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  1. Distressing nightmares
  2. College life
  3. only friends are girls
  4. No friends that I can talk to very much
  5. The PAN way of life...
  6. Going to the GSA today
  7. I keep getting depressed and in need of a work
  8. Time to give up
  9. I'm so scared
  10. How to talk to people at a dance?
  11. Women's right participation
  12. Thoughts on cheating?
  13. Just trying to figure this out.
  14. Threesomes
  15. "Friends with benefits"
  16. My friend Said he might be a Transgender
  17. Ok, What?!
  18. I Can't Believe What I Just Heard
  19. Social Anxiety and trying to join the gay community
  20. No lesbian friends
  21. being forced to leave my parents house by my mam.
  22. How to ask my mom to let me come out?
  23. schizophrenia?
  24. Fallen for Best Friend. Help
  25. How could I possibly help this Russian boy?
  26. Introversion & Relationships
  27. What to do?
  28. Helping a Friend Who is Depressed
  29. A really awkward situation
  30. How can I be more active in PFLAG
  31. Suriving in a Conservative Christian Environment?
  32. Controlling thoughts and emotions
  33. help me with this
  34. Sad and Alone
  35. Can't cope with stress
  36. Buying toys at Uni
  37. Is it too soon?
  38. it's difficult to write
  39. how to make friends ?
  40. Worried and upset
  41. Am I a bad person for cheating?
  42. Me and My School
  43. Where are all the gays?
  44. Joining a LGBT group. So nervous
  45. This question may be offensive to lesbians
  46. Radical change or better smoothly
  47. I feel like my life could be a movie
  48. Why do I not let the girl I like make out with me?
  49. Making a relationship possible
  50. Getting my head around it
  51. Help?
  52. Where does it all end?
  53. An update on my life
  54. How do I stop feeling lonely? ;-;
  55. Really stupid question, sorry :(
  56. What will happen next? (Bullying\Coming out)
  57. Having a crush on a teacher
  58. Having a crush on a teacher
  59. How many rejections is enough?
  60. it's so Hard
  61. Sexually, I hate my ethnicity
  62. too straight to be gay
  63. No sex drive / romantic desire
  64. PFLAG Meeting
  65. Farewell EC
  66. Hate the holidays
  67. Getting close to my breaking point
  68. Some advice please!
  69. finding others
  70. Does he like me?
  71. Are Germans Accepting Of Gay People?
  72. What Should i do?
  73. a cry for help.
  74. nightmare or dissociation?
  75. What makes you feel better when you're sick?
  76. Job hunting makes me insanely anxious and depressed
  77. My mom is annoying.
  78. Coming to terms..
  79. The High of Being Addicted
  80. Straight girl crush
  81. should i make a move
  82. Pornography Test(Trying to find a label for myself) I know I'm attracted to same sex.
  83. Getting over it and moving on
  84. Do i have a personality disorder?
  85. What Do You Do When People Bring Up Mistakes You Made In The Past?
  86. trapped in a bad situation
  87. was feeling OK, then bumped into school bullies
  88. Acceptance
  89. Does my same sex male friend like me more than just a friend
  90. How to find a reason to live
  91. a little vent on the subject of depression.
  92. Homophobic remarks by parent
  93. How to overcome anxiety/stress in your own way.
  94. purpose of life without love
  95. Getting Over Someone
  96. Reflections
  97. A bunch of questions in one huge wall of text.
  98. Mixed signals from friend
  99. cute guy how to talk to him
  100. rage
  101. Friends? Enemies? What?
  102. Any Advice?
  103. Really need to vent
  104. Difficult career decision / moving to Europe
  105. How to deal with loneliness
  106. So Annoying
  107. I'm in love with a straight boy.
  108. Break up advice needed badly!!
  109. I'm worried
  110. I hate this feeling
  111. Horrible flatmate
  112. The crazy gay hookup culture
  113. Identity Crisis?
  114. how do you flirt with someone ?
  115. ...
  116. Im done
  117. Coming to terms
  118. Lonely but not really...
  119. My cat had to be put to sleep
  120. Don't you hate it when straight men call cute/sexy lesbian women a waste?
  121. Confusing straight friend
  122. I hate being gay
  123. bi guy in relationship
  124. What jobs that are VERY easy to do with someone that doesnt know their/lack skills?
  125. How to approach a self harmer
  126. How to explain to family that being bi doesn't mean i'm gay?
  127. My Parents Lied To Me
  128. Do I tell her?
  129. I don't really know
  130. Cant get over someone
  131. How do i deal with my mother?
  132. friend on drugs, what to do?
