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  1. how do i ask him out
  2. Am I the only gay guy who is unattractive?
  3. Just Venting
  4. Attraction followed by disapproval & disgust
  5. How do you get over the feeling of guilt? ;(
  6. Should I quit my job
  7. School Starting Up Again
  8. Bitting off more than I can chew? (college/job)
  9. I got money stolen from me by my housekeeper
  10. Feeling lonely
  11. Loner
  12. Making friends at university?
  13. Exercise
  14. Feeling sad. Anxiety problems.
  15. I need some advice, want to move to a new state.
  16. Feelings
  17. Anxiety and depression
  18. Help, parents, ADD and life
  19. What's It All For?
  20. It's been awhile since ive posted on here :D
  21. My new roommate & my OCD...
  22. My Mind is Overwhelming Me
  23. How should I overcome feelings of envy and jealousy?
  24. Where to learn Norwegian?
  25. First Trip... Alone
  26. How does one fake it till you make it?
  27. Feeling A Bit Down
  28. Struggling with Negativity
  29. Trouble writing
  30. Defective human being - help?
  31. Feeling nervous...
  32. arguments against the Matthew Vines video
  33. Cheer someone up!
  34. How to subtlety show you're gay?
  35. Had an argument with a friend
  36. how do I deal with anger and stress?
  37. Become a bottom
  38. I think I am more gay stereotype than I first thought
  39. College. Please, please, help.
  40. Crossdressing in Public
  41. Double Life
  42. Something's wrong with me
  43. Getting help for my anxiety
  44. This thread is pretty screwy but.....
  45. cycling... looonngg post
  46. Lesbian Teacher
  47. Yet another weekend alone
  48. Should I attempt to look older?
  49. Bi girl in a het relationship - Advice for Sexual Insecurity/Relationship Rut?
  50. Friend got attacked Racist
  51. Church again
  52. nipple piercings..opinions?
  53. Homophobic friend
  54. why are these traits considered feminine only?
  55. Do you think she suspects?
  56. Weird, uncomfortable relationship with friends and family since coming out.
  57. how to determine if a potential employer is gay friendly?
  58. Help with getting rid of hair...
  59. My Bathouse experience
  60. Gay teacher
  61. I did something stupid and now I'm afraid of losing my best friend.
  62. Awkward with Recieving Compliments/Gifts
  63. Feeling ashamed...
  64. returning user looong complicated question
  65. piercings in the medical field??
  66. Something is wrong with me: Love
  67. I'm gay but.....
  68. I doubt this makes any sense, but what do you think?
  69. Too shy and awkward to kiss her!
  70. Attraction and other confusions
  71. Nervous Tick?
  72. My brain and weakness
  73. Does the mind control it?
  74. How to cope with a break up
  75. how do I tell this without putting people off?
  76. GSA help
  77. Despairing...
  78. I just want someone warm to hold at night..
  79. Where/How do you find someone?
  80. How do I ask if I can buy a pride bracelet?
  81. My crush knewed that I'm into him.
  82. whats wrong with me?
