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  1. Friendzone - how long to give it?
  2. Any other gay identical twins out there?
  3. Scared
  4. I Think I'm Dating a Jewish Pedophile with a Nazi fetish
  5. The Gay Communities Vanity has Succeeded in Making me Hate Myself
  6. Even more confused than ever.
  7. Lost My Crush
  8. Feeling suicidal
  9. Differences between (H)OCD and homosexuality
  10. Staying Calm
  11. Day of Silence
  12. dealing with school officials *rant*
  13. Everyone is being so mean to me
  14. Tell Me the Worst Part
  15. What do you do when friend zoned
  16. Future Directions
  17. Afraid to be loved
  18. What have I done?
  19. I want a boyfriend...
  20. In Love w/ Straight Best Friend?
  21. What was this...?
  22. Anger Issues
  23. Loving someone who is in Denial
  24. I want a relationship, but yet I don't?
  25. Do you ever just want to run away?
  26. What Will Happen When I Come Back To School?
  27. Am I Being Unfair...?
  28. Sharpie over scars?
  29. Guilt. Pain and Confusion
  30. Are open relationships inevitable?
  31. Friendless
  32. When someone argues against homosexuality using HIV as their point, what do you day?
  33. Curious
  34. A little disturbed
  35. Letting go of heterosexual hopes
  36. Below average
  37. she loves me and him
  38. Appearance
  39. How do I ask her out?
  40. I got accepted to a summer "Camp" at UNT! I need a bit of help with a couple things..
  41. Odd Dreams Lately
  42. Is it gay or simply affection?
  43. is it wrong?
