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  1. Missing out on dating at high school
  2. I feel lost
  3. How to get LGBT support
  4. Need of advice for when self harm happens again
  5. campus ministry and being LGBT conflict
  6. Depression, Anxiety, Death.
  7. Issues with my therapist
  8. Patriarchy enforcement from women
  9. Texting my "ex"
  10. Suicidal Nobody
  11. Depression.
  12. I think I'm relapsing
  13. How to resist self harm urges?
  14. Which movie should I watch for class?
  15. I am confused.
  16. An unhealthy relationship?
  17. Feel like a lost cause
  18. My mom got into a car accident.
  19. I don't feel creative
  20. Can you be gay and a Christian?
  21. I don't feel anything
  22. staying sober
  23. Should I at all trust my nighttime thoughts?
  24. Self Acceptance
  25. Help...
  26. Need advice from teen LGBTQA+ girls.
  27. For those who've had top surgery
  28. Tired of feeling less than everyone
  29. Suicidal thoughts are back
  30. HeartBroken? i want to dieee
  31. Is this real?
  32. I am savedd
  33. Another question about college majors
  34. What's wrong with me?
  35. My feelings are messing up with me.
  36. I really want to die tonight
  37. I think I am going to kill myself tonight...
  38. Omg i need immediate assistance
  39. Gay or Not - confused or not.
  40. in a college ministry need advice
  41. Expressing my fear to my parents.
  42. Looking for a Boyfriend
  43. How to get over someone who upset you
  44. Am I reading too much into things?
  45. Severe Anxiety and Depression
  46. hello everyone
  47. Could y'all help me forget this guy?
  48. Do I pick my job or me?
  49. Lately all my dreams are bad and work related...
  50. Advice Needed
  51. Over the Loneliness
  52. Setting up a Gay-Straight Alliance in school?
  53. Lost all will to socialize
  54. Stagnant relationship
  55. Does she like me?
  56. the girl i'm crushing is driving me crazy
  57. What's Wrong with me?
  58. It's a choice relapse
  59. Confident
  60. 2017 is turning out to be a sham...
  61. PTSD: trigger unavoidable, please answer quickly
  62. Decide for me where I will travel
  63. Overthinking everything
  64. Starting new job
  65. Tired of homophobia...
  66. Long tangle of thoughts
  67. HOCD - Something isn't right (need unbiased opinions)
  68. Transgender Second Thoughts and Anxiety
  69. Do I allow people to treat me badly?
  70. What should I do??
  71. Packing?
  72. First date? Lunch. Need advice
  73. The Psychology of Coming Out
  74. Driving
  75. The gaze
  76. Psychological Reasons for Fetishes.
  77. I want to see a therapist?
  78. Have I gotten something wrong?
  79. How/When did you become 100% comfortable with your sexuality?
  80. Are these valid points my boyfriend is bisexual?
  81. Thinking about cutting my hair
  82. tired of life
  83. I want a life I can't have
  84. Nonbinary Genders vs Tomboys
  85. What is it like to have people that care about you?
  86. LGB anonymous?
  87. Practicing to have better handwriting
  88. am I considered a stud/butch?
  89. Grad school application. How to explain failed courses during a depression?
  90. Does it mean I'm gay if the only boys I've liked have been celebrities?
  91. Why does she always look down with a slight smile every time she passes me?
  92. Chi Alpha fellowship/college
  93. My professor is a dick
  94. I fucked up!
  95. Is this "straight" guy really into me?
  96. trans youth in australia
  97. Job Advice Needed
  98. Genderfluid question: energy boost
  99. I realized something
  100. Afraid to talk to parents
  101. Can being sort of wealth protect a gay man from violence?
  102. Homosexual and Christian
  103. Does size matter to them?
  104. Gay to Bi/Straight
  105. Scared of Being Alone Forever
  106. need to travel for interview but don't have money
  107. How to know if you're in love?
  108. Anger
  109. I don't want to suffer like I always do
  110. Long rambling post about my shitty life. Feel free not to read
  111. My sexuality and gender identity feel right, but I hate them
  112. Sadness
  113. I started college...and I already want to drop out
  114. My one night stand made me realise how lonely I am
  115. Explaining
  116. Feeling like I want to cry! :(
  117. advice please !
  118. Not sure where to post this but I need advice
  119. Alcohol use and sexuality?
  120. Self-conscious about being gay
  121. being trans, depression, anxiety, whatever
  122. What to talk about with my Boyfriend?
  123. Figuring myself again(long post)
  124. Did I Cheat? Get your Opinion.
  125. Re-kindled love
  126. Long day
  127. Keeping things together.
  128. I'm scared
  129. How do you get past rejection?
  130. Degrees: smart vs love
  131. Feeling like I don't know myself
  132. I am a lesbian but I think a boy likes me so how do I tell him that I'm gay without h
  133. Can homosexuality *really* not be changed?
  134. Counseling Question
  135. Feeling lonely
  136. Why can't I drink like a normal person?
  137. high expectations in the "gay dating" world
  138. Feeling down
  139. "Straight"?? fuckboy? What is his deal?
