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  1. I'm soft butch and suddenly typically female descriptors feel wrong,but pronouns ok
  2. Harder to face myself
  3. How to start exploring
  4. Does anyone actually have proof of this "it'll happen when you least expect it"
  5. Potential first date...
  6. I cant believe I need advice on relationships..
  7. Gay Bully
  8. Moving back to an old house...
  9. Depressed and need help
  10. School starts tomorrow, YAY!
  11. Fear of using aeroplanes
  12. So undecided about hooking up
  13. Terrified to start therapy...
  14. gay with aspergers
  15. Is this Love? ~♥
  16. I feel as if other gay men and I are incompatible
  17. Kinda upset...
  18. I just want to scream!
  19. Depressed. Suggestions?
  20. Not sure how to come on to/flirt with girl
  21. Internet Dating?
  22. How important is intimacy in an online gay relationship?
  23. Homophobic Stepdad?
  24. Struggling being comfortable in a relationship because of self esteem
  25. ok a little help with life here PLEASE ^_^
  26. A little help
  27. Internalised homophobia not going away
  28. When does the obsessing stop?
  29. Wow some people are unbelievable.
  30. Insecuritiež
  31. Someone trying to diagnose me
  32. Rainbow Bracelet
  33. Doing so much for someone ungrateful
  34. Where to start...?!
  35. Attracted to Lesbian women?
  36. assault charge
  37. Coping with Depression
  38. A "communiy"
  39. Should I make the first move?
  40. i dont understand :(
  41. Why
  42. everything is getting worse
  43. The Hugger
  44. First Day of High School Advice
  45. I think I need a hug
  46. Too scared to shower at school
  47. Does it Get better?
  48. Community service today...
  49. Couple inviting third to jerk off?
  50. Pray the Gay Away?
  51. Bad Timing. PLEASE HELP ME!
  52. Went to Pride yesterday...
  53. What is "Confidence" to you?
  54. I think I accidentally outed myself to my parents
  55. How much more can I take?!and for how long?!
  56. Should I continue taking anti-depressants?
  57. Is it okay for guys to wear concealer?
  58. I Dislike My Race
  59. Is This True?
  60. Everything around me makes me feel insecure
  61. How do I come out and move forward?
  62. In love with my best straight friend
  63. Erm, ok?
  64. Crush on my best friend?
  65. Why can't I just be normal :(
  66. What is the point of life?
  67. How do I get over a guy I never dated?
  68. How to react to the "Are you gay?!" Question when your in the closet
  69. Want to join a dating website but not out
  70. Fugs - Evelyn
  71. Existing not Living
  72. A man asked me to go out with him despite me telling him i'm not interested
  73. I feel... empty.
  74. Bullshit
  75. Feeling really done
  76. Should I move?
  77. Discrete Relationship
  78. How to cum easier?
  79. Didn't go to test today; Crumbled with anxiety
  80. Feel So Alone
  81. Am I Camp?/Need A Chat With My Cousin
  82. Know any good free dating sites for gay men?
  83. Indiana Jones and the ass-hat temple of plebianism....
  84. Oh, Darling! I Love You So', But Do You Know I Exist?
  85. How can I accept myself?
  86. College classes
  87. Is it normal?
  88. I am afraid of PE lessons...
  89. I "Came OUT" Of THE Closet To OVER 500 PLUS People Via' Text At Once
  90. Gay pride bracelet??
  91. Mother of-UGH!! I need life advice!
  92. Do I seriously need to PROVE I am gay?
  93. I Feel Very-VERY Ugly
  94. Does This Make Me An Huge Jerk?
  95. I Hate This Phrase?
  96. Can you sign up for some colleges that train you to get jobs any time of the year ?
  97. Lesbians and Gay Men...
  98. Anger issues
  99. Please Don't Murder Me
  100. Lesbians: Ever been with a man?
  101. becoming more and more depressed
  102. I'm sad and I don't know why.
  103. Hopelessness
  104. I feel dumb....
  105. Don't know where to go from here.
  106. Venting...
  107. Gay in a Christian private school.
  108. Slitting My Wrist & Over dosing on medication
  109. Am I REALLY TRANSGENDER Or Just Dumb/Insecure?? Help
  110. Questioning
  111. How to "appear" straight
  112. Time is ticking
  113. Death
  114. What a mess... I feel such a deep, hurting pain
  115. Straight-Acting for who?
  116. Feeling depressed
  117. How to get comfortable going places?
  118. How much make up do you think is acceptable for a guy to not cause a stir?
  119. Is This Going Too Far..??
  120. what's up with all of the pervs chasing after trans girls just becuz they are trans
  121. 13.. Friend offered to have sex?!
