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  1. Am I being led on by a straight guy? What to do...?
  2. Being led on?
  3. Fuck it
  4. Want to tell him I like him, but is it worth the risk?
  5. Stuck
  6. How does one become "dateable"?
  7. Coffee date
  8. Girls and love and urgh
  9. All new to me.
  10. Advice desperately needed!
  11. In Ability to Settle?
  12. is this bad of me?
  13. How to hold a conversation?
  14. need some advice and deep analyses
  15. I think I'm straight, but have a major crush on a girl
  16. Help!
  17. Advice on dating (more importantly finding one) while in the closet?
  18. Relationship, Out of Sympathy?
  19. First Time Relationship and freaking out
  20. Acting the way others expect you to.
  21. Really need HELP!!!
  22. Thinking about being the initiator
  23. 'Straight' Friend Said He Loves Me...
  24. Do I want to pursue this? (About a girl)
  25. After 15 years, my parents still do not accept me
  26. A friend coming out as Bisexual?
  27. A boy
  28. It's another "Is my friend gay?" thread!
  29. My future roommate
  30. First Crush or whatever. I don't know.
  31. Should I tell my mom?
  32. pushing someone away?
  33. I love her and she keeps hurting me.
  34. Can't stop checking out girls girls girls!
  35. Having wet dreams with women instead of guys again ?!
  36. Finding a Christian girlfriend: Any gay Christian dating sites?
  37. What Do I Do? -- Is He Into Me?
  38. Tough Straight Crush
  39. I'm bored with him already?
  40. What will they think?
  41. i have this friend
  42. My sister is gay.
  43. inlove with my best friend
  44. Who will you love?
  45. Okay, seriously. Why am I only family when its convenient?
  46. I'm Heartbroken: my Dad cannot accept gays because we are "sinful."
  47. parents still dealing with anti-gay ministry
  48. So done.
  49. My SuperCrazyAwkward crush situation
  50. He's gay!
  51. Dealing with disappointment - please help :(
  52. Moving (back) in with my boyfriend.
  53. How can I tell if she's into me?
  54. What should I do now ? I confessed and still love him
  55. i think i love her
  56. How to tell them...?
  57. not sure if my parents believe me?
  58. How to deal with these phobias?
  59. I want her back.
  60. haven't come out but looking for a bf
  61. dating a gender-fluid - a little question
  62. Moving to the Big City
  63. Does She Still Want Me Back?
  64. First Post - Need Some Advice!
  65. Is it safe to tell a psychologist I'm attracted to women?
  66. Goodbye!
  67. Is my boyfriend asking for too much?
  68. Somewhat Relaxed and Terrified
  69. Is it wrong to tell my coach?
  70. friends
  71. advice please!!!
  72. Who to Talk to?
  73. Boyfriend?
  74. First Crush and I need some advice!
  75. My best friend is hitting on me.
  76. Why do we always go for the straight ones?!
  77. My father is the worst person in the world?
  78. meeting girls
  79. I can't Live like this for much Longer!!
  80. In love with straight best friend
  81. Bible and homosexuality
  82. When should I ask her out?
  83. Pretty awesome little bro!
  84. Questioning someones motives.
  85. I want to ask another girl to prom -- a liitle advice, please?
  86. I finally told my secret.... To my boyfriend.
  87. Hard time with mum
  88. What's wrong with me!?
  89. Telling my Crush i like him?
  90. How do I deal with this?
  91. Depressed because of my crush! Help!
  92. Coming out as made me an angry misanthrope. Please help!
  93. How do you deal with being constanly told that it's time you got a boyfriend?
  94. Dating a guy who isn't out
  95. Crush is Crushing on Friend!?
  96. First gay date - some advice needed!
  97. i need some serious advice on how to handle my gfs anger
  98. What should she do?
  99. Are friends with benefits realistic?
  100. I have Nothing?...
  101. A rather confusing situations
  102. How to help a friend??
  103. Learning Disabilities and Sexuality
  104. party
  105. I was in her dreams...
  106. Is a gay male relationship relaxed?
  107. My Mom...
  108. On and Off Friendship...
  109. Need to get this out...
  110. why?
