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  1. Bad thoughts returning
  2. Dealing with self criticism
  3. How to ask a straight person to let you blow them?
  4. For People Contemplating Suicide or are in pain about their sexuality
  5. Bisexuality and molestation
  6. Suicide
  7. Girl died at my school
  8. im done.
  9. Is Fate a Delusion?
  10. Advice needed, desperately. Pls
  11. help
  12. I'm so conflicted
  13. Catching Feelings
  14. One Thing here.
  15. Trying to overcome a prejudice against marijuana smokers. Tips?
  16. confused by girls and im a girl!
  17. i'm mostly just venting but support would be nice
  18. Sexual orientation feels messed up and in a relationship
  19. I need Advice On My Situation
  20. Why we feel wrong about being gays.
  21. Gay attitude in the Navy?
  22. Dilemma
  23. I'm a dad, wtf do I do!?!?!?!?!?
  24. In more than one way!!
  25. Should I blow my straight friend?
  26. The thirst is real...
  27. Feeling confused- does anyone else share these feelings?
  28. Is anyone in an open relationship?
  29. Just Generally Confused
  30. General Confusion
  31. I found some old papers, today.
  32. Love-root silkthread crotch and vine
  33. Fantasies About a Stranger For Six Years!
  34. The killer mixed signals...
  35. having a hard time making myself happy... :(
  36. School Presentation- Trans and non- binary please answer.
  37. Thank You Guys n Gals.
  38. Can I be bisexual?
  39. Feeling sad and alone
  40. I just... Don't want to be alone right now.
  41. for the suicidal fellows out there...
  42. Ummm...What?
  43. hug your friends
  44. How do I ask?
  45. How to ask if I can dye my hair
  46. I feel like being gay is terribly wrong and abnormal
  47. halp
  48. I have a strange huge crush on my teacher?
  49. Is it normal to miss best friends?
  50. Can I Finish in 3 Years?
  51. feeling down because I've realized that I am truly gay.
  52. So she asked if I "wanna go out sometime?"
  53. I don't even know where to start (fitness)
  54. Ben a while HI : )
  55. OMG! I'm going to gay scene this Saturday! OMG OMG!
  56. I have a huge crush on my best friend
  57. To anyone considering suicide
  58. Should I Be Angry?
  59. Trying to move on by finding a boyfriend, don't see how it can happen.
  60. How to cope with (social) anxiety
  61. My ex fiance's straight-ISH??
  62. I just took a bunch of pills
  63. Should I go to the doctor
  64. Am I destined to never have friends or a boyfriend?
  65. Not sure what to say
  66. It weighs too much
  67. Suicide - I want to help, please help me to
  68. LGBT parenting
  69. conflicted and frustrated
  70. Going To See A Psychologist
  71. I can't cope anymore
  72. I went home for Thanksgiving
  73. My mother is harassing and threatening my girlfriend
  74. Going through a tough time...
  75. Parents Acceptance
  76. That stupid comment
  77. I need help making friends!
  78. I have change coming...
  79. Hiding relationship from parents?
  80. Straight Girl Needs Help Please
  81. Reaching out without reaching out
  82. please help
  83. Very nervous to meet someone
  84. Attraction to guys
  85. Started dating a closeted guy
  86. newly found bisexual and I don't know how things work...
  87. What in the hell is happening to me
  88. Cat died today.. and I feel terrible.
  89. Should I go or not?
  90. Depression over the holidays
  91. insomnia
  92. I'm Terrified
  93. Feeling So Much Anger
  94. Can't think of anything for christmas
  95. Topic of sex with my girlfriend
  96. nervous and confused
  97. Feeling pretty hopeless.
  98. Why do trans people get so much hate?
  99. Tips for avoiding coversation?
  100. Straight guys, gay acting
  101. Holiday recipes
  102. I don't know what to do with life
  103. Getting over a handsome guy
  104. Depression
  105. Am I Losing Myself?
  106. Have you ever lost someone this way?
  107. Gay Group
  108. Any cheap "masculine" clothing stores for guys?
  109. College Fees
  110. Psychiatrist and Meds
  111. Need serious last-minute first meeting/date advice!
  112. fag hags, love them or hate them?
  113. Sex
  114. (TW: Suicide and hate speech) What can we do to stop this??
  115. Suicide prevention
  116. Thanks for all the help!
  117. Thinking Back and My Overanalysis Problem
  118. Too Pushy?
  119. If only i could see myself in 6years....
  120. Don't know what to do anymore
  121. Hairspray...?
  122. Convincing My Parents To Let Me Get A Job
  123. I feel like my life has stopped moving forward
  124. A little confused...
  125. Anyone with Depression?
  126. My coworker stinks
  127. going to a gender therapist
  128. What Gives Him The Right?!
  129. How to feel more attractive?
  130. Bad Day Yesterday
  131. Lost
  132. A little problem in school.
  133. Cant cope anymore. Dont know how to anymore
  134. unsure of attraction
  135. Finally, Out of the Closet!!
  136. called to my attention
  137. Meeting people
  138. Releasing the energy released by crying but without actually crying?
  139. Getting too attached
  140. I look kinda vain
  141. so confused!