  122. Can't Stand it much anymore, need to unload
  123. Going back in the closet?
  124. i want to start dating with the same gender but everyone u know is straight
  125. OREGON Acceptance Levels
  126. I hate night time and weekends :(
  127. Parents Forcing Me To Do Sports
  128. Just Graduated High School & ZERO/0 Friends or anything
  129. I think I either bore or confuse people
  130. body and facial hair
  131. How do you deal with the remarks?
  132. my story
  133. Sudden Anxiety
  134. being a soldier?
  135. Losing Faith
  136. Stereotypes bringing me down
  137. Never feel like 'good enough'
  138. I don't know what I'm doing with my life
  139. I cry easily
  140. Distancing myself from people...
  141. My mum is becoming a LGBT counsellor
  142. Obsessing about looks
  143. How am I ever supposed to find a bf?
  144. Military and gay
  145. She's distant...
  146. Please tell me if this is going to be a disaster...
  147. Does she like me or is it just an illusion
  148. Why can't lonely people find each other?
  149. I'm a lesbian
  150. Emotional Day
  151. Grieving
  152. Attracting loonies
  153. i got fired again :(
  154. Chasing Dreams or Financial Stability?
  155. Broken hearted boss
  156. Like a girl but don't know if she's gay!
  157. Anyone ever moved away from family and friends? How to not feel so lonely.
  158. Are there programs that teach people to be a receptionist ?
  159. Cliques
  160. My boyfriend wants a threesome
  161. Feeling Shrekish
  162. AP Notes?
  163. Identity crises suck
  164. Need some advice...
  165. Help & Advice ?
  166. Go to church tomorrow?
  167. Pissed off and lonely, what do I do?
  168. Why didn't anyone notice?
  169. Workplace situation
  170. Do you ever get fed up... a little??
  171. Self-Consciousness and Clothing Choice
  172. how do I fulfill my desire?
  173. Gosh, why do I screw up everything?
  174. Adult Orphan
  175. Scared to get back to work
  176. "Lesbian hair?"
  177. I should have killed myself
  178. Going to a private christian school
  179. Help with my friend
  180. Has anyone here had EMDR?
  181. Lost
  182. Clothes...
  183. Loss of purpose, being an adult is depressing me
  184. Is God going to punish me?
  185. Just found out my friend hates gays and lesbians >.<
  186. Church for alternative reasons
  187. Are some of these phobias possible?
  188. Keep questioning myself even when before I was sure
  189. I need to change who I am personally
  190. Dealing With The Past
  191. Why are men so cruel to women?
  192. Anxious...
  193. Afraid to make eye contact with guys?
  194. What would you advise me to do career wise? Im pretty confused what to do
  195. Help from older members need it.
  196. Adjusting to a new environment?
  197. I am so miserable.
  198. Comebacks
  199. questions about a possible relationship.
  200. Anger and empathy problems
  201. Am i depressed?
  202. how do u know wen a guy is flirting with u
  203. Day=Ruined (Dumbass Friend)
  204. Don't know where it should be
  205. Should You Accept This?
  206. I...I can't...
  207. Moving Out & Moving On
  208. My friend is very depressed
  209. Should I text him if he doesn't text me after a week? If so what should I tell him?
  210. Sneaking onto EC???
  211. I was homophobic before I realized I was gay
  212. Did he flirt or not?
  213. I need help.
  214. Not bi because I haven't been with a female sexually?
  215. I'm so depressed, confused, and alone
  216. Feeling bad and need advice.
  217. Lesbians with kids?
  218. did you view gay porn when you were young?
  219. My friend has left me.
  220. The Art of Seduction
  221. Nightmares About Myself & Coming Out
  222. Girls hit on me, but guys don't?
  223. I'm a horrible person today
  224. Im balding (male pattern baldness)
  225. I Feel Absolutely HORRIBLE
  226. Need help..
  227. What do I do
  228. Why I'm convinced nobody cares about me
  229. Need help countering this homophobic argument.
  230. I worry too much
  231. Straight Crush on BFF
  232. Lesbians: do you feel uncomfortable around guys?
  233. I don't think I'm well.
  234. Dealing with comments....
  235. I think i am gay... What now????
  236. My Brother
  237. I don't want to be a lesbian.
  238. In those good moments...
  239. I feel guilty about being gay
  240. Feeling unattractive
  241. Feeling very upset...
  242. I Can't Seem To Forget?
  243. Being Ugly & Gay
  244. Lonely It Hurts-Tips
  245. Struggling with accepting myself to the point of not sleeping
  246. Another straight crush
  247. I'm cutting ties with my mother.
  248. clingy friend
  249. Geek or Sportsman
  250. A Letter From the Future Love of Your Life