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  1. Have no idea what this means
  2. How to Effectively get over someone?
  3. Mixed Signals
  4. My mum
  5. better ways to communicate?
  6. Does it mean anything if he Looks at me?
  7. Do transgendered individuals change their last name too?
  8. Help awkward situation
  9. I Don't Drink & It's Affecting My Social Life
  10. My ex might still love me! HELP!
  11. An intervention? HELP ME!
  12. The importance of queer friends
  13. Can a relationship work between a 24yo and a 40yo?
  14. That Moment When One Realizes They are Forever Alone...
  15. How do I talk to him?
  16. Gay pride
  17. Probability of Stereotypes being True?
  18. Parents!?
  19. Hey look, another guy crushing over his best friend!
  20. How to approach non-talkative crush?
  21. i am lost
  22. How to tell if a guy likes you?
  23. Same-Sex Relationship between 13 and 12 Year Olds?
  24. in love with my best friend and hes straight, i think....
  25. How to break-up with someone…
  26. My straight friend keeps on playing with me.
  27. starting to get feelings for a friend
  28. My first crush is crushing me
  29. Getting Physical with My Crush (but not in the way I know ya'll are thinkin' ;D)
  30. So i think i need to tell my mom...
  31. I don't have any friends
  32. Should I talk to this guy?
  33. embarrassing...
  34. Typical behavior?
  35. Why do I want my mom's approval so much?
  36. Supporting gay rights. Positive or negative?
  37. Is this for the best??
  38. Does the Bracelet mean anything?
  39. How to handle this?
  40. I dream of him
  41. Confused, Naive and Smitten
  42. A new leaf, a new life
  43. Outed By My Freinds
  44. How do I meet gay/bi people?
  45. Straight friend
  46. Can someone be gay or bisexual with the following characteristics/hobbies?
  47. Would you date/be friends with a lesbian with a baby?
  48. Transman and gay, do I have a chance?
  49. Dagger through the heart
  50. My first problem.
  51. Dealing with my ex
  52. My friend is acting beyond strange..
  53. So there's this girl...
  54. So I Came Home With Eyeliner on...
  55. Relationships
  56. I want more gay friends.
  57. ahhhhh help me
  58. Love is the worst...
  59. Not sure..
  60. Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride (Theoretically Speaking!)
  61. Hanging out with boyfriend issues
  62. How to Tell if a girl likes you?
  63. Possible bi-freind
  64. My straight crush going gay for me?
  65. Which Family Member should I tell first?
  66. My son is gay. His father is angry.
  67. My Friend Is Going Through Tough Times And I Can't Reach Him :'(
  68. movies
  69. Confusion about this Guy!
  70. really depressed
  71. In love with best friend
  72. She's Gay, But is She Gay For Me?
  73. I need some opinions on this. Please help.
  74. Father, Brother, and Annoyed
  75. Being forced - what to do?
  76. Closure
  77. As a closeted gay,what if ur crush comes out to u?
  78. Should I just run away?
  79. My friend did something today...
  80. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had in the past?
  81. Should I tell him...???
  82. I need advise on how to say NO without hurting his feelings or causing trouble
  83. My friend is starting to worry me
  84. Quick Please I think I may be having a panic attack!!
  85. How to ask him
  86. I didn't mean to floor my best friend and i think i just lost him
  87. Am I wrong to not be sympathetic?
  88. I think he's into me, but...
  89. Why do I get angry / upset ?
  90. My Rant about Everything
  91. Is he in to me
  92. back and forth
  93. On the importance of friends
  94. I Feel Like A Total Outcast. :(
  95. Reoccuring thoughts, ugh.
  96. I tried avoiding posting but I just have to let it out..
  97. Helping shy Closet Friend find other friends
  98. In the closet in college advice on dealing with friends trying to get me laid
  99. Did This Guy Like Me?
  100. Do I trust too much?
  101. NEVER seeing someone again?!
  102. Thought for sure that I was gay, but have feelings for straight female best friend...
  103. Need advice!!!
  104. My best friends brother
  105. He's Gay? No surprise
  106. She likes me back... But...
  107. How to deal with a gay parent?
  108. Another bi-guy
  109. Sexting friend
  110. Affection
  111. Came out to my friend, not sure if I should have.
  112. over thinking about what to do with this girl
  113. Woods Incident=why I build walls around me?
  114. I think my husband wants to be a female
  115. why does everyone fall for there best friends?!
