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  1. Confusing feelings. Also, a few questions. (slightly NSFW)
  2. Dating, sex and saying no.
  3. sexual orientation help
  4. Denying I'm bi?
  5. did realising your sexuality awaken need for intimacy? how to remove 21 year mask?
  6. Lesbian or just a confused straight girl?
  7. What would be an appropriate label for me to use?
  8. Am I gay, or convincing myself?
  9. bi but romantic/sexual confusion
  10. i can't get over this girl and it has been over 2 years
  11. I might be lesbian (?).
  12. First time dating tips
  13. Not sure how to be gay
  14. whats the link between being gay and hormones?
  15. How good of an indicator of orientation are pictures/videos/media?
  16. Bi or lesbiflexible in denial?
  17. Swimming holiday got me confused....
  18. Am i gay? tired of cycles of "yep 100% gay" then "i must be making it up/straight"
  19. choosing to be in gay relationships
  20. Moving into religious house and I'm a closeted not straight person
  21. do you think you can question for year(s) and end up being straight?
  22. What is appealing about men?
  23. i am 21 and a virgin (tmi!!) does this sound like the sexual experience of a lesbian
  24. could experimenting make me change my mind?
  25. Sam sex relationship - both bisexual
  26. Is it possible with a micropenis?
  27. Do dreams mean anything?
  28. What does it feel like to have a crush?
  29. Different types of attraction?
  30. what's wrong with me?
  31. Am I lesbian?
  32. im a trans guy who likes girls but also dick??
  33. Coming out July 4th
  34. Confused an looking for advice.
  35. is it possible to not know you are gay until 19/20?
  36. when trigger crush posts pics with her gf my heart literally aches. some questions
  37. Demisexual???
  38. Long term childhood abuse/ forced straight?
  39. Bicurious??
  40. attracted to women, but...
  41. lesbian relationships
  42. my brain keeps telling me it's not natural to like the same sex. and i kind of agree
  43. Annoyed at rude comments when coming out
  44. I want my friend to kiss me?
  45. How much difference does cybersex make?
  46. who am I kidding..
  47. is it harder...
  48. Turn ons; sight vs thought
  49. Cycle of questioning
  50. all my conclusions of my sexuality are based on one crush? what if i'm wrong?
  51. i dont "feel" bi/gay?
  52. Does this make me a lesbian?
  53. lesbian? straight? bi? asexual?
  54. Crushes...
  55. Why do i want to come out to a GUY?
  56. Confused.. Trans mtf? Gay bi?
  57. Does a pull toward Lesbian media mean something?
  58. Crushing on someone who I think is straight. What to do?
  59. Question for Bi/Questioning people
  60. Help from bi or lesbian women
  61. what is this feeling of not being able to take your eyes off someone?do straight girl
  62. how different is imagination and reality?
  63. I hate getting crushes!
  64. I don't want to come out a second time
  65. Does sexual abuse "cause" homosexuality? Before getting upset, read my post....
  66. question from Toronto
  67. Widespread impact of questioning
  68. Lesbian in Denial?
  69. Bisexual or lesbian...?
  70. Bisexual or lesbian...?
  71. who am I?
  72. All my friends seem to be gay, questioning myself
  73. Bullying and how that can complicate identity.
  74. be cool when im loser
  75. i'm sooo confused! who am i?
  76. does the feelings for one person of the same sex mean I'm not straight?
  77. Question about crushes?
  78. What is a crush like?
  79. my classmates asked if i was straight, i opened up and now can't stop feeling angry
  80. Confused..
  81. So confused
  82. I seem to have a good "gaydar" or something makes me look gay & i enjoy exchange but
  83. Am I queer or making it up?
  84. i really want to experiment with other women don't know if it's wrong or how?
  85. how do i know if i have suppressed my same sex attraction?
  86. does anybody else have this?
  87. Denial/Suppression?
  88. i think i just admitted to myself i was in love with a woman. now what...?!
  89. Could I actually be Bi and just really picky about guys?
  90. How do you know you like someone?
  91. sexual dream but not...?
  92. looking through diary of when i was 8 years old...sign I'm gayornot? your experience?
  93. Faking gay?
  94. Does getting aroused by porn indicate sexual ATTRACTION? (FOR MEN)
  95. How do you realize your gay? can it be vice versa?
  96. Anybody else feel impatient?
  97. Think I missed a chance
  98. Do I hate dating or am I just not attracted to my partner?
  99. realising i don't know sexual orientation has spiralled into identity crisis. help
  100. Am I gay in denial or bisexual
  101. I've stopped fixating on my sexuality and now it's making me anxious that imagined it
  102. I don't know how to come out to long term friends, my family and my gay friend
  103. For those who took longer to figure it out
  104. Is this how a straight person thinks?
  105. How do you know you are bisexual?
  106. i think i'm having an identity crisis?
  107. i didn't think i had problem with myself questioning but couldn't say it to therapist
  108. Does this mean anything?
  109. How did you find out your sexuality?
  110. Can the closet make you angry?
  111. go out with boy but wanna meet a woman
  112. Can childhood experiences influence sexuality?
  113. I can't accept myself as bi?
  114. Trying to figure out what to do
  115. Am I actually not gay? Repressing opposite-sex attraction?
  116. Does the questioning ever stop??????
  117. Romantic orientation and physical
  118. would you say i'm gay? (sorry crude stuff)
  119. Can I be panromantic and gay?
  120. If I'm gay,then why do I question my sexuality so much?
  121. i just booked a therapy session but don't know how i'll say it?
