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  1. Gym - Feeling Awkward in the Locker Room
  2. Awkward situation
  3. What should I do feeling left out
  4. Help.
  5. Just a Vent!
  6. People judging you cause you are bi-sexual
  7. Meeting People
  8. Friends dad killed himself and he still doesn't know...
  9. Do I not have the right to have an opinion on gay rights if i'm not out the closet
  10. Save me from myself...I'm wasting away
  11. I'm confused
  12. Feels like I'm losing him....
  13. Where do you meet friends?
  14. Attracted to one girl on a dating site but site says were not compatible
  15. just be yourself....?
  16. A dream come true.. Or not?
  17. Relationship or not?
  18. Just tell me if it's worth it
  19. Should I put my heart out there?
  20. "Straight" Friend Comes On To Me Leaving Me Very Confused...Help!
  21. HELP - Want a 3sum w/BFF & her GF!
  22. Help! Taking a drug test for someone else
  23. Non LGBT related subject but it is about college & career
  24. If I had pills right now. I would take them all.
  25. Where can I get really colourful clothing?
  26. Social Media Anxiety and OCD
  27. I feel like a liar!!!! Advice?
  28. went to my first meetup group last night
  29. gay frustration
  30. Being gay and well... Not exactly proud of it
  31. This is off topic but I'm white attracted to black girls
  32. Dealing with anxiety and paranoia
  33. Can't decide if I'm butch or femme?!
  34. Sorry I've been less active on here....
  35. Lesbian married to a man
  36. I don't know what will make me happy.
  37. everyone thinks i'm straight???
  38. Use of the word "friend"
  39. One piece swimsuits
  40. On the job - harassment - would this qualify?
  41. i'm too shy ! help !
  42. Not realizing being LGBTQ until later?
  43. Talking to the vicar
  44. Have I given up at life already?
  45. Difficult having sex while sober
  46. Terrified to go to the LGBT center on campus, but don't know why
  47. Coming Out a Second Time
  48. Paranoia about lying?
  49. In love online, lost, and [really] need help!
  50. Advice I desperately need!!!
  51. Someone Knows
  52. I feel so stupid
  53. Does this sound gay?
  54. Looking for a religion
  55. Internalized Homophobia
  56. dont see my future.
  57. Starting Over?
  58. Guys only want me for sex?
  59. Will I ever be happy? :-/
  60. Gay person with heterosexual fantasies?
  61. How do I stay positive in this situation?
  62. How to win the job you badly want?
  63. She's moving away!
  64. Want to be who I am.
  65. Really confusing friend, don't know what to do anymore.
  66. Can't believe this is happening to me!
  67. Is shaving my hands weird?
  68. Sexuality and religion?
  69. I'm sad
  70. Homophobic Friend (knows I am gay) is in my brothers class!
  71. impluse won !
  72. Introverted and non-stereotypical disability romance?
  73. On the verge of trying conversion therapy
  74. Freshmann high school?
  75. Finally figuring out who I am. It's all so new.
  76. How do I hint to her I like her (A LOT)?
  77. School wide awareness event!
  78. Someone I don't really know is suicidal
  79. What do I do?
  80. Friend using gay as an insult?
  81. How do you find a girlfriend?
  82. I have a crush I don't want
  83. I need weird advice, please.
  84. Swimming to relax, but with anxiety
  85. I'm finally going to get help... but need a little support
  86. Seeing a doctor
  87. UK Legal name change
  88. I feel so down and depressed
  89. Lonely and afraid.
  90. Someone lacking in confidence in a relationship with someone who is confident
  91. Feeling like I am changing and not being myself because I want to be like others...
  92. I don't want kids but i sometimes fantasize about having a baby with another woman
  93. Making major changes to your life, and the fear of doing so..
  94. How do I play this out?
  95. I love people who love other people
  96. Trying my best to put up with my sexuality
  97. I don't know what happened to me...
  98. Depression
  99. confusing situation...is this flaking or what the hell!?...EmotionrollercoasterHELP!
