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  1. Newly joined
  2. Oh my God, I'm so in love!
  3. Am I Right To Feel The Way I Do About This??
  4. Am I being played
  5. Speculations Towards my Sexuality...
  6. Protip to anyone dealing with a non-out friend
  7. Unsure Future
  8. HELP.... I need advise and feeback
  9. Crush is straight and comes from a conservative family...
  10. Overworrying about Date
  11. I'm getting back together with my ex?
  12. I want to have an affair......
  13. should i give up at supposed unrequited liking?
  14. Best Friend Leaves Me?
  15. Parent problems.
  16. Is my Crush Ignoring Me?
  17. Don't know how to help my best friend
  18. Love triangle, what do I do?!?!
  19. gay male couple etiquette?
  20. "You are an extension of whom I am"
  21. Dating advice for my little bro?
  22. Mormon best friend- am I being oversensitive?
  23. Do I have to give up on my best friend😢
  24. How to introduce my boyfriend to my family?
  25. Does she date girls?
  26. secret spots to kiss someone? kissing advice? help i'm so nervous about it
  27. Boyfriend Came out to me
  28. Am i overly sensitive or is this reason to be upset?
  29. Awkward and Bitter around friend?
  30. Is she gay??? I don't to screw this up because im too afraid??
  31. My friend still likes me eventhough she knows I'm gay
  32. The cute new girl?
  33. my best friend has a secret account
  34. Advice on dating a little older?
  35. Being lead on?
  36. I am contemplating ending the friendship
  37. A second chance has come, please give advice after reading :)
  38. I fell in love with my best friend and we no longer speak
  39. Homecoming dance advice?
  40. I like a guy who has the same name as my step brother:/
  41. I Am In So Much Pain. Please Reply, I Might Not Make It Tonight
  42. I feel like I'm a bad boyfriend....
  43. Getting over our relationship
  44. Close Friend/Crush Confusion Woes-please help!
  45. What do you do when you live with transphobic and homophobia people?
  46. Ruined everything with my best friend
  47. Ex Bully Is Now The Only Straight Guy I Trust? Thoughts? Please Reply I Need Advice
  48. How to deal with long distance relationship?
  49. I Never Have Crushes
  50. How to make friends when your in the closet to them?
  51. My Marriage is Suffering
  52. Crush on "straight" guy
  53. Weird things with a friend Happening
  54. I am very odd in love, and in life
  55. The end
  56. I regret trusting my mother
  57. Thank You
  58. Standing up for my friends
  59. she said she has a crush on me...
