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  1. Pushing all my problems away
  2. Meeting and dating people over the internet/apps
  3. Average cost for therapist
  4. Getting packeages?
  5. Imagining rejection from the queer community
  6. I dreamt I had a boyfriend.
  7. What's the difference?
  8. Major Social Anxiety- Afraid of People
  9. cannot find a gsa or anything like it
  10. Please help me, I'm really depressed
  11. have an older boyfreind and i dont think people like it
  12. Dreams about crossdressing
  13. New "Umbrella" terminology?
  14. no one will liston to me
  15. took a nap and had one of my horibble demond dreams
  16. Am I Alone?
  17. Getting over intimacy anxiety
  18. Need help forgiving myself
  19. the voices in my head
  20. How do I handle sexual thoughts/feelings? CONSTANTLY ALL DAY
  21. Girlfriend half in the closet
  22. Many Issues Jumbled Into One Thread! :D
  23. Feeling alienated amongst my own people?
  24. How can I got to a GSA Meeting Without Outing Myself to my Mom?
  25. Employment and Private Life
  26. Going back to school genderqueer
  27. Deep Voice = liking person but wanting to be in control??
  28. GSA, High School, My Ex, and Coming out
  29. Should I accept myself or fight against it?
  30. My dog's getting put down tomorrow and it's really getting to me.
  31. Learning through Procrastination?
  32. Need some advice about my cat :(
  33. Safe Place
  34. Seeing a closeted guy...are we making progress?
  35. Thinking of joining GSA?
  36. I'm Going Into Highschool! Help!
  37. I need to get a boyfriend?
  38. Starting to really not trust dating sites. (Read)
  39. Playing It Straight?
  40. I don't want to start college tommorow! :(
  41. I am feeling very lonely and lost
  42. Co-Dependence?
  43. Friend's brother died
  44. Sexting
  45. How do you cheer yourself up?
  46. Misogynist mother?
  47. Therapy?
  48. Is he actually interested in me?
  49. Am I in denial? Or am I really just straight?
  50. Guy keeps hitting on me, how to let him down gently?
  51. Getting on the Gaydar?
  52. Super confused, what am I really feeling?
  53. LGBT Club at school?
  54. Falling for my "Straight" friend (not your average story)
  55. Pre-Everything transguy starting ballet?
  56. Fighting Nihilism
  57. Sorry for venting again...depression is hard
  58. Anyone else feel like accepting their gay more about life than sexuality?
  59. This guy on ******...
  60. Help. Im a sex addict
  61. Pretty sure my cousin is gay
  62. Does she like me?
  63. Community kept me in the closet
  64. How to deal with homophobes?
  65. Dealing with a crush
  66. Dinah Shore, Anyone been?
  67. Fix Me
  68. Mad attraction to men with hourglass/wide hips
  69. Anyone travel to the Caribbean with their partner?
  70. What Am I?
  71. Is there a point to giving up?
  72. Difficulty Finding Your Type In the Gay Male Community?
  73. I don't know what to feel
  74. hi my name is jada i am 21 and i am sure i,m 99.9 percent lesbian
  75. Trust issues
  76. I don't know what to do...
  77. Dating Tips and warnings?
  78. My friend will not leave me alone!!
  79. What should I do?
  80. How to work through extreme social anxiety?
  81. Pushing people away bcos u like them
  82. Human Contact
  83. Is it wrong that I act straight?
  84. In a rut ...
  85. What is wrong with me?
  86. Prom?
  87. Why do I keep trying to be happy?
  88. How Can I Stop Being So Resentful Towards My Mother?
  89. I can't stand how different I am
  90. i have no idea
  91. Staying in as gay and transgender
  92. drugs
  93. Advice on multiple things [big mess of a post]
  94. schizophrenia - gay support group?
  95. Appointment next Monday (17th)
  96. things dont seem to be getting any better
  97. More questions/feelings on my gender. help?
  98. Am I likely to meet other LGBTQ teens at a Smiths tribute concert?
  99. Ignorance about queer people is literally driving me crazy
  100. Should I tell my psychiatrist?
  101. I want to be a Drag Queen but I won't be accepted
  102. Binders
  103. Vicious Cycle of insecurity
  104. Want to date a guy.
  105. Help! I'm trapped!
  106. The true story about me
  107. Dating for dummies.
  108. body image...
