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  1. I don't know what to do
  2. "Straight" guys checking me out
  3. Finding myself.
  4. Stuck
  5. For those of you with anxiety
  6. I don't know what's going on anymore?
  7. I'm drowning
  8. Hey! How you've been doing?(Rant)
  9. Knowing your sexuality without any experience
  10. Related to introversion I guess: losing my mind when people hang out in my room
  11. Mental Health Issues
  12. Confidence
  13. 17 and leaving the house.
  14. Depressed over a guy
  15. I like a girl I don't even know?
  16. gay guys having straight friends
  17. FTM Doubts..
  18. Phone Interview
  19. Guy stuck in my head after 8 months
  20. My friend doesn't believe me...
  21. Giving up slowly
  22. I think I did something stupid...
  23. I kind of love this boy...
  24. Feeling sick at heart and now self harming again
  25. Im so confused about my sexuailty
  26. dating
  27. Keeping faith
  28. Existential Crisis
  29. Questions about binders...
  30. I think I have OCD
  31. Losing my cats
  32. Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  33. Asking him if we can kiss
  34. I can't do this anymore :(
  35. My Ex-Boyfriend is Married and Never Told Me
  36. Family/Mental Health
  37. Hate to be called a 'woman'
  38. How can I get over a crush?
  39. Seeking some advice
  40. Gifts/Favours and Insecurity
  41. Crush is asexual?
  42. How to grow some self esteem
  43. Hocd
  44. I feel I'm missing out
  45. Drowning
  46. Depressed, Suicidal, Can't take it anymore
  47. Decisions?! D:
  48. Pronouns - Venting - Invisible sign needed?
  49. School?
  50. Anti depression anxiety drugs
  51. Alternative forms of expression
  52. Christian and gay
  53. Feeling like a secret im out and my gf is not?
  54. How common is it for both children in a family to not be straight?
  55. Getting therapy/counseling as a teenager
  56. Paranoia
  57. Can someone explain this to me please?
  58. Married and confused... Advice please...
  59. My first Support Group
  60. How to cope with feeling unloved and ignored?
  61. Prehistoric family :(
  62. I didn't make the audition
  63. Just a Rant
  64. How do you deal with depression?
  65. Rant. Also, how to people deal with homophobic idiots?
  66. Danger?
  67. 'Friends'
  68. Underage drinking and troubled past
  69. The Great Escape (please post before 7am 19th Nov.)
  70. Bad Roommates
  71. I hate my job
  72. How do I make new friends in a place where I don't know anyone?
  73. Anyone else struggle with feelings of routine self-loathing?
  74. Getting someone back
  75. Making myself "noticeable"
  76. Anti Depressants Making me Feel Funny
  77. Transgender Statistics?
  78. Presentation about LGBT
  79. Self harm
  80. does my friend like me??!!
  81. Should I tell her how I feel?
  82. Is it wrong
  83. Making bad choices one day at a time...
  84. Do you trust other people??...How can I learn
  85. The Emotional Equivalent of Watching Paint Dry
  86. My Friend Keeps Hurting Me
  87. I Think I'm Wasting My Time
  88. I Feel Like I'm Wasting My Time
  89. Anxiety meds?
  90. Lesbians and bi women: Preferences for the "happy trail"?
  91. High school attendance with depression...
  92. I don't want to grow up!
  93. How to deal with feelings of anger and frustration?
  94. Weirdness
  95. Labels
  96. Closet Roundabout.
  97. Assignment on gender
  98. Jobs in the LGBTQ feild?
  99. Trouble Opening up to a Therapist
  100. First same sex date?
  101. What things can I use to stick up my butt? (male)
  102. Depressed, bad SSRI side effects, help please
  103. i have a tiny crush on my best friend but in a relationship
  104. Feeling stupid and hurt
  105. What should i do?
  106. Came out, now what?
  107. How to find other gay guys? :/
  108. I HAVE A CRUSH...he has a boyfriend
  109. vent
  110. vent
  111. So angry and upset
  112. Regret and anger for comming out so late
  113. Name Calling and Gestures in School?
  114. anybody remember me? long distance and struggling
  115. anybody remember me? long distance and struggling
  116. I hate giving blowjobs (I explain why) but my boyfriend really wants them
  117. Insecurity and Shame
  118. h-help
  119. hate
  120. Current/former vegetarians?
  121. Can I like someone who is homophobic.
  122. Homophobia or Homophobiphobia
  123. Catalogues/categories of lesbian/gay etc
  124. role play
  125. Nursing? Am I Kidding Myself?
  126. Feeling like they won't quite get it
  127. Advice
  128. I'm really struggling right now
  129. How do you find people with stuff in common with you?
  130. Being in the closet affects every aspect of my life
  131. What's France like?
  132. Starting T
  133. Study Abroad in Asia - good idea or better to wait?
  134. I'm In Love With An Anorexic Girl (need advice)
  135. Please help :(
  136. Depressed But Can't Get Help
  137. trans group?