  83. Question/Curiosity about FtM/MtF?
  84. How to find LGBT event's and such..
  85. Trying to find someone
  86. How to get over wanting a boyfriend?
  87. Slurs and political correctness
  88. Still feeling hurt over something that happpened in the Past
  89. Did I make a mistake
  90. Is this bad?
  91. It sucks that EC is my only gay outlet!
  93. Canceling a Trip I've Been Planning Since December
  94. My sister's obsessed with my boobs!
  95. I wish I were a stronger person...
  96. Inpatient
  97. Heartbroken
  98. Mental health and depression
  99. Feel Like A Virgin (Help)
  100. My aunt who's said hurtful things to me is coming over
  101. New Chik-fil-A in my town...
  102. I don't know what to do
  103. Seconds thoughts about my sexuality
  104. Can sexual attraction happen without genital arousal?
  105. Help? Advice?
  106. Crossdressing vs. Me
  107. Errr....
  108. Staying in a foreign city... solo gaybar trip?
  109. Afraid of what a psychiatrist could say
  110. Straight Girls that like Lesbian Porn? (Warning: Awkward Topic)
  111. Trouble with sister and ex-wife...
  112. My Mind is a Curse
  113. Breast Binder?
  114. I really need help fast serious situation
  115. Has God called me to be celibate?
  116. Advice on training myself to be able to do proper push-ups again?
  117. What would you do if you were me right now? Im serious
  118. I've stopped caring....
  119. Views on Piercing
  120. How do I deal with periods? (FtM)
  121. Pubic Hair
  122. Friends
  123. How do I get my mind off of questioning myself
  124. Anxious about the weekend
  125. Attraction to these beautiful men?
  126. I'm feeling weird...
  127. Suicide: What is my hear trying to tell me?
  128. I feel lost but hopeful
  129. Feeling stuck in life
  130. I'm scared...
  131. In the UK
  132. Thinking about posting a pic of myself
  133. Is it bad to stay in the closet your entire life
  134. What goes around comes around?
  135. The bible rejects homosexual people?
  136. Freaking out a bit!
  137. The story of a lost relationship...
  138. God Says Homosexuality is In
  139. Is Collage really that important?
  140. When does life start?
  141. Freak Like Me
  142. So... Do you ever wish you weren't gay?
  143. Team work
  144. everyone will be taken by that time...
  145. Help please!! I'm into a guy, and I feel he's into me too, but he avoids me!
  146. Did you 'play' (genitals/kissing etc) when you were a kid? - and with whom?
  147. Passion
  148. gay bashing
  149. It's driving me nuts.
  150. How do you deal with attraction ?
  151. just some advice
  152. Gender bias in everyday situations
  153. Singing tips?
  154. Guilt
  155. Not sure of if someone's interested.
  156. Rest In Peace
  157. Just found out my roommate is a Pastor's son...
  158. Procrastinating
  159. Just a rant but need some advice please
  160. Facebook Absurdities
  161. I think I need Forgivness
  162. Is this the right time?
  163. Homophobia / Politics
  164. Moans from the Other Room...
  165. Feeling depressed...
  166. Genderqueer & voice pitch?
  167. Serious or Not?
  168. Violated
  169. Something I wanna ask
  170. Thanks to EC - Out and Married
  171. Mental health
  172. Porn/Sexuality Accuracy
  173. I am Not a Freak
  174. The scariest thing I've seen
  175. My new roommate mistreats her dog. What should I do?
  176. Self-help, Confidence, and Esteem
  177. Don't know if I know how to love someone...
  178. Choices; the future for me
  179. Does the term sexuality englobe your sex drive?
  180. My life? Does it seem like I'm getting the best out of it?
  181. I want a relationship first, advice?
  182. Religious Trans*?
  183. Hair help
  184. Dating etiquette? Confusion...
  185. is their hope for me?
  186. Unable to take a compliment
  187. You have to love yourself first...
  188. I Feel Guilty
  189. lonely
  190. Does it really get better?
  191. Sick of This
  192. Anger, frustration
  193. Gay in Pratical Politics
  194. My sister is stealing my style and pissing me off!!!
  195. About feminism...
  196. Does anyone know any good lesbian books?
  197. I might move to Austin Texas
  198. Boarding School.
  199. Has this happened to anyone?
  200. This one girl.
  201. i hate men
  202. gay friendly places
  203. Lonely--LGBT Groups in Southern California?
  204. Breast Binders
  205. I want to have gay friends and a relationship too but Im scared to talk to most guys
  206. Getting better
  207. Got gay bashed yesterday :( First time it's happened
  208. How can I stop myself becoming too attached?
  209. anybody relate to this or know what i am talking about???!
  210. Supportive cross-dressing community?
  211. Feeling low
  212. Help me...
  213. College LGBT club meetings
  214. I am so lonely
  215. Adultery
  216. How can I look androgynous/male when its obvious I'm not?
  217. Meeting someone
  218. here we go again
  219. How to make friends.
  220. College and friendships
  221. The true sin
  222. should i go to a gay bar?
  223. LGBT documentary?
  224. How to act in gay pride
  225. Gays in the south
  226. depression :/
  227. Time and Coming Out?
  228. Ugh, I feel like I'm a shallow jerk
  229. Finding a boyfriend in Gold Coast, Australia?
  230. I think my straight friend is gay and I like him but does he like me too? IDK
  231. Feeling antsy...
  232. How do I lower my expectations of myself?
  233. How to remove paint from my rainbow wristband?
  234. Feeling disgusted with myself?
  235. Homosexuality a sin?
  236. Bible and people?
  237. Am I depressed?
  238. Hooking up, and meeting other people for sex.
  239. Need help and advice, please
  240. Frustrating Communication Gap
  241. I thought I was done with this.
  242. Realllyyy need help fast. Words out I like a guy.
  243. JET, Interac programs (teaching in Japan)
  244. jealous of couples
  245. Am I the only one who can't handle attraction?
  246. Is my friend falling in love with me?
  247. Hairstyles?
  248. Mother in hospital, girlfriend away
  249. Feeling Kinda Meh Lately.
  250. Is $10,000 possible to save up to move out of my parents house with a roommate? HELP