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  1. Death
  2. What a mess... I feel such a deep, hurting pain
  3. Straight-Acting for who?
  4. Feeling depressed
  5. How to get comfortable going places?
  6. How much make up do you think is acceptable for a guy to not cause a stir?
  7. Is This Going Too Far..??
  8. what's up with all of the pervs chasing after trans girls just becuz they are trans
  9. 13.. Friend offered to have sex?!
  10. Can't Stand it much anymore, need to unload
  11. Going back in the closet?
  12. i want to start dating with the same gender but everyone u know is straight
  13. OREGON Acceptance Levels
  14. I hate night time and weekends :(
  15. Parents Forcing Me To Do Sports
  16. Just Graduated High School & ZERO/0 Friends or anything
  17. I think I either bore or confuse people
  18. body and facial hair
  19. How do you deal with the remarks?
  20. my story
  21. Sudden Anxiety
  22. being a soldier?
  23. Losing Faith
  24. Stereotypes bringing me down
  25. Never feel like 'good enough'
  26. I don't know what I'm doing with my life
  27. I cry easily
  28. Distancing myself from people...
  29. My mum is becoming a LGBT counsellor
  30. Obsessing about looks
  31. How am I ever supposed to find a bf?
  32. Military and gay
  33. She's distant...
  34. Please tell me if this is going to be a disaster...
  35. Does she like me or is it just an illusion
  36. Why can't lonely people find each other?
  37. I'm a lesbian
  38. Emotional Day
  39. Grieving
  40. Attracting loonies
  41. i got fired again :(
  42. Chasing Dreams or Financial Stability?
  43. Broken hearted boss
  44. Like a girl but don't know if she's gay!
  45. Anyone ever moved away from family and friends? How to not feel so lonely.
  46. Are there programs that teach people to be a receptionist ?
  47. Cliques
  48. My boyfriend wants a threesome
  49. Feeling Shrekish
  50. AP Notes?
  51. Identity crises suck
  52. Need some advice...
  53. Help & Advice ?
  54. Go to church tomorrow?
  55. Pissed off and lonely, what do I do?
  56. Why didn't anyone notice?
  57. Workplace situation
  58. Do you ever get fed up... a little??
  59. Self-Consciousness and Clothing Choice
  60. how do I fulfill my desire?
  61. Gosh, why do I screw up everything?
  62. Adult Orphan
  63. Scared to get back to work
  64. "Lesbian hair?"
  65. I should have killed myself
  66. Going to a private christian school
  67. Help with my friend
  68. Has anyone here had EMDR?
  69. Lost
  70. Clothes...
  71. Loss of purpose, being an adult is depressing me
  72. Is God going to punish me?
  73. Just found out my friend hates gays and lesbians >.<
  74. Church for alternative reasons
  75. Are some of these phobias possible?
  76. Keep questioning myself even when before I was sure
  77. I need to change who I am personally
  78. Dealing With The Past
  79. Why are men so cruel to women?
  80. Anxious...
  81. Afraid to make eye contact with guys?
  82. What would you advise me to do career wise? Im pretty confused what to do
  83. Help from older members need it.
  84. Adjusting to a new environment?
  85. I am so miserable.
  86. Comebacks
  87. questions about a possible relationship.
  88. Anger and empathy problems
  89. Am i depressed?
  90. how do u know wen a guy is flirting with u
  91. Day=Ruined (Dumbass Friend)
  92. Don't know where it should be
  93. Should You Accept This?
  94. I...I can't...
  95. Moving Out & Moving On
  96. My friend is very depressed
  97. Should I text him if he doesn't text me after a week? If so what should I tell him?
  98. Sneaking onto EC???
  99. I was homophobic before I realized I was gay
  100. Did he flirt or not?
  101. I need help.
  102. Not bi because I haven't been with a female sexually?
  103. I'm so depressed, confused, and alone
  104. Feeling bad and need advice.
  105. Lesbians with kids?
  106. did you view gay porn when you were young?