  133. Came out to friend... need to talk
  134. I look like a boy!How can I look more adrogynous??
  135. Two questions that are way too diffrent.
  136. Loving someone from a distance
  137. ugh help guys!!
  138. being kick out of my room (kinda)
  139. Being bisexual in a locker room
  140. I don't feel any different wearing my packer :(
  141. Depression��
  142. Virginity and First date
  143. Came out, or did I?
  144. I feel so lost and confused
  145. What happened to me on tumblr.
  146. Making myself throw up.
  147. I feel lost & clueless about treatment of my brain
  148. How to deal with awkward situations?
  149. Parent Misunderstandings
  150. How to get out there?
  151. I need life advice College Ed.
  152. That crush I mentioned
  153. im scared and confused
  154. Cutting My Hair
  155. Help my boyfriend
  156. I am absolutely done - can't take any more.
  157. Time to walk away?
  158. I don't understand
  159. I'm Confused
  160. Partner is too passive & not industrious
  161. FTM going to the beach
  162. The last straw...
  163. Working Holiday Visa
  164. TV Show Addiction
  165. Support group
  166. Gag reflex
  167. Useful resource on good stress coping mechanism
  168. is my friend confused?
  169. Senior Trip vacation Swimwear
  170. Really Need Hair Advice!
  171. Sometimes, I hate being gay
  172. Anyone else felt exhausted after coming out?
  173. Should I write my novel?
  174. My crush
  175. I hate myself
  176. Gay Advice!
  177. How to ask someone out...
  178. Mum And Her Emotional Rollercoaster
  179. Stuck between depression and parents, going nowhere good
  180. How can I tell if my female boss is attracted to me?
  181. am i delusional?
  182. What's it really like to be gay and in the military
  183. Religion..
  184. Dad just learned about his son being gay
  185. flirting with girls
  186. Bullying continues and so does stress...
  187. Asking out straight guys?
  188. Feeling so alone
  189. Am i too quiet ?
  190. Went to counseling today...
  191. can I cure social anxiety?
  192. Motivation
  193. How do I "break up" with an annoying friend who can't take a hint?
  194. How Do You End A Friendship?
  195. Is this relationship not worth saving???
  196. curious girl going to a gay bar alone
  197. Too Shy
  198. Does He Feel The Same?? (Desperate for HELP!)
  199. Trapped
  200. need advice.
  201. My girlfriend cuts
  202. Honestly no lies. I'm tired with people.
  203. I'm so dumb
  204. Questioning my emotional capacity
  205. How to train your monsters
  206. Is this how depression feels like?
  207. Extremely confused
  208. Self Harm: Do I need help?
  209. What next??
  210. Not gay enough
  211. Depressed and desperate
  212. She hasn't texted me back...
  213. Having no friends...
  214. drinking problem
  215. Feeling like the outsider
  216. Life sucks
  217. any other gay Christians??
  218. i want to die...
  219. Engaged friend fell for me
  220. Suicidal thoughts
  221. Does he like me?
  222. Prom?!
  223. Life Change?
  224. Some advice needed maybe?
  225. Minor Gender/Body Dysphoria? Maybe?
  226. Imaginary Friends
  227. Mid-life crisis in my 20's...
  228. When someone doesn't text you for a while...
  229. my roommate raped my ex:(
  230. strange dream (couldnt find previous posters thread)
  231. Why Am I Being Blamed For This?
  232. *Trigger*vent* I wish everyone could know and understand
  233. Screaming in my sleep.
  234. Am I lying to myself?
  235. Emotional sensitivity
  236. weight and image
  237. Scared For My Brothers
  238. how to stop watching porn?
  239. What and how should i feel?
  240. Crying and feeling awful (bullying worse)
  241. trying to make a change
  242. Stop watching porn for 3 weeks now, but...
  243. Advice on moving from small town to bigger city? (Any Temple U alumni?)
  244. Another accidental outing and its killing me
  245. Oh my, I'm in Trouble...
  246. Agh...trying to be honest with myself
  247. is baby-face attraction a thing?
  248. I want to Sleep
  249. How to love yourself
  250. Girl with a boyfriend flirting with me