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  1. Should I just go for it and meet him?
  2. Could I write a letter to my councillor/therapist ?
  3. How do you not hate straight people?
  4. Sick and Lonely.....
  5. Control
  6. Problems with my girlfriend's best friend
  7. Why do i get this way?
  8. Hating on straight girls!
  9. I got called butch, but that's not how I identify
  10. A Little Lost
  11. What colour contact lenses should I get?
  12. Swamped with self Doubt again :(
  13. What should I wear to a gay bar?
  14. how do you deal with religious bigots?
  15. Biromantic and psychotherapy
  16. I feel like I'm not myself...
  17. Dressing for the workplace
  18. Just tired and confused
  19. My mum thinks that i can only be certain fuck a woman.
  20. Does this say something about us...
  21. Social Anxiety
  22. Feeling Insecured (Closeted)
  23. Going straight?
  24. Should I visit the bully who bullied me? She has cancer
  25. I dunno what to call this but okay c:
  26. Do I like female's or do I just wonna be like them
  27. Gender Therapist
  28. Question about Testosterone
  29. Meeting other lesbians/bisexuals. Help!
  30. Advice On How To Handle Teen LGBT Bullying?
  31. Good conversation starters?
  32. Need help moving to a new state
  33. wanting to experiment...
  34. The Perfect Relationship?
  35. Is this normal?
  36. I did something reaally dumb tonight (loong) :(
  37. Interpret My Dream?
  38. Have barely any self-confidence anymore...help
  39. Which do you prefer?
  40. Insecure about Breasts.
  41. Is Cutting an addiction?
  42. Job Interview
  43. Did anyone else do this?
  44. Rant about a night out for my bday
  45. Intense fear of meeting people face-to-face you met online?
  46. starting to feel like I have a lot of problems
  47. FtM names?
  48. Holy crap this is a mistake so far...
  49. In love with my best friend
  50. Gay bar... By yourself?
  51. Ugh. I always fall for the wrong ones.
  52. 'Nother life story
  53. Constantly feeling like I'm a sick person.
  54. PFLAG Meetings
  55. What's the point of coming out? I'm not good enough to be in a relationship?
  56. It's finally over...
  57. Moving to a big city
  58. Why do conservative religions think the way they do?
  59. Is it possible to be asexual too? .-.
  60. My life story sexuality/religion and emotional issues repost
  61. Dating, Partying and... everything in between?
  62. Bitter about my sexuality?
  63. I think I'm more emotional/hormonal in the summer
  64. What do people mean by "Love Yourself" ?
  65. Getting back with an ex
  66. I want to forget everything
  67. confused
  68. Cant resist
  69. help husband with m.p.d
  70. [TW] My Self Harm is getting out of control
  71. Discovering who you are?
  72. God I feel stupid...
  73. My friends are scaring me now
  74. Advice on the male genitalia
  75. Going to gay bar for first time tomorrow
  76. Sadistic enjoyment of emotional pain
  77. College/Career.. need advice
  78. How do I get over someone?
  79. Ipecac problems
  80. have a crush on a new co worker...definately straight
  81. Attachment Issues?
  82. Back to depression.
  83. All works out in the end...
  84. My dog will not leave me alone
  85. whats sex?
  86. mostly angry with myself
  87. Suicidal thoughts / Not wanting to be alive
  88. Should I tell a straight guy that I've been crushing on him?
  89. I have a crush on my best friend!?!
  90. First therapist visit tomorrow
  91. I'm sure you hear this a lot here...
  92. I don't know if want I did was right...
  93. Is this normal???
  94. Are hook ups genuinely a bad idea?
  95. How to not be so timid?
  96. Need advice
  97. Help About a Friend
  98. My effort to appear inoffensive
  99. ugh... I feel like I'm torturing myself.
