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  1. It is wrong that I like women with perfect bodies?
  2. Do most people stop looking after 30?
  3. so, can i actually do it?
  4. Being Gay/Lesbian and not being very sexual?
  5. :(
  6. HELP!! socially awkward extroverted person. HELP!
  7. Extremely Sad (urgent)
  8. Feeling down about my genders :(
  9. help advice please
  10. Thank You
  11. she's ignoring me...!?!
  12. Do you think she liked me? helpp
  13. Rant - anti-gay club member
  14. Do you think I have a problem with alcohol?
  15. I seem to hate myself.
  16. No motivation in life
  17. Bipolar Boyfriend help
  18. I need some direction right now in my life could you some advice
  19. Telling my mom i have a Girlfriend?
  20. He Stressed and Becoming Emotionally Distant
  21. Worry
  22. cutting
  23. Getting Sick of Homophobia
  24. Did the Church cure my "gayness"
  25. She knows I'm in love with her but it would never work
  26. I don't know what to do anymore...
  27. True crush or true love
  28. My emotional rollercoaster
  29. Another "does he like me, should I tell him" thread... Sorry (:
  30. I'm bi and I like my "straight" best friend
  31. funny thing happened at lunch today
  32. Distraught. Was she just being an attention whore?
  33. Getting a thicker skin .. tips? :)
  34. Don't know if I can do it
  35. revealing it all to my crush
  36. Alternative to porn?
  37. Do I matter?
  38. Is this a good idea?
  39. My Best Friend
  40. Turning 17 in a week :/
  41. I lost my neighbor's snake!
  42. study tips?
  43. Boyfriend
  44. How to deal with my ex-boyfriend
  45. is she interested???
  46. Low confidence. High hopes.
  47. Lonely
  48. Confliction with religion.
  49. LGBT Scholarships
  50. How to do that awkward first relationship?
  51. I have a therapist
  52. First conscious crush pursual
  53. so depressed and bleh..
  54. Social Issues
  55. Feeling very binary?
  56. Career Advice (as a cross dresser)
  57. Long Distance Help
  58. Loving yourself?
  59. Traveling.
  60. hate my life hate myself!!!!
  61. finally spoke to her
  62. Gay Bars?
  63. Some questions
  64. Conflicted about Sexuality
  65. What do I do when I need help with everything about my life?
  66. unattractive
  67. Am i the only one who hates birthdays?
  68. Never Making That Mistake Again…
  69. totally confused over fine woman
  70. Mixed EMOTIONS : Badly Needed HELP
  71. How do guys act when they're not interested?
  72. I just need guidance...
  73. How to feel good about yourself?
  74. how do you meet guys?
  75. Disabled & LGBTQ
  76. Not sure where to start?
  77. I feel like I'm falling apart
  78. Is it appropriate to tell someone on EC you think he's attractive?
  79. Should I just make a move? He seems too nervous to do so
  80. How do you get yourself out there as a creator?
  81. Date or just a friendly meet up
  82. Am i just beating myself up?
  83. Approaching some one at a cafe
  84. I am still plagued with suicidal thoughts
  85. Girl advice for socially awkward person?
  86. A couple of my friends smoke...help!
  87. Using sexuality as a distraction
  88. Waking up each morning feeling Awful
  89. My cats getting put to sleep today :(
  90. Some question on finding therapist
  91. my therapy session
  92. Jehovah's witness
  93. Leaving EC
  94. There's a Disconnect and I Can't Fix it
  95. So Joyful
  96. Feeling low
  97. Are repressed memories even real?
  98. My life has no direction!
  99. I want to wear T-shirts.
  100. A friendly place to continue my studies
  101. How did you know you were gay?
  102. Methodist's reaction to LGBT??
  103. Angry (warning, extreme rant)
  104. Is Engineering and Science a Good Field?
  105. 30 minutes-plus speech on whatever
  106. A break..
  107. How do I?
  108. Life's no fun
  109. Wish I wasn't gay, spiralling out of control
  110. Obsessed with my sexuality
  111. sexual urges
  112. Tired and in a Mood to Cry (Long Post)
  113. Dealing with death?
  114. Is this love?
  115. Just Looking for support
  116. Freaking out over a nipple piercing..?!
  117. Keep getting hit on by Gay Guys while minding my own Business
  118. Trying to cope with intrusive thoughts about school
  119. having a bad night/All alone
  120. is it time to move out?
