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  1. Need Help
  2. Girl asked me for my number.
  3. Need closure, feeling terrible
  4. I think my slightly homophobic friend might be gay.
  5. Problems with monogamous bisexuals
  6. Should I text my ex?
  7. Love
  8. New Step Mom!
  9. How Do I Tell Her? (HELP)
  10. How to Politely Tell Someone Off
  11. How do I convince my mom that I'm Serious?
  12. How can I answer my friend's question?
  13. Can you Hate,a Lesser Hate
  14. My mom let me down all the time
  15. Married Man on the DL and full of drama
  16. Brother dating bff
  17. I miss my boyfriend so much.
  18. Another Bromance? (P. 4) -- Not just a Bromance
  19. friend likes me
  20. Mom wants grandchilds and keeps asking about girlfriend
  21. Bromance Experimenting
  22. Mom unsupportive or just confused?
  23. I don't think she takes me seriously.
  24. Stepdads homophobic comments starting to really hurt me...
  25. I think I'm dating my best friend...
  26. The one person who can help the most is the biggest problem
  27. homophobic friend who won't change
  28. You always go back to what you know
  29. Long Distance and Open Relationships
  30. Move on or continue hoping?
  31. Shes giving me mixed signals!!!! Help!!!
  32. how to girlfriend
  33. Does he like me? How to let him know? (Mormon missionary)
  34. My sister thinks I'm confused
  35. Gift ideas for my boyfriend?
  36. Cultural Differences
  37. putting up walls and missed opportunities
  38. Helping Her
  39. Not sure what to do
  40. Homophobic Workmates and fear of being known
  41. Help needed
  42. CONFUSED gay/bi or overthinking straight
  43. how to ask for her phone number
  44. I don't want him to go
  45. How to get over hurt feelings to survive this semester?
  46. How to recognize when a crush turns into obsession?
  47. How Do I Know I'm Ready?
  48. How to tell my long term crush that I like him?
  49. How to support a closeted friend?
  50. Dirty little secret
  51. Blended Family
  52. She bought tickets to meet me
  53. I don't know how to have friends
  54. My homophobic mom
  55. In love with my best friend cliché
  56. What to do about my "trigger" crush?
  57. Something is wrong with my friend?
  58. should I fight for her? or did i miss my chance?
  59. First Lesbian 'Relationship'. Please help!
  60. Family
  61. How to avoid the "confused teenager" comment
  62. How can I tell if she's a lesbian?
  63. Partner of 4.5 years has stopped loving me
  64. Did I Lose My Only Chance?
  65. Ex-girlfriend won't leave me alone! Rant + advice wanted.
  66. Ladies: Would you date a woman that'd had a breast augmentation?
  67. Dating advice
  68. Hurt even though I'm not out
  69. Age gap
  70. Husband won't let me leave him
  71. How do I tell my friend she is being offensive.
  72. Seeking advice
  73. I want to have kids
  74. Long distance relationships
  75. Arguing with family..
  76. Can you have a relationship but not be out at work?
  77. Fighting in a relationship
  78. Dealing with a homophobic parent
  79. My Crush
  80. My Boyfriend Hits me.
  81. Can I trust this slutty guy as a bf?
  82. Heartbroken - we don't want the same thing
  83. I had a great Pride day with a friend...who could be more?
  84. I want gay male FRIENDS
  85. Mean friend?
  86. Confused and worried for my cis girlfriend
  87. Not gay enough
  88. I have a new crush
  89. I messed up how do I fix this
  90. I think she's lesbian or bi!
  91. Don't Want to Go Back in the Closet, But Value Their Friendship
  92. Not knowing how I should interpret the affection from a great friend of mine
  93. Worried About Friend's Homophobic Dad Finding Out I'm Gay
  94. Why would someone falsely run around announcing to everyone she's lesbian?
  95. Can't tell if my crush is straight or bi....
  96. For those who are married?
  97. Am I too young to be engaged?
  98. What type females are you physically attractive to?
  99. should i tell my mother?
  100. Is it over for good?
  101. Is it possible for someone like me to find a boyfriend?
  102. Came out to best friend. He doesn't accept it.
  103. My confusion will never end as it seems
  104. Majorly Crushing On a Friend
  105. Opinions on flirty behavior
  106. Friends but I wish it was more
  107. This is bad. Really, really bad.
  108. Came out: Family thinks they can "heal" me
  109. I felt like I've just been punched..
  110. What do I do? (long)
  111. Jealous of my sister...?
  112. I just want to be a lesbian in peace
  113. How do you tackle intrusive parents (and other people)?
  114. I don't know what to do.
  115. Family is not supportive and it's tearing me up
  116. Overthinking
  117. Friendly, flirty or looking for more?
  118. Reconnecting through pride?
  119. I'm confused. I could use some help here.
  120. How do I confront my friend about what he knows
  121. Update on ; I really like this girl
  122. Manipulative friend
  123. What does this mean?
  124. A girl I like and my mom is ruining it! (Bi female)
  125. What should I say to her?
  126. Asking her to go to pride with me?
  127. Strange Behavior
  128. Ex boyfriend Assosiation ?
  129. What next? Which to choose?
  130. Update on Confusion
  131. Starting to forget...
  132. Going out with ex's ex
  133. i'm totally alone..
