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  1. Merging two towns.
  2. am I losing my sanity?
  3. Lonely and looking for support
  4. Brother Wants Me To "Grow Up"
  5. I can't stop chewing on shirt collars (PICA/autism)
  6. Does he like me...somewhat?
  7. Should I start again?
  8. where do meet potential mates?
  9. Bisexual and Having the Woman in My Life Accept It?
  10. Feeling completely burned out, and worried
  11. Is it wrong of me to do this?
  12. Can you really live your life on "it'll happrn when you least expect it"?
  13. I can't stop thinking about him
  14. Threesome?
  15. PROBLEM after first date
  16. Bi, Lesbian, or somehow in between?
  17. Knowing more than they think you do
  18. Adult acting as a teenager?
  19. need some help
  20. How do I deal with this?
  21. I'm a woman, and I don't want to have children...
  22. This gloomy feeling...
  23. Post Coming Out
  24. Please help!!! I accidentally fell for this guy that ended up being curious..
  25. Feeling alone, it's so hard.
  26. straight bi gay ?
  27. Was I being cat called?
  28. Is it true?
  29. Online Dating worries.
  30. Rather depressed...
  31. High School Work Experience
  32. GSA Help!
  33. GSA Help!
  34. What should I say to a class of seniors about life after high school?
  35. Is "wanting a relationship" such a bad thing?
  36. Moving House and it scares me
  37. Nightmares
  38. Friends
  39. I Don't Know What To Believe?
  40. Everyday Struggle
  41. Messed up head, please help
  42. Email to school regarding name change
  43. Struggling to be active
  44. Dealing with a bad day.
  45. Lost
  46. How did you enter the gay community..from a straight one
  47. I feel disappointed in myself for not being able to leave my parents yet
  48. I wore make up and I liked it...
  49. never felt this way before
  50. Everything still going to shit
  51. Pfft! Clear as daylight
  52. Singlehood and my future
  53. Lesbian events
  54. Struggling and at a loss for what to do
  55. Gay, out, accepted, but feel inferior
  56. dating
  57. Pflag
  58. Should I go?
  59. Coping with Change
  60. Trying to get over first love?
  61. I don't know what to do
  62. ****** or naw
  63. Not sure if this goes here...
  64. Should I let it go?
  65. Fear of happiness
  66. Enough Is Enough
  67. Not sure where to post this...
  68. What do I do?
  69. I'm becoming very emotional.
  70. Gay therapist
  71. WORST. BREAK. EVER. please help...
  72. I need help
  73. Finding closure when people just disappear
  74. dad making me feel bad about having tattoo's
  75. Frustrated
  76. Sometimes it seems like death is calling me
  77. How to stop thinking/feeling this way
  78. 15 Years Young Today/Thank You EC
  79. Getting Out There
  80. Reasons I may or may not prefer girls.. Please help.
  81. Struggling with suicidal thoughts
  82. Bad hook up experience and need to be heard
  83. *NOT* Fitting in at new high school?
  84. Is the feeling always mutual?
  85. Stressed and Anxious about this.
  86. girl is all alone in this city
  87. Don't Know Where to Start
  88. How to Start Dating
  89. dealing with depression, anxiety and loneliness
  90. OCD and SEXUAL themes
  91. I am struggling with religion...
  92. NYC pride?
  93. get out or stay?
  94. Trying to beat depression
  95. Empty Closets - Charitable Donations Now Open!
  96. Living in Richmond VA
  97. Going to pride alone?
  98. A Strange Issue Arrived...
  99. Severely depressed...
  100. Wow Really?
  101. is it possible to fill lack of love with an imagination?
  102. heart broken need advice
  103. Can someone help me explain why "lesbo" is offensive?
  104. i feel like an outsider looking in
  105. I'm scared to tell my mother I'm leaving
  106. Advice for first date with a girl?
  107. Im a heartbroken..misogynist?
  108. I will never accept my body, depression and suicidal thoughts
  109. What hair style should I get
  110. How do I flirt?
  111. should i stay or should i go
  112. Politics and Petitions - Advice
  113. Lesbian Movies
  114. home issues?
