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  1. Please help me :(
  2. [I NEED HELP] Starting a Relationship
  3. I really like her; but should I keep exploring?
  4. Do you think she's into me?
  5. Need some advice and opinion
  6. Paranoid Lesbian Needs Unbiased Advice
  7. Why Do People Always Ignore Me.
  8. How can I stop being lonely?
  9. Making and keeping friends
  10. Why might my friend be really awkward whenever talking about relationships?
  11. I need to vent
  12. Yet another girl :/
  13. family therapy (how to explain I'm transgender)
  14. Should I tell him??
  15. Is he... or not?
  16. Blind Approach
  17. Marriage taking a turn for the worse?
  18. Should I tell my crush I like her and if so how do I go about it?
  19. I hate how I treat people
  20. I came out! :)
  21. Am I chicken?
  22. The art of coming out, to your significantly older crush
  23. Should I tell him?
  24. Still Heart Broken
  25. A new Start?
  26. Life Is Weird Right Now
  27. A Trap or A Start?
  28. How to help a friend who might be wanting to come out?
  29. I need to rant
  30. Friendship advice?
  31. Hairstyle Dreams
  32. Need Help With My Family
  33. Issues with my ""boyfriend""?
  34. Timing
  35. What Happens On Dates
  36. My crush might like me back, but Im not sure
  37. Brother in law bugging me about girlfriends
  38. Not attracted to my girlfriend
  39. open relationships and broken agreements
  40. I think my friend is gay and I like him?
  41. So I came out, randomly, and I'm not sure if my friend is into me
  42. Lesbian dating intimidation and the crazy labels.
  43. Explaining homosexuality to a hetero woman
  44. I matched with an amazing girl on ****** whom I'm meeting this sunday. Advice?
  45. She rejected me but what could be on her mind now?
  46. Relationship status
  47. What do I do about this friendship with a taken girl I'm attracted to?
  48. Can't let go, but I need to
  49. Should I be worried?
  50. Date ideas???
  51. Relationships With Woman
  52. Advice needed from older women who've had relationships with young women
  53. Please help me sort out my feelings
  54. Ways to Get Involved in the LGBTQ Community
  55. Bisexual women on lesbian dating sites?
  56. Straight crush messages me out of nowhere
  57. Other lesbians, how do you feel/act around men?
  58. Me and my ex have a mutual best friend???
  59. Stuck as male
  60. Need advice from bisexual women
  61. Am I Too Sensitive (Would it Ruin My Relationships?)
  62. Broken
  63. Feeling stuck
  64. Relationship trouble
  65. Should I initiate the next meet up/drink with her?
  66. Mixed signals from older woman
  67. Mixed signals from older woman
  68. Demisexual-mono me, bi-poly boyfriend.
  69. Disowned by my Parents - Part 4 - Diagnosed with PTSD
  70. Reflection on the past year
  71. How to stop thinking about an old crush
  72. Gay & Lesbian Friendships
  73. How to interact with men without appearing interested?
  74. Hooked Up With Straight Friend But Now Have Feelings and its KILLING me
  75. Am I leading him on?
  76. Is she the one?
  77. Parents in heavy denial
  78. There's a girl...
  79. Need advice on gf and outness
  80. Boyfriend is still not sure about his Romantic Orientation.
  81. New (first) relationship anxiety
  82. Did I completely fuck up?
  83. What to do about my friends potentially abusive relationship?
  84. First date with my crush!!! Help :)
  85. Nobody in my area
  86. Is it worth a try?
  87. Any advice on finding out if someone would be open for a gay relationship?
  88. Just found something I don't like.
  89. What kind of contact is friendly and what is more...
  90. I dont know if hes gay or not, but I really want to tell him
  91. did i mess up?
  92. Parents Ignoring Sexuality
  93. She leaned on my shoulder...
  94. He Sent Me Nudes...More Than Once???
  95. soon there's this girl
  96. Relationship with your straight male friends
  97. Question About Boyfriend's Orientation
  98. Was it my fault that he ended things with us?
  99. First Relationship Blues
  100. Girlfriend Status
  101. Giving her a letter/note before she leaves the country?
  102. When should you discuss mental health?
  103. Help
  104. Crazy lesbian love triangle
  105. Awkward Mess
  106. I screwed it up
  107. Sure this has been asked a million times before...
  108. This boy...
  109. I REALLY need to talk to someone about this.
  110. Confusing Friendship
  111. The time I almost outed myself.
  112. My friend is gay
  113. Crush on my friend...what to do
  114. Oh no. Think I'm falling for him again. Catch 22.
  115. Terrible idea or will it be alright? Pls send help.
  116. Forwardness: Good or Bad?
  117. New Girl - how do I precede?
  118. Should i tell her i like her?
  119. Uncomfortable w/ Same Sex PDA. HELP!
  120. Breaking ties with family
  121. Need Advice
  122. For the sake of my mental health please respond :')
  123. Aaaaaaaaaa
  124. Does she even know that I like her? Does she like me?
  125. What am i going to do?
  126. confused about my family
  127. Does my family know I'm bi?
  128. i want to write my friend a confession letter
  129. I'm ruining everything.
  130. I have a very homophobic religious family
  131. Finding IRL LGBT friends
  132. Does he like me? Or am I wasting my time?
  133. Confused and Concerned
  134. I've screwed up
  135. Gay friendship questions
  136. Straight Crushes
  137. I don't know what to do:(
  138. really big crush...
