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  1. In a bad situation
  2. Hate speech in class...
  3. Fate
  4. Confused...mixed signals...how do I tell her???
  5. Finding a good job
  6. roommate can't afford rent anymore i guess..
  7. Worried Physics major
  8. Being gay and unattractive?
  9. Mortgage Question:
  10. How do I meet LGBT people?
  11. About to go ahead with something pretty big, just wanted you thoughts
  12. My mum
  13. Am i gay? Help?
  14. shoud I travel to meet this guy
  15. the nickname babe ?
  16. So very, VERY angry
  17. I think I used him.
  18. Afraid to express feelings....
  19. Ways to drop a supportive comment?
  20. Church Today, it went well but I am still nervous
  21. Worried about attraction to older guys
  22. Advice? I'm so lost:(
  23. Hi-New to Empty Closets
  24. Where is the un-gay scene?
  25. Why does her size make me so into her?
  26. sad every night
  27. They took her away :(
  28. What do you do when the love of your life doesn't want you?
  29. Gay club experience
  30. Quitting alcohol for 2014, is it possible?
  31. Being Baha'i and Homosexual?
  32. No idea...
  33. My attraction for women manifests as jealousy because I can't accept my sexuality
  34. How to approach girls?
  35. I don't like them back...
  36. new to being gay
  37. Should I move out to live with my sister or stay with my parents?
  38. I'm tearing myself apart over my current life/future
  39. so do I tell him?
  40. Small talk
  41. Grudge Holding
  42. Oh Lawd, not sure what to do.
  43. Is on my friends mind?
  44. Isolation is really getting to me
  45. Getting back into therapy
  46. So I decided not to got to uni next year.
  47. normal life
  48. Shaolin kung fu/buddhism and homosexuality
  49. trying to figure out living arrangements (for college)
  50. Traveling to a country that kills homosexuals
  51. Deep Denial Help Please
  52. Is it common to be this daunted by life?
  53. bit of worried
  54. Did he mean to break my heart?
  55. Old relatives can be funny sometimes
  56. I don't know if she thinks this is a date or not!!
  57. Positive views on ... depression
  58. I don't know what to do?
  59. Inertia
  60. Anyone else feel like me?
  61. My Boyfriend issue...
  62. Does She Or Doesn't She
  63. I'm not my "type"
  64. Confusing night out!
  65. Not going home for Christmas
  66. Long distance relationship, but I like A straight girl from my school
  67. I was this close..
  68. Gay rights on Facebook
  69. Tattoos
  70. Tearful Goodbyes
  71. Help..."boy shorts"
  72. Can't stand up for myself
  73. Tattoos and Engineering
  74. The Second rejection: My story
  75. Not feeling at all festive...
  76. Vent
  77. From gay to straight?
  78. Baseball for a Transgendered Guy?
  79. Harrisburg
  80. Is college really much more accepting?
  81. He still didn't see my message!
  82. Unsure of who I am.
  83. Shoud I lie? :X
  84. Ambassador/Diplomat
  85. i like a colleague but noy sure if he is gay or bi
  86. A good, but bad night
  87. Insomnia/Lack of sleep
  88. Panic attack
  89. 3 closeted guys loving one another
  90. The Great Gay Image Crisis
  91. Manipulative coworker
  92. How do I deal with friend pushing beliefs on me?
  93. Do long distance relationships work?
  94. change
  95. Proving People Wrong
  96. Today's the day....maybe
  97. Getting back into the swing of things
  98. Guilt over a crush?
  99. In love with my best mate!??
  100. Need help figuring out what to do...
  101. what should i call my anti-hate group?
  102. Getting rejected?
  103. Heavy uni/college course load
  104. Seeking Support and Advice?
  105. I have the perfect opportunity to buy a *cough* toy online
  106. I think I am suicidal
  107. New here and confused
  108. Is this idea crazy?
  109. I feel like nobody cares about me
  110. I was almost raped some advice?
  111. Loneliness Gets Worse Around the Holidays?
  112. I can't do anything right I just want to die
  113. Help With Depression
  114. Saw a ghost, now I'm frightened!
  115. Another lonely guy in love with best friend seeking help
  116. Suicidal Friend
  117. College...
  118. What sort of lesbian am I?
  119. tips
  120. Straight?! Guy crush??
  121. Thinking about going to a christian university?
  122. Is it normal to feel like this?
  123. Help
  124. Losing my mind!!!!
  125. What should I consider myself.
  126. Am I the Only One Totally Alone for the Holidays?
  127. How do you gain self-confidence?
  128. How to go out as a gay man
  129. guys older than me, bears, online dating, and gay apps
  130. What can I do??
  131. I still have a crush on my former teacher :(
  132. I think I was doing the wrong thing...
  133. how do i set up a LGBT group?
