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  1. Is Yahoo Answers homophobic?
  2. Wigs - Good online stores?
  3. I go back to school tomorrow after two weeks, I'm kind of worried.
  4. just another questioning lady
  5. Should I talk to my coach?
  6. I was being accused of being manipulative and playing games: Any feedback welcome
  7. Going to a Pride Event
  8. I don't like my current self?
  9. Epilators?
  10. I fell in love, now... what?
  11. Other bisexuals who are monogamous?
  12. Waiting for a special guy to figure out his sexuality
  13. Why do I feel guilty when I get attracted to other girls?
  14. Help
  15. How I am doing now :) (update)
  16. Like guys, but I am anxious/awkward around girls
  17. I have reached breaking point
  18. suicidal
  19. is it wrong to be gay
  20. Just need to put this into words I think.
  21. Plz help
  22. Something I truly need to share
  23. I get too involved with my crushes
  24. Working in the Porn industry?
  25. The Dream of Having a Family
  26. I should be happy but my sexuality is making me feel empty and depressed
  27. Don't have many friends that can relate
  28. Struggling with losing my job again
  29. I think my girlfriend wants to "go farther"
  30. I have always felt like I have hidden my true personality.
  31. I think my Mum wants that I tell her I am Gay !
  32. Being Firm, Yet Appreciative
  33. Why am I so protective over my crush?
  34. Apps to help with anxiety
  35. I Said Something Stupid and Now I Feel Like a Bigot
  36. Fighting Anxiety
  37. How to change therapy?
  38. Are there any people that believe in God here, and if so, what do you think?
  39. Am I being annoying...?
  40. I need to stop being such a wise ass
  41. Gay TA: how do I handle this?
  42. Is this what it feels like?
  43. Internalised Homophpiba and Gay Shame caused by policy debates
  44. My ex's mental health- I don't know what to do
  45. Does a girl like me?
  46. Interesting dream...?
  47. my big brother may have a crush on me
  48. Haha help me
  49. So this experience went wrong
  50. Meeting a guy in a rural area
  51. Trust issues
  52. hookup site questions
  53. swipe
  54. Am I wrong for not wanting to see my grandmother?
  55. Rant
  56. OCD or something else?
  57. How do I cope with this? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  58. Love to those pretending to be someone they're not this weekend.
  59. living in a straight persons world
  60. gay = freak?
  61. Wanting to self-harm, due to having different sexual preferences
  62. Hetero man in love with lesbian
  63. too fast + met boyfriend + only sexually attracted + regrets
  64. there must me something wrong with me.
  65. Am I ready to be totally out?
  66. 21, Virgin.
  67. My brother found my phone and it was on EC
  68. Need help she is driving me crazy? Straight women are breaking my heart?
  69. I don't know if this is cliche but I'm miserable and don't know where else to turn
  70. Moving to Another Country
  71. Both me and my trans girlfriend have been barred from our local pub!!
  72. TAKING ACT and IELTS after one week help??!!
  73. I'm mad at how well I know myself
  74. I need to know.
  75. Emotionally/verbally abused
  76. Binding? -- Help
  77. How to explain a binder to my mom?
  78. Could do with some help on how to look more feminine
  79. Lonely
  80. Trying to be Beautiful
  81. Wasting my time?
  82. Help, please. Any way. Just visit.
  83. Friend zone
  84. Coming Out as Trans
  85. I Feel Dirty
  86. Black hair and blue eyes... Do, Don't?
  87. Is this attractive?
  88. Boxer briefs -- Difference between...
  89. Need help interpreting a recurring dream
  90. Apparently my school calls this a pornographic website???
  91. Eating Problems
  92. Jealous of my two straight best friends
  93. Questioning my Sexuality
  94. Do I pass?
  95. Starving Myself for Self Harm
  96. showing my cuts in public
  97. Having a hard time lately
  98. M feeling alone, i have no boy friend, m so depressed, wat can i do ??
  99. Alternatives to suicide hotlines
  100. How to wake up early?
  101. Unhappy
  102. I want some options
  103. Negativity
  104. Is this normal and am I gonna be okay?
  105. I'm nearly half way through my life.
  106. How to hide a dildo?
  107. seeking "whiteness"(inferiority complex)
  108. seeking deferred disposition(legal bs) and other problems
  109. Odd Interview?
  110. Difference between romantic orientation and sexual orientation?
  111. feeling blue
  112. My mom found out I cut myself.
  113. I'm sorry, I just need to complain for a bit
  114. How to ask for a psychiatrist?
  115. How do I move away from my best friend?
  116. Therapist :I
  117. Am I just doing this because I'm depressed?
  118. Can't keep my mind off of lust/love
  119. Does being "gay" making finding a partner more difficult?
  120. Queer Decoding: What Does Interest Look Like?
  121. life a mess right now
  122. Considering telling my mom about cutting
  123. Trouble saying I am a lesbian
  124. Please help
  125. Social struggles
  126. I dont know how to title this
  127. I'm Too Afraid To Meet Other Gay People?
  128. How do I stop thinking I'm going to end up alone forever?
  129. Are LGBT people now a majority?
  130. Should i transition (MTF)
  131. I need help....
  132. Binding
  133. Odd question for lesbians that are little bigger
  134. Possibilities?
  135. Problems with lying.
  136. Coping with depression
  137. Why?
  138. Just Pissed..Long Rant
  139. How to embrace and explore being gay?
  140. How do you deal with depression?
  141. ashamed of my behavior
  142. my father just nearly beat me... again.