  122. How good of an indicator are fantasies?
  123. Question for non-binary people!
  124. Libido to same sex is decreasing (men). Am I not really gay?
  125. GAY or BI?
  126. Is being sexually attracted to MANLY men required for gay guys?
  127. Do you need a crush to be a romantic?
  128. aro? dont think ever been "turned on" but when i've "fallen in love" i want intimacy
  129. is it normal to not know who you are? identity crisis. how to move forward?
  130. started questioning: described how i feel about my (ex) boyfriend to friend/lesbian
  131. Find myself relating to Jenny Schecter from The L Word...
  132. does orgasming via masturbating + vivid female celeb fantasy, mean I'm gay?
  133. How do you get over someone you can never be with?
  134. people say "the closet is a lonely" place but i realise i'd not truly felt it til now
  135. does this sound like i'm gay?, confused by guy that looked like a woman?
  136. Bi girl needing both
  137. moving into a all female shared house and worried if they knew they'll feel awkward?
  138. how can someone not like women? straight rejection
  139. Really really confused, pansexual or gay?
  140. I've messed up so badly. and it means i would never be able to come out.
  141. Romantic or platonic feelings?
  142. sorry if this comes across ignorant: what kind of girls do soft butches like?
  143. So very confused
  144. How long did you Question/(ing sexuality for 2 years, i'm in patient and frustrated)
  145. Confused?
  146. Can sexual attraction go away when you get to know someone? + am i gay/straight/bi?
  147. How did you accept yourself?
  148. I'm craving a relationship. I just want to love and be loved.
  149. Honest Answer Time
  150. My brother occasionally makes casually homophobic comments and it's ruining our...
  151. Lesbian turned on by some men?
  152. What Am I
  153. Do I want to BE her or be WITH her?
  154. TransBear - bears, muscles, girls oh my!
  155. Ex came out as transgender: question about pronouns?
  156. how would you describe your "type?"
  157. Gay but straight dreams
  158. Other emotional needs mixed up with sexuality?
  159. Not sure if bisexual or lesbian
  160. is this love?
  161. I kind of came out to my best friends and now i feel awful.
  162. Feeling like it's a mental disorder...
  163. Don't know what to do...
  164. Bisexual
  165. Everyone says scissoring isn't a thing?
  166. Are we allowed to change what we call ourselves?
  167. Question to everyone who's attracted to men!
  168. Very very confused
  169. I feel kind of conflicted.
  170. What questions do you need to ask yourself to know your orientation?
  171. Disturbing Sexual Nightmares and Fantasies
  172. Immoral/Confusing Sexual Fantasies?
  173. FTM/gender fluid sexuality
  174. Married Muslim lesbian
  175. Do crushes matter? Are doubts normal?
  176. Heads going to explode
  177. Not liking one night stands
  178. extremely confused and frustrated
  179. Help?? Asexuality and stuff...
  180. i dont wanna be friend any more
  181. Help, I'm confused!
  182. Anyone on the asexual spectrum?
  183. How much do fantasies during masturbation matter?
  184. Very Confused About My Sexuality
  185. how to be special
  186. Intellectually I think I'm gay, but in the real world, I'm confused
  187. Totally confused but it's too late...
  188. Can't figure my head out
  189. Would be best if i stopped labeling myself..
  190. What the heck?!
  191. How can i stop my anxiety and stop thinking about my sexuality?
  192. Did I imagine this all???
  193. How to deal with unaccepting parents
  194. Adjusting to my true self
  195. Is She Asexual?
  196. Petty doubts
  197. Wife's anxiety about my bisexuality
  198. My "straight" friends want me...?
  199. Shifting orientation
  200. The Porn/Sexuality Debate
  201. Need some advice.
  202. Could I be questioning due to insecurities?
  203. So she's straight? Ha
  204. some people say that your gay because you've been influenced?
  205. I thought I accepted it but it's a curse.
  206. Does anyone feel like an outsider even amongst the own community?
  207. I'm a gay guy but is it weird I sometimes think about straight sex?
  208. Should i just not care anymore..
  209. I want to be gay?
  210. Gay but maybe devoleping feelings for girls am i turning bisexual?
  211. Thought I was a lesbian but I think I have a crush on a guy. Help?
  212. ...What orientations are attracted to non-binaries?
  213. Does your groin responding to visual stimuli indicate sexual orientation?
  214. living alone whole life
  215. I need your opinion on my sexual orientation am i turning bi/straight?
  216. tips to let her know
  217. Driven me insane.
  218. Gay but sexual desire seems to flow about?
  219. Overthinking things or?
  220. lesbians living with men
  221. A bit confused. I don't seem to have crushes?
  222. Why do I not connect with anything?
  223. Can gay men/woman have a relationship and not just sex?
  224. Bisexual? Curious?
  225. Coming out, shocked?
  226. I know I'm in love with one of my best friends....
  227. I know I'm in love with one of my best friends....
  228. Am I questioning because I'm writing a gay character?
  229. Obvious sign of being lesbian and coping...
  230. Is My Best Friend Gay or Bi?
  231. miss her on daily basis
  232. Came out as gay but having second thoughts
  233. Am i confused or am i changing?
  234. What is platonic love and what does it have to do with all this?
  235. Sex with someone you're not attracted to
  236. LESBIAN or Bi?!?!
  237. turned on by kissing a guy??
  238. Calling all Kinsey 6s or 0s!
  239. I don't wanna be gay
  240. help!
  241. relief or exitement after coming out?
  242. Does anyone else find women more attractive when they are with men?
  243. Kinky bdsm?
  244. is this wrong to behave "gay"
  245. can't stand being confused and unsure anymore
  246. how can I figure out my orientation?
  247. Does questioning mean you're not straight?
  248. Would it make more sense?
  249. dream about lesbian friend?
  250. GAYYY or??