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  1. So my homophobic pastor wants to hang out with me
  2. Can friends be made at pride?
  3. Feeling Invisible
  4. Should people's sexuality play a role in the college they choose to attend?
  5. Seven Degrees of Separation
  6. Met a guy through my Ex and he is strange towards me...
  7. Who else here has/does struggle with Social Anxiety
  8. stupid questions
  9. Everything Old is New Again
  10. I need advice on a hairstyle,
  11. Fear of Looking good
  12. Open relationship...questionable, uneasy feelings
  13. Under severe stress
  14. I can't seem to get over the fact my bisexual boyfriend slept with a woman?
  15. LGBT in a homophobic country...?
  16. need help in asking to see a therapist
  17. Worried about college... (Acceptance, not lgbt issue)
  18. Trying to make a saving account
  19. How to bring up homosexuality in conversation?
  20. Join me
  21. Nervous about study abroad
  22. Any experince with support groups?
  23. Another confused women
  24. Persistent self-harm urges...
  25. Going to Psychologist. Advice?
  26. Hating sports but longing to be in them
  27. So I may be oblivious . . .
  28. Is anyone going to the UK Newcastle Pride
  29. Should I go to pride by myself?
  30. Confessing is never easy
  31. Is it slutty to date more than one girl ?
  32. Tendency for Things to Go WRONG?
  33. Going to Pride Alone?
  34. Is this normal when getting over rejection ?
  35. Needing to hang out :/ do something
  36. I don't want to be called by my given name anymore
  37. Please Help Me With Clothes
  38. am I to young to go to pride?
  39. Why does this keep happening?
  40. Discreetly explore sexuality?
  41. What would you do??? #therapistproblems
  42. Condemned to be forever alone?
  43. What to say to a friend who lost a parent?
  44. It's happening
  45. She wont let me leave
  46. I don't know what to do
  47. Finally seeing a therapist.
  48. need advice and support :'(
  49. Regrets
  50. Finished high school.
  51. i don't know what i'm doing anymore.....
  52. Dumb Friend
  53. K [Warning: Really fucking long!]
  54. Post your resolutions here.
  55. Would changing my legal name make people take me less seriously as a doctor?
  56. emotional
  57. Well I can't be an RN :(
  58. Need advice on sexist/homophobic groping in school?
  59. Empathy and sexuality
  60. help
  61. Anxiety about moving out and leaving my friends
  62. Official diagnosis. Kind of expected.
  63. Getting control of myself
  64. Waking with no emotions
  65. My friend sent me $1000...
  66. Do this sans therapy?
  67. Welp. I don't know.
  68. How to contact someone?
  69. Panic Attack
  70. In love with my best friend (how original)
  71. College Club
  72. Gay guy taking advantage while I was intoxicated / half asleep
  73. HOCD resources or support for gay men?
  74. I act like a girl apparently...
  75. Is it normal to regret your past in the closet
  76. I need advice
  77. New Clothing
  78. Difficult questions advise
  79. Completely confused!
  80. Low self-esteem derived from the gay personality
  81. I want what I can't have
  82. Getting more confident?
  83. Ex-Girlfriend
  84. What does this mean?
  85. Need some advice
  86. People who asks so many questions about your sexuality????
  87. i think im lesbian
  88. I need help
  89. Finding out where my parents stand
  90. Quote
  91. ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics)
  92. Looking more Lesbian
  93. Highly unusual taste in men and feeling like a weirdo
  94. Self conscious about the weirdest things...
  95. How to find a gay friendly church?
  96. How to I act?
  97. Going to ask out my crush.
  98. Sick of being the nice guy :(
  99. School
  100. Am I the only one who cannot stop thinking about LGBT issues?
  101. Genderfluid???
  102. Some People Don't Believe I'm Gay...
  103. I'm Sorry/I Give Up
  104. School Counselors
  105. feeling "bummed out" today...
  106. Does it Really get Better?
  107. Great achievements, no happiness
  108. Anger Management
  109. too "femme" to be gay?
