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  1. Is it bad to stay in the closet your entire life
  2. What goes around comes around?
  3. The bible rejects homosexual people?
  4. Freaking out a bit!
  5. The story of a lost relationship...
  6. God Says Homosexuality is In
  7. Is Collage really that important?
  8. When does life start?
  9. Freak Like Me
  10. So... Do you ever wish you weren't gay?
  11. Team work
  12. everyone will be taken by that time...
  13. Help please!! I'm into a guy, and I feel he's into me too, but he avoids me!
  14. Did you 'play' (genitals/kissing etc) when you were a kid? - and with whom?
  15. Passion
  16. gay bashing
  17. It's driving me nuts.
  18. How do you deal with attraction ?
  19. just some advice
  20. Gender bias in everyday situations
  21. Singing tips?
  22. Guilt
  23. Not sure of if someone's interested.
  24. Rest In Peace
  25. Just found out my roommate is a Pastor's son...
  26. Procrastinating
  27. Just a rant but need some advice please
  28. Facebook Absurdities
  29. I think I need Forgivness
  30. Is this the right time?
  31. Homophobia / Politics
  32. Moans from the Other Room...
  33. Feeling depressed...
  34. Genderqueer & voice pitch?
  35. Serious or Not?
  36. Violated
  37. Something I wanna ask
  38. Thanks to EC - Out and Married
  39. Mental health
  40. Porn/Sexuality Accuracy
  41. I am Not a Freak
  42. The scariest thing I've seen
  43. My new roommate mistreats her dog. What should I do?
  44. Self-help, Confidence, and Esteem
  45. Don't know if I know how to love someone...
  46. Choices; the future for me
  47. Does the term sexuality englobe your sex drive?
  48. My life? Does it seem like I'm getting the best out of it?
  49. I want a relationship first, advice?
  50. Religious Trans*?
  51. Hair help
  52. Dating etiquette? Confusion...
  53. is their hope for me?
  54. Unable to take a compliment
  55. You have to love yourself first...
  56. I Feel Guilty
  57. lonely
  58. Does it really get better?
  59. Sick of This
  60. Anger, frustration
  61. Gay in Pratical Politics
  62. My sister is stealing my style and pissing me off!!!
  63. About feminism...
  64. Does anyone know any good lesbian books?
  65. I might move to Austin Texas
  66. Boarding School.
  67. Has this happened to anyone?
  68. This one girl.
  69. i hate men
  70. gay friendly places
  71. Lonely--LGBT Groups in Southern California?
  72. Breast Binders
  73. I want to have gay friends and a relationship too but Im scared to talk to most guys
  74. Getting better
  75. Got gay bashed yesterday :( First time it's happened
  76. How can I stop myself becoming too attached?
  77. anybody relate to this or know what i am talking about???!
  78. Supportive cross-dressing community?
  79. Feeling low
  80. Help me...
  81. College LGBT club meetings
  82. I am so lonely
  83. Adultery
  84. How can I look androgynous/male when its obvious I'm not?
  85. Meeting someone
  86. here we go again
  87. How to make friends.
  88. College and friendships
  89. The true sin
  90. should i go to a gay bar?
  91. LGBT documentary?
  92. How to act in gay pride
  93. Gays in the south
  94. depression :/
  95. Time and Coming Out?
  96. Ugh, I feel like I'm a shallow jerk
  97. Finding a boyfriend in Gold Coast, Australia?
  98. I think my straight friend is gay and I like him but does he like me too? IDK
  99. Feeling antsy...
  100. How do I lower my expectations of myself?
  101. How to remove paint from my rainbow wristband?
  102. Feeling disgusted with myself?
  103. Homosexuality a sin?
  104. Bible and people?
  105. Am I depressed?
  106. Hooking up, and meeting other people for sex.
  107. Need help and advice, please
  108. Frustrating Communication Gap
  109. I thought I was done with this.
  110. Realllyyy need help fast. Words out I like a guy.
  111. JET, Interac programs (teaching in Japan)
  112. jealous of couples
  113. Am I the only one who can't handle attraction?
  114. Is my friend falling in love with me?
  115. Hairstyles?
  116. Mother in hospital, girlfriend away
  117. Feeling Kinda Meh Lately.
  118. Is $10,000 possible to save up to move out of my parents house with a roommate? HELP
  119. About my feelings and my crush?
  120. Feel like a Fuck up
  121. any non 18/21+ gay hangouts in manhattan?
  122. Are there more lesbians out there like me?
  123. The Last Two Months...
  124. Which language to learn?
  125. Unmotivated?
  126. Major College Troubles
  127. jealous of best friend's love interest?? could I be crushing??
