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  1. Am i bi or gay
  2. How Do I Move On?
  3. My parents are getting back together
  4. How much per month to live in USA?
  5. I was never that in to boys was that a sign
  6. Going to LBGT center what to expect
  7. First Dates
  8. I'm sick of feeling inferior.
  9. Emotional abuse?
  10. How to hide feelings from crush
  11. I just had my first same sex crush within my school.
  12. Have you every met someone who made you question your sexuality
  13. I feel so emotional and uncomfortable
  14. abusive relationship
  15. What's happened so far
  16. LGBTQ+ club at school
  17. Perfectionism is ruining my mental health
  18. The time my Pan. friend tried to set me up.
  19. I Wish I was Normal....
  20. Worried about a friend.
  21. I think I hate my life
  22. Pondering about what to do with my exsistence
  23. College apps help?
  24. Tried to cut myself with a bread knife
  25. I think I may have BPD
  26. New, need advice desperately.
  27. Scared and sleepless
  28. How to get someone to mentor me and network
  29. What is the oldest you have fell for
  30. Feels like my life is falling apart
  31. Needing A Change of Pace
  32. How do I get rid of feelings of not belonging
  33. People say I don't let let them in
  34. The "It's just a phase" response
  35. I Was Called An Abomination on Facebook!
  36. I'm easily intimidated by others
  37. Questioning and very uncomfortable
  38. I'm gay, but could I be Bisexual?
  39. How do some people know I'm ?
  40. How to respond to you have a crush on me
  41. Hair Dying
  42. Why do we get crushes
  43. Interested in
  44. My first real crush
  45. HELP!! Trying to get my first apartment and I don't know what to do!
  46. I think I may have anxiety, help?
  47. My best pal emma has found out her husband is gay
  48. I don't know what to do......
  49. Don't Fit In
  50. Too nervous around my boyfriend?
  51. Homophibia and protecting yourself
  52. Thank you
  53. Weird and frustrating situation
  54. Any other Christians around?
  55. Watching gay "adult films" when trying to repress the gay feelings when younger.
  56. Puzzled as to friends orientation
  57. What does it mean when someone makes you question your sexuality
  58. I hate dick pics and there's much more to it.
  59. Advice needed in a long term relationship
  60. I look too "Hetero". Good or Bad ?
  61. Quitting a job I've just started
  62. what would be the best way to handle this?
  63. Male Makeup
  64. Queer in the Coast Guard
  65. a crush on me?
  66. What should she do?
  67. How do you tell parent that you need to see therapist/counselor?
  68. I don't know how to talk people
  69. Not sure if I should end relationship
  70. Moving on
  71. Accidentally Came Out...
  72. Craving affection but not ready for another relationship
  73. I just don't know anymore
  74. Bi and in love with my best friend
  75. Helping my (transgender) best friend
  76. Purposely avoiding contact with straight guys outside of family
  77. Fell for a maybe straight or not girl
  78. Speaking Out Against Verbal Abuse in Relationships
  79. I can't seem to make peace with my past
  80. Drunk Texted My Straight Crush and Almost Outed Myself Ahhh!!
  81. my dad showed up at my work drunk :/
  82. Health Class and LGBT issues
  83. How do I mak sure I don't get taken advantage of
  84. Worrying
  85. Straight girl crush can't get her out of my head
  86. Was I taken advantage of?
  87. Ran into my molester at the movie theater
  88. asshole keeps trying to fight me and wont leave me alone, what to do
  89. LGBT Centres- what're they like?
  90. I'm confused about my sexuality
  91. I'm a burden to everyone.
  92. College Relationships
  93. Lost a friend.
  94. Relationship problems
  95. Alone and afraid
  96. I scared her
  97. Mental health at university
  98. Not sure what to do...
  99. i just hate my life.. :(
  100. Being Gay in Guatemala?
  101. Embarrassed & Dishonest
  102. Losing my grip
  103. Acting "straight"
  104. This girl won't leave me alone!
  105. Feeling Horrible
  106. I don't understand what he wants.
  107. Worst month ever
  108. Suicidal, and I'm not sure what to do
  109. Christian and Lgbt
  110. Partner might be trans.
  111. Upcoming US Election and voting as a gay man?
  112. Feeling really anxious
  113. Any lgbt community or lesbians want to hang out at Boston?
  114. Ummm so how do i tell if she likes me back?
  115. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually considering a rent-boy