  107. My friend has left me.
  108. The Art of Seduction
  109. Nightmares About Myself & Coming Out
  110. Girls hit on me, but guys don't?
  111. I'm a horrible person today
  112. Im balding (male pattern baldness)
  113. I Feel Absolutely HORRIBLE
  114. Need help..
  115. What do I do
  116. Why I'm convinced nobody cares about me
  117. Need help countering this homophobic argument.
  118. I worry too much
  119. Straight Crush on BFF
  120. Lesbians: do you feel uncomfortable around guys?
  121. I don't think I'm well.
  122. Dealing with comments....
  123. I think i am gay... What now????
  124. My Brother
  125. I don't want to be a lesbian.
  126. In those good moments...
  127. I feel guilty about being gay
  128. Feeling unattractive
  129. Feeling very upset...
  130. I Can't Seem To Forget?
  131. Being Ugly & Gay
  132. Lonely It Hurts-Tips
  133. Struggling with accepting myself to the point of not sleeping
  134. Another straight crush
  135. I'm cutting ties with my mother.
  136. clingy friend
  137. Geek or Sportsman
  138. A Letter From the Future Love of Your Life
  139. What does a one word response mean?
  140. How much money should some one save up for to rent an apartment ?
  141. Anybody know guys like this
  142. Trying to understand butch lesbians as a straight man
  143. church youth group messing with my head
  144. Harassing the homophobic?
  145. Do people not talk about me!?
  146. Pointing out flaws?..
  147. I have a crush on a girl at school, what should I do?
  148. Anybody else struggle with drinking?
  149. weird-awkward issues/situation
  150. 21st Birthday and anxiety
  151. I think i may have anorexia.
  152. I need help
  153. Why Do Some Gay Guys Hit on Straight Men
  154. Need help ASAP
  155. Help Please
  156. I Hate My Life
  157. How to pronounce gynesexual?
  158. A desperate rant on pretending...
  159. I just need to vent
  160. Progression :)
  161. Burning sensations.
  162. Is There Something I Should Know…?
  163. Should I come clean?
  164. Decided to see a psychologist
  165. Shame
  166. Worried I might become an alcoholic
  167. Feel like I have no right to give advice to people unlike me
  168. i am thinking about suicide.am gay pls help
  169. How to overcome social anxiety?..
  170. How To Be More Self-Aware?
  171. Long distance relationship advice
  172. First date to a social event.
  173. Shes leaving...
  174. For everyone who feels helpless, ugly and not worth of love and happy life
  175. Is sexuality a choice?
  176. Need advise :(
  177. Relationship Advice
  178. Depression relapse
  179. Switching jobs advice?
  180. Having a Talk
  181. Dating Culture..... Or Lack Thereof
  182. How do you make friends?
  183. Books to help me accept my sexuality?
  184. Straight Girl Crush:P
  185. So, there's this girl...
  186. Can't shake this depression
  187. Sex, or autosex?
  188. Mixed messages or in my mind?
  189. I fear I'm becoming a little bit misandrist... how do I stop?
  190. How to tell if some1 else is gay
  191. Do I have a form of social anxiety?
  192. My friend might have a crush on me
  193. Feeling stuck
  194. Anxiety
  195. cutting again
  196. I need help.
  197. Keeping a journal
  198. Stuck in a rut
  199. Struggling to find courage
  200. Why Should I Care?
  201. should I tell my parents I was drinking?
  202. Relocating to another state?
  203. Irony?
  204. Should I date a gay slut?
  205. I decided to join a job training program in my town
  206. I can't believe it. I'm actually going to pride
  207. Need some advice on a problem that is frustrating me
  208. I think my friend's sister may have killed my friend?!?!?
  209. On the verge of having a rant against religion
  210. Bad obsessions I think
  211. I have a dating v. relationship question.
  212. Looking for sex to help come to grips with my sexuality
  213. Where to meet other people who aren't out?
  214. Can going around gay venues and even clubs help me in the love department ?
  215. Finding other Gays
  216. Hairstyle ideas?
  217. Head scratcher
  218. Creeped out
  219. Talking to a stranger can help, right?
  220. Stop arguing with my boyfriend
  221. I'm in love with my best friend
  222. Social anxiety and being in the closet
  223. Does anyone here have abandonment issues?
  224. I'm manic or something...
  225. How do I let them know I'm interested?
  226. Just really needed to vent
  227. I don't know what to do!
  228. confused? Gay or wat?
  229. Feeling nothing.
  230. Emotional sensitivity.
  231. The end
  232. Woooo!!!
  233. Advice on crush needed and appreciated
  234. I want to travel badly - but how?
  235. Gay but touching guys freaks me out?
  236. First time...
  237. what is friend zoned
  238. How can I hook up with the same person. Need advise please
  239. Fear of not being able secure 1st permanent job after graduation.....
  240. Surrogacy
  241. Successful long distance stories?
  242. Who do you go to?
  243. At a loss for what to do. I'm losing my mind.
  244. Did You...
  245. my dream
  246. Confusing and frustrating!
  247. Christian(Especially Catholic): LGBT...advice?
  248. How do you deal with a terrible LGBT community?
  249. I need some advice
  250. how did u knew u were bi?