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  1. home issues?
  2. My homophobic mother
  3. Will I ever find my dream guy?
  4. Difficult To Pronounce/Talk
  5. Reaching inability to deal with issues...
  6. Is This The Right Thing To Do?
  7. Really Disheartened :/
  8. My Trigger to Self-harm
  9. Tired of everything!
  10. Welp, I made a mistake . . . but I'm only human
  11. Feeling Lonely
  12. The urge... it's growing
  13. Why do I find myself so ugly...
  14. end of year rant? i guess
  15. FLIRT ALERT (I think...)
  16. A chance at happiness again
  17. Help, please...
  18. First Christmas Alone
  19. Becoming 'myself' again?
  20. I miss my Mom, Second Christmas without her
  21. My hearts go out to you all
  22. Support Worker Gave Me Some Advice
  23. Jealous of straight people :(
  24. Screwed up a first date...
  25. A wild website appears!
  26. How do I get help for my OCD?
  27. Thoughts about self harm, HELP???
  28. Not so happy holidays
  29. Feeling Hopeless
  30. I'm thinking too much...
  31. help restrictive parents and passing
  32. Dinner
  33. I can't find a shelter that's willing to take me T_T
  34. Why
  35. Quitting Zoloft Cold-Turkey
  36. A bit confused on this
  37. Self Harm and depression
  38. Birthday Present?
  39. Everything could be great if it wasn't for me
  40. self-harm advice? (it might be triggering so a warning!)
  41. Lifes little wins
  42. Very Confused
  43. Being led on by the same sex?
  44. girl asked for my number??
  45. My cousin has put on his Facebook that he's a women and such
  46. LGBT people with Depression, Bipolar, and other mood issues.
  47. Has anyone cared, or is caring for a love one that is seriously ill?
  48. suicidal friend in hospital
  49. Does he know?
  50. Any advice?
  51. Where do I start?
  52. Desperately Seeking Advice
  53. Am I alienating my mom?
  54. attracted to people I was never attracted to before...? Why?
  55. I'm so pissed!
  56. people keep callig me a girl no idea why
  57. My first time - need advice!!
  58. Excessive worrying
  59. Are they hints?
  60. Help! My brother worships Odin!
  61. I failed
  62. Am I a demiboy or trans or just crazy?
  63. Issues With Vulnerability
  64. First time venting session
  65. Do I Have A Right To Be Bitter Still?/I Hate Being So Mature
  66. TIL: The love of my life is straight
  67. What to do if BFF unexpectedly ignores you?
  68. I'm just... tired.
  69. Kicked Out For Being Gay
  70. Feeling down over weight gain
  71. Am I Overacting?
  72. Lost love
  73. I can't stand school anymore
  74. I need some support you guys :(
  75. Need some advice
  76. Why dont people like me
  77. Religion is ruining my mental health!
  78. Losing my faith, finally.
  79. Suicide: Feeling It Again
  80. Sorry, but I'm just going to have to fall into the stereotype
  81. Cutting: An Update
  82. Friend wants to stay hangout for Christmas and Newyears but I might be in a shelter
  83. I Feel Like I'm Dying...
  84. I've been depressed for the past 5 or 6 years
  85. Opinions on online dating/dating apps?
  86. I woke up frustrated and started to cry...?
  87. Heading home for the holidays
  88. Depression... A valid excuse?
  89. i look so homo im a bitch wtf?
  90. Anyone in the same boat?
  91. Is the guy I am dating Gay???
  92. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  93. Just Wondering
  94. Question for people on antidepressents, or used to be.
  95. only black sheep for miles
  96. Needing advice!
  97. Is it wrong to date/prefer older men?
  98. Funk
  99. Advantages
  100. In barely holding in my tears and not sure why I'm so upset
  101. Struggling
  102. Why do we talk more often?
  103. Coping with family
  104. Should I meet up with 2 married men that I met on ******? I'm a twink
  105. Careers helping LGBT youth??
  106. Question on transitioning (FTM) and coming out to boyfriend
  107. Goodbye
  108. Where Would I Go To Find A Boyfriend?
  109. I Think I Can Finally Be Happy
  110. Hooked Up With A Guy..
  111. High school help!
  112. Don't trust my old best friend
  113. Reflecting on Myself
  114. With Many Thanks.....
  115. comfotable
  116. Is it wrong my mom says fagot
  117. I don't want to be "cute"
  118. just a random question?