  116. I'm so confused! ._.
  117. My big crush
  118. Stupid bi*ch making rumours about me.
  119. Friends who are "partially ok with gay people"
  120. Advice... In love with a straight guy?
  121. Fall in love with effefinate roommate,help!
  122. First date...?
  123. He Must Be Gay...?
  124. My bestfriend and me, its killing me
  125. How to cope with people not accepting your relationship
  126. Year 9 friends with a Year 7?
  127. Is 22 too young to be in a Partnership
  128. Problems with my Mom
  129. Ok... am I overanalyzing this situation?
  130. I dont know what the frack is wrong with me lately. (Issues with friends)
  131. My experience with liking my straight best friend
  132. Closeted Friend who is scared of himself...I think
  133. A Friend is Threatening Suicide
  134. I think Im being childish
  135. The ex factor..
  136. Married & not in 'love'. Looking for advice.
  137. Liking someone purely because they are gay
  138. In love with straight best friend who's interested in my sister! Help!
  139. Is my friend in the closet?
  140. Proposal Stories
  141. Boys Suck!
  142. Best friend is gay too... Can we date?
  143. Beside Myself! I Can't Forgive Him!
  144. unfamiliar feelings
  145. Am I Obsessed?!!...
  146. Being controlled
  147. I Don't Know What To Do!!!
  148. I was just wondering...
  149. How to deal with someone who makes excuses and lies
  150. Im think Im gay but I cant let her go.
  151. How to persuade someone to tell you they're gay (if they are)?
  152. Hmm... Instinct... or not?
  153. A Simple Question...
  154. Waiting for him.
  155. Coming Out to Friends (Sorry Its Long)
  156. Dealing with religious relatives
  157. Finally Letting Go of a Past Relationship...
  158. help~long story
  159. How to convince your parents?
  160. Afraid to Come out to most everyone
  161. Give up on her or keep trying?
  162. Devestating After-Effects of Coming Out
  163. Hurt
  164. So I have these two lady friends...
  165. Oh my sweet jesus
  166. Should I tell him...???
  167. Find out if someone is straight or gay without being too blatant?
  168. Shold I show my boyfriend my self harm scars?
  169. Met someone...
  170. Im in love with my best friend and I have no idea what to do.
  171. Any help with this would be appreciated!
  172. Back Against The Wall
  173. Greatly needed advice
  174. My sister was baptized today.
  175. Does This Sound Promising? Does He Like Me??
  176. How could this ever work?
  177. Help me...please...
  178. My son told me he is "panromantic"
  179. finding people to date
  180. Asking out someone of the same sex
  181. Falling in Love with Someone..I think
  182. Is he really my friend?
  183. Is he gay or bisexual?
  184. How to convince someone you're not gay?
  185. Can someone be gay or bisexual with the following characteristics/hobbies?
  186. In Desperate Need of Advice-- where to go from here with this girl?
  187. What age did you first have a same-sex relationship?
  188. Should I come out as bisexual to my parents?
  189. Should I take the risk and tell him how I feel?
  190. First Date "I Love You"
  191. websites to connect to other guys
  192. Torn
  193. I need someone to think for me right now...
  194. I think I have a crush on my best friend…
  195. How I tell if someone is gay or not?
  196. I just lied to my mom
  197. Locking up myself because of insecurities
  198. Having a gifted boyfriend
  199. This friend
  200. feeling lonely
  201. Torn between my girlfriend & my family
  202. Gay Bar With Friends
  203. Out to some Classmates while having a crush
  204. Opening My Arms and Letting Him Fly
  205. Not sure how to apologize for this one...
  206. Is it wrong that I don't want my parents to be apart of my life?
  207. Help, I've fallen in love and I can't get up!
  208. Think Im falling in love
  209. Questioning is challenging relationship with boyfriend
  210. How do I tell my homosexual crush I like him?
  211. I Think I Like Him!! :O
  212. Turned down for a first date, but don't think I should give up?
  213. Gay crush on straight best friend
  214. I'm so trapped
  215. Drunk
  216. what should i do, or say to him?
  217. I can't handle life anymore
  218. Advice on being honest in relationship
  219. 10 year age gap in a relationship
  220. Conversation between my dad and my brother about me
  221. Love Notes
  222. Reaching a point of no return...
  223. Scared of my mom
  224. is it normal. need advice..
  225. Is it still wierd for a 22 year old to be in a relationship with a 34 year old?
  226. stories
  227. Is she lesbian HELP
  228. bestfriend crushes
  229. this one girl
  230. How to deal with being in love with a guy in a straight relationship...
  231. I really want a girlfriend
  232. Did he overreact or was I really an @$$hole?
  233. My Mom asked why a bisexual person would be in a gay relationship
  234. My Mom asked why a bisexual person would be in a gay relationship
  235. need advise on my girlfriend.
  236. Telling mom I have a boyfriend
  237. Feeling like nobody really cares
  238. Dating advice
  239. Backstabbed?
  240. Healthy bisexual relationship?
  241. I know my friend is gay, but he doesn't recognize it. How can I help?
  242. How do I "test the waters"?
  243. Name change {irl}
  244. Family Drama: How much longer?
  245. Problems with my homophobic friend
  246. I feel so hurt and broken. what do i do?
  247. how to say NO
  248. I feel bad about being gay :/
  249. How do I win her back?
  250. I'm in love with my best friend