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  1. Need Support: No one I Know Supports me (emotionally)
  2. Unrequited Love
  3. Fat and gay
  4. Is it normal to not care about family who don't keep in touch?
  5. What does love feel like?
  6. LGBT Support/ Casual Dating
  7. Anxiety Issues
  8. Feeling awful after hooking up
  9. I hate being gay.
  10. Given up
  11. Email anxiety
  12. HELP! im gay but have a "date" with a girl tonight
  13. SOS help me please its urgent
  14. Depressed/Suicidal
  15. So i've been exercising for almost 3 weeks straight and I may have a problem (read)
  16. Guys MUST comment
  17. Is This Possible..?
  18. I can't deal with this...
  19. I'm scared to go to school
  20. Girlfriend advice
  21. Issues with Mottephobia (fear of moths)
  22. Friend is dating the guy i like
  23. Advice on Friends
  24. Boyfriend issue
  25. My Boyfriend's Mom is Seriously Crazy
  26. Wanting to relocate
  27. Feeling a girl's energy
  28. Eye Signals...
  29. How to deal with bottled up emotions
  30. Plans for after highschool..??
  31. My wife knows God's plans
  32. Lonely
  33. Old Bullies torment is back
  34. Am i wrong?
  35. Should I tell my more than friend everything?
  36. need to find ways to hide diary anything helps
  37. Becoming a webcam model
  38. Fashion advice for a closet queer
  39. Is gay love better than straight love?
  40. I think i am heartless
  41. interview coming up but can't remember what that job description is
  42. how to win over my weakness
  43. just a quick question about guys looking at me and smiling
  44. I have to pretend to be somebody else and it is killing me inside
  45. My Life, Horrible
  46. What is Love?
  47. The Suck of the Closet
  48. Rant about the worst thing i have ever done
  49. Grad School
  50. advice on quitting smoking
  51. I get little to no enjoyment from porn.
  52. hopeless crush on old teacher
  53. Whispers, giggles and eyerolls
  54. Repressing Emotions
  55. I can't do this anymore (rant)
  56. What would you do if you saw a co-worker's profile on EC and you both are not out?
  57. Depressed and Alone
  58. Shame about Taking Medication
  59. Porn?
  60. LGBT Events? (teen friendly please!!!)
  61. Money and Family Don't Mix (Help!)
  62. Finding LGBT events in my area?
  63. Trying to figure out whats wrong with me..
  64. LGBT Friendly Companies to Work For??
  65. Should I shave?
  66. Take that anxiety!
  67. Vampire Diaries
  68. 20 year old virgin
  69. On Being Ugly
  70. Worried about going to pride
  71. Going to pride festival
  72. Letting go
  73. My gaydar is useless...
  74. Need Help
  75. please help!
  76. why are my parents picking on me
  77. Dealing with homophobic workplace and strangers
  78. "Alive but not living"
  79. Feelings for a Guy
  80. how to come out?
  81. How to let go?
  82. I'm going slightly mad
  83. I don't know what to feel
  84. This boy! Time is running out!
  85. Internship/Job Hunting Woes
  86. Please don't judge me:
  87. anxiety is fun(:
  88. My Mother Is Crazy!
  89. What do you do if the wrong sex approaches you?
  90. Imagining Self as a Woman?
  91. rant about many things which could potentially not make sense
  92. Resume noob, please help... ;<;
  93. The future scares me... 😢
  94. getting over and moving on. help!!
  95. I think i need to see a therapist...Rant-ish
  96. Do you think my aunt knows?
  97. Getting over my fear of my femininity
  98. Turned off by a guy I usually like?
  99. what can I do, help pls
  100. Gender Therapy! Coo. Where do I start?
  101. Queer
  102. Word Vomit
  103. Need advice
  104. 15 year old girl won't leave me alone *sigh*
  105. Trans friend's sexuality
  106. Not sure what I want in this relationship
  107. what do guys like?