  115. My homophobic mother
  116. Will I ever find my dream guy?
  117. Difficult To Pronounce/Talk
  118. Reaching inability to deal with issues...
  119. Is This The Right Thing To Do?
  120. Really Disheartened :/
  121. My Trigger to Self-harm
  122. Tired of everything!
  123. Welp, I made a mistake . . . but I'm only human
  124. Feeling Lonely
  125. The urge... it's growing
  126. Why do I find myself so ugly...
  127. end of year rant? i guess
  128. FLIRT ALERT (I think...)
  129. A chance at happiness again
  130. Help, please...
  131. First Christmas Alone
  132. Becoming 'myself' again?
  133. I miss my Mom, Second Christmas without her
  134. My hearts go out to you all
  135. Support Worker Gave Me Some Advice
  136. Jealous of straight people :(
  137. Screwed up a first date...
  138. A wild website appears!
  139. How do I get help for my OCD?
  140. Thoughts about self harm, HELP???
  141. Not so happy holidays
  142. Feeling Hopeless
  143. I'm thinking too much...
  144. help restrictive parents and passing
  145. Dinner
  146. I can't find a shelter that's willing to take me T_T
  147. Why
  148. Quitting Zoloft Cold-Turkey
  149. A bit confused on this
  150. Self Harm and depression
  151. Birthday Present?
  152. Everything could be great if it wasn't for me
  153. self-harm advice? (it might be triggering so a warning!)
  154. Lifes little wins
  155. Very Confused
  156. Being led on by the same sex?
  157. girl asked for my number??
  158. My cousin has put on his Facebook that he's a women and such
  159. LGBT people with Depression, Bipolar, and other mood issues.
  160. Has anyone cared, or is caring for a love one that is seriously ill?
  161. suicidal friend in hospital
  162. Does he know?
  163. Any advice?
  164. Where do I start?
  165. Desperately Seeking Advice
  166. Am I alienating my mom?
  167. attracted to people I was never attracted to before...? Why?
  168. I'm so pissed!
  169. people keep callig me a girl no idea why
  170. My first time - need advice!!
  171. Excessive worrying
  172. Are they hints?
  173. Help! My brother worships Odin!
  174. I failed
  175. Am I a demiboy or trans or just crazy?
  176. Issues With Vulnerability
  177. First time venting session
  178. Do I Have A Right To Be Bitter Still?/I Hate Being So Mature
  179. TIL: The love of my life is straight
  180. What to do if BFF unexpectedly ignores you?
  181. I'm just... tired.
  182. Kicked Out For Being Gay
  183. Feeling down over weight gain
  184. Am I Overacting?
  185. Lost love
  186. I can't stand school anymore
  187. I need some support you guys :(
  188. Need some advice
  189. Why dont people like me
  190. Religion is ruining my mental health!
  191. Losing my faith, finally.
  192. Suicide: Feeling It Again
  193. Sorry, but I'm just going to have to fall into the stereotype
  194. Cutting: An Update
  195. Friend wants to stay hangout for Christmas and Newyears but I might be in a shelter
  196. I Feel Like I'm Dying...
  197. I've been depressed for the past 5 or 6 years
  198. Opinions on online dating/dating apps?
  199. I woke up frustrated and started to cry...?
  200. Heading home for the holidays
  201. Depression... A valid excuse?
  202. i look so homo im a bitch wtf?
  203. Anyone in the same boat?
  204. Is the guy I am dating Gay???
  205. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  206. Just Wondering
  207. Question for people on antidepressents, or used to be.
  208. only black sheep for miles
  209. Needing advice!
  210. Is it wrong to date/prefer older men?
  211. Funk
  212. Advantages
  213. In barely holding in my tears and not sure why I'm so upset
  214. Struggling
  215. Why do we talk more often?
  216. Coping with family
  217. Should I meet up with 2 married men that I met on ******? I'm a twink
  218. Careers helping LGBT youth??
  219. Question on transitioning (FTM) and coming out to boyfriend
  220. Goodbye
  221. Where Would I Go To Find A Boyfriend?
  222. I Think I Can Finally Be Happy
  223. Hooked Up With A Guy..
  224. High school help!
  225. Don't trust my old best friend
  226. Reflecting on Myself
  227. With Many Thanks.....
  228. comfotable
  229. Is it wrong my mom says fagot
  230. I don't want to be "cute"
  231. just a random question?
  232. College Overload?
  233. I don't know who I am anymore
  234. I feel kind of scared even after coming out
  235. Dating Scene Sucks
  236. Boyfriend's Pantie Fetish Explosion!
  237. Can an introvert and an extrovert date?
  238. Boyfriend's Pantie Fetish Getting To Much
  239. Anyone with autism or aspergers?
  240. Courage
  241. Homophabia
  242. Bad thoughts returning
  243. Dealing with self criticism
  244. How to ask a straight person to let you blow them?
  245. For People Contemplating Suicide or are in pain about their sexuality
  246. Bisexuality and molestation
  247. Suicide
  248. Girl died at my school
  249. im done.
  250. Is Fate a Delusion?