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  1. Excessive stimming?
  2. I'm really tired of this shit.
  3. I'm Catholic and gay - what should I do?
  4. Does he like me??
  5. Hoping to start college soon. Any advice?
  6. Expression, Therapists, and Hormones
  7. How to manage being lonely?
  8. 20 years of mild social anxiety
  9. Need help breaking this funk
  10. I feel that mental health issues are setting me back.
  11. Been a while...
  12. Should I tell my best friend I'm gay over messaging?
  13. How do I know if I'm bi or gay
  14. What does being gay feel like?
  15. Terrified and (maybe?) depressed......
  16. Crush on my (gay) roommate
  17. How to find out
  18. Just looking for some help, i think?
  19. Recovering from Abuse
  20. Is my friend bi?
  21. Confused
  22. Don't know where precisely this belongs
  23. need some advice on a guy
  24. Flirting tips for Teenagers?
  25. Art Project
  26. I Have Zero Experience - How Do I Meet People?
  27. Did I waste my time at uni?
  28. Phone interview advice?
  29. fuk this
  30. Help Me!
  31. Eye ball
  32. Bard College at Simon's Rock
  33. College, Housing, and Money
  34. What was your first same gender relationship like?
  35. College Life
  36. I'm bored. What should I do?
  37. Vent - I don't know what to do
  38. I've done something incredibly stupid
  39. Should I tell my therapist - is that whiny?
  40. Trapped at home?
  41. New college and lonely
  42. The porn problem...
  43. What is a panic attack like?
  44. How to stop being so nervous at parties?
  45. Can an accepting person have internalized homophobia?
  46. Gay Native American // Help me
  47. I feel sad.
  48. Feeling down about life at the minute
  49. could use some help today
  50. Boyfriend out as poly
  51. Struggling With Internalized Homophobia
  52. Meeting people
  53. Episode after 1.5 years?
  54. Vent- Ignore if you want, or give advice
  55. Feeling anxious again
  56. Craving attention from someone....
  57. Anyone else feel 'creepy'?
  58. Should I do this?
  59. Am i too old to transition?
  60. Given up
  61. Incomfortable coming out + find dating apps wierd = 4ever alone?
  62. Confused about the gay male community.
  63. I don't know if it cybersex was a good idea
  64. Forgave them only to be slapped in the face
  65. Doing horrible as of now.
  66. Kitten
  67. 22 and I feel like my life will never start
  68. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  69. Need help breaking a bad habbit
  70. Lack of motivation
  71. Mixed signals
  72. Anger Issues
  73. FTM top surgery
  74. About soft-natured guys
  75. Apparently I had less time than I thought.
  76. Issues with gay pride
  77. Past words are still affecting me
  78. scared of sex now please advice?
  79. I had my first experience with a girl last night i need advice
  80. Is this a panic attack?
  81. Suddenly want to have kids?
  82. Left earlobe hurts when removing/inserting stud earring
  83. How to stop thinking...
  84. Is there anything illegal I should avoid discussing in therapy?
  85. Worried that I'm Not Actually Gay….
  86. I feel hopeless.
  87. A Rant ( warning: contains curse words )
  88. I think I Might Be Depressed and I Don't Know What to Do
  89. Confused
  90. How to deal with passive aggressive friend?
  91. Not straight Christian
  92. i hate seeing myself in pictures!?
  93. Lonely and depressed
  94. LGBT(ish) Tattoo LGBT Artist?
  95. I get too nervous around women
  96. Uncomfortable seeing homosexuals
  97. In love with straight best friend. Need help moving on
  98. Help with porn addiction
  99. National Society of High School Scholars?
  100. Reconnection what do I do?
  101. Acceptance & Overcoming Fears
  102. Fundraising For A Friend- Would Like Some Advice
  103. post-secondary advanced diploma vs Bachelor
  104. I kinda experienced Homophobia for the first time...
  105. New here, still questioning
  106. I feel worthless.
  107. What the hell do I do now?
  108. I don't think I can take living life anymore.
  109. Have no one to ask for advise.
  110. Pflag
  111. The Back To School Thread!
  112. Older Guys
  113. Anyone have some articles?
  114. How do you deal with close minded people?
  115. Clothing/fashion: Need a new look.
  116. Fanshawe College, Canadians HELP ME ??
  117. dammn. i think im dyslexic?