  100. Advice/input on my situation?
  101. SRS Questions
  102. Will I ever be comfortable with myself?
  103. Applying for a job. Advice?
  104. Arguments for Corrupted Morals
  105. Hair Assistance Needed for a Gender-Fluid!
  106. Not good enough to be friends with people?
  107. Not good enough to be friends with people?
  108. Mistaking Kindness.
  109. How do I find a guy?
  110. Someone Please Help Idek Anymore
  111. Teen Vacation Hookup
  112. Uhh. IM IN DENIAL
  113. Question from a virgin?
  114. Attraction isn't supposed to be upsetting, is it?
  115. How do gay people manage to be happy?
  116. I wish i could get drunk.
  117. World Pride 2014 SHOULD I GO?
  118. Dumb question on "types?" Shaved heads, anyone?
  119. Being Taken Over
  120. I need a friend, advice, and some understanding please.
  121. What do you think?
  122. I feel really low and I think I'm about to flip out
  123. How do I stop being envious/jealous of what other people have? (Look wise)
  124. Trans* and swimming?
  125. Help
  126. Just got home from the hospital
  127. Sexually but not romantically attracted?
  128. I can't ever be happy
  129. Constant emotional ups & downs... a normal part of coming out?
  130. My story
  131. Is my friend gay?
  132. Job Help
  133. Handling discrimination advice.
  134. Is love only possible in person?
  135. Why can't I feel good about accepting myself?
  136. I think im in love with my best friend but im not ready to come out HELP!
  137. What do you say?!
  138. I know this is diagnosis but...
  139. confused
  140. How close are you allowed to get to a teacher?
  141. Can someone explain my friend?
  142. Does this make any sense?? I'm lost...again
  143. Frustrated...
  144. Was I Odd?
  145. Awesome.... BPD....
  146. Should I go to church camp?
  147. i think im unstable
  148. Bf crush
  149. Getting a job in 3 days?
  150. I'm stuck...
  151. What am I doing in life?
  152. Dilemma or just venting frustration
  153. Genderqueer rights/dress codes
  154. Easily depressed.
  155. Boyfriend though I was cheating...
  156. Some pain
  157. Latent Homosexuality
  158. I don't know what to do
  159. Ashamed...
  160. Am I ashamed.
  161. Homosexuals shaming the bisexual/pans etc.
  162. Be a healthy gay man? I try...
  163. how do I meet guys if theres no gay scene?
  164. Christianity and Homosexuality
  165. Crazy Coincidence (Be Careful What You Wish For)
  166. Does it have to get worse before it gets better?
  167. Toronto Pride
  168. I feel like I'm breaking down.
  169. Why am I such a self-centered jerk?
  170. Pronouns and school?
  171. Getting Yelled at and Triggers
  172. Quick Question
  173. Need Help with Something
  174. Please help me out :-(
  175. My life story! Religion/Sexuality/Emotional issues/ I need someone to talk too for ad
  176. Can't tell if he's gay/bi or just flirty!
  177. Swinging both ways as a mostly gay person?
  178. How to tell?
  179. Where to find gay relationships?
  180. Drivers Ed?
  181. Just wanted to share...
  182. What happens in Therapy?
  183. Everybody keeps overlooking me(musician's probs.)!!!!!!!!
  184. Does anyone here have any major anxiety issues?
  185. i Want to give up.
  186. Closeted gay friend dating girls
  187. Exes and suspicion
  188. Help, want to die.
  189. Weird behavior?
  190. Depression or Laziness?
  191. My life has no direction!
  192. Freaking out!
  193. College classes for a math major
  194. Do I tell a friend that am gay?
  195. Life Wasted
  196. Scared of suicidal thoughts.
  197. I Got Her Number [Just Friends]
  198. Is it wrong to NOT like anal play?
  199. Of course this would happen...
  200. shame - 'being inappropriate'
  201. I'm stuck. Can someone give me advice?
  202. I don't think I will ever accept my sexuality fully
  203. 19 and never been on a date
  204. My best friend is anorexic?!
  205. Undecided on a threesome
  206. How to Flirt? and Gain self confidence?
  207. How do I deal with an anxiety/anger Trigger?
  208. communicating with other glbt people
  209. Things are starting to look up...
  210. Can I whine?
  211. self confidence?
  212. Just Here for Some Kind Words
  213. How can I get rid of Hypochondria?
  214. This is a Long Shot;But it's worth a try,so here goes..:)
  215. Question for those who have known they were gay for a relatively long time
  216. Crippled with jealousy of a guy
  217. Feeling Lonely Lately :( Could use some cheering up
  218. Some advice would be great. (Please?)
  219. LGBTQ and Mental Illness Intersection Thread
  220. LGBT rights in a country where its Illegal.
  221. I want to leave the country
  222. Jealousy? I think?
  223. Apartment Advice Needed
  224. I'm the only gay person I know
  225. Wanna meet other teen lesbians! ....But how?
  226. Is he even interested?
  227. I dont want my wife to wear a bikini
  228. Wishing I had friends who understand...
  229. Needed: Good simple explanation on gay as inborn
  230. What do you do to take your mind off of things?
  231. I wanna go to a gay sauna!
  232. Feelings for a transguy but Im a straight transguy?
  233. I bawled and lost blood today
  234. feel bad and angry all the time-just getting fed up of my life
  235. New feelings for women?
  236. Funeral...
  237. Nothing is as it should be.
  238. Not what I expected...
  239. Would you think I was a lesbian just based on this?
  240. fwb?
  241. Does labels ever lose their meaning?
  242. Why do most condoms have "Not suitable for Anal Sex" on them?
  243. "Friends" and FaceBook
  244. Reverse Gaydar
  245. So sick of being pushed around and being nice...
  246. When did fighting back become activism
  247. Biggest embarassment this year
  248. Question
  249. Dealing with eating disorder recovery.
  250. Rollercoaster of emotions