  116. Not being true to myself at school/with friends... but how can I change?
  117. Never gone to a lgbtiq club/bar or similar should I ever?
  118. Sick of being upset
  119. Kissing
  120. how to get out of a depression
  121. Combating "a"loneliness.. Tips?
  122. I need help
  123. Isolated and quickly falling into deep depression
  124. Mentally hitting a wall
  125. Hickey, help please...
  126. LGBT in the Deep South
  127. How to deal with people like this?
  128. Need advice on school
  129. My Crush Just Got Engaged.
  130. Feeling Very Depressed About My Femininity
  131. How can I stop overthinking ?
  132. How can I stop feeling less than other men?
  133. Sooo... Meeting people from online.
  134. Is this illegal?
  135. Frustrated by constant rejection in job applying; Had to vent
  136. Doctor's office, a safe place?
  137. I really need help she flirted with me then dated a guy then now avoids me back?????
  138. I ended up in hell
  139. im intimidated by guys
  140. Loads of questions/confused!
  141. I think I might be bipolar
  142. Scared of damaging my mental health
  143. I'm Scared.
  144. How to deal with insomnia?
  145. Why people keep competing with me?
  146. Angry at myself for not going to lgbt group, and feel lost
  147. Not Gay Enough.
  148. I really think this guy likes me
  149. I don't think I can do this anymore.
  150. On the legality of porn
  151. Fear of showing my face on dating aps!
  152. lots of ranting, lots of crying
  153. Question
  154. IRS lawsuit?????
  155. My Coach is in Jail and I Need to Talk
  156. Mode swings
  157. Can I ask him if he's gay?
  158. Still confused after coming out to best friend
  159. Quit my job today
  160. Where can I find the L Word?
  161. How to exercise without legs?
  162. Feeling used and let down - dating the "I'm not sure" woman
  163. Need advice with a situation I'm in
  164. I Am In Love With Someone I Can Never Have
  165. Learning Japanese (In need of advice/tips for learning a new language)
  166. gay/lesbian in the closet.. is it hard for you?
  167. Trembling when facing audience
  168. It's it normal in a gay relationship?
  169. Making Friends in the LGBT community.
  170. Differences between hitting on men and women
  171. could this guy like me? i need some views on the situation.plz:)
  172. Gay in Lebanon
  173. Social anxiety and work problems
  174. Gay in Highschool is a Rough, Lonely Time :I
  175. How to meet people?
  176. Mental health advice needed, in love with colleague
  177. I'm worried about my future.
  178. Should I tell my roomate I am gay?
  179. Is it normal to be scared of talking about sexuality
  180. Its weird I was asked out today and it made me angry.
  181. Intrigued by the idea of being a butch
  182. If you are transgender I need your advice quick!!!!!!
  183. How do I tell the guy I love about my feelings?
  184. Confused about my sexuality
  185. Looking at every girl
  186. body dysmorphia and relationships
  187. Any advice?
  188. I need help hiding
  189. My best friend is moving away...
  190. Don't want to drive ever again
  191. Was my best friend into me?
  192. Am I in the wrong for not coming out to a friend?
  193. University Sex-Ed... do I go?
  194. Came out too soon
  195. Young and Was in Love
  196. Moving and fear.
  197. Repulsion for the word "gay"
  198. Excessive stimming?
  199. I'm really tired of this shit.
  200. I'm Catholic and gay - what should I do?
  201. Does he like me??
  202. Hoping to start college soon. Any advice?
  203. Expression, Therapists, and Hormones
  204. How to manage being lonely?
  205. 20 years of mild social anxiety
  206. Need help breaking this funk
  207. I feel that mental health issues are setting me back.
  208. Been a while...
  209. Should I tell my best friend I'm gay over messaging?
  210. How do I know if I'm bi or gay
  211. What does being gay feel like?
  212. Terrified and (maybe?) depressed......
  213. Crush on my (gay) roommate
  214. How to find out
  215. Just looking for some help, i think?
  216. Recovering from Abuse
  217. Is my friend bi?
  218. Confused
  219. Don't know where precisely this belongs
  220. need some advice on a guy
  221. Flirting tips for Teenagers?
  222. Art Project
  223. I Have Zero Experience - How Do I Meet People?
  224. Did I waste my time at uni?
  225. Phone interview advice?
  226. fuk this
  227. Help Me!
  228. Eye ball
  229. Bard College at Simon's Rock
  230. College, Housing, and Money
  231. What was your first same gender relationship like?
  232. College Life
  233. I'm bored. What should I do?
  234. Vent - I don't know what to do
  235. I've done something incredibly stupid
  236. Should I tell my therapist - is that whiny?
  237. Trapped at home?
  238. New college and lonely
  239. The porn problem...
  240. What is a panic attack like?
  241. How to stop being so nervous at parties?
  242. Can an accepting person have internalized homophobia?
  243. Gay Native American // Help me
  244. I feel sad.
  245. Feeling down about life at the minute
  246. could use some help today
  247. Boyfriend out as poly
  248. Struggling With Internalized Homophobia
  249. Meeting people
  250. Episode after 1.5 years?