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  1. Into girl work and need HELP!
  2. What does she want? Can't think straight enough to find out.
  3. Is my friend sending me (confusing) signals?
  4. I'm angry at my friend for how she came out
  5. FTM Trans Friend With Gender Dysphoria
  6. Telling someone I like them
  7. In Love with My Male Friend
  8. Asexual relationships
  9. Closest Friend Said Goodbye
  10. Girlfriend is Very Quiet?
  11. Falling in Love/Dating Straight Guy
  12. I feel like shit
  13. I'm strongly considering prostituting myself?
  14. Is she being homophobic?
  15. Weird Encounter with a Straight Friend (HELP!)
  16. Omg I just run into my crush we talked and I don't know what to message her!!
  17. Married Lesbian
  18. Bi curious, Feeling Frustrated
  19. End of the Year Formal
  20. My Straight Friends Asked Me For Blo*job !
  21. Is it time for me to break ties?
  22. In love with my best friend
  23. My friend wont spend any time with me
  24. Do I tell my friend I have a crush on them?
  25. My First love...and Reconnecting..;-;
  26. straight friend...
  27. I went on a date with a guy I won't see for at least 2 years
  28. Is my crush just shy?
  29. High School Crush
  30. High School crush is coming out of the closet
  31. My clingy yet reserved and false signalling friend.
  32. My boyfriends ex still lives with him
  33. Relationship/Friendship Help
  34. But I don't want to ruin the friendship...
  35. I'm always overthinking
  36. Is it settling or can love grow?
  37. How to talk to someone you have never met and not seem creepy
  38. Confused - need help
  39. Mother insists that I chose to be gay
  40. Feeling a bit deceived by SO
  41. Does this actually happen in real life?
  42. My mother makes me feel down all the time.
  43. I'm a lesbian and I'm dating a guy. Please Help...
  44. How to get close to someone?
  45. Should I give up or tell him?
  46. I don't want kids, she does.
  47. How does one simply date?
  48. Dating age?
  49. How do you tell a girl you like them?!
  50. I think I royally F**Ked up!!!
  51. Is it clear to this person I want to date them?
  52. Am I being too codependent/needy?
  53. I'm rather confused with my family
  54. younger siblings
  55. Would this be overstepping boundaries?
  56. Loneliness
  57. My mom is so awkward..?
  58. i might be bi curious: I really like this girl and have no clue what to do
  59. Things aren’t adding up/am I headed for a divorce?
  60. How Much Time Should I Give Him?
  61. I can't afford to like my best friend.
  62. How to deal with homophobic family?
  63. Losing it's spark I guess
  64. Lying
  65. What is this girl doing? Just having fun? Not serious about her man?
  66. Rant
  67. Online dating
  68. I'm having confused feelings about my new boyfriend
  69. Awkward situation
  70. Worried about older brother
  71. How do you handle lust and attraction?
  72. Conflicted
  73. Logic tells me to break up but...
  74. Don't know what to do.
  75. I'm conflicted. Move on or try to get him back?
  76. In love with best friend help!
  77. Is there something wrong about liking white guys?
  78. Confusion on my relationship with a friend
  79. Work through things or end the relationship? Help!
  80. Reconnecting childhood loves
  81. How do I trust the man I love of 12 years
  82. Straight coworker suddenly acting really quiet around me
  83. Dealing with people with emotional barriers
  84. Relationship with my twin
  85. Relationship issue?
  86. Asking my friend to be my Beard/BF?
  87. Asking my friend to be my Beard/BF?
  88. Vocal anti-gay marriage new coworker
  89. I like a "straight" guy
  90. This girl....
  91. Advice I read in a book
  92. weird
  93. Bad friend response
  94. what is the LGBT news?
  95. Getting rid of abusive friends is good
  96. How would you handle an ex girlfriend dating one of your guy coworkers?
  97. What's a good excuse here?
  98. Would it be awkward?
  99. How to help my father accept his sexuality?
  100. Help with friend/coming out...
  101. A Study in Loneliness
  102. How to deal with a homophobic friend I see every day?
  103. Relationship advice - I don't know where else to turn...
  104. Got told I'm an embarrassment
  105. Online dating, romantic feelings not there???
  106. how to find lgbtq people in my area
  107. This has never happened to me?
  108. Moving in with partner
  109. Came out as bicurious and confused
  110. Wanting a relationship but not knowing where to start
  111. Should I chase my unstable GF? or Not?
  112. Silent treatment after coming out
  113. Can someone help me to let go?
  114. When your friend's family is homophobic.
  115. When your friend's family is homophobic.
  116. Moms going rampage accusing closed friend of converting me
  117. the aftermath of a Love Triangle.
  118. I'm ruining my marraige. Perspectives? Help?
  119. I think my supposerly straight friend is flirting with me
  120. How do you cope with people asking why you're single?
  121. Family Problems
  122. Starting to have sexual feelings towards my straight friend. Help.
  123. Dating Exclusively
  124. Mom is trying to leave my family
  125. communication
  126. Angry at parents
  127. Problems with Kent
  128. my gf beat me up..pls help.
