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  1. Sexuality Identity
  2. Feeling ashamed/hypocritical
  3. bisexual, alone and in need of advice
  4. Dyeing hair
  5. Meeting others when you're not for the 'scene'?
  6. Gay and going to the gym
  7. You'll get over him / her.
  8. Getting tired of this No asians No black etc.
  9. Social Anxiety
  10. SSRIs? Therapy?
  11. Drama central
  12. Starting to miss my ex bf again
  13. The Questioning Process (The Worst Thing In The World)
  14. Scared of a lot of things
  15. end of year advice(long post)
  16. Feeling unattractive... (Sorry, this is long)
  17. Should I do this?
  18. Help Please: Crushing
  19. Night terrors/Awful nightmares
  20. Dating issue.. Please read.
  21. I wanted to share my story
  22. Anxiety rant time
  23. What's the point of life?
  24. We broke up...
  25. How Do You Stand Up to Someone Who Scares You?
  26. Christian and LGBT-affirming - help for Christians and those with Homophobic parents
  27. I fluffed up my friendships
  28. Being in the closet vs. Finding someone
  29. Being called the "P" word.
  30. Do you ever feel ashamed of being gay?
  31. Growing Up
  32. I tried killing myself..
  33. Bisexual and christian
  34. Puberty blockers... Without parents.
  35. Circumcision?
  36. Need Help Now.
  37. Very Extremely Long Story (Be Warned)
  38. Feeling down
  39. Dealing with depression
  40. How to find a boyfriend?
  41. Game of Fools
  42. Smalltown Scarcities
  43. For those of you who identify as gay...
  44. Need Advice Badly
  45. Is trimming/shaving my arm hair a bad idea?
  46. What is this?
  47. feeling conflicted
  48. Asking my crush if he is gay?
  49. Unable to move on
  50. Jealous of friends who have that special someone
  51. I need someone to tell me everythings going to be fine
  52. Anxiety
  53. Goals for 2016 but I feel unhappy :(
  54. Why Compliments make me Insecure
  55. Hooking up
  56. Full membership acceptance
  57. Drag....
  58. My roommate/landlord
  59. Crushes feel like drug additiction
  60. Transpeeps welcome
  61. Need help, what should I text her???
  62. Please pick my brain
  63. All bottled up
  64. Only attracted to unattainable people or celebrities
  65. Struggle with confindence
  66. Holidays are scary (sorry for rant)
  67. Feelings are not my thing
  68. how to stop going red around her?
  69. Please help me....
  70. Worried about jobs (Transman)
  71. Family pressure
  72. Self Confidence
  73. Am I getting "the gay" thing too seriously?
  74. ugh the highs and lows of a crush
  75. I've never tried alcohol before. Should I?
  76. Don't really know what to do...
  77. I hate being gay.
  78. I'm Terrified.
  79. Winter Break - College
  80. Body Issues?
  81. Is going home for the holidays hard for you?
  82. In a bit of a rut
  83. Please help!!!
  84. A Must Read For Everyone
  85. A Must Read For Anyone
  86. Pants size.
  87. I'm Getting Beat Up at School and my Friends Think It's Funny
  88. In love with a straight boy.
  89. Self-Loathing
  90. Came to talk!
  91. Crazy or Clairvoyant?
  92. I feel so burnt out.
  93. Overcoming Neediness
  94. Is it a little bit late for me?
  95. What to say when in the closet?
  96. I don't feel like therapy's working out
  97. I'm in a dilemma.
  98. Self-conscious about race
  99. Am I falling in love with the same person again and how to stop this?
  100. I don't like or want to be gay!
  101. feel so depressed & angry today
  102. How to approach this girl
  103. Fantasies vs Realities
  104. Is this something I should tell my therapist?
  105. Is it normal to feel this strongly about someone?
  106. So...There's this girl...
  107. How do i make the sadness go away?
  108. Addiction- but not in the way you might think
  109. Misdirecting my anger
  110. I Think People Might've Found My Account
  111. not over it yet
  112. can anyone lesbian or bi pass some thoughts on this perplexing work situation?