  108. blegh
  109. Stories of how you guys came to discover yourselves?
  110. Help needed
  111. Gender "roles"... Blargh
  112. More of a rant than anything else
  113. Bathrooms...?!
  114. Has anyone not cried when coming to terms
  115. Changes and Nightmares
  116. I'm heterophobic.
  117. Do I even mention it?
  118. My girlfriend's homophobic family found out about us
  119. Went to my first Pride parade yesterday....
  120. help for my mom after i came out
  121. I Think(?) I have my sexuality figured out. (Maybe? Possibly?) ...help. Please.
  122. Went to a LGBTU Group...
  123. Need help
  124. Thoughts on posting this to facebook?
  125. My hedrosexual best friend.
  126. How do I get past these obstacles?
  127. Organically Formed vs. Forced Relationships
  128. Speaking up more
  129. Going to Chicago Pride... Alone?
  130. Treating canker sores?
  131. My heart was broken today - and I have an exam tomorrow
  132. Complicated situation
  133. Can't Feel Love
  134. Getting a job... Will I have time for myself and fun?
  135. Gay and unattractive?
  136. Breaking up is hard to do
  137. Could use some guidance
  138. please help I'm freaking out
  139. New me stuck in old life
  140. Suicidal thoughts and I'm scared
  141. Cargo Pants?!
  142. Lesbian friend confusion
  143. When you get an awful haircut...
  144. It's Over...So Why Am I Still Hurt?
  145. Do you ever just feel completely useless and unmotivated?
  146. I Smile or Laugh When I Hear Bad News
  147. Confused!
  148. so now what?
  149. So i cried for the first time in years...
  150. Should I come out to my teacher?
  151. Please help me
  152. Thoughts
  153. Hello!...and then what?
  154. Afraid Something Will Slip
  155. I'm stuck... (Rant)
  156. Loneliness and apathy
  157. Go to prom alone because I'm gay??
  158. People hate me :c
  159. Feeling uncomfortable with my own group...
  160. Arguing Problem
  161. Rant...I'll probably need advice on somethings too
  162. No one believes in me, I don't even believe in myself, How can I find confidence
  163. How to handle this?
  164. Everyone Knew Before I Did?! Letting Go of Bullying
  165. Problems
  166. Nothing Comes Without a Cost
  167. Bi in "straight" relationship...
  168. Cutting my hair
  169. Can I have
  170. Talking about scars
  171. I Met Someone
  172. Does this guy at school like me?
  173. Passion vs. money?
  174. becoming more stereotypically Gay
  175. This could kill me
  176. Rant About Your Problems Here
  177. Am I Stuck Up?
  178. To Love Oneself
  179. College Connections Advice
  180. I really want to sleep with someone, but not sure who
  181. I know it's weird: but I am crushing big time on boyfriend's mom 0_0
  182. I was happier when I was not obsessed with sex.
  183. Dating Other Women While I'm Still Kinda Closeted?
  184. Help! Am I sending the wrong message?
  185. I'm pretty sure he's gay but apparently he's not?
  186. Do I tell my crush?
  187. Telling a child
  188. messed up
  189. Started Cutting Myself
  190. Does Therapy Work?
  191. Want to quit my job
  192. Bad Terrible No Good friends
  193. Going To a Catholic School Next Year...
  194. i'm giving up
  195. Major Social Anxiety
  196. So depressed...
  197. I hate my life
  198. In mental illness more common among LGBT folk?
  199. Missing the other sex.
  200. Getting over a Straight Crush
  201. Idk i just want someone to talk to /.\
  202. Church Conference: Clothing and "Should I Be Out" Help
  203. What to do?
  204. I dont know
  205. Need someone to talk to
  206. Just really lonely here
  207. Scared
  208. My step-dad wants to buy a gun, but I don't trust him?
  209. Strange problems with sex
  210. Trying to help a trans man
  211. Someone else's voice
  212. Are You Hard On Yourself?
  213. Making TRUE friends in your 20's.. Is it possible for me?!
  214. Trouble choosing a short hairstyle?
  215. Relationship Advice? REALLY complicated
  216. Hate Being Gay
  217. Dislike Driving :/
  218. What other genderqueer forums do you guys reccomend?
  219. My friend might have an eating disorder
  220. Everything is Kind Of Falling Apart
  221. feeling uncomfortable in an all boys school-_-
  222. In love with a man and suffering.
  223. Self Destructive Life
  224. A heart full of love and no outlet- help
  225. ADD/Depression/Anxiety...1st Appointment on Mon
  226. Dating Site WTF?
  227. Dating Site WTF?
  228. My mom found it...I need help
  229. religious issues
  230. Controlling Flirting w/ Straight Married Woman
  231. I'm the emotional support for my friends (trigger warning suicide)
  232. Pulling an all-nighter before an exam?
  233. I need some help.. With anal..
  234. I'm the only guy on my dad's side
  235. idk what to think but we be sleeping in the same bed ...
  236. Confusion and Mixed Signals
  237. Married to man, widowed, relationship with woman...Confused?!?!
  238. I need advice
  239. should I ask her out?
  240. I'm sorry for being myself.
  241. How do you deal with being the only queer person around?
  242. what is this fear?
  243. I feel like such a freak
  244. Should being called a dyke offend me?
  245. How do you deal with panic attacks?
  246. Girlfriend has anger issues
  247. A lil bit of everything
  248. I don't even want to graduate :(
  249. Does this happen to others?
  250. Advice on a girl