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  1. I want to cut my hair short (rant)
  2. I don't know how I can change my life and be more independent.
  3. First 'date' ideas?
  4. Why am I like this?
  5. How do I tell me employer that I'm depressed
  6. Is he gay?!?
  7. I messaged the guy I like
  8. Everything I would like to say but can't.
  9. Why are grading distributions so weird? How does the bell curve work?
  10. I don't really know...
  11. What is wrong with me?
  12. How do I ask for help?
  13. Why someone become attracted to someone who hurt them
  14. Crush on my Lecturer
  15. Talking to parents
  16. How would you respond?
  17. Need help on what to do with my relationship
  18. Depression & Panic Attacks
  19. Boxing as self-harm?
  20. Subconciously Attempting Suicide
  21. (TW)Tattooing over a BAD self harm scar
  22. Am I a bad writer?
  23. Could you be both a bad writer and a good writer at the same time?
  24. How do you guys deal with negative impulses?
  25. Snarky comments from strangers- how to deal with?
  26. Depressed and binging
  27. I'm sad
  28. How to be more likeable?
  29. Discreetly looking for a date? ASSISTANCE?
  30. Where is my Lady Susan? Looking for advice to meet other girls
  31. FTM, need some advice
  32. Is it a bad idea to take out a student loan?
  33. Confused and broken... who am I?
  34. I Saw Someone's Arm After They Cut
  35. Uni
  36. Is she flirting/ does she like me
  37. Confused
  38. Crush & lovesickness
  39. What is wrong with me?
  40. Should I Seek Therapy?
  41. What is Social Retardation?
  42. No one understands me
  43. Feel like I'm dying...
  44. Feeling Down & Lonely on Easter
  45. Me & Porn
  46. Not doing too well lately
  47. Am I Racist?
  48. How safe is prospect heights
  49. i really haaaate my personality!!
  50. Never dated her, but can't get over her
  51. Not Sure What To Do
  52. How to incognito buy/wear perfume?
  53. I Need Help
  54. I Can't Get Over Her (PLEASE HELP)
  55. What's Your LGBT playlist?
  56. Do you think gay people should be able to flirt anywhere?
  57. I might have just screwed myself.
  58. Ranting
  59. Lesbian tried sex with a co-worker, hated it, what now?
  60. Am I Invisible?
  61. What do I do?
  62. How did you and your partner meet? (Dating advice)
  63. ASD Meltdowns Or Just Losing My Temper?
  64. How to help my depression?
  65. How do I ask the girl that I like out?
  66. timshel
  67. I need some help
  68. Scared of oncoming depression
  69. It's been awhile.
  70. Anger issues
  71. My hair looks like a mushroom
  72. I got kicked out of the wedding party
  73. Pros and Cons of Pride parades
  74. Musical!
  75. I guess I'm afraid after all.
  76. I don't know if I'm doing things properly or not
  77. NYC Pride Parade
  78. How do you tell if someone else is gay?
  79. I'm really stuggleig with a lot of things and I'm not in college so no meetings.
  80. Need Some Support
  81. I have a few questions...
  82. Lost and unmotivated
  83. Struggling With Purpose
  84. what to make of guys
  85. Need to vent
  86. Confused by a coworker
  87. What Do I Say to My Sister?
  88. Only the Lonely
  89. Meeting LGBT friends
  90. Feeling numb and hopeless
  91. Questioning is Hell
  92. If you have sexual feelings for someone of the same gender does it mean your bi/gay?
  93. Really want somebody to talk to
  94. Getting Catfished
  95. Crush on an Older Gay Guy
  96. Might have outed myself to be crush
  97. What were early some indicators of your sexuality?
  98. Should I share my lgbt writing?
  99. Flirting with guys even though I'm lesbian?
  100. need some advice
  101. Feeling sad over questioning my sexuality? Please help?
  102. I'm bullied for my attractions. What can I do?
  103. How do I get more comfortable with my sexuality?
  104. Intense loneliness, frustration and self-pity.
  105. Good Minor to Pair with a Foreign Language Major
  106. feel like im not moving forward
  107. I Need Confirmation
  108. Help from those who have had a terminal ill parent
  109. Wanting to run away again....
  110. Dating advice
  111. I'm tired and don't want to go on...,
  112. Sleeping together. How?
  113. Dysphoric and Suicidal. Don't know what to do.
  114. So...this thread is going to be a mess... :b
  115. She cut me off
  116. What's wrong with me?
  117. Am I reading to much into this?
  118. will a minor in university help me get a job?
