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  1. Jealousy over my best friend...
  2. Crush on 2 guys?
  3. Experiences/thoughts on straight crushes?
  4. Alone for ever
  5. Confused and Frustrated
  6. Former friend blocked me for no reason
  7. Telling Her my depression
  8. super gr8 positive vibes!!!
  9. Ex Hates Me?
  10. Fatherly dick move at graduation.
  11. Is he pretending to be gay?
  12. Where Do I Go From Here?
  13. How to Gay 101?
  14. Want to support my girlfriend, advice/insight please!
  15. First love just left my life
  16. Seeing a psychic tomorrow - thoughts?
  17. Relationship issues due to closeted situation or is it more than that? Advice needed
  18. How did you ask someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  19. Do you think he even likes me?
  20. When to give them to her?
  21. my best friend
  22. Just need to rant a little about my sister
  23. "Seen"
  24. my mind is pretty screwed up.
  25. Girlfriend vs Family?
  26. Eye contact - discussion
  27. Is it cool if I vent?
  28. Had oral sex with straight friend
  29. Ex friend probs...
  30. Confused about a guy..
  31. Crush on someone who's taken. Advice?
  32. Is my friend in love with me platonically?
  33. Is it too much?
  34. Quick advice needed sooner rather than later (plz)
  35. I was assuming she was straight :o
  36. Messed up :(
  37. Dealing with s**t from family
  38. A birthday gift/surprise in this situation?
  39. I dont get it
  40. Confession to crush?!
  41. Falling for my best friend!
  42. Help
  43. Was there a sort of flirt interest?
  44. 17 and not allowed to date?
  45. I only like straight girls?
  46. Secret relationship?
  47. Crush?!
  48. Advice on next steps with a guy...
  49. In A Long-Term Relationship But In Lust With Straight, Married Friend
  50. Telling her I love her
  51. Need Advice With Helping A Partner With Depression
  52. How do I clear my mind?
  53. Relationship
  54. Needing Constant Validation
  55. How should I deal with this?
  56. Relationship with a transman is coming to an important crossroad.
  57. Hear me out
  58. Yay, she's gay! (but I need some advice)
  59. Crush on cousin, what do I do please read
  60. Unsure about how to continue...
  61. I met someone
  62. Having trouble supporting my cross dressing friend
  63. I feel like me and my boyfriend are going too fast n our new relationship
  64. I feel like GOD hates me.
  65. Yet another post about dating
  66. having trouble with pronouns?
  67. I cannot come out to my mom
  68. Do I owe her an explanation?
  69. How to deter straight flirting while closeted?
  70. 15 year old dating a 13 year old?
  71. Girlfriend half out
  72. Engaged
  73. Relationship and Independence Balance
  74. Tired of being gay...How do I deal with it?
  75. I feel disgusted with myself
  76. Feeling pathetic :(
  77. Should I Quit?
  78. Psycho sister!
  79. Should I ask?
  80. Annoyed with Family Members on Social Media
  81. Does anyone else feel awkward having a single Friend?
  82. I heard something about Spain...
  83. Have you ever gone completely crazy over someone?
  84. Straight friends.... being in the closet is becoming toxic.
  85. Feeling hopeless, need support
  86. Ex Dilemma (Friend's Older Brother)
  87. My best friends wedding issue
  88. How to support a friend who seems to be 'clinging' to being a sexual assault victim?
  89. Dating as a gay transman... any advice?
  90. I never had a relationship. But I have other concerns.
  91. How do i deal with anti-lgbt people?
  92. How do I Start Talking to a Girl?
  93. Can't move on - Lost
  94. Is he out of my league?
  95. Ask my housemate if he wants to hook up?
  96. I would like to help my bf, but IDK how...
  97. is something wrong with me? :(
  98. Feeling Insecure
  99. Bestfriend.. Please read
  100. Should i tell my STRAIGHT best friend ? :(
  101. Confused and Feeling to sick to eat (rejection?)
  102. Live life alone?
  103. Should I stay or should I go?
  104. Is this what a crush is? :s
  105. Another "does he doesn't he" farce
  106. Are these people my real friends?
  107. Huge fight with best friend over something ridiculous
  108. does my friend like me as more than a friend
  109. Thoughtless Co-worker Rant
  110. I need all the help i can get im absultly fucked up about my relationship
  111. "My clothes smell like you"
