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  1. I don't really know
  2. Cant get over someone
  3. How do i deal with my mother?
  4. friend on drugs, what to do?
  5. Came out to friend... need to talk
  6. I look like a boy!How can I look more adrogynous??
  7. Two questions that are way too diffrent.
  8. Loving someone from a distance
  9. ugh help guys!!
  10. being kick out of my room (kinda)
  11. Being bisexual in a locker room
  12. I don't feel any different wearing my packer :(
  13. Depression��
  14. Virginity and First date
  15. Came out, or did I?
  16. I feel so lost and confused
  17. What happened to me on tumblr.
  18. Making myself throw up.
  19. I feel lost & clueless about treatment of my brain
  20. How to deal with awkward situations?
  21. Parent Misunderstandings
  22. How to get out there?
  23. I need life advice College Ed.
  24. That crush I mentioned
  25. im scared and confused
  26. Cutting My Hair
  27. Help my boyfriend
  28. I am absolutely done - can't take any more.
  29. Time to walk away?
  30. I don't understand
  31. I'm Confused
  32. Partner is too passive & not industrious
  33. FTM going to the beach
  34. The last straw...
  35. Working Holiday Visa
  36. TV Show Addiction
  37. Support group
  38. Gag reflex
  39. Useful resource on good stress coping mechanism
  40. is my friend confused?
  41. Senior Trip vacation Swimwear
  42. Really Need Hair Advice!
  43. Sometimes, I hate being gay
  44. Anyone else felt exhausted after coming out?
  45. Should I write my novel?
  46. My crush
  47. I hate myself
  48. Gay Advice!
  49. How to ask someone out...
  50. Mum And Her Emotional Rollercoaster
  51. Stuck between depression and parents, going nowhere good
  52. How can I tell if my female boss is attracted to me?
  53. am i delusional?
  54. What's it really like to be gay and in the military
  55. Religion..
  56. Dad just learned about his son being gay
  57. flirting with girls
  58. Bullying continues and so does stress...
  59. Asking out straight guys?
  60. Feeling so alone
  61. Am i too quiet ?
  62. Went to counseling today...
  63. can I cure social anxiety?
  64. Motivation
  65. How do I "break up" with an annoying friend who can't take a hint?
  66. How Do You End A Friendship?
  67. Is this relationship not worth saving???
  68. curious girl going to a gay bar alone
  69. Too Shy
  70. Does He Feel The Same?? (Desperate for HELP!)
  71. Trapped
  72. need advice.
  73. My girlfriend cuts
  74. Honestly no lies. I'm tired with people.
  75. I'm so dumb
  76. Questioning my emotional capacity
  77. How to train your monsters
  78. Is this how depression feels like?
  79. Extremely confused
  80. Self Harm: Do I need help?
  81. What next??
  82. Not gay enough
  83. Depressed and desperate
  84. She hasn't texted me back...
  85. Having no friends...
  86. drinking problem
  87. Feeling like the outsider
  88. Life sucks
  89. any other gay Christians??
  90. i want to die...
  91. Engaged friend fell for me
  92. Suicidal thoughts
  93. Does he like me?
  94. Prom?!
  95. Life Change?
  96. Some advice needed maybe?
  97. Minor Gender/Body Dysphoria? Maybe?
  98. Imaginary Friends
  99. Mid-life crisis in my 20's...
  100. When someone doesn't text you for a while...
  101. my roommate raped my ex:(
  102. strange dream (couldnt find previous posters thread)
  103. Why Am I Being Blamed For This?
  104. *Trigger*vent* I wish everyone could know and understand
  105. Screaming in my sleep.
  106. Am I lying to myself?
  107. Emotional sensitivity
  108. weight and image
  109. Scared For My Brothers
  110. how to stop watching porn?
  111. What and how should i feel?
  112. Crying and feeling awful (bullying worse)
  113. trying to make a change
  114. Stop watching porn for 3 weeks now, but...
  115. Advice on moving from small town to bigger city? (Any Temple U alumni?)
  116. Another accidental outing and its killing me
  117. Oh my, I'm in Trouble...
  118. Agh...trying to be honest with myself
  119. is baby-face attraction a thing?
  120. I want to Sleep
  121. How to love yourself
  122. Girl with a boyfriend flirting with me
  123. Starting to get worried
  124. A question about gifts
  125. Scared of sex?
  126. Problems with height in a relationship?
  127. Need some advice
  128. confrontation?