  138. Social Media Fail
  139. ive lost all my friends
  140. Consufsing Girl
  141. Question for first time
  142. Is crush Like me or nah
  143. i hate myself
  144. help :(
  145. Moving Away
  146. Why do I care so much about what other people think?
  147. Any pre/post ftm surgery tips?
  148. Depressed for No Reason
  149. I find myself unable to have fun or enjoy anything
  150. There I said it..
  151. I can't fit in anywhere.
  152. I feel nothing
  153. Getting things off my chest
  154. Please help. I need someone, please.
  155. I feel so isolated...
  156. Anxiety hot fix
  157. Help me escape?!
  158. Winter clothes shopping! (ftm)
  159. Online friend In Coma
  160. Crossing boundaries?
  161. Quit my job
  162. Did anyone else feel this way?
  163. Scratching and numbness?
  164. Voice dysphoria
  165. Ohhhhhhh boy. this one is baaaaad
  166. I have a question about a crush
  167. I feel like a coward.
  168. In need of talking to someone. Badly!
  169. Struggling with Some In Betweens
  170. Another name thing
  171. How to deal with work stress when working with your friends
  172. recent thoughts
  173. What's the point???
  174. I thought I was gay, now I'm not sure
  175. Coping with crush's party
  176. friend crush
  177. Worst Timing
  178. Help me please
  179. Pre F2M Support? Any help please.
  180. How to break out of my introverted quietness?
  181. American Universities - help!
  182. Cant let anyone get close
  183. Is he gay?
  184. First Timer Dating Advice...
  185. so much anxiety..feel like i'm dying
  186. It's not losing hope, it's embracing reality
  187. In need of help
  188. How to approach a guy I don't even know?
  189. Triggers in Support Groups?
  190. Am I overreacting here, or am I justified in being hurt?
  191. Really good news, really bad news
  192. Teen Suicide
  193. letting go
  194. Anxiety and depression
  195. need help with an online frinedship
  196. Depression: Would you rather?
  197. My situation is so complicated and it's distracting me from what really matters
  198. Girlfriend Tells Our Friends About Problems, But Not Me
  199. You know when...
  200. I need support w/ who I am?! high school harassment
  201. Take a Leap of Faith
  202. Ghost from the past
  203. Exhausted by crush :( I'm so sick of this
  204. Workplace Advice
  205. Too small to top?
  206. Flight question,I really need some help
  207. I need to move forward, but I'm stuck.
  208. Rough Friday Night (Need Support)
  209. A lot of things are happening..
  210. Mental Illness Peeps?
  211. My mistakes haunt me
  212. What groups have been good for you to join ?
  213. Should I write her?
  214. Thank you
  215. I like him, help!!!!
  216. Feeling really lonely
  217. My situation
  218. Low self-esteem
  219. I feel really bad but I didn't do anything
  220. I feel really bad but I didn't do anything
  221. Frustrated with therapy
  222. Is my friend gay?
  223. Is anxiety my fault?
  224. I kissed her! Now what..?
  225. Sexuality is on my mind 24/7? help????!!
  226. Auditory hallucinations?
  227. I just need to vent, to anyone.
  228. Mom told me not to tell the GYNO about my sexuality
  229. Complete self-hatred
  230. I'm falling apart...do I have BPD?
  231. Infinite Loop (possible triggers involved)
  232. LGBT "Pride" Club, I really want to go.
  233. I need to get this of my heart
  234. Virginity, coming out and other issues
  235. Feeling depressed, very depressed
  236. Want to talk about my feelings
  237. where can I go?
  238. Furry fandom as gateway?
  239. I need therapy.
  240. I'm back and need help.
  241. Dating - Over-thinking?
  242. unlovable and unloving
  243. so sick of myself
  244. Religious abuse
  245. i wonder if i have something differnet
  246. I think my sister saw my EC
  247. Obsession with Physical Appearance and Love
  248. Help
  249. I feel so alone sometimes
  250. What are some misconceptions people have about you?