  134. What do you LIKE about being lgbt?
  135. Hearing Queers?
  136. I need advice...HELP ME PLEASE
  137. Finding people?
  138. Being bullied in the past
  139. My heart is in pain and i don't know what to do about it
  140. Communicating with potential partners
  141. How I feel...
  142. This guy
  143. Has anyone ever been to BiCon?
  144. Dating
  145. Bullied by lesbians, wtf?!
  146. How do I let him know I'm interested?
  147. Help me get a read on this boy...
  148. why am I feeling jealous?
  149. Milestones
  150. dildo discomfort
  151. 18, gay, kind of lost...?
  152. Online dating ?
  153. What has being queer taught you?
  154. Trouble Confessing My Feelings to Her (long)
  155. got invited to a potential gay holiday party
  156. A drunken admission
  157. Relationship
  158. Is there a chance
  159. What to do about my cat
  160. Being bullied
  161. I did it! :))
  162. Love at first sight
  163. I have never kissed a another women so how do I know I'm Gay?
  164. Too good to be true?
  165. She cheated on me ...
  166. What should I do?
  167. yerkhhggghhh
  168. eating someone out?
  169. I'm Conflicted
  170. Why do I like being alone?
  171. I still miss my ex..
  172. What do I do?
  173. What should I do now?
  174. How can i forget?
  175. Scared of relapsing into depression
  176. REAL fear of being alone or never finding the 'one'
  177. Is this normal? (Straight friend)
  178. my whole story
  179. I still love her
  180. Is he the right one?
  181. It happened again...
  182. Do people overrate me?
  183. What Kind of Gay Do You Want to Be?
  184. Bullied
  185. What does making out feel like?
  186. Lost...
  187. Help, What do I do next!?!?
  188. Urgh please help me everyone
  189. I am at rock bottom, seeking help...
  190. bullying
  191. Why am I so weak?
  192. Any advice? this time I don't think I'm crazy
  193. Why does Society Hate Gay People So Much?
  194. Looking for Advice
  195. Europride 2014
  196. I'm Confused
  197. Completely led off track on project
  198. How can you tell if someone is gay?
  199. I Need Some New Perspective
  200. What did my dad mean by this
  201. Queer Community Dinner... but I do not want to be called queer
  202. i feel like giving up
  203. So Yet Again a Money Problems from two names on property
  204. S a d
  205. ex is gay... confused
  206. Feeling really down...
  207. answer please if you are in a relationship
  208. I wrote a lesbian fanfiction and i think my dad found it and read it
  209. I want to scream it aloud
  210. I could use some insight...
  211. Love Sick
  212. Feeling lost...
  213. Which one grr I need help
  214. Why I hate my body?
  215. I feel like a doormat
  216. Police. Police. Calm down. But need opinions.
  217. I am talking to a great guy who does not know I am not out.
  218. Fake it till you make it
  219. i don't want to spend christmas with my ex.
  220. Are my turn-ons common?
  221. Scared
  222. Asking out older guy...
  223. Depression and Therepy? but Parents?
  224. A guy that goes to my school died..
  225. Childrens book
  226. Too young?
  227. What should I do?
  228. Grades Dropping
  229. What is the thrill is toying with people so badly?
  230. The eternal crush...
  231. Mixed messages
  232. Lesbian please help me convince this lesbian i love her! How??!
  233. Any Musicians?Music Producers?(tell me what you would do)
  234. how to talk to a guy online?
  235. Cutting your family out of your life?
  236. It is wrong that I like women with perfect bodies?
  237. Do most people stop looking after 30?
  238. so, can i actually do it?
  239. Being Gay/Lesbian and not being very sexual?
  240. :(
  241. HELP!! socially awkward extroverted person. HELP!
  242. Extremely Sad (urgent)
  243. Feeling down about my genders :(
  244. help advice please
  245. Thank You
  246. she's ignoring me...!?!
  247. Do you think she liked me? helpp
  248. Rant - anti-gay club member
  249. Do you think I have a problem with alcohol?
  250. I seem to hate myself.