  44. Crush on a straight guy?
  45. Attraction, fetish, or personality disorder?
  46. Not sure if the guy I like is gay?
  47. Sometimes being an adult sucks
  48. Unisex Underwear -> American Apparel
  49. I don't know what's wrong with me
  50. I think I am depressed?!?
  51. Good online stores for gender neutral or androgynous clothing?
  52. Trouble with Cuddling
  53. I think I'm doomed to be alone...
  54. New school
  55. I went on my first date need advice
  56. I need help concerning religion.
  57. Dad Was Lying To Me
  58. Painting my nails
  59. my mom wants me to go to a fancy school but I don't want to go just yet
  60. Do I Dserve His Hatred?
  61. Being too obvious?
  62. How to make the first move...?
  63. What Should You Do If Someone Insults Your Family
  64. How to come out
  65. Am i in the right relationship?
  66. Hopelessness
  67. Meeting someone in person - yay or nay?
  68. I feel frustrated everyday and nobody seems to be there for me
  69. Applying for a Job help
  70. I'm Gonna Kill Myself
  71. Need Dating Advice
  72. Depression is an epidemic
  73. CBT or counselling
  74. I'm a magnet for people's personal stuff =/
  75. Serious Help needed
  76. Sure about sexual identity, unsure about the next step to make?
  77. How does one live with a social anxiety problem?
  78. Honesty
  79. I sorta miss him
  80. I'm Being Blackmailed
  81. I feel like I have A second Chance
  82. Scary Sounds :(
  83. Pregnant and scared
  84. Feeling just generally lonely
  85. Want to support my friend but don't know how
  86. How to avoid awkward party encounters?
  87. My name is TeePee and i'm in love with a straight man.
  88. A Hypersensitive Friend/Forgiving And Forgetting
  89. Trying to make it
  90. Is blood really thicker than water ?
  91. Bad Idea??
  92. Friendship problems
  93. Straight guys cuddling???
  94. Want to change my 'style'
  95. Have you ever?
  96. Just can't...
  97. Lost and lonely
  98. First date
  99. I cannot stop hurting myself
  100. Challenge After Challenge/Pushing Through
  101. I am so lonely
  102. How to support my friend
  103. I need help RIGHT NOW
  104. I need help RIGHT NOW
  105. Just Chosen My Options
  106. I need serious help
  107. Is this a weird thing to think about?
  108. Is This Some Sort Of Weird Test??
  109. The idea of dressing nice????
  110. Things are so twisted and out of control
  111. Stressed and uncomfortable.
  112. flirting
  113. HELP!!!!! closet gay friend's straight marriage is about to collapse.
  114. General advice
  115. How do I stop attracting girls with issues?
  116. How would you characterize this?
  117. Help?
  118. Suicide..
  119. I Don't Wanna Be Me, So Bye
  120. Nervous about meeting a guy for coffee....
  121. Great Chemistry with someone
  122. Being Thicker Skinned
  123. Nightmare
  124. Being singled out
  125. Are my feelings bottled, or just non-existent?
  126. I want to help
  127. Lonely
  128. Why Shouldn't I Kill Myself?
  129. Boy Crazy
  130. againn
  131. Being Friends Again
  132. Nervous bout work?
  133. Guilt,hate,love,depression
  134. Why Do I Fall In Love With Everyone??
  135. It's hard to decide which field to pursue a career in
  136. Feel like giving up :(
  137. HELP! Need a public response to being outed.
  138. Looking for help
  139. How do I talk to her?
  140. Is it possible to properly come out and still be screwed?
  141. Dyspraxia
  142. I'm Afraid to Die
  143. Question For Fellow Trans People
  144. What Should I Do?
  145. Im having huge self esteem issues
  146. My friend is might get kicked out of her house and I'm scared
  147. Half First Time Sexual Confusion
  148. self acceptance issues and more, guidance appreciated
  149. Body image conserns
  150. Done With Pretending Not To Care
  151. Fake relationships
  152. going down hill?
  153. Need some advice!
  154. Gays hate overweight people.
  155. I inadvertently discovered my classmates' opinion on gays
  156. View On Bisexuals
  157. How do I make extra money?
  158. Scheduling and Organizing.
  159. Asked out by my crush!
  160. Staying Resilient
  161. Goodbye To Everyone & Myself
  162. Trans Guilt
  163. Why does he do it to me?..
  164. Scholarships
  165. Cutting Off My Penis
  166. Need help
  167. Confirming it.
  168. Feeling low and scared
  169. Am I broken?
  170. I wonder if people would be better off without me
  171. I had a funny realization last night
  172. My boyfriend.
  173. Can two gay guys be best friends without it actually being/becoming romantic?
  174. Very Sudden Death in the family.
  175. ADD, coping, and getting parents to help
  176. ADD, coping, and getting parents to help
  177. I Need A Solid Plan
  178. I destroy everything I touch
  179. Very Suicidal Now
  180. Not sure what I am. Gay / Bi / Streight? Help?
  181. Facebook as a tool to meet people
  182. Mmm Yeah, Shes So Fly
  183. I feel not loved?
  184. I'm a 20 year old virgin and feel like a loser.
  185. advice about spirituality
  186. Physical Attraction
  187. College and coming out
  188. My sister is gay as well?
  189. Online Dating
  190. Job possibly on line, worried
  191. The future
  192. I don't understand...
  193. The Nature of Forgiveness
  194. "Pretty Boy..."
  195. Why do I do this?
  196. Marriage: Where Do You Draw the Line?
  197. Haircut Advice
  198. Texting crisis lines for teens
  199. First Date
  200. Trying to cope
  201. An Atheist Homophobe's Excuse
  202. How to invite a crush to a friend get together
  203. Maintain a distance with my superior?
  204. I need Help Fast! I don't Know What to Do
  205. Quitting smoking
  206. Bath Time
  207. How do you find A life you love?
  208. Guilty and Confused
  209. Neither... Nor (Strictly for adults)
  210. A question for lesbian or bisexual females
  211. Am I odd?
  212. Crush
  213. Men,Women,Decisions...
  214. Please read! Suicidal best friend
  215. How truthfully close are Missouri and Arkansas to SS Marriage?
  216. Anxiety about receiving.
  217. I kissed a girl for the first time...
  218. Was I Being Immature?
  219. I am sick and tired of my mum emotionally blackmailing me!
  220. One day i will laugh at all of them
  221. HmmmmmmieZz....
  222. Age difference between me and the girl I like
  223. what would you do
  224. I met a girl! Now what?
  225. No motivation for school whatsoever >.<
  226. Safe spaces
  227. Acceptance
  228. Crush on a straight girl
  229. SEX...Perhaps not for young'ns?
  230. Walking away from my loving and supportive family cause I'm gay
  231. So How Am I Going To Get This Stuff
  232. Accept or not?
  233. Depression
  234. What Would I Do?
  235. First postive post!! :)
  236. art project
  237. How can I stop being so hard on myself?
  238. Identify as gay but not really noticing guys when I'm out
  239. Am I ready to come out? Is it worth it?
  240. Possible aspergers?
  241. Today was really bad day, so mad >.<
  242. feeling alone and isolated
  243. Therapy
  244. Worrisome Childhood Issue
  245. prom
  246. Staring at people
  247. Self sabotage
  248. I feel like I'm the only gay
  249. Frustration
  250. scared