  112. Round II: The Crush Continues...
  113. Scared to act as a boyfriend
  114. Girlfriend Issues
  115. How should I break up with my boyfriend?
  116. How is it, not meeting someone naturally?
  117. Mothers day is now the day I lost my mother
  118. She says my insecurities are pushing her away (Lesbian)
  119. My boyfriend's mood swings about our relationship..
  120. Is it too late?
  121. My parents don't believe me :(
  122. Can't decide if I did the right thing
  123. reaching out to friend
  124. How to look better for all genders?
  125. What Do I Do?
  126. I'm scared
  127. I've gotten back together with my bf and I'm afraid of what others will think
  128. I'm straightish but curious about my gay best friend. What do?
  129. Please help: partially out and still depressed
  130. Living with parents in your 20s
  131. What is it like to be a 21 year old gay guy with very little experience nowadays?
  132. so... :help:
  133. I may have messed something up, but maybe not
  134. How do deal with advances from the unpreferred gender
  135. Friend is avoiding me - it's a bit different
  136. Confession didn't work out...
  137. I Need to Break Up With My Boyfriend
  138. Could this relationship work out?
  139. Not sure if something is missing?
  140. My mom doesn't trust me?
  141. Why is it so hard?
  142. Should I talk to someone?
  143. Advice on living in the closet until I'm independent.
  144. Is She Still A Lesbian?
  145. They're all gone...
  146. A frustrating mother...
  147. Another in love with my ''straight'' best friend?? Help asap :x
  148. Toxic relationships?
  149. She likes her right?
  150. Bracing for rejection...need buddies!
  151. Ex Really is a (Stalking) Creep
  152. Dealing with the desire of a crush
  153. I'm gay but I accidentally started dating this guy?
  154. Prepare for rejection(Finding out how she feels)
  155. Is my friend gay?
  156. Father has disowned me for the third time
  157. Cannot live without her!!
  158. If that isn't love, then I don't know what love is.
  159. no sex in the relationship
  160. Homophobic middle eastern parents
  161. Crush on my female friend(thought I was gay...)
  162. People not getting it that you're LGBT, or forgetting you came out?
  163. I need advice now, haha. Please. :(
  164. Problems with one friend
  165. My boyfriend didn't accept this... I still love him...
  166. How do I ask her out without it being awkward?
  167. When did you first say 'I love you'?
  168. How to be less nervous around my bf?
  169. My 'Friends' have turned their backs on me?
  170. Another abusive relationship?
  171. My two roommates don't like me and ignore me but one of them molested me... but why ?
  172. Complicated crush situation at work
  173. What is wrong with me?
  174. My crush is gay, but I don't know what to do
  175. Need Hope
  176. don't trust the internet
  177. u r really serious on relationship honey
  178. How to talk to my friends about their attitudes
  179. How to ask my teacher for help?
  180. Romantically Awkward Extroverts?
  181. Am I Overreacting?
  182. I'm not sure if he's into me...?
  183. Does he only want sex?
  184. Is she only sexually attracted to me>
  185. Mom Drives Me Nuts, Want To Move Out, But I Feel Guilty
  186. Moving in with GF and not wanting to leave my mom
  187. Very confused about this girl/ mixed signals
  188. First date dilemma.
  189. How to be support without smothering?
  190. Staying over after a hookup
  191. Sick of having the same argument with my parents
  192. Age Gaps?
  193. My first girlfriend..
  194. Daddy doesn't want me on EC... what do I do?
  195. Another bromance or ? -- Update
  196. Serious question, why don't masculine gay guys use dating apps?
  197. Tell my ex I miss her?
  198. Please help me - rock bottom
  199. Crush on a Younger Girl
  200. Weird crushing situation...Advice?
  201. looking for new friendships(help)
  202. The essence of being a woman? Existentialism
  203. How to deal with an impossible promise.
  204. My family gives me mood swings.
  205. Is this worth holding out hope for?
  206. A lesbian relationship advice for a beginner :)
  207. Realtion with a person twice as my age...
  208. Help?
  209. I'm crushing on one of my best friends - who's a pan!
  210. Kissed a gay guy (I'm straight)
  211. Another bromance or (!)
  212. I love my girl, but...
  213. Please help :(((((
  214. Really awkward in new relationship
  215. Get over someone
  216. lost a friend...now what
  217. Anyone here from the Caribbean?
  218. Not allowed to be who I truly am
  219. Teachers....
  220. Another Again...
  221. does it feel hurt when u love someone?
  222. Advice?
  223. BF seems off about flirting.
  224. I want different freinds
  225. First time!
  226. Moving, don't want to leave her
  227. so frickin happy (or: it will be ok, kids)
  228. i could use some advice here please
  229. Confusing guy
  230. Parents and openions
  231. still mad at my ex
  232. Just need to vent
  233. Why do I hate my self
  234. how to get my friends to stop asking me what my sexuality is
  235. Wondering if there is something wrong in our relationship now?
  236. Friend problems!!!
  237. Feeling disheartened by gay hookup culture
  238. I'm running out of time...!
  239. Friends?
  240. Do my friends suspect I'm a lesbian?
  241. My family is against my basic freedoms
  242. Still Feeling Rejected
  243. Need some advice
  244. Is this "normal" bro behavior?
  245. I Really Wanna Kiss A Girl So Freaking Bad
  246. Getting involved with lgbtq community irl I'm kinda scared
  247. Should i tell my best friend ?
  248. Never felt more alone
  249. She's my friend, but she's starting to get on my nerves
  250. Boy or girl