  129. Recently accepted(+repressed) boy side. There's a five yr old boy in my brain.
  130. I was a homophobe
  131. My Voice(looking to change it) any suggestions
  132. left behind
  133. Military Advice
  134. In need of advice from other lesbians
  135. I have a bit of a situation...
  136. Bi-struggle.
  137. i have no friends
  138. Learning to accept myself..advice?
  139. Congressman against marriage, period
  140. Out of Therapy
  141. Too young?
  142. Friend Requests on Facebook
  143. In love with a girl
  144. What stops people from being honest with themselves
  145. Self-harm/hatred and confusion...again
  146. My Voice
  147. Half of me feels guilty
  148. Someone I could talk to?
  149. Gave in to self harm
  150. Time To Forgive
  151. Expressing my feelings....
  152. My Social Anxiety Disorder
  153. Frick Frack Before Relationships?
  154. How exactly should I come out to a friend
  155. Feeling defensive
  156. Still feels like a "dirty word"
  157. Cant stop feeling angry
  158. How do I tell them
  159. Falling in love every time....
  160. True love on the internet?
  161. Need to purge my feelings!
  162. I have no purpose in life
  163. Anxiety
  164. Self esteem
  165. Am I crazy?
  166. Does he just secretly hate me?
  167. Feeling really self conscious.
  168. I can't figure her out...
  169. Feeling... Suicidal again...
  170. GSA substitution? How to meet other LGBT people my age?
  171. I need to talk
  172. So this is what's happening...
  173. She hates that I love her
  174. i miss her
  175. uncategorized?
  176. new job
  177. Guy contacts me on facebook. Creepy or cute?
  178. my boyfriends coming out story and why I cant be there for him...
  179. how to distract yourself?
  180. Advice for Supporting Others
  181. Future Plans
  182. I am Romantically Feminine
  183. Somebody help me! (Rant)
  184. taking a break from here
  185. What the hell did I do!?
  186. Define 'crushing'
  187. Shit's well, still going to shit (Continued rant)
  188. Shit's well, still going to shit )continued rant)
  189. My nerves are killing me.
  190. ******
  191. Gift?!
  192. What is life?
  193. im trapped
  194. What makes you happy?
  195. I feel worthless
  196. Bi girl wants to know how to date a bi guy...
  197. Scared of going to therapy/counselling
  198. Feeling Sad, Overwhelmed & Hopeless
  199. Sick of heteronormativity
  200. Jealousy, game addiction, and the pain of letting go
  201. Destroying yourslef is painful weather you know it or not
  202. Dreams (I could use a dream expert here)
  203. weird situation?
  204. Cutting
  205. Worse Bullying
  206. All these Amazing Sensations are Coming out.
  207. Getting to know people?
  208. Crap! Someone help...!!!!
  209. Being Bullied by a Transgendered Person
  210. where the hell are all the lesbians??
  211. I relapsed...
  212. Going to a campus LGBT club...
  213. When does it get better?
  214. Masturbation shame?
  215. teacher love
  216. How Do I Explain This To My Sister?/Other Things
  217. Ima kill myself.
  218. PTSD is a bitch
  219. Parents keep questioning
  220. First Intense Sexual Feeling Ever
  221. Couldn't do a threesome means...?
  222. Should I tell him?
  223. Strange crush argued with me after I "liked" him on a dating website
  224. Hinting that you like someone
  225. Disappointed In My BFF
  226. Do you think this is the reason why I never ask anybody out?
  227. Gay male or transgender ?
  228. Feeling Suicidal
  229. I asked him if he is interested in me and now he is not talking to me
  230. Done
  231. Is it wrong to flirt?
  232. Rip my heart out!
  233. My plans for tomorrow seem to be in order!
  234. Feels amazing
  235. So happy right now
  236. how would you deal with this?
  237. am i wrong to feel like this?
  238. Disappointment...
  239. Not Being Able to "Get It Up"?
  240. Death of a gay man
  241. I don't know how I'm going to go on
  242. Having Trouble At School Being Trans
  243. no body wants me i have no one
  244. What Is Wrong With Me?
  245. Do You Ever Blame Yourself For Things?
  246. Card Game Help
  247. I'm sad
  248. Need advice
  249. I will go to support group tonight!
  250. Long Distance Relationships?