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  1. Can I whine?
  2. self confidence?
  3. Just Here for Some Kind Words
  4. How can I get rid of Hypochondria?
  5. This is a Long Shot;But it's worth a try,so here goes..:)
  6. Question for those who have known they were gay for a relatively long time
  7. Crippled with jealousy of a guy
  8. Feeling Lonely Lately :( Could use some cheering up
  9. Some advice would be great. (Please?)
  10. LGBTQ and Mental Illness Intersection Thread
  11. LGBT rights in a country where its Illegal.
  12. I want to leave the country
  13. Jealousy? I think?
  14. Apartment Advice Needed
  15. I'm the only gay person I know
  16. Wanna meet other teen lesbians! ....But how?
  17. Is he even interested?
  18. I dont want my wife to wear a bikini
  19. Wishing I had friends who understand...
  20. Needed: Good simple explanation on gay as inborn
  21. What do you do to take your mind off of things?
  22. I wanna go to a gay sauna!
  23. Feelings for a transguy but Im a straight transguy?
  24. I bawled and lost blood today
  25. feel bad and angry all the time-just getting fed up of my life
  26. New feelings for women?
  27. Funeral...
  28. Nothing is as it should be.
  29. Not what I expected...
  30. Would you think I was a lesbian just based on this?
  31. fwb?
  32. Does labels ever lose their meaning?
  33. Why do most condoms have "Not suitable for Anal Sex" on them?
  34. "Friends" and FaceBook
  35. Reverse Gaydar
  36. So sick of being pushed around and being nice...
  37. When did fighting back become activism
  38. Biggest embarassment this year
  39. Question
  40. Dealing with eating disorder recovery.
  41. Rollercoaster of emotions
  42. Does anyone else here ever feel this way?
  43. How to lift spirits?
  44. LGBT support needed in Berlin
  45. What are gay saunas like?
  46. College
  47. I want to be anyone BUT myself. I just want to complain to someone!
  48. Please Help Me
  49. Rude Chatter
  50. Westchester or Stetson University anyone?
  51. How do I stop comparing myself to others?
  52. Getting rid of body hair
  53. Is it worth it to be friends?
  54. I tried
  55. Coping with Uncertainty
  56. Why do i always feel my IQ is inferior to everyone elses?
  57. Asking someone if they're gay?!? How am I supposed to do that?
  58. Binder Help!
  59. This is going to fast?
  60. Extreme Anxiety
  61. NOW he gets depressed????
  62. Frustrated of an online date I wasn't interested in.. PLZ HELP
  63. Sex becoming less tempting as I continue to have fun with more guys
  64. Hairstyle Advice....HELP!
  65. Really upset! Seriously!
  66. how to regulate emotions
  67. Am I Passing?
  68. I need to talk to someone
  69. Craigslist. Love. & a major age gap.
  70. My family :/
  71. I'm afraid to go to LGBT Communitys...
  72. Life Goes On...yegh
  73. I want to get involved!
  74. HELP with on Line Dating
  75. My only gay friend is not supportive
  76. Feeling Really Low
  77. Worst birthday/depression...
  78. My relationship with my Dad plummeted so quickly...
  79. Anxiety is ruining my life! What do I do?
  80. How to deal with guys that like me?
  81. My dad "knows" and doesn´t like it
  82. Infatuation?
  83. Can family members be so insensitive that it's okay to hate them?
  84. Picking out a name.
  85. Im Lesbian but i dated a guy anyway...
  86. Am I a special case or...?
  87. Androgynous Fashion to Lead to a Genderfluid Life?
  88. Are there people in this world who don't cheat on thier partner?
  89. What is considered losing your virginity?
  90. Intimidated by straight girls
  91. My life is pointless...and I kinda almost died yesterday....
  92. Reminding yourself of who you are?
  93. 1 month free from cutting!!
  94. A shyness when it comes to job interviews/calls?
  95. going downhill
  96. The deepest truth of love or reality?
  97. My sexuality journey
  98. Having a hard time saying 'I'm gay' out loud?
  99. Sexuality and promiscuity
  100. Old Testament VS Homosexuality
  101. How to tell someone you're angry?
  102. Is they anyway to stop feeling so negative and ugly and worthless all the time?
  103. Swimming while FtM? Help.
  104. very, very long. sorry :(
  105. @!#* ex again
  106. *insert music from the world's smallest violin*
  107. Are masculine gays really homophobic?
  108. Bringing up Gender With Therapist?
  109. Mental Illness
  110. Telling this guy?
  111. Do you react to LGBT friendly "signs" on store employees?
  112. Panic attack from..nowhere?
  113. Came out to my mom and she confused me even more than when I was questionning - help!
  114. Piercings.
  115. guy's piercings
  116. Unhappy thought patterns
  117. Made fun of for voice
  118. need relationship advice
  119. Aspergers
  120. i'm broken
  121. I want to run away...
  122. Ever feel distrust in ppl?
  123. Threatened and uncomfortable around guys talking about rape on bus
  124. Harassed, Blamed, Trying to Move On
  125. I built up all that courage...
  126. LGBTQ Christians.. How do you do it?
  127. The Happy Part; The Sad Part and The Downright Confusing Part
  128. I am terrified!
  129. need some advice..
