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  1. I'm seeing a therapist
  2. phase timeline
  3. Can I please talk to someone?
  4. Am I being ridiculous?
  5. I think my parents just disowned me
  6. Moving on-my crazy life
  7. Just broke up with BF
  8. LGBT friendly cities?
  9. Visiting LGBT Support groups
  10. Thinking about the future gives me anxiety
  11. ...I think I done f'ed up
  12. Every step is difficult
  13. Prom Drama
  14. Help w/ birthday gift
  15. What to do about my ex?
  16. Question for those who always knew they were gay/trans
  17. casual encounters??
  18. Im kinda shocked
  19. Apathetic and Depressed - Being Closeted
  20. Anyone from the Caribbean/ Latin America region.
  21. Yup, Depression.
  22. I can't seem to keep myself stable
  23. Feeling kind of bad
  24. Becoming Too Sensitive?
  25. Being alone
  26. What am I? (labelling)
  27. My sexual orientation obsession is making me scream
  28. I don't know why I want what I want, cross dressing
  29. What type if lesbian am I?
  30. Mixed Signals??????????Why is she doing this????
  31. Virginity
  32. In the hospital--help with staff?
  33. I don't know what to do, feeling like depression is back :(
  34. I am in love with a girl for the first time.
  35. Should I put that I'm not straight in my roommate ad (college)
  36. forcing me to be girly
  37. confused
  38. Feeling very down but scared to talk about it.
  39. I relapsed and it... was bad
  40. Why, life?
  41. Need help adjusting
  42. Coming Out
  43. I need advice on who to talk to
  44. Please help me
  45. Feel like I don't deserve a job
  46. feel uncomfortable wearing a dress to prom
  47. I'm 13 male and I have a crush on my friend, what should I do?
  48. Feeling guilty and ashamed
  49. How do transitional operations work?
  50. I just need a hug
  51. tried donating blood
  52. F**k my life!
  53. Should I tell him I'm kind of asexual?
  54. Am I Ruining My Future?
  55. What the heck is going on with me?!
  56. I think i might be bisexual?
  57. Too old for youth groups, too young for meetup.com?
  58. What are good dating boundaries?
  59. A Pansexual Going To A Regional UMC conference...
  60. what should i do about my bullying?
  61. I don't know what to do...
  62. Do you think I should join my Community College's QSA
  63. Still have homophobic thoughts
  64. Is life worth living?
  65. Feeling completely alone!!!
  66. Lesbian Attracted to a (Possibly) Genderqueer Person
  67. I feel like I'm receding further into the closet.
  68. How to tell whether i'm a lesbian or bi?
  69. Gay Men Loving Transwomen
  70. Feeling alone and a guy kissed me (I'm a lesbian) HELP
  71. Feeling lonely.
  72. Guy problem
  73. How to tell a guy to stop being touchy
  74. I'm too scared to have sex
  75. My guy friend came out to me
  76. Heart wreck help
  77. Feeling jealous and alone
  78. So I met someone at a party....
  79. 5 years My GF still in closet I need advice PLS.
  80. What Do You Want From Me?
  81. I Want To Give Up With Love Right Now
  82. Do You Ever Get Over Your Trigger Crush??
  83. I'm in love with a straight guy and I swear he's into me to
  84. Need to clear my head... Need some advice
  85. Lost a friend and i just wanna cry
  86. I wrote her a poem...
  87. Help please!
  88. Exhausted , sleep-deprived.
  89. First tattoo
  90. Scared senseless... Happy to be wanted
  91. All my problems (or at least some)
  92. I'm so afraid
  93. Why? Why do I have so much hate for myself?
  94. It's not as simple
  95. help me avoid my second attempt please (long post)
  96. Dealing with Homophobia Online
  97. I need a therapist, what should I look for in one in my case?
  98. this is my cry for help
  99. I hate my dad
  100. Straight Friend...?
  101. appropriate dress for going out?
  102. my sister might be gay? (tw/slurs)
  103. tired of being called a boy!!!
  104. sleep issues
  105. Depressed and jealous
  106. When will I feel again? (Lengthy post)
  107. Need help with procrastination!
  108. Meeting like-minded people
  109. Close Friend Issues
  110. Don't know what to do!!!!
  111. Teacher and a Dream
  112. Urgent advice needed!!! Sos i'm so in love
  113. I just...I don't know....(not suicide)
  114. Suicide Hotlines
  115. How Do Tell If Someone is Gay?!
  116. Is establishing a relationship with Christ after discovering sexuality possible
  117. depression/anxiety :(
  118. ADVICE ASAP Million words can't describe how I feel
  119. Definitions
  120. On The Edge.
  121. Social Anxiety
  122. Foolish Bi Girl Returns
  123. Personal advice about overcoming that fear to connect?
  124. Advice for a Young Lesbian, Please :)
  125. Advice for a Young Lesbian, Please :)
  126. Does the shame ever go away 100%?
  127. Never Liked Anyone and Confused/Stressed
  128. Sorry guys, but I just cant contain it anymore
  129. Prejudices in LGBTQ+ community
  130. So I'm Wrong
  131. I'm scared...
  132. Phase two... Hugs, please! :3
  133. Homophobic parents and everything that goes with it
  134. do i have the right mindset?