  119. Desperately need advice on dealing with internalised homophobia
  120. A letter to my parents (a cry for help)
  121. I'm kinda scared
  122. Help an anxious friend out?
  123. Is kink queer? What do you think?
  124. Afraid of being alone
  125. Why so cold?
  126. please please please help
  127. Boosting someone's confidence????
  128. Complicated situation with a random guy I like; next step to take?
  129. I don't even know what to title this...
  130. Diarys?
  131. Help for girls from Russia
  132. In love vs. a crush???
  133. Finding a counselor
  134. Everyone loves me..?
  135. Still living at home (post coming out), and dealing with family.
  136. I need some advice desperately!
  137. Coping strategies for rejection?
  138. Needing Help!
  139. Strangers on social media
  140. Dating Site/App, or Try My Luck in Person?
  141. What do you guys think about this?
  142. What do you guys think about this?
  143. Religion and LGBT
  144. Could I give up and move on?
  145. My closeted fwb keeps flaking on me...Help!!!
  146. Article on shaming, yep its abuse
  147. I don't feel accepted by my grandparents.
  148. The bullying Thread
  149. Usual story
  150. Do I have a crush?
  151. Came out, what now???
  152. 1st visit to a gay bar!
  153. Maybe I always knew..
  154. Feeling kinda isolated and unsure
  155. I'm really scared.
  156. Was she interested in me?
  157. UNC Chapel hill- good idea or no?
  158. I am the only one who gets discriminated by the gay community?
  159. What's your favourite (or least favourite Biphobic phrase?)
  160. Why are we here? I need to vent out! Advice is very welcome
  161. School Play!
  162. Gay Crush
  163. Bisexuality stigma? What are your thoughts? (WARNING: LONG POST)
  164. Rant about LGBT Education in Schools
  165. What do I do in this situation?
  166. What is happening to me?
  167. Looking for Important Body Supplement
  168. Lorddddd help me..
  169. Cant Shake off Bad Dream :/
  170. sala samobojcow
  171. detatch your feelings for a straight crush
  172. Killing myself
  173. Emotionally attached??
  174. Going in circles
  175. Bad experience..
  176. The Only Young Lesbian Professional in Phoenix?
  177. New to the empty closet
  178. How long did getting mental health help take?
  179. recoverying from an eating disorder on my own
  180. Can't cope with life
  181. Grad school + low gpa
  182. Is this cheating?
  183. Dating advice?
  184. One Day after applying.
  185. Dating an older guy?
  186. A reoccuring problem!
  187. How long is normal?
  188. Why Can't We All Just Act Straight?
  189. Advice on casual hookup
  190. Depression is "helping" me
  191. Will I be okay?
  192. Testosterone
  193. What should I do?
  194. Crushing badly on an outwardly bisexual girl. Help!
  195. Is it wrong?
  196. Moving back home to care for a sick parent
  197. Finding Support as a Trans and Queer Identifying Student in College
  198. Sleep with someone much younger?
  199. Advice on this please?
  200. Heartbroken over and over again (my heart cant take it anymore)
  201. I don't know what to do
  202. Help!
  203. My 1st blog post from my first day on here..
  204. Crushing at girl at my church?
  205. Quirky Question: What have you practiced kissing on?
  206. So difficult to connect with people
  207. Does not shaving my legs make me masculine?
  208. Can't make a decision
  209. Am I weird?
  210. College App Regrets
  211. Feeling miserable and hopeless
  212. Cambridge or Raleigh (US)
  213. Starting a queer stem club in college
  214. Guy Ive been seeing is in the closet
  215. I want my friend so bad
  216. Not sure what my sexuality is....
  217. Problem of language
  218. Can parents stop loving their kids?
  219. Is there therapy available?
  220. How will my church take it?
  221. Help.
  222. Going to Sri Lanka or going to Disneyworld with her?
  223. Does it mean that she likes me?
  224. I need the help that I can't have
  225. Social struggles.
  226. Born in the wrong place.
  227. Crossy's long absence-- he's back!!
  228. Is it over?
  229. How do you when to ask someone?
  230. Bisexual to Lesbian...?
  231. University. And life.
  232. Hopeless
  233. Ideas on education
  234. How does bi-sexualtiy work?
  235. Don't know what to do/Don't understand
  236. Dealing with Anxiety
  237. Movies Made Me Gay?
  238. Dealing with past depression and people
  239. Advice regarding eating disorder tendencies
  240. So why?
  241. I am more into
  242. Meet ups advice
  243. Missing out on dating at high school
  244. I feel lost
  245. How to get LGBT support
  246. Need of advice for when self harm happens again
  247. campus ministry and being LGBT conflict
  248. Depression, Anxiety, Death.
  249. Issues with my therapist
  250. Patriarchy enforcement from women