  143. A euphoria after coming out? Does it always fade? Does it ever come back?
  144. Dating - when do you just realise it won't happen?
  145. Life. (hell?)
  146. Manscaping and fitness
  147. Plurality...
  148. Guilty/remorseful after cheating
  149. Buying underwear and a "binder" (shapewear)
  150. How to flirt/know if someone is flirting?
  151. Confused and struggling
  152. Alcohol...
  153. Not Fitting the Part
  154. Dildos
  155. Idiots harrassing me
  156. Should I tell my mum I'm going on a date?
  157. Extremely confused
  158. My life is a joke.
  159. College courses and junk.
  160. Chosen name on a resume
  161. How did you get over people's opinions?
  162. Need some help with a guy who's constantly staring at me
  163. So, guys underwear... What should I get?...
  164. Need some advice - does she like me?
  165. Alcohol as a solution
  166. Mirrors show me a different face every time I look into them
  167. Fca?
  168. Lost
  169. Therapy's ending & I'm terrified I'm falling back into my old ways
  170. Is this much making out normal for a third date?
  171. Please Help
  172. Being Visibly Gay
  173. Making internet friends?!?
  174. Social anxiety getting worse
  175. Is it possible that I have anxiety?
  176. How to deal with a changing / ending love relationship / friendship
  177. I'm being monitored :(
  178. I'm so confused?
  179. Falling for cute straight guys
  180. My friend basically outed to me to my whole english class. I'm pissed.
  181. Don't feel I fit in the lgbt community? (Rant)
  182. i want to be a woman but still want to have my male genitals?
  183. An odd attraction... - Is this bad?
  184. Pretty damn scared I'll be super sick before or during my trip..
  185. Too nervous to kiss him?
  186. Foot Fetishes
  187. Been thinking a lot of having an Open Relationship. But I don't know. ugh! HELP!
  188. Getting over a stupid crush
  189. Finally I feel more at peace
  190. Pokemon Yellow Help?
  191. Dissociation
  192. Minor depression?
  193. I guess I should have posted here about HOCD
  194. Feeling... dissatisfied with myself
  195. someone called me a pussy for having PTSD
  196. Are all of the LGBT sites out there just for hookups?
  197. Was I wrongly attacked?
  198. Am I being psychologically abused?
  199. Sub-tenant problem
  200. Is it normal?
  201. Tired of fighting with myself. REALLY TIRED
  202. Meeting people
  203. Do I have Social anxiety disorder or Selective Mutism? Or both?
  204. Voice feminization therapy
  205. In need of help!!!
  206. I Am Broken
  207. Mental doctors? How to get an appointment and find someone soon?
  208. I don't know how to keep going.
  209. im fucking done
  210. Crushed out on amazing dyke professor
  211. Stuffy nose while lying down
  212. working on the make up department for a play and guys seem not to like it
  213. Secretly so in love with friend - desperately unhappy!
  214. Can you notice if you have mental health problems?
  215. Falling in love with this straight guy again...
  216. My dog has cancer UPDATE!!
  217. Lost my little brother to suicide.
  218. Should I Press Charges?
  219. Feeling really upset - comparisons
  220. My dog has cancer
  221. Suicide for LGBT community
  222. Not sure what else I can do
  223. Grad School Interview
  224. Need someone to listen
  225. Just needing support or something. About my ex, depression..etc.
  226. Self harming and not really caring
  227. I just need a hug
  228. What If I want to Organize a Pride Parade?
  229. My Friends Won't Talk to Me and I Don't Know Why
  230. Life problems driving me up a wall
  231. I'm getting really sick of getting hit on by straight people
  232. Help please
  233. Am I Bipolar?
  234. How do you socialize like a guy?
  235. Need advice and generally support.
  236. Questioning my sexuality
  237. What do the symbols of gay pride mean to you?
  238. Really confused girl
  239. losing my mind, please advise
  240. Hiding clothing from parents- Help!
  241. Stupid
  242. had my "first time"...now what
  243. Helps
  244. Does she want to be with me?
  245. Need someone to message
  246. Friend's wedding-Sticky stituation
  247. Finding a new psychiatrist feels impossible
  248. what is happening
  249. Im fucked
  250. Wanting a BF?