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  1. What did YOU do when you set out?
  2. Didn't like my first kiss
  3. Classmate EMERGENCY
  4. Come out to my family or not?
  5. Extreme jealousy and insecurities?
  6. Sexual Inexperience
  7. Personality Crushes - I've finally figured out a name for them
  8. has a straight girl ever been interested in you?
  9. In love with best friends experiences
  10. My straight friend has a crush on me
  11. First 'Date' [Need Advice]
  12. Help
  13. Feeling Selfish for going back to college
  14. I think my friend might be gay, and I might be too.
  15. Mom suffering from sex addiction?
  16. Mixed signals, frustration, and even more mixed signals
  17. Is he gay/bi?
  18. how do I flirt with girls? they think i'm just nice.
  19. Even more mixed signals? (Followup)
  20. Getting mixed signals from my crush
  21. Should I date two people at once? Opinions?
  22. 3 months talking. Still not meeting. What should I do?
  23. I came out to my friends
  24. Bed room issues: warning mature content.
  25. Not really sure what to do.
  26. Did I/am I having an affair?
  27. My best friend is moving to the other side of the world.
  28. Found out my crush has a crush on me!
  29. What do I do???????
  30. Will My Parents Forgive Me?
  31. Insecurities about having friends
  32. Is he flirting with me?
  33. Idon't know if I should come forward about my grandfathers housemate touching me inap
  34. People who keep telling you what gender you are
  35. Advice on moving on?
  36. Invasive Parents
  37. Girl asked me out!
  38. Homophopic fam
  39. Getting mixed signals from a guy
  40. Time 2 Let Him Go ? - Or Just Keep Far Away , HELP!
  41. Simple, standard cry for help
  42. She has a girlfriend -.-
  43. Im not sure if she is intersted in me or im just an experince for her?
  44. Feeling Really Alone
  45. Mind Melted
  46. Is a parent saying "i wanna beat the shit out of you", but not doing it still abuse?
  47. Don't pretend you enjoy being single. It's awful!!!
  48. Advice for helping a friend with depression
  49. How do I help my closeted friend?
  50. how to overcome jealousy
  51. Depressed and trapped in my mind...
  52. How long does it take before you know that you're "sure" with your feelings?
  53. Making friends
  54. this is urgent... please give advice....
  55. Im in love with my friend
  56. Is that normal?
  57. Waiting for a special guy to figure out his sexuality
  58. Heartbroken (Cont.)
  59. I've got a crush
  60. I have a huge crush on my friend who likes me back, but she has a boyfriend...?
  61. My World is Shifting
  62. How should I ask out my friend?
  63. Telling my friend I like but him telling me the truth about his is sexuality
  64. Help please!!
  65. Confused, over it, getting too old for this...
  66. I'm so confused
  67. Confusing message
  68. Be compassionate, but not a doormat.
  69. Mom loves me, but does not condone it (gender)
  70. What does he really want?
  71. How to have a mature conversation with my mom about stuff?
  72. Why is it always feast or famine?
  73. Am I too optimistic about everything?
  74. "Ghosting" - what's your take on this?
  75. How long will my first relationship last?
  76. Advice with next move with a friend
  77. Should I let him know I'm over him
  78. I don't know what to do anymore.
  79. Never able to come out to family
  80. Straight guy flirting with me?
  81. Had permission, but still feel guilty
  82. Joining GSA + Mom = ???
  83. Moving on and Sexuality
  84. How can i keep my boyfriend after indiscretion?
  85. This past year has been a bad lifetime movie (bisexual advice)
  86. My husband is bi....
  87. kinda messed up body and dating/sex?
  88. My ex's new girlfriend attempted suicide. I still miss him to bits. Advice?
  89. How to recover from awkward interactions?
  90. Is my brother gay?
  91. I found out my crush is homophobic!
  92. Is my best friend toxic or is it me?
  93. Heartbroken
  94. Am I a rebound? How to approach this if I am?
  95. How to make my friend jerk off with me
  96. Why do I love him?
  97. Tired of waiting for the "one"
  98. I Hate Being in Love :(
  99. What should I do?
  100. Dating help!
  101. My girlfriend is depressed and I don't know what to do
  102. So, I kinda want to start dating..
  103. I'm hurting and I just need to talk or advice
  104. When to ask for a second date?
  105. A conflict with a straight friend
  106. Binders....
  107. Overbearing Friend Driving me Crazy
  108. is he or isn't he
  109. Should I?
  110. In The Closet In The 'Burbs
  111. Why would I want to come out
  112. Why would want to tell my family
  113. this is bothering me, could I have some help?
  114. I don't know what to do with myself! :) :) :)
  115. Hard to talk about guys with friends
  116. How to make friends 3 years into college.
  117. Housemate came out to me as bisexual
  118. *Very* frusterating long weekend with friends
  119. My friend is flirting with me and I'm confused??
  120. How to stop having feeling for friend
  121. How can i stop myself from being attracted towards her?
  122. Suffocated from being in the closet
  123. Conservative Indian Family
  124. What do you think? help
  125. Need some insight plz?
  126. Does he know that I'm bi?
  127. The struggle with straight
  128. Dating????
  129. how can I possibly make friends!?
