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  1. Self esteem issues stemming from..
  2. A sudden death
  3. Depression, anxiety, rant - you know the drill
  4. Useful resources to look at?
  5. What does your school do to support it's LGBT students?
  6. unsure
  7. Gay in high school and very lonely HELP!
  8. Very confused and with no sex life (in the closet)
  9. Too young?
  10. Is it dumb?
  11. YouTube channel
  12. Middle name????
  13. Hihi
  14. Where to find scholarships
  15. I am struggling with sexuality whilst in a straight relationship.
  16. I got too attached to a guy who doesn't care.
  17. I Will Never Be Loved Or Accepted
  18. I have a crush on my friend
  19. Love between two men is impossible...
  20. How do you apply for colleges? (US)
  21. I give off gay vibes unconsciously and I want it to stop
  22. A letter that you'll never read.
  23. Moving out!
  24. About to join Avon...
  25. Is it bad that sometimes...
  26. Depressed
  27. How do i find someone?
  28. Going to school in Georgia...
  29. thinking about my future/careers/education...
  30. Dealing with a Charmer/Player
  31. How to beat depression and lethargy?
  32. How to tell my best friend I love him?
  33. Summer Camp
  34. embarrassed
  35. Home Sickness
  36. is there anything worse than being gay and ugly?
  37. The new kid's an active self harmer and only my friend and I know...
  38. Advice?
  39. I have Selective Mutism
  40. Gender Confused
  41. Do I tell him that he was my first?
  42. Encouragement for online dating...
  43. Crush on best friend?
  44. How do I tell my friends?
  45. Is It Safe To Speak Up?
  46. In a very sad and confused state
  47. Mother..awkward opinions on homosexuality
  48. Hair on upper lip :(
  49. How am I going to forgive myself for this?
  50. binding help.
  51. Meeting other lgbt peoples, discreetly
  52. Parent troubles
  53. Dreams
  54. Help! I need advice!
  55. Pride question
  56. Parents being complete jerks...
  57. It is a truth universally acknowledged that love is love is love, please help
  58. My life is a mess
  59. Spirituality?
  60. What. The. Actual. Shit.
  61. Should I go to Pride?
  62. Is it normal to be unable to remember dreams/have nightmares?
  63. Struggling like CRAZY...I need to get over her immediately
  64. Asking a straight friend to a nude beach?
  65. Gender identity, sexuality... I'm confused!
  66. Let's talk about Orlando
  67. Overridden with guilt because of beauty and intelligence.
  68. On painful waiting
  69. Jealously
  70. Depression After This Weekend....
  71. Stressed Out
  72. Mad/sad/betrayed: A whole range of emotions
  73. I like older girls and don't know how to tell my parents
  74. curiosity, don't necessarily want to be only one
  75. Struggling lately
  76. I just live here. But the pain from the Orlando shootings is fat too much
  77. Some of my story
  78. How to Explain Being Trans To a Nieve and possibly biggeted friend
  79. Need cheering up? Post happy things
  80. how to deal with homophobia?
  81. How to forgive\Forget\Move on from bullying :)
  82. Going to my first Pride Parade!
  83. Emptiness
  84. New job, additional problems
  85. Is this reasonable?
  86. Lonelyyyy
  87. Painting Nails
  88. Recurring anxiety about getting arrested
  89. I Don't Know What To Do
  90. For everybody who has experienced self-hate
  91. More and more
  92. Dating
  93. Is the amount I've been thinking about death lately weird/bad?
  94. What do I do?
  95. Who else has gone through this ?Please share your experiences
  96. Confused
  97. Super Excited!
  98. Pride Festival Advice for a Teen?
  99. Honest opinion
  100. Getting retested
  101. Er... confused and sort of a rant. Help needed.
  102. I HATE myself.
  103. I like two people and I don't know what to do
  104. So done....but so confused...
  105. I am very sad
  106. Opening up
  107. Finding a girlfriend while in high school?
  108. Anxious about awkward incident
  109. I don't know who I am anymore
  110. Gay and Religion
  111. I think I'm in love with my best friend. Does she like me back?
  112. Feeling comfortable talking openly about my boyfriend
  113. Should I take meds for my anxiety?
  114. Worried and anxious
  115. My life is a complete mess... are curses real?
  116. Anyone wanna be my friend?
  117. Self conscious about life
  118. Does anyone go through similar stuff?
  119. My Future
  120. Self harm scars in summer
  121. I Hate My Crush
  122. What is queer?
  123. Stuck in Place
  124. Falling Deeper in the Closet?
  125. Therapy on monday...very anxious!
  126. My sister is blackmailing me...
  127. getting over somebody?
