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  1. talking to parents without coming out
  2. being bi
  3. Advice
  4. I feel like they're ignoring it and/or don't believe it
  5. How to get over someone?
  6. Just learned I have no real friends…
  7. I've told my friend I love him, what now?
  8. Gay Marriage
  9. phase... you dont look like a lesbian... advice please
  10. What do I do now?
  11. Should I text this girl back and invite her to coffee?
  12. Crush on co-worker
  13. Just when I was thinking I might be able to trust her again, boom...
  14. Another gay guy needing relationship advice
  15. Once I get over it, she isn't anymore. Poof. Magic.
  16. age diffrences in lesbian relationships.
  17. Second date tomorrow... wish me luck!
  18. Living a lie
  19. Does he need Time? Or is it Something else?
  20. girl trying to hook up with my boyfriend
  21. New People!!
  22. He turned me into homo forever? Confused...
  23. Would a straight guy need "space"
  24. Where do I go from here?
  25. Are some people just meant to be alone?
  26. How to show to the girl in the shop that i'm interested in her?
  27. Sister is extremely bigoted, stupid, and uneducated.
  28. Is my friend gay
  29. Not sure if he likes me or even if he's gay
  30. 'Best Friend'
  31. The 'older' guy..
  32. My fiancè's parents won't accept us having a baby...(im in a lesbian relationship)
  33. My Story
  34. Crushing on religious catholic person?
  35. Trying to move on...
  36. Impossible love
  37. Why does he treat me like this?
  38. She broke my heart.....
  39. GLBT phobic people who are fairly transparent themselves
  40. How to tell if someone is gay and likes you. Help!
  41. My First Lesbian Relationship and She Broke My Heart
  42. Your Creativity?
  43. Why is shame keeping me from relationships?
  44. Love?
  45. Unsupportive "supportive" mother
  46. I Want Out
  47. Gay boy love his best friend
  48. Bad Romance
  49. I like an MTF…
  50. Should I cancel my date?
  51. Just some quick questions
  52. Brother Moving Back In?
  53. woman troubles
  54. Ugh Father's Day
  55. I'm freaking out...help...
  56. I want to invite my crush over to hang out, Please help!
  57. Friendship groups and other related queries
  58. Can a straight man love a gay man?
  59. I'm lonely but afraid to date
  60. Help!!! He is confusing me!!!!!!
  61. "The worst thing"... Please read, Help.
  62. Straight Friend/Crush is Moving...
  63. She might be a little too proud
  64. Telling the straight crush I love them?
  65. I Like an 11Year old; I'm 13?
  66. Ugh i am lost
  67. Im really scared
  68. Getting worried!
  69. closeted dating
  70. Help me!
  71. How does one know when one is ready for a relationship?
  72. I don't understand the whole "love" concept
  73. Knowing if a guy like you and making the first move
  74. Time for a new start?
  75. uh-oh?
  76. How shall I handle this girls' trip?
  77. My lesbian ex is rebounding with her rebounding ex
  78. I want to ask her out
  79. Too many gay people in the family?
  80. First dates in the closet
  81. Third Date Rule
  82. I'm not sure what to do.
  83. Not really sure what to do..
  84. feels like I will never find love...
  85. What are your thoughts about three way relationships?
  86. So annoyed with my dad and my sister
  87. Why does everyone think I'm so ugly/unappealing?
  88. Are u confused about ur feelings ?
  89. Just found out my crush is straight
  90. will my mum listen to friends bad views on gays
  91. How do I act around my friend I have a crush on?
  92. Crying as I type this thread
  93. Advice Needed on Relationship
  94. Gay Straight Alliance
  95. I'm going to Europe with two of my teachers (as friends) and they don't know I'm gay!
  96. I have a crush on a friend
  97. He wants me to visit him in America
  98. Crush on friend...and its growing
  99. I dont think i'm ready.
  100. Issues with the guys I like
  101. Advice to further the relationship with friend/is he closeted?
  102. how soon is too soon?
