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  1. Gay guy giving blood
  2. How do I cope with losing all of my friends?
  3. Is he gay?
  4. No self confidence.
  5. Roomate Issues
  6. Lying
  7. My friend has extreme jealousy
  8. Not sure what to do
  9. Revision and being in the closet :/
  10. Where do I even start
  11. Does He Shy to Admit It?
  12. What's in a name?
  13. I wish I looked more gay
  14. In love with my best friends girl friend
  15. I feel lost
  16. How to change negative thinking?
  17. Ugh...
  18. How come it is always on my mind?
  19. What do you do to battle dysphoria?
  20. How to tell my doctor I'm depressed?
  21. I don't think I want to be with my Boyfriend anymore.
  22. I constantly feel like I've forgot to do something...
  23. For anyone mtf or post op
  24. Do you know of any studies or theories (or anything) on sexual development?
  25. Frustrated, and confused.
  26. im afraid.
  27. I'm at my lowest point ever.
  28. A guy I like and I want to let go of him...It's also causing other problems
  29. Went on an Emotional Rollercoaster Yesterday
  30. Coach saw SH scars?
  31. Stupid spring break
  32. there is this girl...
  33. Batchlor party
  34. Goodbye and Thank You.
  35. Low self worth I'm trying honestly
  36. Needing general support at this time
  37. Went to first therapy group
  38. Some pain
  39. My mum has depression. I have exams. Sexuality confusion. Help...?
  40. negative self-image
  41. Feeling like everyone is better than you?
  42. Unrelated Neurological/Pyschiatric Disorders
  43. Uneasy feelings during tension?
  44. Mentioning LGBT Stuff on a CV?
  45. FTM Faces
  46. Funny stories about reactions when you've been hit on by the opposite sex
  47. My anger and aggression.
  48. Obsessing and pessimistic about attending college.
  49. Hideously Disgusting Problem
  50. Something that's happenned to me
  51. Lesbians, how did you know you were gay AND what do you notice about women in general
  52. Advice please x
  53. worst depression so far :(
  54. In a(n) (uneeded) slump
  55. Asked about abuse
  56. Tired of people's negativity.
  57. Have I Betrayed My Parents?
  58. Can the admin of our home network see that I visit this website regularly?
  59. So I'm unpacking my boyfriends stuff...
  60. Should I be scared of myself?
  61. Anyone here work for Fresh market grocery store or know anyone who does work there?
  62. Being Harassed......:(
  63. Depression
  64. Why are guys always asking for nudes???
  65. Staying up late
  66. My 1st therapy session didn't go quite as expected
  67. Age of Consent in California
  68. Counseling?
  69. How to deal with my constant mood swings?
  70. Inescapable feeling of despair
  71. Going down the wrong path ...
  72. Pregnant Boss
  73. I'm worthless.
  74. Can I be a drag queen?
  75. Confused
  76. What is wrong with me
  77. Opening up to a Counsellor
  78. Relaxing my mind
  79. Wanting a relationship is funny business... Isn't it?
  80. How to tell if someone is interested?
  81. to move or not to move
  82. What could this dream mean? It scared me :'(
  83. Experimental Phase
  84. Falliing apart
  85. I Don't Want My Voice To Go Away...
  86. WHat should I do?
  87. The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something
  88. Anyone else feels like this
  89. So...this is a weird feeling.
  90. Want to be in a relationship, but scared.
  91. Depressed after coming out?
  92. Issues at My Church
  93. i think a guy likes me???:) i am confused
  94. Feel like an idiot....
  95. Hope that someone here has the time to read this
  96. Fears of rejection - how does one cope?
  97. Dream job
  98. Alcohol...
  99. I am going insane
  100. Is being pround and happy with my sexuality the best way to deal with Homophobes
  101. When No won't suffice.
  102. Don't know what to do...
  103. Did I overreact? Was it him? Uhhhh
  104. Don't know anymore
  105. Should I do more?
  106. Mad at myself
  107. Jessie and i
  108. Just Losing It
  109. I had a dream I was raped by my crush :/
  110. Binding help?
  111. procrastination habit?
  112. Idk where to post this~ slap
  113. Church problems....
  114. FINALLY out
  115. A guy. Actually me. I don't know
  116. Changing Schools. Yay.
  117. Out Gay guys please read!
  118. Gay but don't want to be
  119. How do you find that perfect medium?
  120. Physical Body Advice
  121. How to ask a guy on a date but not sure if he is even interested
  122. Have I been too hopeful?
  123. how do i pull myself up to finish homework?
