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  1. Rude rejection
  2. First date with a girl... advice?!
  3. My mom is an alcoholic and refuses help... so now what?
  4. Transfering
  5. Is There Something That I Could Do?
  6. Church
  7. Self-Confidence?
  8. things change
  9. Why do people seem to think that being gay is a choice?
  10. The Trouble With Parents
  11. Does anyone ever just feel ugly?
  12. Dealing with things
  13. Helping my suicidal friend
  14. I don't know what to do..
  15. I want to be happy being female
  16. Self Hate
  17. An Update of Sorts
  18. Therapy
  19. Experimentational Fantasy
  20. Cant seem to meet anyone
  21. Dealing with a death
  22. Being forced to go back to church...
  23. Going to a Lesbian Bar
  24. I Don't Know What To Do
  25. Need Advice on Really Putting Myself Out There
  26. I desperately need help please
  27. Feeling a bit shitty
  28. Emotion and My worry about it's effects
  29. How do you get rid of toxic regrets?
  30. Group Therapy
  31. Well.. I finally did it..
  32. Changing therapists?
  33. Coping with dying family member
  34. The Life that I have Right Now
  35. I don't know what to do and I'm stressing out .
  36. Leggings
  37. Horny and anxious
  38. Is it Normal
  39. Bullying and Self-Acceptance
  40. Mood Swings
  41. What goes through your head when you avoid eye contact after sex?
  42. A door closes, and yet many more open
  43. How to be more positive & likeable?
  44. anyone have any ideas
  45. Messing up....slowly
  46. I'm Down in the Dumps
  47. What to do when you can't find community...
  48. How do you deal with people making derogatory remarks at gays and lesbians?
  49. I'm scared, overwhelmed and just want to cry.
  50. What is homophobia, exactly?
  51. Why is it offensive?
  52. first (serious) crush on a girl..HELP!
  53. Crush advice
  54. How do I know if she's into girls?
  55. Not sure what pronoun to use with her?
  56. My Mother Is A Childish, Defensive, Vindictive, Drama Queen And A Hypocrite
  57. an unpleasant encounter
  58. Advice please
  59. I f**king hate school. Advice please?
  60. Anyone at or near Boston?
  61. My relationship ended and I'm hurt
  62. student loans question
  63. 30 years old. Confused. Angry. Can't accept it. Still
  64. at a lost?
  65. Back on the site after two years and worse than before.
  66. How to move forward
  67. I'm the only openly Gay Guy at my school, and I feel so alone.
  68. According to My Dad I Was A Pansy
  69. Ideas for new hobbies for a lonely trans guy?
  70. Not even concerned about major exam; Severe Depression
  71. wish me luck... please!
  72. Need advice chatting with someone online
  73. 26, gay, no social life...is there any hope for me?
  74. Since this doesn't fit..
  75. Feeling lost and despairing
  76. Question
  77. Love, suicide, rejection, kindness
  78. I feel as if no one would want me
  79. Share your experiences :)
  80. 17 and still parental control ?!
  81. Night without Alcohol
  82. I don't remember if I was bullied...
  83. feeling hopeless
  84. How open should I be?
  85. Who The Hell Does She Think She Is?!
  86. Really insecure and I just feel undesirable
  87. feel lost and alone
  88. calling all bisexuals!
  89. Came out to 4 year old bro
  90. Book recommendations?
  91. What does my crush mean by this?
  92. Help! Bridesmaid Hair! :S
  93. Thinking the unspeakable over a school project.
  94. update I found a new place to live and I will be moving out of my parents house
  95. What did my girlfriend mean by this?
  96. im in a pickle
  97. Can't seem to attract Lesbians
  98. Am I a terrible brother?
  99. Unable To Talk (especially in therapy)
  100. I Can't Do It
  101. LGBT Center at college
  102. Depression's effects on grades, and telling my parents
  103. Do American girls like Indians?
  104. Having suicidal thoughts again...
  105. Self hate, feeling depressed, stressed out
  106. What is OCD?
  107. Crying Therapist
  108. How Do I Explain Personal Space Issues?
  109. Trapped in a Black Hole
  110. Therapy Opportunity
  111. How can I get up and accomplish with low energy/anxiety/fear
  112. Everything getting worse
  113. Loophole in the dress code?
  114. College Essays
  115. I want a friend
  116. How to meet more people in the LGBT community?
  117. Questions
  118. Advice on what to do when liking someone
  119. I feel ugly, others disagree
  120. How do you know if a snake is in your house?
  121. Advice on Dating
  122. Freaking out, don't know what to do
  123. What is going on between us? (inexperienced-need advice)
  124. Health class has me worried
  125. Confused, lost, and on the verge of giving up!
  126. Confused feelings...
  127. I don't even know
  128. So unsure!!! 🐰。
  129. How Very Sad...
  130. A Big Crush
  131. Is it common to stop 'coming out'?
  132. makeup
  133. moving to another country?