  111. How long should I expect this to take?
  112. Mother outed me!!!!
  113. Incompatiblity
  114. Unconditional love or deluded fool? Advice pls...
  115. really really confusing situation please help!!!:(
  116. Alone & bothered
  117. Is my friend gay?
  118. I think my friend is gay/bi
  119. Recent Changes...
  120. Should I apologise for Misjudging my Dad ?
  121. Help? D:
  122. Seize the day?
  123. I confessed my feelings for my gay friend. he and my other friend arent friends now
  124. Office crush
  125. Roommate: Tell or Not?
  126. Please tell me normal people aren't like this...
  127. My friend is ignoring me :(
  128. Help please
  129. My mother
  130. Opinions Needed!!!
  131. My friend is trying to pull me out of the closet?
  132. Not jealous, just unsettled...
  133. Keeping an ex as a friend?
  134. Need some relationship advice
  135. What do you do when...
  136. Is it just me?
  137. Crush on friend
  138. Relationship issues
  139. Came out to my best friend
  140. Age Difference?
  141. In the dark
  142. Confusing Friend
  143. Absurd Homophobe Statement.
  144. what the?????
  145. Boy at my school
  146. Is my Husband Bi or Gay?
  147. How to tell if someone's interested
  148. questions and concerns on meeting up with an older guy
  149. SOS Gaycommunity
  150. We were best friends, remember?
  151. Homophobic, nasty mom
  152. Ohhhh my.
  153. Is it worth it?
  154. I could really use advice
  155. Anybodies Parents Abuse Drugs
  156. Lesbian/FtM relationship...
  157. Have my child taken away?
  158. Boy i know?..is he gay/bi?
  159. Meeting someone for the first time
  160. I tried to resist...
  161. I dont think my mom completely accepted me.
  162. General update I suppose, or just something I'm wondering really.
  163. Parent coming out to YOU?
  164. Help?!?
  165. Quotes for Assurance and Comfort...
  166. I am 18 and my girlfriend is 34 is this a problem?
  167. asked to be part of a (lesbian) friend's wedding
  168. Is it weird to have a crush on someone you don't know?
  169. am I a hyprocrite?
  170. Can't stop thinking about him
  171. happy face
  172. Have Feelings for my roommate who has a gf. Made poor decisions this weekend...maybe
  173. Straight guy confessing to his good friend.
  174. Boyfriend's having issues, and I don't know what to do
  175. Transgender relationship issues
  176. crushing on straight friend, friends say its not fair for him to not know
  177. Is This Too Much?
  178. Smoking a deal breaker?
  179. Confusion
  180. My best friend isn't my best friend... Really
  181. Is it normal to react like this?
  182. In love with straight bff
  183. Is she bisexual/bicurious?
  184. Mixed Signals...
  185. I need Assurance...
  186. The difficulty of being Gay?
  187. Making Female Friends?
  188. Help
  189. Quietly disowned.
  190. Is my confidence getting in theway?
  191. How to get over a breakup?
  192. Family talks about sexuality
  193. Videos and Books to help my mom understand what im going through? (FTM Trans)
  194. Lolwut?
  195. Really lost - Bi boyfriend troubles
  196. My life is falling apart...
  197. Starting to become sick of Religion..
  198. Love life advice for social untouchables...?
  199. Friendship Vs Love
  200. Awkward situation, We're dating, but no kiss yet?
  201. He likes me... but is too shy/afraid to show affection?
  202. Feel alone :'(
  203. So there┤s this one girl...
  204. Brother might be gay
  205. Problems with parents
  206. Kisses, YOUNGER women
  207. Why is my 29 year old friend not out to his parents/family?
  208. He keeps on Avoiding Me?
  209. Need some general advice
  210. Venting!! >:( (EXTREMELY long, sorry)
  211. How to Smile in this Situation?
  212. Used sexually by my old friendů
  213. How to make her first kiss special
  214. Any Advice for getting over a First Love?
  215. Introvert needs her alone time
  216. I need a second opinion.
  217. Who should I talk to?
  218. I accidentally found out my dad is bi
  219. help....
  220. My mum keeps hinting?
  221. Friendship!
  222. I can't believe she did this!
  223. Shock and Awed?
  224. I wish my boyfriend was my best friend.
  225. advice ??
  226. Distant Looking, but not Close?
  227. Best birthday ever...Not
  228. Feeling awkward around people I've come out to
  229. Seeking Advice
  230. (No longer) in love with my straight best friend
  231. In love with a ..''friend''.
  232. Guy Friendships...
  233. I Don't Know What To Do...
  234. Trying to move on.
  235. my situation in my "amazing" sophmore year
  236. I'm living two lives and I'm so unhappy
  237. Being ignored by the guy I like
  238. My First Female Crush???
  239. my big coming out day
  240. Do I Risk it??
  241. Is she trying to say something?
  242. In love with my best friend
  243. Do I Tell Him?
  244. Any advice?
  245. Okay,you accept you're Gay/Bi/Les..now what?
  246. Where to go from here for a super shy guy
  247. Where can I buy a Rainbow Bracelet it the UK?
  248. Where to go from here for a super shy guy
  249. Oh, the dreaded "crush on straight(?) guy friend" thread is back.
  250. Told my first crush I liked him..