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  1. 'You'll find someone' (and he'll ignore you)
  2. Help Please!!!
  3. I might have not been here today
  4. I think I have OCD
  5. Confusing things that I have been going through
  6. Am I emotionally numbing again?
  7. No title really
  8. Confused as to what people refer to as a phase.
  9. London and I'm going crazy
  10. Does anyone else occasionally get a bizarre mood like this?
  11. Good vs Bad Dating Websites
  12. The Worst I've Felt in a While...
  13. Being put in the middle of boyfriend's family problems...
  14. Why am I so against being bisexual?
  15. I'm Hurting...and I need to Vent
  16. Love is full of nothing but pain
  17. Totally at a cross road, not sure what to do...
  18. Liking people
  19. help please :(
  20. How old is to old?
  21. Can't take this anymore.
  22. Advice on how to move to somewhere gay friendly?
  23. hating life
  24. Change rooms...stereotypical question
  25. Met someone (help?)
  26. Not being invited to a party - also a venting session
  27. how....
  28. Approaching guys
  29. Is GF using me?
  30. My ex is jelous of me seeing her Transgender Friend
  31. I keep loosing things?
  32. My beloved cat might be dying! I feel awful about euthanasia!
  33. Please help me.. I am so lost
  34. Any help for dealing with my first same sex break up?
  35. I don't know...
  36. Guys: Are you insecure? Afraid of being judged?
  37. Alone on a Friday night (again)
  38. General legalistic question - fairly easy
  39. Feeling guilty and confused
  40. 20 years old and still single :/
  41. What do you say to girls when you first meet?
  42. hello everyone
  43. Reconnecting with lost friend?
  44. help with x
  45. Unseen resentment?
  46. One of those "Is he gay?" threads.
  47. lonlness
  48. My friends are leaving me....
  49. trust
  50. Gay, trans*, whatever..basically suicidal, again
  51. My letter regarding Marriage Equality to my local newspaper
  52. Unfair Teacher
  53. Is this normal for first timers?
  54. How do I get closure with my crush?
  55. Is there anything good about being an homosexual in school?
  56. I'm so lost
  57. Venting time... Again
  58. Procrastination.
  59. Ever felt this..?
  60. Getting emotional and struggling to feel accepted for no logical reason :/
  61. Nerdphobia
  62. Dating apps are horrible. Other options?
  63. Raising money to see my partner
  64. workplace
  65. Dating someone your "ideal" type vs. dating someone you find remotely attractive...
  66. your in put please
  67. Should I even try to date?
  68. Clueless about dating :/
  69. Transition in Lifestyle Change (non-gay related)
  70. I've fallen for him, but I don't think he's right for me?
  71. We support gays, but we are against them being married...WTF???
  72. My friends don't really understand.
  73. Middle of nowhere feeling...
  74. Well this was really awkward...
  75. Am I Being Blown Off?
  76. Can't Stop Crying Today
  77. What to do when your not happy or proud of being gay?
  78. Yearning for love and affection
  79. Boyfriend lied about his age by 20 years
  80. being a masculine "straight acting " gay guy is lonley
  81. How does one define a relationship between sexes?
  82. For lesbians or bisexual females
  83. Scholarship
  84. Welfare Advisor
  85. help with a friend (may be graphic)
  86. Are all gay dating apps and sites just hook ups?
  87. college major decision is splitting my brain in half
  88. Really Scared and Petrified!
  89. I have to meet with my conservative pastor...
  90. Goodbye Guys
  91. my ex best friend
  92. i don't know who i am anymore!
  93. Hi, I'm new...
  94. attracting the wrong type
  95. Really Confused About My Sexuality
  96. I NEED to relieve myself of stress! advice please!
  97. College and work
  98. I went on a date! My first date ever!
  99. I hate my life. Please help.
  100. Is my boyfriend gay??
  101. Asexual Relationships
  102. First Date Advice
  103. Please, I need some advice
  104. Why everytime I think I'm about to lose my virginity something happen?
  105. starting a GSA?
  106. Uncomfortable advances at work
  107. Why I have no sympathy for "homeless" people...
  108. Should I join an LGBT society if I'm still unsure?
  109. Guy Wearing T-shirt with "Want Some Ass?" on it? Gay?
  110. seeing a psychiatrist soon, what to expect?
  111. any black guys on here?
  112. How to correct people who misgender me
  113. Desperate about this GUY , please help !
  114. Unfair?
  115. Why won't she admit who she is?
  116. Question regarding name changing...
  117. Hey everyone, I need your help on what I should do
  118. Trouble meeting people...
  119. I'd like to think it's my choice
  120. Ask.fm Question
  121. foreign accent syndrome?
