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  1. What signs give away your sexuality?
  2. Creepy
  3. Family and self rejection
  4. I'm so scared to see this guy again...
  5. Do YOU Suffer From "Skin Hunger?"
  6. Approaching Guys?
  7. What should I do next...
  8. She doesn't want kids with me
  9. Does he like me now?
  10. Going away for 5 days with ex boyfriend and ex crush
  11. Just got out of an unhealthy relationship.. i hitted my ex. Need advices please
  12. Boyfriends family
  13. Did my boyfriend cheat?
  14. What does this mean?
  15. good kissing tips? very important please read
  16. I am devastated and i have no one to talk to
  17. Need Some Help
  18. Dealing with rejection from my colleague...
  19. Boyfriend issues
  20. My sister says that I say I'm gay too much
  21. (UPDATE) Asking This Chick If She Likes Me.. Now I Feel Unsafe At Work.
  22. Experimenting with a straight friend????
  23. What should I do?
  24. Does he loves me or not?
  25. ranting
  26. Vicious cycle of seeking attention from men, despite being a lesbian (long post)
  27. Help With A Homo/Transphobic Mother?
  28. Help me first year of highschool
  29. Should I forgive my homo-phobic brother?
  30. what does the passion between two women feel like?
  31. a crush on my ex's ex...help please?
  32. I think my friend has gone a little crazy..
  33. Asking This Chick If She Likes Me.. Should I?
  34. Play fighting before sex
  35. How do I tell her that I'd love to get to know her more?
  36. I screwed up!
  37. Gross Hookup.
  38. Sorrowful, Out of Luck, & Lonely ...
  39. Sibling Relationships
  40. Not being able to say 'I love you'
  41. Is it normal to feel like this?- break up
  42. Do I tell my girlfriend that I love her?
  43. Confuzzled
  44. Having trouble meeting new people and making new friends
  45. How to ask out a friend..
  46. My boyfriend died and I'm at a loss
  47. Confused
  48. my ex(-crush) might be coming back
  49. confused about dating
  50. Friendless and lonely
  51. Invite guy to my school
  52. Mixed signals from a new friend
  53. Can anyone explain why this is how I was treated for my "disappearance"?
  54. Need some advice please
  55. Almost Got Me One
  56. Does ex girlfriend still loves me?
  57. Bisexual in a new straight relationship.. help
  58. Asking boy friend about past
  59. Hey there
  60. Aaaand the feelings are back
  61. How do I fall out of love?
  62. My boyfriend
  63. I don't want to break up but I need a change...
  64. Rumor Started That I Was Gay And I Was With My Older Brother!!!!
  65. HELP ME!! I want to remain Monogamous...
  66. Getting over sexual urges with a friend
  67. I like her a lot but not sure if she is confused or what? Can we be freinds?
  68. scared help me please!
