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  1. Complicated situation
  2. Can't Feel Love
  3. Getting a job... Will I have time for myself and fun?
  4. Gay and unattractive?
  5. Breaking up is hard to do
  6. Could use some guidance
  7. please help I'm freaking out
  8. New me stuck in old life
  9. Suicidal thoughts and I'm scared
  10. Cargo Pants?!
  11. Lesbian friend confusion
  12. When you get an awful haircut...
  13. It's Over...So Why Am I Still Hurt?
  14. Do you ever just feel completely useless and unmotivated?
  15. I Smile or Laugh When I Hear Bad News
  16. Confused!
  17. so now what?
  18. So i cried for the first time in years...
  19. Should I come out to my teacher?
  20. Please help me
  21. Thoughts
  22. Hello!...and then what?
  23. Afraid Something Will Slip
  24. I'm stuck... (Rant)
  25. Loneliness and apathy
  26. Go to prom alone because I'm gay??
  27. People hate me :c
  28. Feeling uncomfortable with my own group...
  29. Arguing Problem
  30. Rant...I'll probably need advice on somethings too
  31. No one believes in me, I don't even believe in myself, How can I find confidence
  32. How to handle this?
  33. Everyone Knew Before I Did?! Letting Go of Bullying
  34. Problems
  35. Nothing Comes Without a Cost
  36. Bi in "straight" relationship...
  37. Cutting my hair
  38. Can I have
  39. Talking about scars
  40. I Met Someone
  41. Does this guy at school like me?
  42. Passion vs. money?
  43. becoming more stereotypically Gay
  44. This could kill me
  45. Rant About Your Problems Here
  46. Am I Stuck Up?
  47. To Love Oneself
  48. College Connections Advice
  49. I really want to sleep with someone, but not sure who
  50. I know it's weird: but I am crushing big time on boyfriend's mom 0_0
  51. I was happier when I was not obsessed with sex.
  52. Dating Other Women While I'm Still Kinda Closeted?
  53. Help! Am I sending the wrong message?
  54. I'm pretty sure he's gay but apparently he's not?
  55. Do I tell my crush?
  56. Telling a child
  57. messed up
  58. Started Cutting Myself
  59. Does Therapy Work?
  60. Want to quit my job
  61. Bad Terrible No Good friends
  62. Going To a Catholic School Next Year...
  63. i'm giving up
  64. Major Social Anxiety
  65. So depressed...
  66. I hate my life
  67. In mental illness more common among LGBT folk?
  68. Missing the other sex.
  69. Getting over a Straight Crush
  70. Idk i just want someone to talk to /.\
  71. Church Conference: Clothing and "Should I Be Out" Help
  72. What to do?
  73. I dont know
  74. Need someone to talk to
  75. Just really lonely here
  76. Scared
  77. My step-dad wants to buy a gun, but I don't trust him?
  78. Strange problems with sex
  79. Trying to help a trans man
  80. Someone else's voice
  81. Are You Hard On Yourself?
  82. Making TRUE friends in your 20's.. Is it possible for me?!
  83. Trouble choosing a short hairstyle?
  84. Relationship Advice? REALLY complicated
  85. Hate Being Gay
  86. Dislike Driving :/
  87. What other genderqueer forums do you guys reccomend?
  88. My friend might have an eating disorder
  89. Everything is Kind Of Falling Apart
  90. feeling uncomfortable in an all boys school-_-
  91. In love with a man and suffering.
  92. Self Destructive Life
  93. A heart full of love and no outlet- help
  94. ADD/Depression/Anxiety...1st Appointment on Mon
  95. Dating Site WTF?
  96. Dating Site WTF?
  97. My mom found it...I need help
  98. religious issues
  99. Controlling Flirting w/ Straight Married Woman
  100. I'm the emotional support for my friends (trigger warning suicide)
  101. Pulling an all-nighter before an exam?
  102. I need some help.. With anal..
  103. I'm the only guy on my dad's side
  104. idk what to think but we be sleeping in the same bed ...
  105. Confusion and Mixed Signals
  106. Married to man, widowed, relationship with woman...Confused?!?!
  107. I need advice
  108. should I ask her out?
  109. I'm sorry for being myself.
  110. How do you deal with being the only queer person around?
  111. what is this fear?