  124. Need advice for a first date
  125. Torn Between Thoughts
  126. Why am so stupid? Not Smart at all
  127. I've been having a difficult time lately
  128. I really hate myself right now
  129. 14 year old son
  130. What's the point in life?
  131. Meeting Up!
  132. I want to stay in the closet forever
  133. Finding a lgbt friendly therapist?
  134. Pressure
  135. My Head is in a whirlwind
  136. Please help. I bade a breakdown
  137. I Want To Move Out
  138. how do i know if i'm bisexual
  139. How to deal with the shame?
  140. I'm an arsehole.
  141. ARM(pit)/Leg hair?
  142. In Bed
  143. I just saw my Matrices test grade
  144. How to heal: please offer advice.
  145. Uughhhhh
  146. My first visit to a therapist
  147. crushing on a friend
  148. I'm A Mess
  149. how can I talk to one of the three??
  150. Middle Names as "Gay" Names...
  151. Anti androgens and Estrogen
  152. I'm terrified of sex!
  153. How do I let go?
  154. Joining a Fraternity behind my parents back?
  155. Lossing hope
  156. Is any of this normal?
  157. Finding an LGBT group...
  158. Dilemma #2
  159. Could use a little help!
  160. Should I Shave My Legs?
  161. New High School?
  162. Tragic Romantic
  163. what does flirting look like?
  164. Real World: Does Us Gays can Smell if Another Person is Gay?
  165. should i walk away???
  166. Flirting!
  167. bisexuality. is it real?
  168. Dissing my own kind
  169. Getting a Super Short Haircut :0
  170. How old do you have to be to legally move out?
  171. I need some opinions.
  172. gaydar
  173. How long before my crush on her goes away?
  174. After the "honeymoon" phase
  175. Invisible Barriers to Real World Support
  176. Got asked to speak at my old High School
  177. improve gaydar :/
  178. Awkward..
  179. Binders
  180. Got beat up
  181. *** Please Read Before Posting Here ***
  182. Help me
  183. Handling attraction to straight people?
  184. Lesbians with children..?
  185. Just know this
  186. Are there any gay people on my planet?
  187. Annoyed with binders >.>
  188. First date with a woman soon - nervous!!
  189. Advice please?! Is she flirting? This is all so new!
  190. some advice needed .
  191. Am I...Depressed?
  192. Just need to vent :/
  193. Going through some pain
  194. Will I ever feel normal about my sexuality?
  195. I'm so confused
  196. Might be going to my first gay cafe/bar place soon... Kinda scared
  197. Being good support?
  198. No More Questioning! Butů
  199. Priest
  200. would working in a charity shop help my current job?
  201. what should i do
  202. EC too negative for me
  203. Craigslist Friend-Making
  204. Advice on approaching friend
  205. Opening up to people
  206. I'm cornered.
  207. Tired of everything.
  208. Am I being unreasonable?
  209. For those that might need a little help explaining gender
  210. Alone
  211. homophobic/racist slurs
  212. I feel stung
  213. having toruble
  214. Interaction with ppl
  215. Useful/Helpful/Informative Threads on Miscellanious Topics
  216. How I feel right now.
  217. The hurt just grows, how can I make it stop?
  218. only attracted to faces and personality
  219. What Happens When..?
  220. goria gaynor i will survive
  221. Too Many!
  222. Going Clubbing First Time
  223. Walmart Crush
  224. Self-Prophesizing Friend
  225. Why can't I get over her?
  226. Religion and safety
  227. I finally said yes...
  228. Nervous D:
  229. why do I fear it?
  230. No I do not want the D.
  231. I am gay.
  232. Really Tired. Help?
  233. Help, I just need some help
  234. Books Books on Living a LGBTQ Relationship
  235. high school crush
  236. Is "cute" a good compliment for guys?
  237. Girlfriend joining the Air Force
  238. A guy likes me?
  239. LGBT formal?
  240. F-ked up already?
  241. Feel REALLY low. Wouldn't say depressed but not too far off
  242. skype call
  243. I just feel like shit
  244. Just got served with divorce papers
  245. Is anything possible?.. Geezzz I hope so
  246. Gay parenting?
  247. Am I the only one?
  248. I hate this place
  249. Do straight children want to marry same-sex friends?
  250. Visiting my friend at college... How to meet guys?