  119. College Overload?
  120. I don't know who I am anymore
  121. I feel kind of scared even after coming out
  122. Dating Scene Sucks
  123. Boyfriend's Pantie Fetish Explosion!
  124. Can an introvert and an extrovert date?
  125. Boyfriend's Pantie Fetish Getting To Much
  126. Anyone with autism or aspergers?
  127. Courage
  128. Homophabia
  129. Bad thoughts returning
  130. Dealing with self criticism
  131. How to ask a straight person to let you blow them?
  132. For People Contemplating Suicide or are in pain about their sexuality
  133. Bisexuality and molestation
  134. Suicide
  135. Girl died at my school
  136. im done.
  137. Is Fate a Delusion?
  138. Advice needed, desperately. Pls
  139. help
  140. I'm so conflicted
  141. Catching Feelings
  142. One Thing here.
  143. Trying to overcome a prejudice against marijuana smokers. Tips?
  144. confused by girls and im a girl!
  145. i'm mostly just venting but support would be nice
  146. Sexual orientation feels messed up and in a relationship
  147. I need Advice On My Situation
  148. Why we feel wrong about being gays.
  149. Gay attitude in the Navy?
  150. Dilemma
  151. I'm a dad, wtf do I do!?!?!?!?!?
  152. In more than one way!!
  153. Should I blow my straight friend?
  154. The thirst is real...
  155. Feeling confused- does anyone else share these feelings?
  156. Is anyone in an open relationship?
  157. Just Generally Confused
  158. General Confusion
  159. I found some old papers, today.
  160. Love-root silkthread crotch and vine
  161. Fantasies About a Stranger For Six Years!
  162. The killer mixed signals...
  163. having a hard time making myself happy... :(
  164. School Presentation- Trans and non- binary please answer.
  165. Thank You Guys n Gals.
  166. Can I be bisexual?
  167. Feeling sad and alone
  168. I just... Don't want to be alone right now.
  169. for the suicidal fellows out there...
  170. Ummm...What?
  171. hug your friends
  172. How do I ask?
  173. How to ask if I can dye my hair
  174. I feel like being gay is terribly wrong and abnormal
  175. halp
  176. I have a strange huge crush on my teacher?
  177. Is it normal to miss best friends?
  178. Can I Finish in 3 Years?
  179. feeling down because I've realized that I am truly gay.
  180. So she asked if I "wanna go out sometime?"
  181. I don't even know where to start (fitness)
  182. Ben a while HI : )
  183. OMG! I'm going to gay scene this Saturday! OMG OMG!
  184. I have a huge crush on my best friend
  185. To anyone considering suicide
  186. Should I Be Angry?
  187. Trying to move on by finding a boyfriend, don't see how it can happen.
  188. How to cope with (social) anxiety
  189. My ex fiance's straight-ISH??
  190. I just took a bunch of pills
  191. Should I go to the doctor
  192. Am I destined to never have friends or a boyfriend?
  193. Not sure what to say
  194. It weighs too much
  195. Suicide - I want to help, please help me to
  196. LGBT parenting
  197. conflicted and frustrated
  198. Going To See A Psychologist
  199. I can't cope anymore
  200. I went home for Thanksgiving
  201. My mother is harassing and threatening my girlfriend
  202. Going through a tough time...
  203. Parents Acceptance
  204. That stupid comment
  205. I need help making friends!
  206. I have change coming...
  207. Hiding relationship from parents?
  208. Straight Girl Needs Help Please
  209. Reaching out without reaching out
  210. please help
  211. Very nervous to meet someone
  212. Attraction to guys
  213. Started dating a closeted guy
  214. newly found bisexual and I don't know how things work...
  215. What in the hell is happening to me
  216. Cat died today.. and I feel terrible.
  217. Should I go or not?
  218. Depression over the holidays
  219. insomnia
  220. I'm Terrified
  221. Feeling So Much Anger
  222. Can't think of anything for christmas
  223. Topic of sex with my girlfriend
  224. nervous and confused
  225. Feeling pretty hopeless.
  226. Why do trans people get so much hate?
  227. Tips for avoiding coversation?
  228. Straight guys, gay acting
  229. Holiday recipes
  230. I don't know what to do with life
  231. Getting over a handsome guy
  232. Depression
  233. Am I Losing Myself?
  234. Have you ever lost someone this way?
  235. Gay Group
  236. Any cheap "masculine" clothing stores for guys?
  237. College Fees
  238. Psychiatrist and Meds
  239. Need serious last-minute first meeting/date advice!
  240. fag hags, love them or hate them?
  241. Sex
  242. (TW: Suicide and hate speech) What can we do to stop this??
  243. Suicide prevention
  244. Thanks for all the help!
  245. Thinking Back and My Overanalysis Problem
  246. Too Pushy?
  247. If only i could see myself in 6years....
  248. Don't know what to do anymore
  249. Hairspray...?
  250. Convincing My Parents To Let Me Get A Job