  110. citizenship and english name
  111. Finding Out
  112. Should I cut my hair short (girl)
  113. I've accepted he ruined me.
  114. idk I just needed to tell someone
  115. Admiration of the same gender
  116. Closet
  117. Chest Binding?
  118. Am I bi polar?
  119. Friendly, flirting?? How do I know???
  120. Learning to love again
  121. Why have i become so bitchy?
  122. My family kinda embarasses me
  123. School says there is a freeze on transcripts?
  124. Is it worth it?
  125. Need a new opinion
  126. Approaching Parents About Therapy
  127. My friend on here
  128. Generally confused.
  129. study abroad scholarships
  130. feeling guilty
  131. Thought I was gay.... now not sure.. so confused
  132. How to meet other young NYC lesbians
  133. How do I ask her out
  134. Feeling suicidal.
  135. Need Flirting Advice
  136. I really wanna go out with this girl... But how?
  137. Long Distance
  138. I guess i don't know how to be in a relationship
  139. Idk
  140. Is there any meaning to it all
  141. LGBT college group?
  142. Grandparents with transsexual grandson *Please help*
  143. Where can I meet other lesbians ?
  144. Being snubbed...
  145. When will gay marriage come back to Arkansas?
  146. Acting a bit too feminine?
  147. Can't Speak to my Crush
  148. Help with religion and homophobic grandparents... HELP
  149. When being a creep slaps you in the face
  150. So... Dating?
  151. Girlfriend isn't completely out, what should I do?
  152. Is it normal to be this depressed?
  153. Straight Friends Engaged
  154. does it ever get better
  155. Should I feel this way?
  156. Closet or Not?
  157. Sexual Addiction
  158. I'm Sorry
  159. Why I hate summer
  160. Tell My Crush The Truth?
  161. Most Embarrassing Moments in front of you Crush??
  162. afraid to face life
  163. Can NON confident people ever actually truly be confident?
  164. anxiety
  165. confused
  166. Problem-causing grandparents...
  167. I think I screwed up when meeting another woman
  168. Im done! im f***ing done!
  169. How to get over a stupid dream?
  170. Slightly stupid but...I was thinking of going to Pride?
  171. He died. He came back. I'm so terrified
  172. Sharing a bed
  173. Just need to vent.
  174. Well, looks like I was right.
  175. I need help
  176. Is there something wrong with me?
  177. my figure
  178. Can't figure it out...got any advice?
  179. What to expect from a therapist?
  180. How Do I Forget?
  181. Rejecting gifts
  182. need help with crush
  183. Getting my GED as a Junior? Help please?
  184. LGBT clubs?
  185. How to find the GSA?
  186. Pointless
  187. WTF do I do!?(crush problems)
  188. Help me!!!
  189. How can i answer these questions?
  190. Feelings incredibly tangled and feeling lost...
  191. Get felp up in a gay bar
  192. What would two lesbian moms have their children call them?
  193. So... Depression.
  194. My Shitty Crush.
  195. hey!!
  196. I'd never imagined I'd be here
  197. Why I call myself gay
  198. I am waiting for nothing.
  199. What should I do with my toys...
  200. How do you know you're attracted to someone?
  201. I know it's not racist but....
  202. Summer is going to be horrible. Allow me to rant about it.
  203. Have I accepted my sexuality?
  204. Job interview tomorrow, cant be bothered.
  205. My dating saga
  206. Insurance
  207. How do you begin to experiment?
  208. Not going to prom?
  209. Is he gay
  210. assuming sexual orientation based on relationship
  211. i cant take it anymore
  212. I'm almost certain that my Mom hates it.
  213. does he wanna hang or nah?
  214. Slam poetry- Pray the gay away
  215. Opinion on new lesbian tv show...?
  216. I'm scared that my sexual preferences could be deemed as racist!
  217. isolation, shame, frustration
  218. Do you think people will think I'm disgusting?
  219. moving to a new country
  220. What would I even say?
  221. Age of Consent?
  222. Are gay guys naturally picky?
  223. Unable to concentrate
  224. Am I wasting my life ?
  225. am i born gay???
  226. I don't feel human, more like a robot
  227. I might be a lesbian...but I have a family
  228. I think I'm having a kidney stone
  229. I'm falling for my best friend. Help.
  230. Some tips on how to improve on oneself?
  231. I can't stop the tears
  232. I need advice how do I not get friend zoned ?
  233. Have i been friend zoned permanently?
  234. Numb feeling...
  235. How to get people to like me?
  236. I think my mom found my butt plug...
  237. Alone
  238. Married and confused...
  239. My Job Makes Me Want To Roll Over And Die
  240. Not sure if I had true feelings for my boyfriend?
  241. I want to explore my feelings but I don't know how
  242. How to overcome creative block?
  243. Feeling overwhelmed but hopeful for tomorrow.
  244. Makeup
  245. I'm not sure what to do
  246. I feel horrible.
  247. Confused...help!
  248. How to ask her
  249. Can I do it (not a coming out thread)
  250. How to get a girlfriend