  135. Does she like me back? Or is she just messing with me?
  136. Marry with me PLS
  137. Photographs
  138. Reality
  139. My Dad's Side Of The Family (Rant)
  140. Music Triggers
  141. They think it's a joke ):
  142. a guy asked me out but I'm a closeted lesbian
  143. Is he shallow and not worth my time?
  144. I Just Need Someone to Talk To
  145. claustrophobia and being gay?
  146. Self pity?
  147. A Weekend With My Homophobic Grandparents
  148. People freak out over sexuality, but not gender?
  149. I just need to chat to someone :(
  150. Confusing Relationship Problem
  151. Am I A Germaphobe?
  152. (Can't) Express Yourself
  153. Internalized homophobia
  154. Is dysphoria only a trans thing?
  155. I literally need help
  156. Really scared my dad will find out about me
  157. Need advice, please!
  158. Going for a student exchange to Brussels
  159. Dr Christian Jessen and his Body Dysmorphia
  160. How do you cope with a break up?
  161. I don't know what to do, please an advise
  162. 13 years and still feeling alone
  163. Apparently I'm the straightest kid in school XD
  164. she loves me....she loves me not..
  165. cybersex, relationships and fear, that's what I have
  166. "people might think you're gay"
  167. Repulsed by partnered sex. Additional advice?
  168. So can I get a little help here?
  169. Prayer Requests
  170. Am I a horrible person?
  171. Feels like an endless cycle.
  172. Mostly university, but some other stuff....
  173. How do I approach this guy??????
  174. Isolated!
  175. feeling hopeless...
  176. I want to give up
  177. Dependent friend
  178. Please help! Any advice is welcome!
  179. I came out to my mom today and now I feel awful?
  180. Lonely
  181. Been Thinking About Joining The Army Again
  182. Bisexual in a "straight" relationship
  183. I don't know what to do
  184. Transphobia in college...
  185. I am seriously turned around here.
  186. No motivation/drive whatsoever
  187. Frustrated with society
  188. Did you ever want to be of different gender? Just to have a chance.
  189. Question for Gay Guys
  190. How can I find a good therapist?
  191. Need a friend :(
  192. Hurting
  193. I have no idea what I believe anymore..
  194. Should I get a rainbow bracelet?
  195. A question about job hunting
  196. I feel guilty for how he feels?
  197. That girl turned my life upside down
  198. Should I try to forgive her?...
  199. Gross feelings after inadvertently seeing photos of Ex
  200. Trying to define myself
  201. Worst Week of my Life
  202. Crying for no reason.
  203. Am I too friendly? Is there such a thing?
  204. I can't find any teen gay bears or big guys!
  205. First Time....
  206. Gay clubbing
  207. Gay Disowned & Rejected advice?
  208. So very tired of everything
  209. Coming to Terms with ASD/High Functioning Autism
  210. Kissing advice?
  211. Hooking up with a total stranger... need some advice
  212. My freind is kind of anti-gay. What should I do?
  213. Questions for the LGBTQ+ Community!!
  214. state of sadness
  215. How to be content with loneliness?
  216. Military before Transition
  217. How are my chances?
  218. Hair Color and Styles! (FTM)
  219. Dark Times
  220. Help.
  221. Dating Advice
  222. Advice on family
  223. I need advice asap
  224. A closeted girl wearing a tux to prom?
  225. Just, stuff....
  226. I have no idea what to do anymore
  227. I dont even know how to title this
  228. This is making me hate myself
  229. My brain might pop (literally, figuratively, who knows, not me)- a rant
  230. What do i do?
  231. Words hurt
  232. I just really don't know...
  233. Why do I feel alone?
  234. Nothing is Right Anymore
  235. Am I bi or pan?
  236. Sh*t day
  237. My sexual orientation obsession is ruining my life
  238. I can't take it.
  239. obsessive body image issues...aren't just for women
  240. Pretendbians - A question to cis-women who date women
  241. Struggling
  242. Addressing all Bears/Cubs!
  243. I don't wanna be alone forever
  244. Purpose of Life
  245. Life advice needed
  246. LGBT issues in Michigan
  247. Im scared...
  248. Am I transgender?
  249. Well I feel inadequate.
  250. A post about nothing.