  140. How to be confident around the girl I like?
  141. General thoughts and issues
  142. First date ever as a woman--advice?
  143. [28 yo dating for first time ever] Is a second date only two days later unusual?
  144. Isolation
  145. First Gay experience went wrong
  146. Feeling different
  147. Regaining Control over my emotions
  148. Aspergers and Gay?
  149. Diabetes has turned my life upside down
  150. Anyone else have this happen?
  151. My free time has dropped a little bit, trying to make the most of what i still have
  152. I think I've hit rock bottom :/
  153. Its to do with my dad
  154. Getting a relationship when you have ASD…
  155. I keeping falling for gay men
  156. speed dating tips?
  157. Life sucks , I just wish it was over ;(
  158. I'm so confused and unsure and overwhelmed.
  159. i feel more and more stupid everyday...
  160. Not Really LGBT-Related, Just Need Some Life Advice
  161. That moment when you don't know what to do...
  162. I need advice, please
  163. What helped you deal with internalized homofobia?
  164. I love the idea of sex with a man but I can't shake the repulsed feeling afterwards
  165. religion is stopping us from having sex
  166. I don't even know where to begin...
  167. Worried About Gender Identity?
  168. Confusion (possible trigger??)
  169. My best friend doesn't believe me!
  170. Sexuality Confusion
  171. What are some signs that your friend is into you?
  172. A (not so) forbidden love, bare-knuckle fights and a kiss on the cheek for NYE.
  173. What do you do if someone you know tried to commit suicide?
  174. LDS Bishop Sending Friend to Hypnosis Therapy
  175. Why do people like slash (gay) fanfiction?
  176. Another shitty night, more unhappiness
  177. It's nearly 2am and I'm lonely
  178. Therapist / transition help.
  179. Pictures Deleted why?
  180. How to know if he is gay?
  181. Bullies
  182. Depression
  183. The positives of LGBT in youth services
  184. Accepting myself
  185. How do I get over my first heartbreak?
  186. Lonely
  187. First brush with homophobia
  188. Why does this bother me so much?
  189. Homophobic Teacher
  190. Getting an Earring
  191. Feeling alone and unable to connect with people
  192. Weird comment
  193. Off to college, back in the closet?
  194. Advice and/or thoughts?
  195. How do I look people in the eye
  196. Bisexual Resources
  197. Is he interested or just playing me?
  198. What am I?
  199. So lonely
  200. General discontent/Adrift
  201. Extremely lonely at times even when surrounded others
  202. Need some honest adivce, I'm totally confused :(
  203. Struggling with loneliness
  204. Liking someone afraid of Rejection
  205. Options for moving out at 18 as a closeted gay teen?
  206. Depression and anxiety with no support system
  207. How do I fight depression without friends, family, or a support system?
  208. Severing Relationship with Friend (?) for his Sake
  209. Hard Time (too anxious and feeling low)
  210. Good cities to live in Latin America
  211. Is it normal?
  212. Majority of my friend are homophobes
  213. i completely hate myself
  214. Lesbian/Gay/Bi people, how would you feel if your gf/bf wrote you love poetry?
  215. Are there any LGBTQ teaching professionals here?
  216. Wedding attire stress
  217. I'm gay, and I think my straight friend is too!
  218. Is this considered transphobic/homophobic?
  219. Blush when people talk about LGBT topics
  220. I have everything I ever need, but completely lonely.
  221. Relationship advice
  222. Have to tell someone...
  223. clothing issues!
  224. Losing interest.../Stuck/Rant.
  225. can animal abusers be child abusers too?
  226. How to deal with homophobic friends?
  227. Self-esteem
  228. I can't get over this
  229. A Life of Ambivalence
  230. Can't accept fact when guys fancy me..
  231. Borderline Personality Disorder
  232. Afraid, alone and lost
  233. Again with the sharp tools
  234. I hate relationships and people
  235. [Vent] Just went through a very heavy experience
  236. Dysphoria?
  237. i met someone and think ive messes up
  238. Connecting with people
  239. Borderline Personality Disorder...?
  240. Help With gay crush in high school.
  241. Advice on Counselling
  242. Speed Dating- what to expect?
  243. Do you put real names out n your journal
  244. A New Start
  245. Kilt Questions
  246. Do you guys know what this means
  247. anyone in similar situations, looking to hear your stories
  248. Why do i always obsesse with strangers?
  249. Need Advice On Chest Binding
  250. What causes physical attraction