  113. How to Cover a Black Eye
  114. Stressed Out
  115. Post a Thread and Vanishes
  116. I'm Really Hurt by this
  117. The meaning of my (our) lives
  118. Help... My friend might kill himself!
  119. Am I beautiful?
  120. Struggling with both depression and anxiety
  121. Is this normal?
  122. First time sex with other dude huge help
  123. Social Anxiety.
  124. Pressure to have sex
  125. Someone is stalking me and I need help....
  126. Any Gay disabled men out there
  127. Emotional rollercoaster—happy sad happy sad
  128. Need Advice V Badly
  129. Taking the lead
  130. Have You Ever Not Known What's Real?
  131. Help needed - Huge crush!
  132. Am i gay if i like to use a "toy" on myself
  133. Showing interest: words and actions
  134. Is my best friend bi/gay
  135. What do you think of this situation?
  136. Graduating with step sister?
  137. Told myself it wouldn't bother me.
  138. Feel so lonely and cant get into Christmas Spirit
  139. Femme invisibility
  140. Perhaps you can decipher this poem's meaning.
  141. Acting like the person you like
  142. Adult hanging with teens
  143. signs their closeted?
  144. Thinking about moving long distance from daughter
  145. How do I ask him out?
  146. Anonymous Death Threat?
  147. It might happen!!
  148. Satanism?
  149. Attractive people
  150. Moving to San Francisco
  151. Is God real?
  152. whats wrong with me?
  153. Secrets secretly destroy you
  154. At What Point?
  155. Lend a helping hand, maybe?
  156. Being single and lonely
  157. long distance and Christmas
  158. Harmful nature
  159. Writing Erotica For A Living?
  160. How do i find myself again???
  161. Braces...
  162. Must get my personal life back on track
  163. I don't know what to do
  164. "Straight" guys checking me out
  165. Finding myself.
  166. Stuck
  167. For those of you with anxiety
  168. I don't know what's going on anymore?
  169. I'm drowning
  170. Hey! How you've been doing?(Rant)
  171. Knowing your sexuality without any experience
  172. Related to introversion I guess: losing my mind when people hang out in my room
  173. Mental Health Issues
  174. Confidence
  175. 17 and leaving the house.
  176. Depressed over a guy
  177. I like a girl I don't even know?
  178. gay guys having straight friends
  179. FTM Doubts..
  180. Phone Interview
  181. Guy stuck in my head after 8 months
  182. My friend doesn't believe me...
  183. Giving up slowly
  184. I think I did something stupid...
  185. I kind of love this boy...
  186. Feeling sick at heart and now self harming again
  187. Im so confused about my sexuailty
  188. dating
  189. Keeping faith
  190. Existential Crisis
  191. Questions about binders...
  192. I think I have OCD
  193. Losing my cats
  194. Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  195. Asking him if we can kiss
  196. I can't do this anymore :(
  197. My Ex-Boyfriend is Married and Never Told Me
  198. Family/Mental Health
  199. Hate to be called a 'woman'
  200. How can I get over a crush?
  201. Seeking some advice
  202. Gifts/Favours and Insecurity
  203. Crush is asexual?
  204. How to grow some self esteem
  205. Hocd
  206. I feel I'm missing out
  207. Drowning
  208. Depressed, Suicidal, Can't take it anymore
  209. Decisions?! D:
  210. Pronouns - Venting - Invisible sign needed?
  211. School?
  212. Anti depression anxiety drugs
  213. Alternative forms of expression
  214. Christian and gay
  215. Feeling like a secret im out and my gf is not?
  216. How common is it for both children in a family to not be straight?
  217. Getting therapy/counseling as a teenager
  218. Paranoia
  219. Can someone explain this to me please?
  220. Married and confused... Advice please...
  221. My first Support Group
  222. How to cope with feeling unloved and ignored?
  223. Prehistoric family :(
  224. I didn't make the audition
  225. Just a Rant
  226. How do you deal with depression?
  227. Rant. Also, how to people deal with homophobic idiots?
  228. Danger?
  229. 'Friends'
  230. Underage drinking and troubled past
  231. The Great Escape (please post before 7am 19th Nov.)
  232. Bad Roommates
  233. I hate my job
  234. How do I make new friends in a place where I don't know anyone?
  235. Anyone else struggle with feelings of routine self-loathing?
  236. Getting someone back
  237. Making myself "noticeable"
  238. Anti Depressants Making me Feel Funny
  239. Transgender Statistics?
  240. Presentation about LGBT
  241. Self harm
  242. does my friend like me??!!
  243. Should I tell her how I feel?
  244. Is it wrong
  245. Making bad choices one day at a time...
  246. Do you trust other people??...How can I learn
  247. The Emotional Equivalent of Watching Paint Dry
  248. My Friend Keeps Hurting Me
  249. I Think I'm Wasting My Time
  250. I Feel Like I'm Wasting My Time