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  1. College classes- Advice?
  2. a random question
  3. Needing some advice of what to do with being lonely and depressed
  4. Going to prom while gay?
  5. Promotion and "Flirting"
  6. I want to wear makeup, how can I convince my parents to let me?
  7. Confused...
  8. Shoot
  9. I am going into counseling
  10. I'm terrified and confused
  11. How do I handle being hit on?
  12. no LGBT support groups in the UAE
  13. Dealing with a Defensive Mother
  14. She is scared of being hurt
  15. Help!
  16. I deserve better.
  17. this might be very long but i really need help with my friend?
  18. How to approach a straight girl that I like?
  19. This evolved into a rant, not a question. No need to read this.
  20. I don't even know where I'm at right now
  21. My Best Friend's Sister
  22. I realized something...
  23. Help, First ever date
  24. I want to be independent but am I doing something stupid
  25. Problem with staring
  26. Coming out of the atheist closet
  27. How do u get interested in something u have given up on b4?
  28. Bi- should I come out to the guy I like?
  29. Favorite homemade snack or drink?
  30. Coming out in College
  31. How do u have faith that u can do something that`s difficult?
  32. Holly: Girl who words is bad with!
  33. Lurie Children's Transgender Program
  34. I may be in the process of being outed...HELP!
  35. Newbie on all levels, starved for support.
  36. How do I muster up enough to do something so mundane?
  37. Big Mistake
  38. Where would you go if you're in my position?
  39. I need an adult!
  40. Help with some issues
  41. Facebook message from church staff member... What do I?
  42. Psych/Sociology Major, Gender Identity Focus?
  43. I canot get to meet my school psychiatrist
  44. Does this guy like me or am i just dreaming?
  45. My best friend "Sam"
  46. Juggling lifestyles...
  47. Quizzed about my cuts.
  48. Do I listen to my head or my heart?
  49. Love triangle - help!
  50. I don't see anyone but her...wish it was reciprocated
  51. I'm lost
  52. I need a bunch of help
  53. Rainbow Pin on Backpack
  54. How to meet girls
  55. My mom keeps dragging me to church
  56. Last Day
  57. Choosing a path
  58. POLL: Would you think your daughter was a lesbian if...
  59. My girlfriend's beliefs
  60. I accidentally kissed my female teacher? help
  61. Lonely but not Alone
  62. Christianity not working out...
  63. Heart and Driving Problem.
  64. "Bi now, gay later" and other problems
  65. My drinking
  66. Choosing My Options (Secondary School, UK)
  67. anxiety when seeing my bf...
  68. i don't want to kill myself but....
  69. Cliques
  70. Lesbian with a Guy and an Unlabeled Girl
  71. I think I'm bigoted towards religion is that normal ?
  72. I need help with my OCD
  73. online dating for gay teens??
  74. Am I straight or a lesbian/bi-sexual in denial? HOCD/OCD/DEPRESSION/ANXIETY. help!
  75. I Was Once Told... (Free Verse)
  76. Job applications
  77. I don't find anyone HOT!
  78. Reading "straight" guys
  79. Am I really lesbian, or just mad at men for having abused me?
  80. Anger Leads to...Well, I dunno. I don't know how it feels
  81. any good jokes?
  82. How? When? Seriously!
  83. Justify getting married
  84. Alone i am fighting
  85. Help! I am at rock bottom
  86. High School Locker Room
  87. Lots of Issues... Any Advice?
  88. Letters of recommendation
  89. Cyberstalking help
  90. sacrificing one for the other?
  91. Homeschooled and Ready to Quit
  92. Addicted to gay porn
  93. Moving Jitters
  94. need some serious advice
  95. Feeling lost
  96. How to be involved in the community as a minor?
  97. I hate myself.
  98. I backed out of coming out. -.-
  99. First date
  100. What should I do?
  101. My Best Friend?
  102. How do I ask my GF to finger me? (bi male, mono relationship)
  103. The tale of a homophobic "psychologist"
  104. I'm so confused
  105. Car shopping advice please?
  106. This was just supposed to be hanging out
  107. I don't know how I feel about it.
  108. bisexual or biconfused??