  109. crap
  110. Moving to a new state :( help please
  111. The wrong gender
  112. Slipping into depression of being a feminine lesbian again.. Femme Invisibility :(
  113. The Darkness of My Depression
  114. Overwhelmed...
  115. Feeling unsure of myself
  116. Advice needed about work
  117. An older crush
  118. Judging based on looks
  119. What do I have to watch out for with online dating?
  120. How long did it take for you to start HRT?
  121. Being queer and coping with social anxiety/internalized homophobia?
  122. Hey guys I really need a good advice.
  123. Comfortable on EC, Uncomfortable in the real world
  124. Looking to meet guys, but I'm so picky
  125. HELP! i'm flipping out!
  126. Born with a Curse
  127. Dating a Co-Worker?
  128. How do I find a boyfriend? Please help!
  129. Finding housing as a queer person
  130. Is this weird? Is there a name for it?
  131. Internalised homophobia and self-hatred
  132. Semicolon ~ A Poem (Trigger Warning)
  133. How do I fix myself?
  134. Religion issues?
  135. is this weird?
  136. hasa.
  137. Not a healthy reaction...
  138. Being bullied and harassed at work
  139. How to be more confident
  140. Why is it difficult for others to be honest?
  141. Packing
  142. Do I tell her I like her, how?
  143. Good doctors are hard to find
  144. Empowering Young Men?
  145. How do I motivate myself?
  146. Having doubts..
  147. Problems mixing with people
  148. lost.
  149. I can't accept my sexuality
  150. How can we ever be together?
  151. Dating my first girl, scared!!!
  152. Battling with Depression
  153. The Confederate Flag Outside My Window
  154. Scared of enrolling in this course?
  155. Dating worries
  156. yearning and security
  157. Hooking up with a friend
  158. FtM.. everything feels like a problem
  159. feeling crummy
  160. a ad realisaton
  161. Dealing with homophobia
  162. Distractions
  163. Feeling alone
  164. Don't Know What To Do - Anxiety, Work/Home Life
  165. Terrified of dating
  166. I know who I am... But what's my name?!
  167. I just really need some advice..
  168. Is it weird to tell someone on EC that they are attractive?
  169. Confused on what to do
  170. Suicidal thoughts
  171. The Sophomore Slump and Failing Exams
  172. Need help about asylum stuff
  173. Stupid Teenage Problems
  174. CANNOT focus because she's always on my mind!
  175. need advice- I'm in love
  176. Should I tell her?!
  177. I Did It!!!
  178. When does age matter?
  179. Married - Gay - And In The Closet
  180. My mom outed me to my grandma ?????
  181. Random Anxiety attack?
  182. Came out to parents and super scared...
  183. Does this seem wrong? I am relieved that my uncles friends wife has passed away (?)
  184. Expressing Fem Side
  185. Anxiety and depression
  186. My Boyfriend has told me he is Bi, but I truly believe he's gay and in denial.
  187. Same sex marriage
  188. I can't keep going...
  189. Feeling Worthless about Jobs
  190. How to overcome that deep seeded feeling of worthlessness?
  191. am i being punished for being gay?
  192. just a question?..
  193. Anxious to Scared
  194. I just can't go on
  195. How to treat someone who hasn't come out to you personally
  196. Losing interest
  197. Am I Alone?
  198. Considering removing my account.
  199. Finding Self-Worth and Getting Rid of Paranoia
  200. Need advice for tommorow
  201. What to do when triggered?
  202. Does she fee the same way? Feeling confused.
  203. Genderfluid & Want Top Surgery?
  204. How do ask someone out that you like without feeling awkward?
  205. I'm tired of caring.......but I can't just stop :(
  206. Moving advice?
  207. Lesbian highschool gaydar?
  208. I feel so alone
  209. My girlfriend is pregnant AND..
  210. Local Community Involvment?
  211. Life skill : rejecting people without hurting them
  212. Meeting people with same sexual orientation?
  213. Increasing depression (rant)
  214. LGBT has torn apart my life
  215. Keeping a packer a secret/discreet?
  216. Stuff I don't normally like to talk about
  217. Learning to ride a bicycle to a 17 year old teenager
  218. Minimizer bras or sports bras?
  219. I feel... Lonely I suppose
  220. In a slump.
  221. I want to find a therapist that specializes in gender stuffs
  222. Crushing SUPER hard on straight coworker with boyfriend :(
  223. Expressing myself
  224. Numbness
  225. Sent her an emai
  226. I need some advice.
  227. Ignorant people (LGBT+)
  228. Pen-Pal wanted for my partner
  229. Good news!
  230. I feel dumb.
  231. Wow... im gay i guess... what now?
  232. Should I meet him? Need help
  233. There is so much ...
  234. Gender neutral terms to call a parent
  235. Movie idea - no help online - bans
  236. Feeling Unsafe At School
  237. Can you get married by yourselves?
  238. I have no one to talk to about this
  239. Is my friend bi?
  240. Mood Boost?
  241. settling and dating?
  242. the law of attraction and dating?
  243. How can I survive this week?
  244. Depression,Suicide-Thoughts- Cries, Love for my Best Friend
  245. So my church won't let me join back...
  246. Anyone else do this?
  247. Therapy
  248. Falling
  249. Think maybe my depression is coming back...
  250. Hi