  130. Homophobia?
  131. The Presidents Message Against Bulling of LGBT Young People.
  132. Severe loss of interest
  133. How did I misread the signals SO BAD?!
  134. random suicidal thoughts
  135. Is it rape?
  136. I feel like I'm dying.
  137. Growing tired of myself and my failures
  138. life, next steps, things in general
  139. Facebook threats and insults
  140. One average, how long do lesbians date before being in a relationship?
  141. in Islam...
  142. Hurtful and painful mind.
  143. Help! Missing Boyfriend :-(
  144. How do you deal with the deaths of loved ones?
  145. Gender and gender fluidity literature...
  146. Lonely
  147. Gaydar thing??
  148. How to get past hating ppl and being anti social and not angry all the time?
  149. First actual lesbian date - what to do?!
  150. Just feel fed up-Issues with anger, alcohol, inferiority complex & self-loathing
  151. Do you guys think she likes me?
  152. Confused and in love with my straight best friend
  153. Really hurt by mother's words
  154. Great date...bad vibes afterwards?
  155. I have a crush on my friend who I don' know for sure is straight or gay.
  156. uncontrollable full body tremors
  157. I officially have no friends.
  158. Im les but I cant leave my bf.
  159. I can't find a job?
  160. Mother's Day
  161. Depression & Therapy
  162. Antigay message from former minister and my response.
  163. clamming up
  164. Why would I talk when I don't really feel like talking?
  165. I feel like I'm stuck in my comfort zone... But I like it
  166. I fell for them, not their parts
  167. inferior
  168. Is it rude to ask someone about their sexuality?
  169. How to tell someone you're depressed?
  170. Need Life Advise!
  171. Depression help
  172. I want to be a mother someday
  173. Stay at home movie or go out...
  174. He's coming out to ME!?
  175. My dad doesn't know a single thing about me
  176. Uncertain of my potential
  177. Embarrassing Scars
  178. Is honesty really the best policy?
  179. Repression, Denial, and Anger
  180. Really into my last date; meet another guy I was chatting to before or not?
  181. (Transgender) How do I know if I'm passing?
  182. My depression is out of control. And it's really bad now.
  183. I don't get it at all...
  184. Just A Rant, I guess
  185. Relationship Advice
  186. Considering Suicide
  187. Homophobic mom..
  188. Am I trying too hard?
  189. Does he love me more then a friend or am I just a fool?
  190. My complicated story
  191. Straight friend allows me to massage
  192. Tired of feeling down all the time.
  193. Stress...
  194. How can I show someone I like them?
  195. I'm called 'popular' but I feel lonely?
  196. Why do you feel good?
  197. Depression/anxiety
  198. Extremely depressed. Please help me!
  199. dumped for a man
  200. Going to a meetup this weekend, what do I do?
  201. just fed up with hating myself
  202. Scream!
  203. Overcoming stigma of therapy/counseling
  204. My Insecurities
  205. Forgot how to life.
  206. Relocating
  207. Stressed Out
  208. Space, Time, the Universe (...and depression)
  209. Basically Only Attracted To Celebrities
  210. Why did this girl keep calling me a lesbian in 5th grade?
  211. Hard to Read
  212. Trying to pass as a bigender individual - assistance?
  213. Sappy Songs/How To Flirt
  214. He is making it so hard to tell!!
  215. How to cope with depression?
  216. How to identify other lesbian?
  217. What is your definition of "romantic" attraction?
  218. Queer and Confused
  219. How do you talk to people you don't know
  220. Music Festival Advice
  221. idk what to do
  222. Androgyny
  223. What is home?
  224. Dissconected
  225. Does he want to go out? When should I text?
  226. [Trans] Should I Try to Become a Park Ranger?
  227. Question about Psychology
  228. Just got a haircut X)
  229. Recently Out Late Bloomer
  230. You're not welcome here..
  231. Insecurities that refuse to go away
  232. Gender and sexual Orientation?
  233. I hate my life
  234. Is The World Getting 'Too Gay'?
  235. Update then Questions
  236. Issues with a professor...help editing email
  237. Not enjoying casual fun
  238. How can I cross-dress to be a guy?
  239. Don't like the term Lesbian
  240. Christian Family.. Huge problems.
  241. Texting a potential love interest
  242. Help
  243. Real tips on releasing emotions
  244. Do u need experience with a girl to know if you're lesbian?
  245. help! bestfreind fancys me
  246. why?
  247. Have I done the right thing? (Rumor Mill Control)
  248. I'm looking for advice.
  249. How many men here have male friends
  250. Help-I don't know what to do!