  100. Worried about online dating
  101. Watching gay videos (Not Porn BTW)
  102. diserve living
  103. Normal to feel unsafe?
  104. Hate and Love at the same time
  105. I've lost everything
  106. When To Say "I Love You"
  107. Do butches like lots of girls?
  108. Best friends but in love....need advice
  109. I need help please...
  110. Life and a career?
  111. Always afraid something bad is going to happen.
  112. Lack of friendship/LGBT communities
  113. Feelings on dating a super virgin?
  114. Moving Out
  115. School
  116. More than one relationship...?
  117. How long does it take to get a bachelors degree if you go to school full time
  118. Too old?
  119. I don't want to ruin this
  120. Wish I was straight? Why?
  121. Am I Biphobic and if so help me not to be
  122. Really Sad
  123. How to subtly meet people at school?
  124. trying to comeout to myself
  125. So in love at work...
  126. help me understand
  127. if I do this ,am I a asks hole for it
  128. Hunter-gatherer - in today's society and settings?
  129. Why do I do this?
  130. The Only One?
  131. Ring?
  132. What would you do if you were me? The dynamic of my family has change
  133. I'm in a very dark place :'(
  134. Help! Gay or sex addicted
  135. Religion
  136. First person I came out to is no longer my friend?
  137. Worries about meeting people...
  138. So this might be a problem for me.
  139. Femme? Stud? Stem??
  140. How to temporarily reduce the 'wanting' while not getting what is want
  141. No dreams or hopes for the future?
  142. College Roommates
  143. Feeling a bit down on my birthday
  144. Need advice
  145. Girl I Like Kissed Me - I'm Utterly Confused
  146. Why I hate online dating
  147. Phony
  148. I think I maybe dangerously nihilistic
  149. I am lost
  150. The fucking line
  151. Growing up.
  152. What Should I do with my life?
  153. Raised To Be A Worse Person Than I Want To Be
  154. Lost myself
  155. How can I stop feeling guilty for being a homosexual ?
  156. Mom wants to eat at chick fil a
  157. New years suicidal thoughts
  158. "Golden Showers"
  159. Seriously thinking about "Off-ing" myself?
  160. Where to Meet Girls?
  161. Falling out of love?
  162. Continue on or give up
  163. Oral Sex Advice
  164. Shyness a character flaw?
  165. MAAB GQ & bars
  166. What does self-confidence feel like?
  167. Advice For Doing Drag For The First Time
  168. Conflicted and Confused
  169. Is He Real?
  170. Im sad all the time
  171. touchy feely coworker is annoying me
  172. Social capital as a concept
  173. So confused..
  174. Straight-acting hate? is it real?
  175. I'm losing it (keep imaging funeral)
  176. How do you help someone who doesnt want help?
  177. Dad made a comment that felt homophobic
  178. I don't have what it takes to be gay.
  179. Need some help, because I am useless.
  180. Still Suicidal
  181. Does a Human Being have any real impact on the world
  182. How do i date a girl?!?
  183. I don't feel like I'm "part of the LGBT community"
  184. Can someone offer me advice on making the first move?
  185. why do I feel so worthless?
  186. 2nd time being shauned at for being gay in Xmas day
  187. Just needing to get it out...
  188. When is the "right" time to marry?
  189. What the buck is wrong with me?!
  190. New feelings! Help!
  191. How can I get rid of the religious idea that being gay makes me less of a person
  192. I underestimate myself
  193. Crush on this guy in the closet!
  194. Happy and sad
  195. PLEASE HELP... She is dying...
  196. I'm hungry yet I have no appetite
  197. (Death) I don't know how I'm supposed to react to this.
  198. mood swings!
  199. Not really sure. Please help.
  200. How do I figure out who or what I want to be in life?
  201. How do i accept myself not for knowing?
  202. My Mom is not healthy for my self esteem!
  203. Am I Losing It?
  204. I need help with something I don't understand
  205. Shattered more than I could ever imagine
  206. I want to commit suicide. Please help me
  207. Why does everyone want to talk with me about my beliefs?
  208. Have you ever had any BAD encounters with meeting some one online?
  209. i have a huge crush on my mom's close friend
  210. Why am I so worried???
  211. Feel like I deserve to die
  212. I messed up
  213. Paranoia
  214. Cant handle being bored...
  215. Cold
  216. My dad has reached a new level of homophobia
  217. Not-so-Home for the Holidays
  218. Hate my job !
  219. Why can't I let go of him?
  220. How does it feel?
  221. Getting yourself out there in a small town
  222. Choosing never to come out.
  223. Tell Me if this is Selfish...
  224. Help me...it's all going so wrong
  225. Lgbt roommates
  226. People Not Respecting Asexuality
  227. Dumped just in time for Xmas.
  228. Defeat
  229. How to have a feeling of self worth?
  230. So do I go to church???????
  231. My Dad is making me be tutored by him, and he might get an actual tutor
  232. Cutting as a daily routine?
  233. strong feeling she likes me too
  234. Sigma Alpha Pi Leadership Society... Should I join, is it worth it?
  235. Does He Like Me?
  236. Holiday weight gain
  237. Guys- Are you open about your sexual preferences? (Top/bottom)
  238. Psychopaths?
  239. feeling depressed
  240. Opinions on poetry.
  241. Kissed a guy, feel crappy
  242. A friend at work
  243. What it means to be a human and why my Christian friends don't get it.
  244. Hair Product Help -- So Confused
  245. My imaginary friend
  246. Can i be alive ?
  247. facebook freak
  248. being gay and homophobic
  249. Struggling with suicidal thought?
  250. A little advise and help, please?