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  1. Infatuation
  2. A Girl Likes Me
  3. Feeling Really Alone In a Group of Friends
  4. I'm afraid my best friend will kill himself..
  5. I'm scared of the gay community.
  6. ''They are gay, they can't have kids''
  7. Help! WTF is wrong with me.
  8. My dad. >:[
  9. Taking "in the closet" too literally...
  10. My brother keeps hanging out with my friends. I don't like it.
  11. could someone help me?
  12. Any advice please?
  13. Always dreamt of having perfect straight family/life
  14. Please Take A Minute To Read This
  15. This could be a MIRACLE!!
  16. Chasing after pain?
  17. Dating
  18. I feel like I'm the only one on the planet
  19. Feeling kind of down lately...
  20. She likes me? And I like her! She's dating a guy.
  21. Online dating/telling them you like them-asking someone out
  22. My straight friend....
  23. family... need advice Please !!!
  24. Online Dating....to Real Dating
  25. What did this girl mean by "All The Nice boys are gay"
  26. Liking best friend
  27. stuck in a closet and trying to get relationships
  28. telling somone you like them
  29. "how do lesbians have sex?"
  30. Is it daft that I feel bad for being gay
  31. Guessing what she wants...
  32. my x love? ?
  33. i'm starting to hate my family more everyday
  34. I hugged him.... and now I miss him even more.. :(
  35. Different paces
  36. Establishing my Independence....
  37. SO ANGRY! He's seeing someone?
  38. Why does my Mum keep on telling me to "Keep my options open"
  39. Difficulties with my mom (Transgender Issues)
  40. Asked Him out
  41. I'm still a man
  42. A Girl Who Likes A Boy Who Likes A Girl Who Likes A Girl...
  43. Difficult relationship situation...
  44. I don't know where to go from here...
  45. Partners kids keep me a secret
  46. Rejection
  47. This crush/hero worship on my friend is getting worse and must be stopped
  48. UUUUG! i need relationship advice
  49. Homophobic parents and an extremely anti(?)-gay brother?
  50. General relationship help D:
  51. A little lonely
  52. Not even welcome at my school's LGBTQ group anymore...
  53. How do you do the thing
  54. My ''parents''.
  55. Family and Religion
  56. Wanting to be understood?
  57. Prommmmm
  58. Love Choices
  59. Does my friend like me as more than a friend?
  60. Could it ever work?
  61. Boyfriend and sex
  62. Difficulties with my mother...
  63. Just Been Outed :/
  64. Divorced parents
  65. My Mom
  66. Why be in a relationship at all?
  67. Need advice about this girl
  68. How to help my friend?
  69. Is this normal?
  70. Pflag
  71. Getting over your best friend
  72. Break up or Make up
  73. I feel really alone...
  74. Is she...?
  75. Not sure what to make of this
  76. Family, Friends, and School
  77. How can I approach this complicated crush?
  78. How to get over my straight best friend
  79. Unrequited love, but from the other side.
  80. Feeling insecure
  81. sigh.....
  82. Best "friends" or more?
  83. My 'best friend'
  84. Str8 and need some advice?
  85. 'The gay world'
  86. Telling others without my consent
  87. Would a guy do this?
  88. How do you overcome overthinking in social situations?
  89. Pray the gay away :/ (struggling)
  90. I'm confused
  91. just a friend?
  92. My "friend"
  93. I think I'm about to loose what little sanity I have
  94. I'm 17 and want a relationship or something
  95. how to deal with lose of friends
  96. *-* and of all these things I'm sure of, I'm not quite certain of your love *-*
  97. trapped in the closet
  98. In love with best friend
  99. Attracted to a seemingly straight guy?
  100. I'm a straight girl, so is she, turns out I'm in love with her
  101. Faith & Sexual Identity
  102. Neighbor help
  103. Should I break up the relationship?
  104. I'm obsessed with my straight best friend
  105. closet relationship
  106. dating in the closet
  107. keeping her a secret *LONG*
  108. Moving on
  109. Dad hit me?
  110. Useful/Helpful/Informative Threads on Family, Friends, and Relationships
  111. Censorship among family and friends
  112. Friends with an ex
  113. Attracted to my FEMALE teacher?
  114. What's wrong with me?!
  115. to have relationship with my mom.... or not
  116. Reached critical point with my family.
  117. Problems with Ex
  118. can you interpret this conversation?
  119. My friend...
  120. I ""married"" my friend when drunk
  121. Advice on not scaring her needed!
  122. I told my crush I like him but what next?
  123. Parents and family/fear
  124. What do you say/do when someone of the opposite sex asks you on a date?
  125. In love with straight? friend
  126. Fallen for my straight friend
  127. Should I tell a friend that I'm gay?
  128. An age old issue...
  129. Chills
  130. My mom reacted negatively when I told her I may leave for University?
  131. My friends don't want me
  132. Person avoiding me for no reason-Advice plz?
  133. Abusing trust- a friends suggestion
  134. Frustrated does he like me? Or is he just sexually frustrated.
  135. one hell of a week
  136. Home life becoming unbearable
  137. Friend Reacting Victimised
  138. advice on finding new friends??