  122. Cutting my hair?
  123. I went to an LGBT meeting for the first time...
  124. The Navy
  125. i got my letter, now what?
  126. Riding bike on road
  127. Choosing a college major: for love or for money?
  128. How do I ask my parents for a new video game console?
  129. Detachment (i.e. rant rant, nothing to see here)
  130. I'm Feeling So Lost
  131. Alone on a Friday night...
  132. Any help please gf ok with being Bi then she's not etc!!
  133. Urgent.
  134. Is it really wrong?
  135. Have you ever felt this way?
  136. My Confusing Friendsip
  137. We must respect their...CHOICE???
  138. I could use some help
  139. Disgusted
  140. How to tell if this girl is into girls?
  141. A great article that everyone should read once.
  142. Spent a night with my crush, but...
  143. Scared to feel things- to be vulnerable
  144. I'm so afraid of offending someone
  145. curious !?
  146. My crush's heart belongs to someone else now
  147. Talking to people...
  148. how to tell?
  149. Feeling down :(
  150. Me, myself and her! :-)
  151. seeing people on the street you are interested in? frustrated
  152. Is It Weird
  153. Why do I hate myself so much?
  154. Crushes...
  155. How to know if someone is a drug addict?
  156. Everyone is out of my league. :(
  157. My mind feels conflictive
  158. Help/Advice forming a new LGBT group/center for youth
  159. Nobodys Gay/les/bi!
  160. Feeling numb-ish
  161. I feel weird using the word lesbian....
  162. Whats the point
  163. All the guys who like me are weird...
  164. Starting to doubt myself
  165. Shit! He doesn't believe me!!!!!
  166. Problem with 'self image'
  167. long distance dating
  168. How to approach a guy?
  169. Do things always move this quickly?
  170. i can't stand being all feminine anymore!
  171. Girls -_-
  172. Psychologist vs counsellor
  173. Reparative Therapy, bad decision?
  174. Homecoming?
  175. "LGBT housing" in colleges
  176. How to meet other guys?
  177. What should I do?
  178. Coming to terms with not having kids
  179. How do I know if she feels the same?
  180. dad isnt taking it well. :(
  181. Time to move on from current therapist?
  182. Can't focus
  183. How do I get over my fear of Religion ?
  184. Shit
  185. Do you see any red flags in my dating site profile?
  186. please help... need advice for date tomorrow
  187. Public Speaking
  188. Making friends at college
  189. Extremely lonely/depressed
  190. Running away from your problems
  191. what should i do?
  192. Fed up with how my life is right now
  193. I want to be with a woman but some things are holding me back.
  194. How am I feeling?
  195. Anxiety and school
  196. scared to go to first lgbt center event
  197. The dreaded changing room! (school)
  198. A guy likes me... but I'm a lesbian
  199. Relationship ends after 3 years
  200. Turns out I have ADD, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and an immature mom
  201. literal and emotional baggage
  202. scared to see a therapist
  203. Is hooking up through craigslist okay?
  204. Feeling like there is no hope for me
  205. School problems
  206. How old we're you when you discovered your attraction to the same sex?
  207. Nothing to offer the ladies.
  208. Trying to see the good in life/mankind - not easy
  209. Ex-Smokers!
  210. Feeling Pressure From Family About Religion
  211. I'm gay but I dont want to be gay..?
  212. Really Struggling
  213. Gender roles in relationships...
  214. Hopeless Romantic Syndrome
  215. Inadequacy
  216. To tell or not to tell
  217. PTSD Is Kicking My Ass
  218. How to stop bullying?
  219. I'd like to find someone, but...
  220. Straight Woman Was Looking For Advice
  221. Cat is Out of the Bag
  222. Okay, let's do this (Parental Man Hunt)
  223. meanings of words
  224. New part-time work?
  225. I feel horrible
  226. Religion and Sexuality
  227. No one knows I'm gay in college!
  228. How to feel comfortable with myself outside of a relationship
  229. How do i make it happen
  230. My mom
  231. Cold, bitter, angry...
  232. Euthanasia (of animals)
  233. My Hair
  234. He doesn´t remember...
  235. Hair removal
  236. What to do when feeling lonely?
  237. Legal rights for a gay couple
  238. Exhibitionist friend and his sexuality?!
  239. Pictures
  240. Starting therapy.. not so sure about it anymore.
  241. Not again!
  242. I can't keep doing this.
  243. Finding myself, finding my career.
  244. Yippy.......but.....
  245. People referring to significant other as "Friend"
  246. high voice because of psychlogical reason? HELP!
  247. So confused... help!
  248. uncomfortable night
  249. Do you actively like being gay? If so, why so?
  250. Where can I get help with my identity?