  112. I feel like such a freak
  113. Should being called a dyke offend me?
  114. How do you deal with panic attacks?
  115. Girlfriend has anger issues
  116. A lil bit of everything
  117. I don't even want to graduate :(
  118. Does this happen to others?
  119. Advice on a girl
  120. What have I done?!
  121. Transphobic cousin/housemate/lifelong best friend... I don't know how to feel
  122. I'm afraid of rejection
  123. Can anyone relate? It feels odd
  124. Help with jeans!
  125. Back To Suicidal Thoughts
  126. Should I go to pride?
  127. Sister's avoiding me... again
  128. When did you notice you weren't straight?
  129. Oh my gosh...
  130. Feeling Slimy
  131. A job platform with a focus on LGBT people
  132. Not sure what I'm doing...
  133. Hate my life at the minute
  134. Question about therapy/psychiatry
  135. Something I've Noticed
  136. Getting a job
  137. Should I Quit?
  138. Need help I guess.
  139. Am I going insane?
  140. Adding teachers in Facebook?
  141. what i've learnt through years
  142. "It's never too late" is a false statement.
  143. Closeted guys
  144. My life so far and me ranting intoxicated but its true. I do have questions though?
  145. Gay and lesbian couple child
  146. what's the chances?
  147. Trans & Losing My Patience
  148. Anniversary gift
  149. Giant bugs dive-bomb me whenever I go out to jog?
  150. Changing schools
  151. How can I make myself more comfortable with my sexual orientation?
  152. culinary school advice.
  153. I just feel so awkward...
  154. The Special Snowflake's Suicide
  155. career path?
  156. Feeling more and more isolated
  157. Annoying guy at my school
  158. Does it Really Get Better?
  159. Pride Festival??
  160. i dont know if i can do this anymore
  161. Prior Experience Required?
  162. lgbt presentation in school
  163. Difficulty psychologically dealing with comments
  164. I have a "friend" who outs everyone
  165. Horrible Trama??? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
  166. Afraid of relationships:(
  167. How common is the pansexual label?
  168. Does anyone know where to buy "butchy" bathing suits?
  169. Does anyone have a lot of experience with goats?
  170. Accepting Myself
  171. Immigration legal advice needed
  172. Dating a trans
  173. I'm considering some stuff...
  174. She likes me, she likes me not...?
  175. Running Away
  176. Mismatched sex drives
  177. I must make it obvious im a lesbian.
  178. Two bottoms
  179. Can you help me?
  180. Therapist Recommendation in NYC?
  181. Responding to faggot
  182. I'm losing control of my anger. help.
  183. Severely Depressed and Suicidal
  184. Inability to cry
  185. How Do You Deal With These Christians?
  186. Advice on attending first Pride Parade???
  187. What makes a person arrogant?
  188. How do I raise this issue?
  189. advice on how to cope with suicidal thoughts?
  190. is anyone else in this boat?
  191. To pursue or not to pursue, that is the question...
  192. Not Forever Alone!
  193. Am I truly gay?
  194. Help Need Advice
  195. My boyfriend and my phone
  196. Newer LGBT songs (2000+ - ish)
  197. Am I growing jealous?
  198. Is he disinterested or closeted?
  199. why am i so angry all the time
  200. Crushing on a straight guy that i don't like.
  201. With a girl but having doubts about going serious now
  202. Haircut Issues
  203. Just some random thoughts?
  204. Dealing with isolation
  205. Am I abandoning my friend by hanging out with his friend?
  206. Stream of consciousness
  207. Scholarships?
  208. do you think my sister knows?
  209. Butch and Body Types
  210. My mother forgot I came out to her
  211. I've been so depressed lately
  212. Is preference a form of discrimination?
  213. a bit of good news finally.
  214. Coming Out Regrets
  215. Feminism Involvement
  216. Can't see a bright future
  217. employed with anxiety?
  218. Troubled by the death of someone I barely knew
  219. my family doesn't want me to dress like a boy
  220. New on campus...
  221. family of disorders?
  222. Help please?
  223. 2 Questions (Passing?)
  224. Numb to sadness
  225. Am I Wrong?
  226. how do i give her signs?
  227. Managing emotions
  228. Recovering Spirituality?
  229. Drunk Friend?
  230. Lesbians are messaging me on Badoo even though I've said I'm trans
  231. Annoyed with the way lesbians/bisexuals get depicted in media.
  232. Low self-esteem - am I gay?
  233. am i a lesbian? 28 year old female in 3 year heterosexual relationship
  234. Asking someone on a date
  235. Pet therapy?
  236. I'm out, but still not happy?
  237. Ocd
  238. Help. -again
  239. Getting bad again..
  240. A call to all bisexuals!!
  241. I feel so alone and so tired of everything
  242. Something about male penetration
  243. 31 year old in 6 year relationship, love burnt out?
  244. HELP: Major Depressive Disorder and bad family situation
  245. bar hopping alone?
  246. Conversation Starters
  247. Alcohol-abuse out of self-loathing
  248. Crushing on a (Possibly) Straight Girl?
  249. I am a bad person
  250. I have a major crush on my professor... How do I deal with this?