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  1. flirting
  2. HELP!!!!! closet gay friend's straight marriage is about to collapse.
  3. General advice
  4. How do I stop attracting girls with issues?
  5. How would you characterize this?
  6. Help?
  7. Suicide..
  8. I Don't Wanna Be Me, So Bye
  9. Nervous about meeting a guy for coffee....
  10. Great Chemistry with someone
  11. Being Thicker Skinned
  12. Nightmare
  13. Being singled out
  14. Are my feelings bottled, or just non-existent?
  15. I want to help
  16. Lonely
  17. Why Shouldn't I Kill Myself?
  18. Boy Crazy
  19. againn
  20. Being Friends Again
  21. Nervous bout work?
  22. Guilt,hate,love,depression
  23. Why Do I Fall In Love With Everyone??
  24. It's hard to decide which field to pursue a career in
  25. Feel like giving up :(
  26. HELP! Need a public response to being outed.
  27. Looking for help
  28. How do I talk to her?
  29. Is it possible to properly come out and still be screwed?
  30. Dyspraxia
  31. I'm Afraid to Die
  32. Question For Fellow Trans People
  33. What Should I Do?
  34. Im having huge self esteem issues
  35. My friend is might get kicked out of her house and I'm scared
  36. Half First Time Sexual Confusion
  37. self acceptance issues and more, guidance appreciated
  38. Body image conserns
  39. Done With Pretending Not To Care
  40. Fake relationships
  41. going down hill?
  42. Need some advice!
  43. Gays hate overweight people.
  44. I inadvertently discovered my classmates' opinion on gays
  45. View On Bisexuals
  46. How do I make extra money?
  47. Scheduling and Organizing.
  48. Asked out by my crush!
  49. Staying Resilient
  50. Goodbye To Everyone & Myself
  51. Trans Guilt
  52. Why does he do it to me?..
  53. Scholarships
  54. Cutting Off My Penis
  55. Need help
  56. Confirming it.
  57. Feeling low and scared
  58. Am I broken?
  59. I wonder if people would be better off without me
  60. I had a funny realization last night
  61. My boyfriend.
  62. Can two gay guys be best friends without it actually being/becoming romantic?
  63. Very Sudden Death in the family.
  64. ADD, coping, and getting parents to help
  65. ADD, coping, and getting parents to help
  66. I Need A Solid Plan
  67. I destroy everything I touch
  68. Very Suicidal Now
  69. Not sure what I am. Gay / Bi / Streight? Help?
  70. Facebook as a tool to meet people
  71. Mmm Yeah, Shes So Fly
  72. I feel not loved?
  73. I'm a 20 year old virgin and feel like a loser.
  74. advice about spirituality
  75. Physical Attraction
  76. College and coming out
  77. My sister is gay as well?
  78. Online Dating
  79. Job possibly on line, worried
  80. The future
  81. I don't understand...
  82. The Nature of Forgiveness
  83. "Pretty Boy..."