  128. Art and gender...
  129. Job interview
  130. He's involved with two of us... Help!
  131. help
  132. My parents are trying to set me up with girls?
  133. I suspect my girlfriend has suicidal ideas. HELP PLEASE!?
  134. Just in need of some help...
  135. Straight buddy unintentionally teasing me
  136. Help- Not sure where to post
  137. hair
  138. How to be a lesbian
  139. pornography addiction
  140. Flirting
  141. Help me out please?
  142. I've accepted a new job and I've been crying all day
  143. How do u become the fastest and smartest person in ur field of work?
  144. Should I do it or not?
  145. Why does my life & some others lives suck so bad yet we honestly didnt do anything?
  146. what should i do?
  147. Confused about everything. (long)
  148. Giving up porn
  149. Why can I not sleep?
  150. Emotionally Fragile
  151. London Sauna Advice Needed!
  152. Self Destructive
  153. Seeing a therapist for the first time
  154. College and Homeschooling
  155. How to be aggressive?
  156. I'm crazy about him. I don't think it's love?
  157. I'm kinda lost
  158. What to do? What to do?
  159. Please can someone advise :(
  160. Please read and listen to me :(
  161. writing to get over it.
  162. I need to stop reading stories in bed
  163. Using Bisexuality As A Stepping Stone To Coming Out?
  164. How To Take A Compliment?
  165. I hate being alone...
  166. is someone REALLY facebook flirting with me? *scared*
  167. What should I do?
  168. Feeling blue
  169. Kissed my best friend while drunk
  170. DIY hair dye
  171. Unwanted Yearnings
  172. What is wrong with me?
  173. help with dysphoria and anxiety
  174. Drunk Text
  175. gay grief: how to deal with barganing
  176. i'm losing it
  177. Sooo does this usually happen?
  178. Is my cat starting to die?
  179. Girls a chance?
  180. Closetted friend
  181. A little out, and now I make people uncomfortable without doing anything different
  182. Having a crush on a straight guy. Is he gay?
  183. Why are people so surprised? I don't get it...
  184. My life story: Sexuality/Religion/Personal issues (It is LONG FYI)
  185. Tonight I encountered homophobia. everywhere.
  186. I don't know what to do anymore
  187. I don't want to hurt her feelings
  188. How to Back Out of A Date??
  189. The older I get, the less my feelings make sense..Advice PLEASE?!
  190. Feeling horrible and guilty
  191. On the hunt~
  192. Completely freaked out last night ugh....
  193. Is it just me?
  194. I feel like crap. I wanna die!
  195. Lost
  196. Question about Letter Of Recommendation/supervisor testimonial
  197. Feeling too weird for the world
  198. Some Advice for Everyone
  199. My Best friend's new boyfriend said WHAT?
  200. How to justify it to myself?
  201. Anxiety and Stuff
  202. Fed up.
  203. Science,Beliefs or Friends?
  204. How do you feel/act sexy when you're a virgin
  205. Senior pictures
  206. HOW do i ask my barber for a HITLER YOUTH haircut...
  207. Should i treat this as a date?????
  208. Appearance and Acceptance.
  209. Dreaming about men, but I'm a lesbian
  210. Crushinggg! What should I do?
  211. Jealousy
  212. Police training thing. Advice?
  213. i can't stand myself right now
  214. Question?
  215. Struggling with My Bisexuality
  216. Appearance Question
  217. Eyes water and tear up when I orgasm
  218. Where should I go I need a place to stay?
  219. Is it normal?
  220. He drunk text me.. am I reading too much into it?
  221. Reconsidering the whole gay bar/club thing.
  222. Finding new friends with nowhere to start
  223. How should i start a Lgtb and allies group at my city
  224. i haven't masturbated quite as often?
  225. feeling guilty
  226. Tried to go to a gay bar myself...i wasn't a success :(
  227. I'm starting to give up with everything
  228. Things you were afraid to do (before you came out) for fear of 'looking gay'?
  229. This stupid secret is ruining my life!
  230. But I feel comfortable in this!
  231. Need help
  232. vent ;l
  233. Hi everyone need some support
  234. How can I learn to be happy being gay?
  235. Discussion on a song lyric
  236. When should I ask
  237. How do I deal with homophobia
  238. I dont know any gay guys. Where to begin?
  239. What College/University to attend?!
  240. My First Lesbian Crush... But Is She Gay?
  241. Where can I read unbiased political summaries?
  242. i think im still in denail
  243. Why am I only attracted to straight guys
  244. Do homosexuals crush on the opposite sex?
  245. I want to die (Why do I feel like this? I can't stop it)
  246. Bullying?
  247. Hi guys
  248. First trip to a gay club
  249. Group of Guys insulted me
  250. Alcoholism.