!
  168. How do you meet people?!
  169. Any other bisexual dads out here?
  170. What does he not get?!
  171. stressed (vent)
  172. My best friend is not supportive of gay marriage
  173. The strongest crush I've ever had on someone. Advice?
  174. I just need to vent.
  175. does anyone know how to date girls?! halp
  176. Dating a guy
  177. My parents want grandchildren???
  178. Should I tell my friend I like her?
  179. How to overcome shyness
  180. Wasn't gonna ask for advice...(Help?)
  181. Taste of own medicine
  182. Exes and friends
  183. Need some advice on my crush
  184. My friends are trying to set me up to be a practice boy
  185. I want opinions on this relationship.
  186. Encouragement by Friends; Discouragement by Myself?
  187. Good or Bad?
  188. Is my friend gay?
  189. i cant sleep at night
  190. Feeling a bit guilty...
  191. How to calm her down?
  192. Seeing a friend for the first time after comig out!
  193. My Prayers are being Answered, and Advancement in a Relationship?
  194. how to act when my guy friends are talking about women
  195. I don't ******* need This!!!
  196. First Date Anxiety
  197. Fallen in Love with my Best Friend
  198. Why is being in love so hard?
  199. Obsessed With Him! New!
  200. Since You Been Gone!
  201. How to make a move on someone who is not out?
  202. Fallen for an older guy, my first date
  203. Do I really need to come out to family?
  204. It's not going anywhere.
  205. Knowing When to Do the Deed
  206. My Prayers are being Answered?
  207. Arghhh why do I do this.
  208. Obsessed over him!
  209. Relationship advice asap...
  210. Not being gay enough....
  211. We're both gay and I used to like him
  212. How to tell if someone is Interested?
  213. Does Appearance Matter?
  214. Confronting a friend
  215. I've messed up 4 people's lives & very confused!
  216. confused
  217. Telling my parents it didn't work out?
  218. Is he interested?
  219. Should I leave him alone or go for it?
  220. I am not brave enough to start a conversation with another woman.
  221. Feeling insecure in my relationship
  222. How am I going to deal with him?
  223. How have you come out to family/friends, etc?
  224. Dealing with family & Drama with boys
  225. Making the Jump
  226. Friends won't believe me.
  227. long distance relationship
  228. Relationships and dating scare the heck out of me!
  229. Friend and support network changes
  230. Do you think my friend is gay and likes me back?
  231. How to cope with a death?
  232. need help..
  233. Is he gay?
  234. Boyfriend Lied to Me
  235. Am I being led on by a straight guy? What to do...?
  236. Being led on?
  237. Fuck it
  238. Want to tell him I like him, but is it worth the risk?
  239. Stuck
  240. How does one become "dateable"?
  241. Coffee date
  242. Girls and love and urgh
  243. All new to me.
  244. Advice desperately needed!
  245. In Ability to Settle?
  246. is this bad of me?
  247. How to hold a conversation?
  248. need some advice and deep analyses
  249. I think I'm straight, but have a major crush on a girl
  250. Help!