  129. Can relationships last forever no matter what problem?
  130. I'm being pulled in two different ways!
  131. Broke up but it wasn't because of "us"
  132. My best friend assumes I like him
  133. Boyfriend just without sex part
  134. best buddy
  135. Did I do the right thing interrupting contact with him?
  136. Can love back again?
  137. Is love can vanish.. and back again?
  138. Is love can vanish.. and back again?
  139. Friendships and Relationships
  140. Constant State of Having a Crush?
  141. Potential Long Distance Boyfriend Afraid Of Coming Out
  142. New Developments
  143. Father hates who I am? *It's a long post*
  144. how do i tell my family i don't want to live with them?
  145. Friend of a friend trans
  146. Anxiety?
  147. I became too close to my crush....
  148. I'm seeing someone that was mass raped and forced into prostitution
  149. closeted significant other
  150. Forced to Come Out
  151. Breaking up with boyfriend after realizing I'm a lesbian?
  152. Straight male friend acting very strangely around me
  153. Boyfriend or not boyfriend yet?
  154. Is my friend gay or bi or curious?
  155. Feeling protected in a relationship
  156. Why would she do that?
  157. How do you experience attraction?
  158. Yet another lost and alone...
  159. Yet another lost and alone...
  160. Not sure if I should end it...
  161. What should I do?
  162. My boyfriend exhausts me
  163. My friend has recently come out as bisexual, how do I support her?
  164. Discreet Online Dating?
  165. Advice needed (unhealthy relationship?)
  166. My new relationship
  167. Asking out a barista
  168. Does age matter?
  169. The stars have aligned and I'm in love :D
  170. I don't have friends
  171. Staying friends with an ex
  172. My Best Friend is Getting More and More Homophobic
  173. My Mom doesn't think that I am bi because I haven't been kissed
  174. Best Friends With My Ex,Jealous of her Bf
  175. Mixed messages
  176. Talking about guys with your friends
  177. In love with my bestfriend who's possibly sexually confused
  178. Jealous Girlfriend in Drinking Games
  179. Uncomfortable over girlfriend's sexual past?
  180. Uncomfortable over girlfriendss sexual past
  181. A straight friend story
  182. Advice on dating
  183. Fighting for an 'ending' relationship
  184. How do I go about this?!
  185. my family is ashamed of me.
  186. Do I have bad friends? (Need Advice)
  187. Should I continue to get to this girl who I know is moving away?
  188. My straight bf fell in love with the girl I never was
  189. Caught by parents. Please give me some advice
  190. Do any other lesbians here feel really uncomfortable around straight men?
  191. "Breaking up" with family members
  192. When was your first kiss?
  193. Rambling about emotions
  194. [Need Advice] We're pretty much dating but... we're not?
  195. New Relationship- Advice?
  196. First date confusion
  197. Ex thinks I'm stalking her online
  198. trying to move on from past friendship
  199. Confusing sexual feelings?
  200. Advice on coping with bias?
  201. Hooked up with my straight best friend...Story here...Please help
  202. Boyfriend got drunk and outed me
  203. breakups suck
  204. Should I (21) have sex with a minor?
  205. I need Advice
  206. separation anxiety
  207. Confusing situation/dynamic
  208. Should I run away?
  209. Late coming-out girlfriend or fresh romance ?
  210. Seeking approval
  211. I'm trans, and my parents won't pay for College
  212. Do you think my mom knows?
  213. Should I text my ex?
  214. Watch this video.
  215. Annoying friend won't stop messaging me
  216. Lesbian flirting
  217. It's Unnatural
  218. How to supress sexual feelings for best friend
  219. Liking a guy but not sure what his sexuality is
  220. I love him.
  221. Long distance relationship
  222. Liking a straight guy...
  223. asking out a girl
  224. How badly did I mess up?
  225. problems with best friend cause of LGBT*-Community
  226. I told my crush
  227. Advice on friend group(s)
  228. In need of serious advice
  229. Two straight guys with fiancées wanted to make out with me. Why?
  230. How to flirt with a friend?!
  231. Don't know if I really love my boyfriend
  232. I feel alone
  233. What should I do for my girlfriend for valentines day?
  234. Drunken 'Straight' Best Friend Mistake
  235. Lack of feelings thinking about relationship
  236. Stressed out and need advice
  237. in love with straight girl best friend. sigh :(
  238. Bi Guy... BJ... GF... Help!!
  239. How often should couples have sex?
  240. I give up, but still
  241. Is she interested?
  242. How am I supposed to proceed?
  243. How to get over someone who upset you
  244. Disowned by my Parents - Part 3 - It's official - I have PTSD
  245. Valentine's day
  246. Transphobic friend
  247. So there's this girl ... :P
  248. So complicated
  249. What should i do ?
  250. Is it worth telling him I like him before he leaves?