  139. Tips on making gay friends IRL?
  140. Dealing with nervousness around female teachers
  141. Should I tell him I moved on
  142. Are my feelings fair? boyfriend problems...
  143. I don't understand my Mum's behavior
  144. I need help learning how to help a transgender friend
  145. I've had a long time major crush on my best friend- she doesn't even know I'm gay
  146. How do I forget
  147. What did I do?
  148. Awkward conversations with new friends
  149. Happy Update
  150. Boyfriend ignores me?
  151. Flakey girl or not interested?
  152. How to get a girlfriend?
  153. Can't tell if this girl likes me?
  154. Hopeless Crush
  155. Do I go on the second date?
  156. Lesbian flirting
  157. Anger Issues/ Family problems
  158. Left confused & upset after breakup, need to vent
  159. How to get over an ex
  160. Meeting girls in small towns?
  161. Telling my best friend I like her
  162. What does it mean if you want to kiss someone
  163. The idea of dating my own ethnicity feels like dating a family member
  164. heart broken. I think she likes me more than a friend
  165. Update on Life
  166. [RANT]My best friend became a huge jerk
  167. Str8,curios drama or what?
  168. No F-ing Filter
  169. Is this a misunderstanding?
  170. Unaccepting Parent?
  171. to gay or not to gay?
  172. Marital discontent or identity confusion?
  173. A crushing "crush"
  174. Bi girl in hetero couple. Phases of desire? How do you deal?
  175. Feel so ashamed again! Help?
  176. First "date": walk my dog together by the sea? Is it weird?
  177. My mom wants to talk but I dont
  178. There is this girl...
  179. Dating my worst fear
  180. Dating issue
  181. Trans relationship?
  182. I Think I Like a Guy, but There Are Some Problems
  183. Learning to 'take the lead'
  184. Flirting while gay?
  185. The worst feeling. Tell me what you think.
  186. Made a big mistake (I think)
  187. Friendship troubles - homophobic or something else?
  188. There is a guy I like....
  189. help
  190. Guys tell me I'm not the only one
  191. I just came out and I feel dreadful. Advice?
  192. Bad breakup
  193. Got a date, need advice
  194. How do you kiss someone?
  195. Dating With an Age Gap?
  196. How to tell ultra religious parents that their religion has done damage in my life
  197. I may have a crush on my best friends girlfriend/my best friend.
  198. Parents who's child is bi/gay how did you know
  199. The Misnamimg continues :(
  200. My partner wants physical intimacy but does not want to do it
  201. How do I deal with my mom not understanding
  202. Help for a jealous lover?
  203. Stuck with messed up family
  204. Non-binary sleepovers
  205. I went on a date - why do i feel down?
  206. I kinda fucked up...
  207. I might have a crush on my best friend...?
  208. Crush on Two People
  209. mom wants to make me straight
  210. Well, That turned out different then I ever imagined, what to do now?
  211. Advice on friendships
  212. I've Given Up on Finding Love. How Do I Move On with My Life?
  213. Mutual Crush problem
  214. Can't Escape Drama
  215. Close enough for now???
  216. What next?
  217. should I talk?
  218. She doesnt understand
  219. Talking to Friends About Self-Harm/Mental Issues
  220. I miss my friends.
  221. New relationship advice!
  222. (NonLGBT related) Things family shouldn't say about family.
  223. Really struggling to ask someone out.
  224. Just in case you wanted more info about my family drama
  225. How do I get my mom's voice out of my head?
  226. Dating question
  227. Questions for my parner, regarding Genderfluidity
  228. Crush drunk texts me
  229. Want him but I don't know if he's was I need.
  230. Moved to a big city and canīt make new friends
  231. What could happen?
  232. Dad & Others Still call me by my old/Dead name
  233. Outdoorlads
  234. Am I Overreacting?
  235. Should I message him on the dating site to reestablish contact between us?
  236. Split feelings for my best friend...
  237. seeking advice: spouse texts with ex sometimes
  238. Strange feelings about best friend
  239. Should we tell our other best friend?
  240. So confused
  241. Stupid Parents
  242. Family Questions
  243. Broken Family
  244. Relationship ready or living nightmare?
  245. Communication problems :/
  246. How to deal with other people?
  247. Possible mutual crush between me & a friend
  248. Guys vs girls?
  249. Problems With My Children
  250. Update on life