  142. girlfriend left me for a married gay man, help?
  143. Losing Reality
  144. Make A Move?
  145. Feeling "horny" on a daily basis?
  146. Medical Tips/Advice?
  147. Depression is Coming
  148. Male friend keeps breaking up and getting back together with bf...
  149. do you ever?
  150. would you say (may be sensitive)...
  151. Feeling Numb
  152. Could finding a professional really get me to have ONE picture I like?
  153. What to say to a person who sends you a friend invite
  154. My Personal Message To You♥
  155. I Am So Lost On What To Do.
  156. just had to get this out
  157. Trying to figure out my beliefs
  158. Not entirely sure where to put this...
  159. I feel ugly...and inferior to other gay/bi guys
  160. I'm kind of afraid to go to work now. What should I do?
  161. Will I fall in love? Do I even want to?
  162. New Hair Style?
  163. Becoming a Lot More Sensitive
  164. school can be so stressful:(
  165. i can barley handle it
  166. I can't hold my silence any longer.
  167. I feel I'll never be accepted
  168. Honorific titles
  169. Tips on dealing with insecurity and nerves
  170. Need your take on this.
  171. Bumping into guy at gym who flaked out on meeting (need advice)
  172. Am in developing an eating disorder?
  173. Finally opening my heart, but now I have to hold it shut?
  174. Online Dating
  175. Best Cities for Lesbians in their 20s and 30s
  176. Straight guy friend is pressuring me for a 3some
  177. I really need advice.
  178. Scared and unsure
  179. Jealousy
  180. Intimacy with a Guy
  181. So.. my birthday is tomorrow.. and I dont want it to happen.
  182. Dating my 1st girlfriend
  183. A bunch of Smart Bigots
  184. Tips on admitting it to myself?
  185. Stuck
  186. what can I answer to this question?
  187. a friend got raped... any advice on how to support her?
  188. Gsa
  189. Should I call 911
  190. Whats it like kissing another guy?
  191. lesbian, divorced, and confused. please help.
  192. Single and not liking it
  193. Panicking at Random Moments about my Sexuality
  194. Low Sex Drive
  195. Life Rant
  196. Contemplating Suicide
  197. I'm 16 talking to a freshmen in college and really need advice
  198. Crush on Supervisor???
  199. How to not let a club die out?
  200. Acting gayer than usual
  201. Don't know what to do about my relationship.
  202. I'm not sure how i'm gonna move out
  203. dumbest idea I formed in my mind
  204. Soul Mates: Terrible Idea
  205. staying alive
  206. Gay guys think im straight but I'm gay too?
  207. Flirting and eye-contact
  208. Quickly Going Through Stages of Coming Out and Accepting I'm Gay
  209. Need to vent, and I need advice.
  210. Thinking about changing jobs. From fast food to walmart...
  211. depression dilemma
  212. Help, so depressed I don't even know what to do anymore.
  213. Eye Contact with someone I don't know?
  214. is girl on girl rape real? graphic beware!
  215. Signs of depression?
  216. Should I Forgive Them?
  217. Ring on right hand ring finger?
  218. In Love w/ Friend, getting mixed messages...
  219. my gay issue
  220. School Trip :/
  221. Dating scene
  222. Do you belief in fate for true love? Can long distance online relationships work?
  223. Does she know now?
  224. Are parents this selfish?
  225. Complicated Two Year Crush
  226. it appears my whole experience with the same sex seems like one sick joke
  227. Straight girl crush - Help me!
  228. Mental illness?
  229. Girls analysing Girls!
  230. Parent's Not Supporting Job
  231. cant stop thinking about a girl i cant have
  232. I Know of a Lesbian on Campus!! ....But?
  233. Wishing to die,
  234. Going To A Gay-themed party for the first time
  235. How to deal with forward guys?
  236. Should I take this risk?
  237. What's the point of going on?
  238. odd questions?
  239. dating sites/apps
  240. Makeshift toys for mutual or personal pleasure
  241. I'm not good at anything
  242. How to deal with intense shame (going through a crisis)
  243. Awkward Hot tub chat
  244. Can I change?
  245. How do I start playing basketball after a break of 3-4 years
  246. First time love (and heartbroken)
  247. Spirituality and Gender
  248. Battling myself
  249. Depression Being Single
  250. Lesbians: Would you still commit, if your partner can't go down on you?