  139. I don't know what to do... :(
  140. A friend's struggle
  141. How do you deal with a homophobic best friend?
  142. Suggesting a sexual aid to my partner
  143. My dad threatening to send me away??
  144. Ugh prom.
  145. Awkwardness around an ex
  146. Ugh ugh. My whole family is homophobic!
  147. Is he interested?
  148. Some flirting tips please! :)
  149. One-sided friendships
  150. relationship fears if bi
  151. Asking someone out: lacking confidence
  152. Mother might disown me...
  153. Why do I have this Crush.
  154. Getting over two year crush
  155. How can I help my boyfriend? He had an emotional breakdown today in school
  156. I want off the roller coaster
  157. When people are nice to me I don't seem to take it well
  158. Misery Loves Company: my two "friends" who are their OWN social circle
  159. I'm devastated..
  160. I want to kill myself, why has it happened again?
  161. Frustrated and Falling in Love
  162. Girl question.
  163. Moving in together as a couple.
  164. Dad won't speak to me..
  165. why must you be so perfect?!
  166. Making Real Friends [RANT WARNING]
  167. boyfriend coming out
  168. Broke up with 1st BF because I can't get over my crush.
  169. Relationship Advise?
  170. How do I tell my crush I love him?
  171. How to improve a friendship with someone you've kind of fallen out with?
  172. Any tips on stopping friends from hitting on me?
  173. Loneliness =\
  174. Uh-oh
  175. How do I deal with my narcissistic mom?
  176. In Denial? *LONG STORY*
  177. How to move on when you're drifting apart from friends?
  178. Is my family using me for my money? what do i do?
  179. I get too emotionally attached to people
  180. I'm a fool around him, need help!!!
  181. A, well, "good" friend
  182. ..Does he like me?
  183. I have this friend....
  184. Loneliness and finding a girlfriend
  185. dealing with parents and religion
  186. dating advice
  187. Love Sucks
  188. Mom of 14 Year Old Boy
  189. confused about my parents
  190. Do I or don't I?
  191. Relentless Arguing
  192. Massive dilemma?
  193. PDA when out on a date
  194. Friend asked if I could go out with him
  195. finding a date
  196. Making friends
  197. Questions, And Uh...Stuff. Please. Thank You.
  198. Unsure
  199. The effects of being closeted
  200. would you date someone who doesnt have perfect teeth?
  201. So... This is weird... :O
  202. denial or actual attractive
  203. One of my best friends and I are totally messed up right now, and it's my fault.
  204. In love with my straight best friend :( please help
  205. My Girlfriend... And Her Boyfriend
  206. Just Read this....
  207. What am I turning into?!
  208. My crush is making me feel uncomfortable
  209. Is he straight? Brushing me off?
  210. Straight girl crush >.<
  211. Curse conformity.
  212. Depressed about roommates
  213. How do I control my...
  214. How do I make him feel that I like him or love him?
  215. Dating Girls Is Too Much Drama!
  216. Realized I am Bi leaning towards Gay, so now what...
  217. Dating a possible virgin...
  218. Genuine friends.
  219. I think the man I'm dating is Bi and has never been with a woman
  220. who's had a situation like this before?
  221. How to deal with Friends knowing who I'm crushing
  222. This friend of mine...
  223. I've decided I'll confess my feelings for him in the near future
  224. Finding more friends.
  225. What should I do?
  226. OK, this is weird
  227. when things dont add up........
  228. So now what?
  229. How old is too old?
  230. I'm inlove with my bestfriend....
  231. 16 bisexual friend trouble pls give advice
  232. Sick and tired of falling for straight guys :(
  233. Family drama
  234. My Friend Who I Messed Around With...Is He Gay And Should I Come Out?
  235. crush on best friend - does she feel the same ??
  236. I have a little problem with my family.
  237. Another classic friend problem
  238. Please help me, I don't know what to do. :(
  239. Any straight women on EC who are/were married to gay guys?
  240. My best female friend said she had a crush on me
  241. My family doesn't want me to leave! :(
  242. To tell or not to tell
  243. Best friend fighting with my crush :/
  244. My whole family is homophobic.
  245. My holidays with my so-called 'family' utterly destroyed me :(
  246. Is it worth it to break family tradition?[long]
  247. Best Friend Crush?
  248. Transcending the legacy of your family
  249. Christmas & LGBT family
  250. I have a crush on my "bi" friend