  134. Traveling
  135. Is he falling for me ?
  136. Question for Gay People in the Country.
  137. Something that happened to me as a teenager
  138. I'm about to eat a bullet
  139. For Native Spanish Speakers
  140. It's Consuming Me...
  141. So this gay kid just told me that bisexual people don't exist...
  142. Need to share this, no one I can tell!!
  143. Binging: TW
  144. What are the best free blog services?
  145. Questions for transgender women and gay men
  146. I am fed up
  147. Can I ask my therapist about her sexuality?
  148. School Is Becoming Too Overwhelming
  149. Dealing with Depression
  150. Need an honest opinion about what my friend said ...
  151. I deeply regret it
  152. Going to the GSA
  153. Is there a way to line my eyes with out putting eyeliner on my water line ?
  154. Could really use a friend
  155. Last night was a complete disaster
  156. I'm sad because I have no way to make contact with my best friend.
  157. Homophobia on National Coming Out Day
  158. Deviantart Homophobia by religion
  159. I Hate Being Black Sometimes
  160. Suicidal Thoughts?
  161. HELP i dont know whats wrong with me
  162. Falling in love with your best friend
  163. How to deal with comments in school
  164. Do Women Prefer Makeup??
  165. Any twins on this forum? I need someone who can relate!
  166. I dont even know
  167. How do temporarily pass for male in dangerous areas
  168. HELP! Very confused...
  169. Should I drop my homophobic teacher's class?
  170. Would you walk away?
  171. Buying Non-Binary clothing?
  172. Should I make a move?
  173. bored of being the good guy
  174. I don't feel "gay enough?"
  175. 2 of my friends are depressed
  176. Just need to talk. Advice if felt lead.
  177. How do you overcome nervousness?
  178. Anxious again
  179. Feelings for someone off limits
  180. How to cope
  181. Dating Options?
  182. I wish I could be confident in my sexuality.
  183. Why am I sad
  184. lables?
  185. Any Argentinians on here?
  186. Help with Overcoming Homophobia
  187. hope is a fleeting feature in my life
  188. Stress piling up on more stress
  189. I'm in love with my best friend.
  190. I just had a fight with my mother.. Apparently I twist things?
  191. She keeps questioning me about being a lesbian , I don't know what to do
  192. Came out to parents. They don't believe me
  193. What do I wear?
  194. Should I just end it all?
  195. When your ENTIRE plight does not exist,
  196. Private School's Just SUCK.
  197. I'm not the only queer fencer!!!
  198. Tired of the doubt.
  199. attraction... am i weird?
  200. Had Enough
  201. Therapists...are they just acting?
  202. seriously worried
  203. Falling apart
  204. Help.. I've fallen in love!
  205. Relieving Stress
  206. Depression getting worse
  207. Is it wrong of me?
  208. Straight best friend keeps getting hurt
  209. Mom and dad have me cornered.
  210. Shaving off my hair? Advice please!
  211. important exam in 3 weeks time and have low mood and energy
  212. Realistically, do you think there is hope?
  213. i like a straight girl :/
  214. Homophobia? Uni? Making friends :S
  215. Showing lgbtq pride in the winter?
  216. I feel kind of like an asshole
  217. My life is fucked !! Rant!
  218. Gonna fail! :)
  219. So am i an ignorant bastard or what?
  220. is my best friend into me? I can't tell because I might be over-assuming
  221. Straight Homecoming Date Or Nah
  222. just when I thought things couldnt get worse...
  223. Marijuana... Offered to me
  224. Depression & Anxiety treatment...
  225. So I know this girl.
  226. Friends
  227. No organizations that fit the bill
  228. Counselling?
  229. Job hunting advice
  230. Started a Gay Club!
  231. I have a crush on my straight friend!
  232. First Time in Love
  233. LGBT groups in WA state...
  234. Social group vs support group?
  235. My school is starting a GSA...
  236. I just realized...
  237. Posting here.
  238. He stares at me a lot but is straight?
  239. Just how?
  240. getting hit on by older men
  241. how to tell?
  242. Serious confusion going on...
  243. How Do You Cope/Deal With Straight Crushes?
  244. Applying for College in London
  245. Advice on being patient, am i being to patient or not enough?
  246. Suspected victim
  247. A question about attractiveness
  248. I want to learn how to do taxes
  249. Psychiatrist - first visit...
  250. I don't know what to do