  130. Straight Crush and learning to let go
  131. I made a mistake, parents are being unsupportive?
  132. Retroactive jealousy
  133. Came out nearly 9 months ago...now what?
  134. Crush and Friend Help!
  135. Crush Help!!!
  136. My crush is moving, should I tell her?
  137. First Gay Rejection and I'm Crushed
  138. How To Deal With Narcissistic Insensitive Friend
  139. Just asked "straight" friendly on a date
  140. I Wish I Knew What Friends Were
  141. Confused About Crush
  142. Help me to come to forgiveness with my heartbreak for as my BF came out as gay
  143. Told him I have feelings and now I regret it
  144. Getting out of a dying and potentially emotionally abusive relationship
  145. FWB Situation - Experience, Advice? TMI Warning
  146. Love for this girl
  147. Sister is an asshole
  148. "homewrecker" in my friendship/bromance
  149. Bi guy with a prudish & controlling wife.
  150. Should I start this relationship or am I rushing?
  151. Lesbian in an unsatisfying hetero relationship?
  152. Confessing to my straight friend...
  153. insecurities and first relationship
  154. "Straight" but has a crush on a guy
  155. I'm confused and don't know what to do.
  156. My Husbands Nephew
  157. Falling for a guy when I thought I was a lesbian...
  158. Thanks mum
  159. I think this guy has crush on me - I'm not really into dudes.
  160. Meeting other Gays
  161. Bromance or more?
  162. Relationship while closeted?
  163. How to Support a trans friend
  164. Friend is in a sexual situation. What to do?
  165. I'm a lesbian and my male friend fancies me...
  166. My story (about my friend and I)
  167. Crush on this girl in my class
  168. Crushing on my ex's ex boyfriend
  169. "foil" friend/crush
  170. Third Time's a Charm... Right?
  171. Does a friend like me?
  172. It didn't turn out well
  173. I have feelings for my friend?
  174. what should i do with my friend
  175. I'm scared, I feel a little bit hopeless, and I need your advice
  176. So confused
  177. Going for a third date.. what am I feeling?
  178. How do you know you love or have a crush on somebody?
  179. My "Friends" Are Assholes
  180. Being Gay in Sydney
  181. Weird or no?
  182. help with this situation
  183. I hate being gay
  184. GF left me because of her gender identity struggle
  185. My ex is living in my house still
  186. Is a jealous girlfriend GOOD in this case????
  187. Starting relationship with guy with Autism
  188. issues with 'friend'
  189. friend with mental health issues
  190. Bi-sexual/bi-curious friend, old crush - need help & advice dealing with him
  191. The Absentee Father
  192. "The One"?
  193. Do I need to let her go?
  194. The worse thing a straight friend could ask...!!!
  195. How do I move on?
  196. What's up with my girlfriend? Why is she like this?
  197. Just started dating and not sure how this is supposed to work
  198. 6 year old relationship... is it coming to an end?
  199. I'm In Love With A Girl In My Grade Help.....
  200. Need your support. Need to get away from a friend.
  201. Feels like LDR but we're NOT far and we're NOT even in a relationship.
  202. what's wrong with me? :(
  203. dont fit in at LGBT school group
  204. Need help with rejection and finding love
  205. My friend might like me....
  206. Help with Dyslexic Person
  207. Dealing with my first heartbreak. How do I get over it?
  208. Is he gay (or bi) or am I just overthinking it?
  209. Does she like me? What do? :O
  210. what do I do about three girlfriends?
  211. Closeted boyfriend.
  212. I was Totally Flirting (First Time) and I think he flirted back!
  213. How to approach him?
  214. Is my friend really bisexual?
  215. Afraid to retry - inexperience
  216. New Crush😍
  217. I hate going to a religious school
  218. Searching for a Partner: Last Resort
  219. Encouragement needed in getting over a best friend with whom I'm in love
  220. My friend is crazy about me, what should I do?!
  221. Crush on the straight best friend - should I tell her?
  222. How do I tell him??
  223. my parents ignored me, when I came out
  224. Homophobic Best Friend
  225. Possible user "friend"?
  226. Should I come out to my sister?
  227. Desperate need of help
  228. Parents
  229. How to meet people?
  230. How to meet people?
  231. My father doesn't want a relationship because I'm gay? (HELP)
  232. Is she gay?
  233. Is he gay, and does he like me?
  234. I dont know how long it will be before I break down.
  235. First Girl I Think I Really Like
  236. Awkward interactions between ex/gay friend
  237. Why are crushes so stressful?
  238. Help with girls
  239. First girlfriend problems/ any stories?
  240. Should I Go To A PFLAG meeting?
  241. Is it time to move on?
  242. I cant find anyone
  243. Need urgent help with relationship
  244. Should I tell her how I feel?
  245. My mom/dad???
  246. Was I rejected? NEVER drinking again!
  247. My mom just makes me want to facepalm
  248. Being deceptive by coming out
  249. When love goes unrequited....
  250. Strange sleepover