  134. my phone sent my sister's boyfriend some nasty pics!
  135. Professor/Student (former student) Relationship
  136. I like him a lot, but I don't know what to do anymore.
  137. Telling my family
  138. Poly Struggle
  139. College Romantics with a straight man ??!
  140. Dysfunctional Family
  141. My mom won't let me go
  142. Lesbian PDA Question
  143. Conflicted Feelings? Please Help!
  144. From hot to cold: I do not know anymore
  145. Does she like me?
  146. Love and Monogamy as a Bisexual (man)
  147. Thoughts On my Letter
  148. Should I ask her out?
  149. Constantly thinking about having a boyfriend
  150. I'm a bit confused right now.
  151. What should I do?
  152. My brother (a rant)
  153. Im so confused...
  154. Online Relationship
  155. My boyfriend came out to his twin brother!
  156. My relationship with my dad
  157. New, Confusing Relationship and Struggling for Self Acceptance
  158. Thought I wanted a relationship, turns out I don't...
  159. Girlfriend never been to my house before?
  160. Family problems...
  161. Help! First Relationship And Unsure If Its Love!! Don't Want To Hurt The Guy!!
  162. Family won't accept me?
  163. First breakup...
  164. Hiding a Relationship?
  165. Worried
  166. Fling girl messing with my head
  167. Does he like me? Lots of signs...
  168. Reaching out to an old (gay?) friend from grammar school
  169. Liking Multiple People
  170. How hard was for you to get a boyfriend?
  171. Does she like me? Should I do anything?
  172. Why am I wanting this?
  173. Asking out my former teacher?
  174. Family in denial
  175. (Now Ex-)Partner Transitioning and Needs to Explore?
  176. What if I can never come out?
  177. Scared to death of myself?
  178. I have a new girlfriend but my parents don't know I'm gay
  179. Small things that mean a lot
  180. letting go of resentment towards parents' homophobia
  181. Would you consider having an online gay/ bisexual relationship?
  182. Is it possible?
  183. Family (kind of a rant)
  184. Dating age range for a 37 yr old man
  185. How to cope with jealousy and having low self-esteem?
  186. Is Pride worth guilt-tripping my friends?
  187. Does he like me? Supposedly straight
  188. What exactly does he wants?
  189. Friend keeps asking me this question
  190. Escaping crush, feeling crazy and sick.
  191. Boyfriends family isn't accepting
  192. My mom doesn't believe me
  193. Another Bromance? (P. 3) -- What is going on?
  194. Did she play mind games or am I nuts.
  195. A Problem
  196. Encouraging self-acceptance
  197. Online dating woes
  198. How to deal with feeling ugly and unattractive?
  199. Straight gym buddy is very confusing
  200. Family problems
  201. In love with my friend?
  202. How to talk to people more
  203. My straight guy best friend confuses me
  204. relationship problems
  205. Does this man care about me?
  206. Very apprehensive about this first date tonight
  207. Needing advice for my first lesbian relationship
  208. should we talk about the kiss ?!
  209. Essentially a rant.
  210. Should I tell her how I feel? Or should I give up?
  211. First Date!! Help!!!
  212. Unsure about how i feel?
  213. Ex wife told everyone I'm bi....WTF.
  214. Convinced That Friendship Doesn't Exist
  215. Advice to get rid of Unwanted Relative!
  216. I'm Afraid of Sex
  217. Going through some rough stuff...
  218. I had sex with my bestfriend and i cant stop thinking about it
  219. The I've been "Faking it" talk
  220. Lesbians don't find me attractive and I've been single for years.
  221. CloseFriend, BestFriend, and my Ex.. Problems
  222. Frustrated and can't help but feel a bit alone.
  223. Overprotective Parents: How to Deal
  224. So. Happy I could cry a little
  225. Feeling guilty after coming out as trans
  226. Heart Broken
  227. I can't tell if she likes me.
  228. When did you first have a sexual encounter? (whatever that means for you)
  229. Frustrated with a friend
  230. Getting off the horse after a bad experience...
  231. I don't know what to do.
  232. Broke up with partner, can't give up hope // Sorry for the essay
  233. First Post And It's About Homophobia; Help?
  234. And now... My stupid self-doubt
  235. Jealousy over my best friend...
  236. Crush on 2 guys?
  237. Experiences/thoughts on straight crushes?
  238. Alone for ever
  239. Confused and Frustrated
  240. Former friend blocked me for no reason
  241. Telling Her my depression
  242. super gr8 positive vibes!!!
  243. Ex Hates Me?
  244. Fatherly dick move at graduation.
  245. Is he pretending to be gay?
  246. Where Do I Go From Here?
  247. How to Gay 101?
  248. Want to support my girlfriend, advice/insight please!
  249. First love just left my life
  250. Seeing a psychic tomorrow - thoughts?