  84. Why do I do this?
  85. Marriage: Where Do You Draw the Line?
  86. Haircut Advice
  87. Texting crisis lines for teens
  88. First Date
  89. Trying to cope
  90. An Atheist Homophobe's Excuse
  91. How to invite a crush to a friend get together
  92. Maintain a distance with my superior?
  93. I need Help Fast! I don't Know What to Do
  94. Quitting smoking
  95. Bath Time
  96. How do you find A life you love?
  97. Guilty and Confused
  98. Neither... Nor (Strictly for adults)
  99. A question for lesbian or bisexual females
  100. Am I odd?
  101. Crush
  102. Men,Women,Decisions...
  103. Please read! Suicidal best friend
  104. How truthfully close are Missouri and Arkansas to SS Marriage?
  105. Anxiety about receiving.
  106. I kissed a girl for the first time...
  107. Was I Being Immature?
  108. I am sick and tired of my mum emotionally blackmailing me!
  109. One day i will laugh at all of them
  110. HmmmmmmieZz....
  111. Age difference between me and the girl I like
  112. what would you do
  113. I met a girl! Now what?
  114. No motivation for school whatsoever >.<
  115. Safe spaces
  116. Acceptance
  117. Crush on a straight girl
  118. SEX...Perhaps not for young'ns?
  119. Walking away from my loving and supportive family cause I'm gay
  120. So How Am I Going To Get This Stuff
  121. Accept or not?
  122. Depression
  123. What Would I Do?
  124. First postive post!! :)
  125. art project
  126. How can I stop being so hard on myself?
  127. Identify as gay but not really noticing guys when I'm out
  128. Am I ready to come out? Is it worth it?
  129. Possible aspergers?
  130. Today was really bad day, so mad >.<
  131. feeling alone and isolated
  132. Therapy
  133. Worrisome Childhood Issue
  134. prom
  135. Staring at people
  136. Self sabotage
  137. I feel like I'm the only gay
  138. Frustration
  139. scared
  140. College classes- Advice?
  141. a random question
  142. Needing some advice of what to do with being lonely and depressed
  143. Going to prom while gay?
  144. Promotion and "Flirting"
  145. I want to wear makeup, how can I convince my parents to let me?
  146. Confused...
  147. Shoot
  148. I am going into counseling
  149. I'm terrified and confused
  150. How do I handle being hit on?
  151. no LGBT support groups in the UAE
  152. Dealing with a Defensive Mother
  153. She is scared of being hurt
  154. Help!
  155. I deserve better.
  156. this might be very long but i really need help with my friend?
  157. How to approach a straight girl that I like?
  158. This evolved into a rant, not a question. No need to read this.
  159. I don't even know where I'm at right now
  160. My Best Friend's Sister
  161. I realized something...
  162. Help, First ever date
  163. I want to be independent but am I doing something stupid
  164. Problem with staring
  165. Coming out of the atheist closet
  166. How do u get interested in something u have given up on b4?
  167. Bi- should I come out to the guy I like?
  168. Favorite homemade snack or drink?
  169. Coming out in College
  170. How do u have faith that u can do something that`s difficult?
  171. Holly: Girl who words is bad with!
  172. Lurie Children's Transgender Program
  173. I may be in the process of being outed...HELP!
  174. Newbie on all levels, starved for support.
  175. How do I muster up enough to do something so mundane?
  176. Big Mistake
  177. Where would you go if you're in my position?
  178. I need an adult!
  179. Help with some issues
  180. Facebook message from church staff member... What do I?
  181. Psych/Sociology Major, Gender Identity Focus?
  182. I canot get to meet my school psychiatrist
  183. Does this guy like me or am i just dreaming?
  184. My best friend "Sam"
  185. Juggling lifestyles...
  186. Quizzed about my cuts.
  187. Do I listen to my head or my heart?
  188. Love triangle - help!
  189. I don't see anyone but her...wish it was reciprocated
  190. I'm lost
  191. I need a bunch of help
  192. Rainbow Pin on Backpack
  193. How to meet girls
  194. My mom keeps dragging me to church
  195. Last Day
  196. Choosing a path
  197. POLL: Would you think your daughter was a lesbian if...
  198. My girlfriend's beliefs
  199. I accidentally kissed my female teacher? help
  200. Lonely but not Alone
  201. Christianity not working out...
  202. Heart and Driving Problem.
  203. "Bi now, gay later" and other problems
  204. My drinking
  205. Choosing My Options (Secondary School, UK)
  206. anxiety when seeing my bf...
  207. i don't want to kill myself but....
  208. Cliques
  209. Lesbian with a Guy and an Unlabeled Girl
  210. I think I'm bigoted towards religion is that normal ?
  211. I need help with my OCD
  212. online dating for gay teens??
  213. Am I straight or a lesbian/bi-sexual in denial? HOCD/OCD/DEPRESSION/ANXIETY. help!
  214. I Was Once Told... (Free Verse)
  215. Job applications
  216. I don't find anyone HOT!
  217. Reading "straight" guys
  218. Am I really lesbian, or just mad at men for having abused me?
  219. Anger Leads to...Well, I dunno. I don't know how it feels
  220. any good jokes?
  221. How? When? Seriously!
  222. Justify getting married
  223. Alone i am fighting
  224. Help! I am at rock bottom
  225. High School Locker Room
  226. Lots of Issues... Any Advice?
  227. Letters of recommendation
  228. Cyberstalking help
  229. sacrificing one for the other?
  230. Homeschooled and Ready to Quit
  231. Addicted to gay porn
  232. Moving Jitters
  233. need some serious advice
  234. Feeling lost
  235. How to be involved in the community as a minor?
  236. I hate myself.
  237. I backed out of coming out. -.-
  238. First date
  239. What should I do?
  240. My Best Friend?
  241. How do I ask my GF to finger me? (bi male, mono relationship)
  242. The tale of a homophobic "psychologist"
  243. I'm so confused
  244. Car shopping advice please?
  245. This was just supposed to be hanging out
  246. I don't know how I feel about it.
  247. bisexual or biconfused??
  248. Help?!?
  249. Living with a friend
  250. I don't know what to do!