  69. my mom doesn't believe that I'm bisexual
  70. Kicked out by my parents if I don't pretend to be straight
  71. Depression when not with my crush
  72. Best friend won't talk to me
  73. Scared by how bad I want a relationship.
  74. Asexual/Aromantic (??) ex-girlfriend flirting with me again?
  75. My parents say they are accepting of me being gay, but they’re really not. How can I
  76. Family Troubles and trying to figure things out
  77. Do i like this boy?!
  78. Trust this guy or not? (Still on dating apps)
  79. My boyfriend won't come out!
  80. In some pain over a guy, did I screw this up?
  81. A guy made out with me and I kinda felt nothing?
  82. Thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend
  83. My best friends would hate me
  84. My best friend and my sexuality
  85. Getting back together with an ex
  86. Ladies, Gentleman, and everyone in between, we have a problem, and I need help
  87. Tips for dealing with rejection?
  88. Confused boyfriend broke up with me.
  89. Confused. What do I do?
  90. Friends...
  91. How to just be myself?
  92. parent issues
  93. I've given up
  94. Friends with Benefits - Maybe?
  95. Being a Neat Freak
  96. I have no clue how to deal with this!
  97. I want to make my parents happy
  98. Parents meeting the girlfriend
  99. Scared to date...
  100. Why doesn't she ever actually say "hey" or be the one to start conversation?
  101. How to be more open? should I come out to my best friend?
  102. I'm starting to suspect that my sister is gay
  103. A Demanding Sister
  104. Explaining stuff to friends?
  105. The Mystery of the Fading Friendship
  106. I came out and lost a friend
  107. Is he messing around?
  108. Friends?
  109. Need some advice...
  110. "Friend" doesn't get boundaries and she's kinda creepy
  111. Confused about crushes.
  112. My friend is acting weird and I don't know what to do
  113. Crush on a straight friend
  114. Should I be patient and hope for luck or go for it?
  115. I miss her so much..
  116. I think he's a bottom
  117. How to get over this insanely rude ex?
  118. LGBT Friends?
  119. Fluctuating sexuality + long term relationship
  120. Killer Karma
  121. Ways to meet guys
  122. I love my girlfriend..... but...
  123. Smoking...
  124. I'm really liking a friend
  125. My Mom refuses to take me to a therapist
  126. Should I talk to former friend about being LGBT?
  127. What do i do?
  128. Guy displaying mixed vibes on Social Media
  129. Confused and upset
  130. Poly people problems
  131. Girlfriend moving into my home
  132. Told a guy I'd go out with him, but I think I'm a lesbian..
  133. Parents and Money
  134. partners and their gender
  135. Signs of them being a lesbian?
  136. Should I proceed despite age gap?
  137. Age difference
  138. What do I do????
  139. She's not over ex + friend zoned?
  140. Coming to the edge and really needing help
  141. I like a girl who work at a cafe but im too shy to cause awkward situation?
  142. I need help ...
  143. Is he gay?
  144. Polyamorous, Married, Religious, and Queer
  145. How to ask a woman out as a gay woman?
  146. Is he gay, bi etc
  147. How to bring up going to a therapist?
  148. Paronoia about my boyfriend
  149. Dysfunctional Family Issues
  150. What am I looking for in this person?
  151. Crush on friend
  152. This girl ...
  153. Are relationships worth it?
  154. Guy iv'e been checking out on instagram
  155. Dating advice??
  156. Do I have feelings for my best friend...?
  157. Had a second encounter with my best friend "straight"
  158. How do you prevent a straight crush?
  159. Is my friend bisexual?
  160. Family members dont respect my gender identity
  161. lesbian issues of letting go
  162. How to make the first move on online dating?
  163. How do I get over him
  164. My gaydar is broken, cant tell if she likes me or if im overanalyzing.
  165. 17 year old gay wants too marry 45 year old guy
  166. Nausea, why can't you be butterflies?
  167. Gay girl here, I don't know how to have sex with women
  168. Is he that way
  169. A shout for advice
  170. Is it easy to find partners for bisexual
  171. Avoiding meeting family and friends because feel like can't hide sexuality anymore?
  172. Mixed orientation relationship ;(
  173. How will I ?.......
  174. meeting my crush tomorrow. what should i do?
  175. My crush's brother is always with him
  176. I don't get how people can detach so easily.
  177. Is my "straight" friend hitting on me?
  178. I need advice on my situation
  179. does she like me
  180. Is he interested?
  181. Is he interested?
  182. Should I tell him?
  183. How to tell if a girl is gay?
  184. I have been through a lot
  185. started to think sexually of him
  186. This friend of mine...
  187. Abandoning everything I know
  188. Feel like it's impossible to get a boyfriend
  189. Unable to Confide or Form Long-Term Relationships
  190. Meeting up with former friend/crush
  191. I think I fell in love with my hetero best friend.
  192. I don't know what to do?
  193. I have got a bad feeling about him: mixed signals.
  194. I have a crush on a guy that might have a crush on me too
  195. Best friend is uncomfortable around me? :(
  196. I can't relate to my friends anymore
  197. Need help
  198. How to approach long time (ex)friend?
  199. What are signs that somebody likes you?:confused:
  200. I have no pervious experience with people of the same sex, which makes me insecure.
  201. signs to know if a girl likes you over text
  202. Is she playfully denying or what?
  203. Am I taking things too quickly or is he bad news?
  204. Patching things up
  205. Trouble being around people?
  206. Am I Suddenly Too Clingy?
  207. What do you think?
  208. Stressed out over family
  209. Feel like getting another partner is impossible.
  210. Am I too clingy or is he not making enough effort
  211. I don't want drama in the friend group
  212. Is it really possible for a girl to *only* be sexually/physically attracted to girls?
  213. Should I pursue this? thoughts?
  214. Never met a trans person in real life.
  215. My boyfriend wants to dump me
  216. Need help finding friends
  217. How to cope with not being able to see him?
  218. Lost at least three friends because of freakout.
  219. Straight guy friend in love with me?? Help?
  220. I don't want to look pretty!!
  221. Is this woman flirting with me? I do like her but im not sure?
  222. From the "friend-zoned problems" pile
  223. Friend Abandonment
  224. Does he really like me?
  225. Should I leave her?
  226. Should I not be upset ?
  227. My Mother Just Can't Own Up To It
  228. Not interested anymore - how do I break it to her?
  229. was I in an unhealthy relationship?
  230. Attention seeking behaviours
  231. I think I'm in love with my best friend...
  232. Help understanding my trans friend
  233. Best Friend Problems (Really confused)
  234. Friendships gone downhill...
  235. How to help my boyfriend and his homophobic brother reconnect?
  236. First/New Relationship Anxiety
  237. Senior Pictures and Mom
  238. How to flirt with a closeted guy
  239. Suspect Partner has Internalized Homophobia
  240. People freaking out...
  241. What's the best way to attract attention? Tired of being single
  242. I don't know how to deal with my sister
  243. Can't stop thinking about my ex-boyfriend
  244. I really need help???? Plz need your input this girl is confusing me?
  245. Loving an aro person
  246. My Boyfriend Doesn't Take Me Seriously...
  247. Anyone have alcoholic parents?
  248. In love with my best friend who is straight?
  249. Should I just give up?
  250. why?