  118. Online Weight Loss Buddy?
  119. Another Gay Teen Problem
  120. I'm not happy with my life?
  121. I dislike bissexual men??
  122. To the Community: Do You Feel Shame?
  123. The more I come out, the more I shut down emotionally
  124. How do I talk to her without sounding like a creep?
  125. Guilt. Lots of guilt.
  126. Getting Over a Work Crush
  127. My Life Fell Apart
  128. The Cat Chose Us
  129. How do I live without a reason to live?
  130. Help
  131. think I F**** up
  132. I don't even know what to do
  133. I don't even know what to do
  134. Account?
  135. How to get through work days while sad for a failed relationship
  136. How to meet other gay guys as 17 y-o?
  137. Help with my Journey
  138. Where to make gay friends?
  139. How do I stop this obsession?
  140. lesbian with bpd
  141. I'm all of a sudden sufering from depression today and need some cheering up
  142. Mental Health and College Commuting
  143. Nervous about getting my driver's license...
  144. Leaving my country for a boarding school...
  145. Mom doesn't believe I'm depressed
  146. PCOS (?) and totally overwhelmed
  147. So how and where do you meet others?
  148. Don't know what to do with my life anymore...
  149. Doctors, self harm scars?
  150. gave in to hocd last night, hate it now
  151. People Say I May Be Autistic or a Sociopath
  152. Intrusive Thoughts?
  153. How to get into US colleges (or just one specific one)?
  154. Head Hitting and Nail Biting?
  155. Here's the thing...
  156. Weekend Anxiety
  157. I'm not sure what to do...
  158. How to start HRT in UK?
  159. what next
  160. I don't know what i should live for.
  161. Labels
  162. Married Father Coming out
  163. Wish I'd never been born
  164. I'm hurt, lost, and alone.
  165. Feeling suicidal, uk
  166. Hard Situation
  167. Do I have erectile dysfunction?
  168. I've never been in this situation!!!
  169. Crushing a possible closeted guy. What should I do?
  170. Tips on how to deal with gender dysphoria
  171. I'm so scared
  172. Spiders in North Carolina
  173. Problems With Venting
  174. Just an old incident that I need to vent about
  175. arrg
  176. I just can't.
  177. Going to therapy
  178. Question to the gay community: would you get involved with a transperson?
  179. A question for those who have attended therapy...
  180. help
  181. Freaking out after getting touched
  182. I just need a place to vent ( ignore if you want )
  183. Body Issues In The Gay Community
  184. A Brief History of My Life
  185. Panic attack?
  186. Afraid
  187. Cutting Hair Short
  188. i feel so alone..
  189. The Kinsey Scale
  190. Flirting Tips
  191. Advice needed on lover
  192. Being touched.
  193. Wanting a relationship
  194. Parents think I'm choosing wrong.
  195. Heteronormativity/Misogyny/Homophobia
  196. I just cut.
  197. Relationship Difficulties
  198. Androgynous style
  199. Best Friend
  200. Is there such thing?
  201. Acceptance started 2nd puberty?
  202. I need advice! :( Trans boy in the shower
  203. I should quit weed but I cant see how
  204. Advice on being happier?
  205. This is kinda nsfw im not sure where to put it///
  206. Help please
  207. Who to sit with at lunch?
  208. Dealing with the loss of a pet
  209. Getting my braces off tomorrow morning (so please reply quickly)
  210. Time To Exercise!
  211. Sleeping Out Of Boredom?
  212. Family Life Is A Bit Odd...
  213. Pansexuality is a curse?
  214. Considering breast reduction (cis-female)... help?
  215. Job Application
  216. Was it a date or just hunging out? Should I come out?
  217. Being gay is making healthy friendships with males impossible
  218. Confusion/ frustration
  219. 15 and running out of options.
  220. Moving to Spain...
  221. 26 and still lost
  222. disfunctional? conversion?
  223. Confused
  224. Bit of a dilemma :/
  225. I get more nervous talking to the gender I'm NOT attracted to. Anyone else do that?
  226. Need input!!! Please help
  227. Love someone, maybe one sided...
  228. bpd or smth else?
  229. How to.. help my friend?
  230. Where to go from here?
  231. Am I a part of the community?
  232. Need to escape. Feeling alone.
  233. Finally coming to terms w/ being gay/bi. Help coming out
  234. Being Non-Binary and and Sexuality
  235. Help, please :(
  236. Christian family stigmatizes depression.
  237. Gsa
  238. Kind of lost?
  239. Who gives a single shit?
  240. Loss of interest in favorite subject + fears of failing
  241. Is this PTSD or am I just wierd?
  242. Why do some men do drag?
  243. Whats Safe...
  244. Help help help
  245. Applying to Medical Schools
  246. In love with my best friend
  247. always alone
  248. Who grew up in a Small Town/Smaller City and feels Simple/Stupid often?
  249. Calculating GPA for College ? HELP
  250. Is it bad to be a furry?