  109. Help?!?
  110. Living with a friend
  111. I don't know what to do!
  112. How to Deal with Society - and everything else?
  113. I made a mistake and im bad at breakups~
  114. bs To Fall Back On
  115. HOCD? Straight? Bi? Gay? Psychotic? Please help?
  116. Quite The Predictament
  117. Dual Sexuality
  118. Being Gay & and a bottom
  119. my friend has an ED
  120. Is it bad to show frustration in general?
  121. I need advice please
  122. Knowing Your Orientation
  123. Disrespect toward lesbian identities?
  124. How to learn to trust?
  125. The Boyfriend's Friend
  126. Question yo. For people who have been doing this a long time
  127. Just need a bit of advice
  128. Tips on taking pictures as a couple?
  129. My girlfriend overdosed on antidepressants
  130. Fundraising Dinner - need help!!!
  131. Kind of in a mess
  132. Im New
  133. To Go, Or Not To Go....
  134. im freaking out about nursing program
  135. I fell in love with someone 3 years older~
  136. Depression.
  137. Closeted people and relationships
  138. Social Anxiety
  139. Sexual Demons
  140. I cried when i failed my drivers test
  141. Cutting out addictions.
  142. Unhealthy obsession
  143. Constant Lies
  144. Convincing Myself about Happiness
  145. How Do You Look Deeper (When Liking Someone)
  146. Advice On Going Vegetarian
  147. Motivation
  148. Religion Teacher Woes
  149. Update so far Also some advice on advancing in the work force
  150. gay later in life...need advice.
  151. Bromance or romance?
  152. What am I missing?
  153. Feeling ashamed of my body as a gay guy
  154. I hate my body >_<
  155. Why is it so hard to move on from him?
  156. Getting Drunk
  157. Want to meet other lesbians... any advice?
  158. Do I have a right to be angry about this?
  159. Is North Carolina Homophobic?
  160. I can't accept myself
  161. should I give up on being gay?
  162. What's with labels?
  163. Transgendered Jamaican
  164. My workplace is like a cast of characters...
  165. Gambling Addiction
  166. Mixed emotions all bottled up
  167. Have you ever felt like...
  168. Poll: Would you leave your friends/family to get away from a person you hate?
  169. Why do I cry when I realise that I am in love?
  170. Advice?
  171. I want to be happy again and would really like to meet or talk to other lesbians
  172. Online friend wants to meet..
  173. should i kill the hope of finding someone?
  174. When 2 submissive people like each other
  175. Falling in love with your friend
  176. Friend Needs Help and I'm Not Positive What to do...
  177. First date advice?
  178. Panic attacks tearing apart relationship
  179. confused/depressed - need advice
  180. Roommate's perfume
  181. got the pills
  182. Job Interviews!
  183. Greek Life, is it worth it or not?
  184. Not sure what to do
  185. Jealousy issues in bi relationships...
  186. Sleeping with everyone except the right person?
  187. Massive fear of abandonment
  188. College
  189. Stop while you can :)
  190. I desperately want to move out, but I don't think I can. What should I do?
  191. Need some advice
  192. How to deal with Suicidal Thoughts
  193. Wanting To Die
  194. I feel alone in the sexual world sometimes
  195. "No, they don't feel the same." You say... and then they end up with someone else...
  196. embarrassed about sexual needs
  197. Dating site insecurity
  198. Therapy Advice
  199. Feeling overwhelmed
  200. Anything to help would be much appreciated...
  201. Idk.. I like my friend?
  202. General question about appearance...
  203. The D Word
  204. I accidentally found out that my friend is lesbian
  205. My town
  206. Advice on a straight best friend..
  207. Apartment energy bill advice
  208. Life's perfect, except...
  209. Truth or lies? Please help me understand..
  210. Mom is a Bad Conversationalist
  211. Do most guys list sexual orientation on fb?
  212. Feeling Alone
  213. Finding someone and sex questions
  214. What is the hardest time of your day?
  215. Feeling like i'm on my last thread
  216. Really nervous about first time, need help.
  217. Telling work I am gay
  218. Homophobia to STOP
  219. Met this guy and he's crushing hard on me... But it's not that simple
  220. How to look more lesbian?
  221. help me please beyond lost
  222. Very Upset
  223. Should I?
  224. Is this a disorder?
  225. How often do you see someone you find attractive?
  226. Ignorant best friend vs ally resources
  227. How to find curage to start flirting with other lesbians?
  228. im stressing about long distance with my bf
  229. Cant take it
  230. Taking care of parents when they get older
  231. How to Help a Friend
  232. New?
  233. Identity Crisis
  234. Another horrendous day
  235. Seriously??? Isn't that illegal??? Not yours...keep out!!!
  236. So last night i had my first gay encountr, ifeel guilty
  237. Lipstick Lesbian
  238. Being Alone
  239. Pianist?
  240. Rambling before bed.
  241. Eff Everything
  242. Rough day
  243. Religion
  244. Why does this happen?
  245. Third Date
  246. Danger in a Small Town
  247. I really just can't stand being gay anymore!
  248. Stuck in a rut
  249. Building Muscle
  250. dating girls that live far away from you ?