  121. Question About Religion
  122. Tuesday night blues
  123. Eyebrows
  124. I've been keeping this secret for 7 years
  125. Need urgent advice
  126. Hey guys, I am new here!! Anyone willing to help a very curious chica??
  127. does money buy happiness?
  128. Should I move on?
  129. Should I feel this way?
  130. LGBT Youth Groups?
  131. just got a creepy weird email, Advice?
  132. I Apologize
  133. Wanting to found an LGBT youth group, scouting members
  134. What should I do?
  135. This is way tougher than I hoped...
  136. Oh gosh why does this happen :(
  137. Dealing with lies
  138. What to answer in this situation...
  139. What are the cons of being a cis-man in comparison to a cis-woman?
  140. Feeling really betrayed
  141. What's it like to be a woman?
  142. I have a problem. (urgent)
  143. Homosexual Christians
  144. Is College A Waste of Time?
  145. What do I do?
  146. she's gone
  147. Loneliness to Depression
  148. confused
  149. Best Friend keeps being close to me... Don't know what to do
  150. settling for someone...
  151. Back to square one
  152. alone and depressed.
  153. Party
  154. I'm tired...
  155. My mom isn't doing too well.
  156. Eye makeup
  157. Joining an LGBT alliance in college/telling my roommate my gender?
  158. Really need some advice/help
  159. What to do
  160. Crushing on another straight guy...
  161. I can't stop thinking about this woman!!!
  162. How can I stop misleading guys
  163. On the edge
  164. I can hardly take it anymore.
  165. coming out denied
  166. Homophobic friend
  167. Giving up on love..
  168. Sick of being surrounded by straight people
  169. Eye Muscle Surgery...Nervous!
  170. Dry luck?
  171. Envious of out people
  172. First Same Sex Crush?
  173. weird dilemma
  174. older woman smiles at me every time she sees me. I don't know what to do about it!!!
  175. LGBT Societies at Uni
  176. AHHH! First date help!
  177. Help,I MESSED UP A LOT.
  178. d-day
  179. i really like her
  180. Advice on how to start?
  181. Lesbian bars in the LA area
  182. YOUR online dating success stories
  183. Reluctant to go to GSA...
  184. Going to a school dance, advice?
  185. curious
  186. Is it wierd that i like to feel pretty?
  187. Anxious and Insecure
  188. Why I attract weird people
  189. my first experience of homophobia....
  190. Is my friend coming on to me?
  191. Joining an LGBT community?
  192. Does frequent eye contact mean anything else?
  193. how do I find local support groups?
  194. How can I stop being so hard and negative on myself?
  195. Why do I feel that I need constant support?
  196. Lonely
  197. Subject Choice: History vs Science
  198. Heartbroken..
  199. Get drunk, confront the world.
  200. I know I am not gay...But am I trans?
  201. Couldnt get it up :(
  202. General Bitchiness
  203. I've had mood swings ever since I found out I liked guys...
  204. Do I prefer to hang out with girls because I am gay?
  205. What should engrave on my ring?
  206. misreading signs...
  207. Whats your opinion??
  208. Why am I so afraid?
  209. When they don't text back...
  210. Bodybuilding?
  211. Moving out
  212. Campus Trans-Rights Battle - Strategy?
  213. are there any chemists?
  214. For those of us too shy or not sure how to get into the dating game
  215. Jobs and References
  216. trying to pinpoint why i feel empty
  217. No Career Goals
  218. PLEASE help me if you have a second...
  219. Telling my AA sponsor I'm Queer?
  220. From Tin Man to Scarecrow
  221. Apathy in the real world
  222. Points2Shop Account Deleted
  223. Straight, lesbian or bisexual? Please help!
  224. she has everything
  225. Mind off things?
  226. Feeling Isolated :(
  227. Is being small or cute relationship material?
  228. Videos my friend showed me
  229. What to say?
  230. Want to start a GSA, but how?
  231. Do you often find bears in clubs in England?
  232. Impending failure?
  233. I'm not good enough
  234. Is my fraternity brother bi-curious/gay and into me?
  235. Married and Gay what should I do?
  236. I just want to forget him
  237. lonely night
  238. Should I tell my son I know he's gay?
  239. When did things become "better?"
  240. My straight friend
  241. Should I talk to him?
  242. Overthinking things
  243. How to get over social anxiety?
  244. Should I Make A Move?
  245. Is it ok to be selfish and upset every once in a while?
  246. (Rant) Don't know what "group" of friends to stick to...
  247. Really Depressed :(
  248. Is there something seriously wrong with me?
  249. Attracted to my best friend
  250. New hairstyle?