  103. I need help getting over a straight friend of mine
  104. Cheating..
  105. I can't figure what's really going on between me and my best straight friend?
  106. I don't want to lose her to someone else...
  107. Second Date Ideas?
  108. Help Me Because Like Idek Anymore
  109. What do you guys think?
  110. Could my friend be gay/bi?
  111. i think a girl has a crush on me HELP
  112. This is stupid but....
  113. Help! The love of my life is straight! What should I do?
  114. My Apologies Everyone...
  115. Just so frustrated
  116. How do relationships last????
  117. PLEASE HELP! Unrequited love scenarios
  118. I'm in love with my straight best friend. I really need help :(
  119. At a loss as to what i should do...
  120. I Think My Boyfriend Could Be Gay
  121. How to Communicate Relationship Worries
  122. Boy Scout experiences?
  123. How can I help my parents get over their guilt?
  124. In love with my straight best friend
  125. So I had this debate with my girlfriend...
  126. In love with a "maybe" closeted guy, please help?
  127. Could she be gay? Bi?
  128. Straight friend is always flirting with me?
  129. She did her best to make sure I wouldn't be gay
  130. complicated
  131. Do you have a parent that you've never thought to come out to?
  132. Accepted and Not by the Same Person- Mom
  133. distress call
  134. My mother suprised me
  135. Not Meant To Be In Love...?
  136. Now or never type thing... lets finish with this once and for all
  137. Need help with moving on...
  138. Who else has an ignorant Dad?
  139. Should I put my foot down with my homophobic/racist stepfather?
  140. Parents in denial
  141. I have a, unfortunately, hypothetical question.
  142. I think my Mum secretly hopes that I am bisexual
  143. I think I came out? But no one believed me?!
  144. How to tell him...
  145. My Awesome First (Gay) Date
  146. How could I go on?
  147. Progression in Relationship (It's not a repeat, honest)...
  148. Could she be gay?
  149. I need advise from you teens out there
  150. Been Single for TOOOOO long!!!
  151. Is he my friend?
  152. Dating older same sex
  153. Deaths
  154. Is he gay?
  155. Wish me luck!
  156. Help me ... decision to make
  157. Strong Feelings For My Friend
  158. I hit on a straight girl, now I'm mortified.
  159. Is my friend trying to tell me something?
  160. My friends confusing behavior
  161. Straight girl crush is getting married..
  162. dating age range
  163. My mums homophobia confuses the hell out of me!
  164. Relationship issues? We have 'em
  165. Please explain to me
  166. What to do?
  167. What does she not understand?
  168. So my ex wants me to be his gf again (advice plz ! Much needed advice to a newbie !!
  169. feeling horrible
  170. Would this be Awkward?
  171. coping with a break up and being friends
  172. How Long Should I Wait?
  173. School frustration
  174. Why can't I let it go?
  175. Asking someone on a date?
  176. Love problem
  177. Closet gay male in need of help from you guys.
  178. Jealous of my boyfriends past?
  179. Complicated crush situation
  180. She's threatening to break up with me. WTF!
  181. My mom is werid
  182. My mom suspects me / I need a friend
  183. I've changed: for the better or the worst?
  184. Lmao, my friend wishes he was gay.
  185. Confused married gay guy
  186. Panicking about First Date
  187. How does society react to same-sex couples in public?
  188. Transphobic Parents
  189. dating
  190. Will he commit suicide if I tell him im a lesbian ?!
  191. School ends and Work begins...
  192. forever alone?
  193. Falling in love with my best friend?
  194. Family depression
  195. Is there a Possibility?
  196. How to deal with this situation...
  197. How do you ask someone's number?
  198. Behaviour
  199. I feel alone..in my own house?
  200. What should my boyfriend call me?
  201. can he be my bf?
  202. Is it normal to not care about or want sex?
  203. A Kiss, and then Awkwardness
  204. would you date a bisexual guy
  205. Unsure about a date tomorrow...
  206. Should I Tell My Mom?
  207. becoming friends with the guy i like
  208. Gay, Bi-sexual, or straight?
  209. Oh no! I Love my Friend!
  210. Being Gay in Ireland
  211. Am i a massive douche?
  212. Faith in Society Somewhat Restored!
  213. Share Bullying Stories Growing Up
  214. Need help finding a boyfriend
  215. A thanks to this board
  216. Pissed Parade/Pride Parade/Relate To Me
  217. What do I do?
  218. I don't want to go see my dying grandfather
  219. Do you like to Touch your Friends?
  220. So I've got this friend...
  221. Parents Ughhh
  222. How can I help my sister???
  223. Choosing to go back to church camp...
  224. I need someone to talk to... :(
  225. Why won't they let me out?
  226. How to handle this highly complex relationship?
  227. Should I tell my best friend about my feelings for him?
  228. I'm in love with the straight friend! Fun!
  229. I really need some advice.
  230. Who would You Tell?
  231. Came out to my parents, I feel out to the world now!
  232. It's complicated
  233. I have only just came out
  234. Can't talk around my former crush?
  235. Thoughts on Coworkers Homophobia
  236. Advice on how I should approach situation
  237. hateful sister
  238. Gay guys too... intense?
  239. I'm becoming a pro at friend-zoning myself on first dates (BAD THING!)
  240. Medium Talk
  241. How to help her...
  242. How to deal with not being out to parents?
  243. (Help bad needed re tell my friend I love him )
  244. Adam and Dusty problems
  245. i dont have any friends, sometimes i'm so lonely
  246. I was thinking about telling my parents, not anymore
  247. Coming out to family- should it be private?
  248. Cancer...
  249. How exactly am I supposed to find other women?
  250. Too many attractive guys to want a relationship in your 20s?