  128. Internalised Homophobia?
  129. I hate being gay so much
  130. I want to sleep with more women before coming out?
  131. How Do Tell If Someone is a Closet Case?
  132. bar night by myself?
  133. I'm tired of this.
  134. It wasn't supposed to happen like this...
  135. Is it okay to be attracted to certain type of person?
  136. Reevaluating my life
  137. Stuck in a rut. few problems
  138. Fuck My Life
  139. Am I gay or trans or both?
  140. Should I confess my crush?
  141. cross dressing
  142. Depression/Self harm/ Suicide HELP
  143. No hope for me....
  144. Need Help Handling This Situation
  145. Hospital Stay
  146. Dating sites
  147. Handsome gay male in healthy relationship seeks advice....
  148. How do you find true love/your soul mate, etc etc
  149. In need of advice
  150. Life is hard
  151. First timer
  152. "Are you gay?" No I'm not. Except well that was a lie.
  153. Is this cultural appropriation? I don't want to offend anyone.
  154. What does it mean to love yourself?
  155. I have a crush
  156. I don't want to be gay
  157. Bleh
  158. Mental Health
  159. 29yo girlfriend in closet, I think that's what's causing most issues. Need advice plz
  160. Gender Therapists
  161. Help learning to love yourself
  162. Is this peer pressure?
  163. Therapists...
  164. Possibly The Lamest Thing Ever XD
  165. Crush on a guy - PLEASE READ
  166. Strong Kink Urges
  167. Is there anything I can do to stop feeling so lonely all the time?
  168. Combination of being pre transition MTF and normal problems with friends
  169. Graduating From Therapy
  170. Can't accept myself?
  171. Seriously confused
  172. Am I lesbian? Bi?
  173. Do I have OCD as well?
  174. Do i like Boys? Girls?
  175. Can't Stop The Guilt
  176. Online dating
  177. Question (kind of) for bi & pan people
  178. I think I might be bipolar- how do I get help?
  179. Name help + passing with long hair
  180. depressed, anxious, dysphoric. ***Rant***
  181. How Can I Volunteer for the LGBTQ+ Community?
  182. Self hate dysphoria and lonliness after crushing news
  183. Depressed on Birthday
  184. Realized I'm gay. But am I homophobic?
  185. I See No Point
  186. Guy wanted to cheat on his gf with me...What would you do?
  187. I feel I'm going to die soon.
  188. Straight crush: I feel angry and im the only one to blame
  189. lonely lesbian..
  190. Online dating scares me...
  191. Is life worth it?
  192. Question for those with many FB friends
  193. How do you get health insurance? (USA)
  194. Is Moving Away A Good Idea?
  195. 21 and never dated... I'm clueless
  196. What do you think?
  197. Is this strange?
  198. The Last Year Of My Life
  199. Driving on the motorway (England)
  200. THE ART OF BEING NORMAL (in the closet)
  201. Extremely depressed
  202. Having someone join
  203. Want a relationship with a girl, mainly attracted to guys.
  204. Worried about my best friend...
  205. Am i gay?
  206. Helps
  207. Anyone had this happen?
  208. I Am So at a Loss
  209. Girl problems... please help...
  210. Any other Aspies here?
  211. Formal (Prom) issues...
  212. Scars
  213. Identity and haircut and stress and bleh
  214. Lied to on an app - I feel awful
  215. Moving On
  216. Lost and can't move on
  217. Older Woman Crush - at Work
  218. A note?
  219. annoyed with best friend
  220. Why is everything so boring?
  221. How do I ask someone if they're gay?
  222. Should I live out my sexual fantasy?
  223. I think my friend might like me...
  224. Counselling, what to expect?
  225. Afrade of this feeling
  226. Something has to be wrong with me.
  227. Feeling Rejected and Guilty
  228. If your in self-destruct/suicidal mode what do you do?
  229. Is denial normal?
  230. Sad and lonely
  231. Affraid of coming out!
  232. As a lesbian, I'm not sure what counts as sex.
  233. Dating apps ain't cutting it.
  234. It's still normal if it's a little awkward, right?
  235. How do i ask someone if they are into guys?
  236. Still a virgin... It's making me feel sad
  237. Hat confidence?
  238. Why is life this way?
  239. Body hair shaving?
  240. no sex for 7 years & lonely
  241. Formal/Prom Advice
  242. Service Dog Dilemma
  243. Where to find a Pansexual pride flag...
  244. I need help.....
  245. Getting Connected
  246. Was this offensive?
  247. How do I ask someone if he is gay?
  248. Sports bras and Binding...
  249. Making friends in EC
  250. How would you describe that person? Advice needed