  60. Do all relationships have to suck?
  61. Engaged; feeling guilt and confusion.
  62. How to give a friend advice?
  63. How to talk to this guy
  64. Don't know how to tell my boyfriend...
  65. Rejection, Crushes, Feelings, Frustration. *Venting*
  66. My Nerves Is Going Overdrive..
  67. Advice needed
  68. Share Your Long Distance Success Stories!
  69. Help
  70. Feeling so lost and scared.
  71. Am I doing this because of him?
  72. Crushing on my English Teacher.. Help?
  73. Getting over a breakup
  74. Felling weighted down
  75. What was the moment for you in a relationship where you realised it probably wouldn't
  76. Why would a woman who casually flirt with you talk with ur female friend??
  77. Will Someone Love Me? Please read and reply, I need help
  78. Hurt and confuse by "straight" best friend
  79. How to live this life?
  80. Finally broke up with boyfriend because I'm gay. I'm hurting!
  81. Do you think I have a chance with him?
  82. Coming out to a (potential) partner?
  83. Venting everything going on in my life right now
  84. Meeting other gay guys in Toronto?
  85. Help with complicated circumstances
  86. My boyfriend doesn't do anything with me.
  87. This Feeling's Too Strong
  88. Why do dating apps suck?
  89. So confused...
  90. I don't know what to do
  91. Tutoring a girl i like
  92. What's her problem?
  93. Friend Mad Because I won't have sex with him
  94. Was flirted with for the first time, now what? Help
  95. Lesbians and Bi/Pans! Teach Me How to Find a Girlfriend!
  96. How should I approach her
  97. School Dance Advice?
  98. How to deal with a messy and egoistic roommate
  99. Crushing and confused
  100. I hate feeling like a villian
  101. A Closet Case in A Steady Relationship
  102. We're not friends because he's on hormones and I'm not...
  103. Liking a guy who has a girlfriend
  104. Getting over Him (a long story)
  105. Will lesbians or bisexuals reject me if I look underage?
  106. Hot and Cold
  107. I dunno man, I can't let it go
  108. Falling for a guy but unsure of their sexuality- Advice
  109. Need help to tell if someone is dropping hints (long story)
  110. I'm scared for my friend
  111. The Children of Their Guardian's Bickering
  112. Should I come out to my family?
  113. Is it wrong?
  114. Am I Being Too Sensitive?
  115. My ex!
  116. Let down again by a guy
  117. My brother belongs in 1957 america
  118. I'm gay, and think a closeted friend has tried to come out to me. Any way I can help?
  119. Came out the wrong way?
  120. What's he up to?
  121. I'm Being the Annoying Type. I Hate It.
  122. Do you guys think a lot of very closeted bi/gay men are sociopathic?
  123. I just still miss him...
  124. Whats up woth my friend and how can I help?
  125. flirting is hard
  126. I was a bully. How do I apologize?
  127. Update on 'This boy'
  128. First Date Problems.....
  129. Long-time crush just came out to me!
  130. I need advice about my relationship with my girlfriend...
  131. I'm probably worrying over nothing
  132. Crush wants to see me again- But I'm scared and disappointed
  133. Can't get over a could've-been relationship
  134. Forcing Family
  135. I identify as a lesbian, but I have feelings for a genderqueer person
  136. Being catfished?
  137. Missing my dead father and feeling guilt.
  138. ex coming over, need some advice please
  139. Need Advice on someone who lied about age.
  140. I need a hug!
  141. Jealous of my boyfriends Bromance
  142. In love with straight best friend.
  143. Mayday mayday
  144. My womanizing brother just announced he's gay by text?
  145. I want a relationship but I don't like dating?
  146. I feel so bad, and I need support.
  147. Dealing with awful relatives on facebook
  148. Too ugly and weird for love?
  149. My Mom You Guys.. So Annoying As Heck...
  150. This is just happening 2 fast
  151. Ways to flirt?
  152. Relationship Advice
  153. Getting a Massive Headache
  154. My family is uncomfortable around my boyfriend, what should I do?
  155. Problems with intolerant family
  156. I have a major problem
  157. Coworker Driving Me Nuts
  158. Friend Confusing Me... AGAIN!
  159. What signs give away your sexuality?
  160. Creepy
  161. Family and self rejection
  162. I'm so scared to see this guy again...
  163. Do YOU Suffer From "Skin Hunger?"
  164. Approaching Guys?
  165. What should I do next...
  166. She doesn't want kids with me
  167. Does he like me now?
  168. Going away for 5 days with ex boyfriend and ex crush
  169. Just got out of an unhealthy relationship.. i hitted my ex. Need advices please
  170. Boyfriends family
  171. Did my boyfriend cheat?
  172. What does this mean?
  173. good kissing tips? very important please read
  174. I am devastated and i have no one to talk to
  175. Need Some Help
  176. Dealing with rejection from my colleague...
  177. Boyfriend issues
  178. My sister says that I say I'm gay too much
  179. (UPDATE) Asking This Chick If She Likes Me.. Now I Feel Unsafe At Work.
  180. Experimenting with a straight friend????
  181. What should I do?
  182. Does he loves me or not?
  183. ranting
  184. Vicious cycle of seeking attention from men, despite being a lesbian (long post)
  185. Help With A Homo/Transphobic Mother?
  186. Help me first year of highschool
  187. Should I forgive my homo-phobic brother?
  188. what does the passion between two women feel like?
  189. a crush on my ex's ex...help please?
  190. I think my friend has gone a little crazy..
  191. Asking This Chick If She Likes Me.. Should I?
  192. Play fighting before sex
  193. How do I tell her that I'd love to get to know her more?
  194. I screwed up!
  195. Gross Hookup.
  196. Sorrowful, Out of Luck, & Lonely ...
  197. Sibling Relationships
  198. Not being able to say 'I love you'
  199. Is it normal to feel like this?- break up
  200. Do I tell my girlfriend that I love her?
  201. Confuzzled
  202. Having trouble meeting new people and making new friends
  203. How to ask out a friend..
  204. My boyfriend died and I'm at a loss
  205. Confused
  206. my ex(-crush) might be coming back
  207. confused about dating
  208. Friendless and lonely
  209. Invite guy to my school
  210. Mixed signals from a new friend
  211. Can anyone explain why this is how I was treated for my "disappearance"?
  212. Need some advice please
  213. Almost Got Me One
  214. Does ex girlfriend still loves me?
  215. Bisexual in a new straight relationship.. help
  216. Asking boy friend about past
  217. Hey there
  218. Aaaand the feelings are back
  219. How do I fall out of love?
  220. My boyfriend
  221. I don't want to break up but I need a change...
  222. Rumor Started That I Was Gay And I Was With My Older Brother!!!!
  223. HELP ME!! I want to remain Monogamous...
  224. Getting over sexual urges with a friend
  225. I like her a lot but not sure if she is confused or what? Can we be freinds?
  226. scared help me please!
  227. my mom doesn't believe that I'm bisexual
  228. Kicked out by my parents if I don't pretend to be straight
  229. Depression when not with my crush
  230. Best friend won't talk to me
  231. Scared by how bad I want a relationship.
  232. Asexual/Aromantic (??) ex-girlfriend flirting with me again?
  233. My parents say they are accepting of me being gay, but they’re really not. How can I
  234. Family Troubles and trying to figure things out
  235. Do i like this boy?!
  236. Trust this guy or not? (Still on dating apps)
  237. My boyfriend won't come out!
  238. In some pain over a guy, did I screw this up?
  239. A guy made out with me and I kinda felt nothing?
  240. Thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend
  241. My best friends would hate me
  242. My best friend and my sexuality
  243. Getting back together with an ex
  244. Ladies, Gentleman, and everyone in between, we have a problem, and I need help
  245. Tips for dealing with rejection?
  246. Confused boyfriend broke up with me.
  247. Confused. What do I do?
  248. Friends...
  249. How to just be myself?
  250. parent issues